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  1. Never heard of this??
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  4. all I think about is death now that im getting older
  5. Two sons died instantly in a car accident on July 4 2014
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  12. Mom
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  14. Death
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  20. mel
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  25. acute liver disease
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  27. hubby
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  29. Death of a co-worker
  30. My Dad passed away July 16th
  31. My Mom
  32. Hey I am looking for some resources for anger
  33. luvhubby
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  35. Mother passed away, feeling very lost
  36. End Stage Liver Disease
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  40. My sister is in End Stage 68 yrs old.
  41. Mom passed away today
  42. Death & Dying
  43. 95 yr old woman, Day 3 of energy surge
  44. DMD End Stage of Life
  45. New Guy Here
  46. My daddy died :(
  47. How close to the final stages are they? Help! I dont want to miss it.
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  50. in the dark
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  53. Wife died
  54. Scared of losing a loved one
  55. Liver end stage
  56. I was ready to put up a fight...
  57. Is it the end?
  58. My Darling son, my best friend...
  59. I'm scared of death
  60. Feeling Miserable after moms death.
  61. My mom is gone
  62. End stage secondary liver cancer
  63. Trying to understand
  64. Father is in his last days of COPD
  65. death of a parent
  66. Scared to death
  67. More questions about end stage liver failure
  68. When everyone's in denial but me?
  69. my dad passed away last year...
  70. so sad
  71. How Long should I grieve?
  72. Not as I imagined it
  73. having a hard time dealing with my dad dying
  74. my mum committed suicide. why?
  75. Just lost my brother
  76. End stage liver disease
  77. Thoughts On Death
  78. Books on death.
  79. Coping with a Loss...
  80. How much longer?
  81. Can't stop the thoughts and images in my head
  82. feeling guilty
  83. Miss my Hubby
  84. My friends husband just died, am I doing the right things?
  85. Miss my father
  86. Estimated time to live with end stage liver disease?
  87. my mom committed suicide, and i found her
  88. Am I dying? beginning of the end.
  89. Can't bring myself to go
  90. private autopsies
  91. How Long? End Stage Liver Disease
  92. Anyone have experience with Eye Cancer
  93. How long to dying from End Stage of Liver Disease?
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  96. End Stage of Liver Disease
  97. Preoccupied with Death
  98. car crash
  99. Siblings refuse to visit father in nursing home
  100. My son died
  101. Kirsten
  102. It's the not knowing.
  103. My mom worked herself to death
  104. The waiting
  105. I lost my father on August 11
  106. Death
  107. gbm/copd end of life questions
  108. I lost my son
  109. end of life...what will it be like
  110. My Mom passed away
  111. My grandfather is about to reach his time, but how long till then?
  112. Als
  113. Lost both of my parents before the age of 24
  114. Still holding on...
  115. Procedure after death
  116. what should I expect?
  117. end stage?
  118. unexplained death
  119. how
  120. coping with death
  121. Pushed into adulthood
  122. How long can he linger?
  123. Mom's still fighting
  124. Dating after husband passes
  125. Loss of my premature son
  126. My ex-husband killed himself 3 weeks ago, I need HELP!
  127. feel alienated by my family
  128. Many deaths in a row
  129. How do I get help with burial expenses having MS!!
  130. What should I do about my obsession with death?
  131. What should I do about my obsession with death?
  132. What should I do about my obsession with death?
  133. Anxiety over Death
  134. Is this a form of honor to the dead?
  135. For anyone afraid of death please read about what happened to me
  136. Alone
  137. Anyone else??
  138. My mom passed leaving us all fighting
  139. The Second Anniversary of son's death
  140. My father in law passed. His image is in my head
  141. Fear Of Death
  142. Question of broken teeth at time of death
  143. I miss my mom
  144. Will feeling of depression ever go away?
  145. very high cea result
  146. certain signs of near death for a person
  147. Dad died, how to cope with funeral?
  148. The Loss Of My Mom
  149. Dad had heart op & they damaged his vocal folds
  150. I am so terrified of death
  151. father diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer
  152. Sudden death of my husband.
  153. asking for a friend, her dad died and now has to care full time for her mother
  154. A Year Has Gone and Still I Have Issues
  155. blood coming through nose and mouth
  156. Death of a friend
  157. dad passing away
  158. Pain Control
  159. Losing my dad young
  160. My Dad passed, i dont know what to do
  161. How long can my father linger?
  162. My sister and the (other-side).
  163. Less than two years to live...
  164. Love and peace my son
  165. how do you tell if a person is near death
  166. Explaining cancer to a 3 1/2 year old
  167. Autopsy Problem ?
  168. My dad might die. Financial worries!
  169. heart attack 4-2010
  170. My two year old son died seven months ago
  171. Husband Died In A Car Crash But He Wasn't Alone.
  172. Blood loss and time to die
  173. roommate died of cancer
  174. In the dark with the dying process
  175. Can anyone help me understand how long my mom has to suffer?
  176. hurting, lost and very alone
  177. How do I deal with my mothers death???
  178. I am dying from cancer
  179. my boyfriend died of alcohol and prescription overdose
  180. Mom could be dying
  181. Dad recently passed.. I need help.
  182. Autopsy Report - Toxic Drug Blood Levels
  183. mom died months ago and my dad is dying of cancer
  184. how to tell my mother my sister is dying of cancer
  185. fired at deathbed
  186. Coughing up lung fluid -How long to live??
  187. How do I tell my son that I'm going to die?
  188. 17 and parents died
  189. crash, surge of energy, crash, another surge is it normal?
  190. Do I tell Mom her best friend is near death?
  191. No emotion
  192. Carbon Dioxide and Unconscious
  193. Would Like To Write A Letter And Have It Sent To My Wife After I Die - How do I that?
  194. Grandma is gone to Heaven
  195. Fear
  196. My Dad is Dying
  197. mum has died
  198. Im slowly/copd/advanced emphysema/help
  199. dementia
  200. what does it mean when you are constantly dizzy
  201. my mum is dying
  202. My husband is dying from Lung cancer
  203. How am I supposed to feel?
  204. Getting panicky!!! now
  205. What to expect?
  206. need help for my Grandma
  207. last stage of hepatitis
  208. missing mom
  209. Realization of Death
  210. I miss my father
  211. Today is 11 months since my son died
  212. My highschool sweetheart, father to my child and partner of 9yrs died. How do i live?
  213. They say my son is dead!
  214. Dealing with greedy family members after death of mother
  215. My dad is dying with lung cancer
  216. Help!
  217. loss of my son
  218. Ex-boyfriend's mother passed away - what should I do?
  219. How to come to grips with the loss
  220. my son's last days. I need info
  221. 30 mg morphine every hour too much?
  222. My mom is waiting for something....
  223. DisneyWorld -- checking in
  224. what is Hadadol?
  225. Devastated-My Beautiful Precious Dog Passed Today
  226. Cold Hands and Feet
  227. greiving ahead of time
  228. miss you!!!!!!!
  229. My dad is 81 and does not know he is dying of Lung cancer
  230. Is there something wrong with me?
  231. Ready for it to be over with!!!
  232. Energy at the end?
  233. Not so normal stages of dying?
  234. Wrinkles Disappear, Glowing, Young, Peaceful Looking?
  235. Mother is Dying of Lung Cancer, sister doesn't care...
  236. How and when to choose to die over a life not worth living?
  237. My dad is slowly dying in the hospital
  238. Trying to guess how long my mum has
  239. I miss my 2 brothers
  240. Loss of a pet
  241. Is there a right way to act?
  242. Miss my mom
  243. grandmother who i never met died
  244. H*U*R*T dont know where to turn :(
  245. Grandfather is dying, need some answers
  246. my mother is dying and I don't know how to feel...:-(
  247. Goodbye Baby, I love you
  248. numan100
  249. So sad...
  250. What to do after a loved one dies?