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  1. Swollen saliva glands or LPR?
  2. Chest pain
  3. pain below sternum
  4. GERD Interferring With Sleep
  5. 24-7 burping?!?
  6. GERD - my tongue got burnt
  7. GERD Not Responding To Medicine, Any Advice For A Teenager?
  8. Can Prevacid cause chest pain/tightness??
  9. Post-Nissen AND Gall Bladder Removal - reassurance needed I guess!
  10. Stomach Ulcer...
  11. Reflux Esophagitis???
  12. Now on Prilosec for Eosinophilic Esophagitis!
  13. Causing Jaw to Hurt
  14. Does some Bile in stomach mean Bile reflux? Please help.
  15. ?
  16. What's the best over the counter medicine for LPR?
  17. d-limonene
  18. Is it safe to get a barium swallow while pregnant?
  19. "TAG" Partial Fundoplication Procedure
  20. LPR and mucus in throat
  21. Is This Acid Reflux?
  22. Mint Products
  23. Asking for advice (Gerd/Gastritis)
  24. Who has had a 24 hour PH monitoring test?
  25. breathless, palpitations and tiredness
  26. Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
  27. Is LPR untreatable?
  28. Acid Reflux Solved - what (finally!!!) worked for me
  29. esophageal spasm help!!
  30. H-Pyleo anyone have any experience with treatment?
  31. Gerd loss of appetite
  32. How long has "Acid Rebound" lasted for you?
  33. Zegerid?
  34. Zegerid?
  35. Going to try a "juice fast"
  36. Is this LPR?
  37. Could I have LPR?
  38. Acid Reflux and Neck Problems
  39. stomach pains after eating solids
  40. Scared Chest Pain?GERD?
  41. Diagnosed w/ LPR - Biopsy shows Eosinophils
  42. Those with LPR - I have questions
  43. Horrible Reflux - Fundiplication Questions:
  44. Diagnosed with Gerd
  45. Urinary retention and constipation with GERD meds
  46. Reflux and dry mouth
  47. Back pain and reflux or ulcer?
  48. GERD due to a hiatal hernia....just some questions
  49. choking and uncoordinated contraction of esophagus
  50. Started Protonix...I have questions
  51. Post-Nissen Symptoms
  52. Optimal Vitamin D levels for LPR patients?
  53. GERD/ACID REFLUX symptoms out of control - please help
  54. tif? so much conflicting reports
  55. 19 years old with chest pains. Could it be acid reflux? PLEASE HELP!
  56. Symptoms seem worse since starting medicine and diet. What gives??
  57. Eosinophilic Esophagitis w/No Acid Damage
  58. lump in throat after endoscopy
  59. Would antibiotics contribute towards low or high stomach acid ?.
  60. Need Bilitec - Please help!
  61. Endoscopy in doc's office?
  62. Newly diagnosed with LPR - Help!
  63. Ride Side "Stiche" below the lowest Rib
  64. Stopped Aciphex cold turkey one week ago. Keep going? or try to wean off slowly?
  65. Pain upper right of abdomen
  66. Ringing in ears with reflux?
  67. At my wits end!
  68. Bad digestion
  69. Has anyone tried Ecabet Sodium?
  70. Really bad stomach pain and diarrhea
  71. Where exactly does your throat burn?
  72. Mashmallow tea or other herb for post nasal drip from reflux
  73. Generic Prilosec and cold symptoms?
  74. Whats going on re acid reflux/gerd?
  75. Anyone relate to this. Idk what it is
  76. Question to those with throat irritation from reflux
  77. Diagnosing GERD
  78. Esophageal Manometry test, abnormal results, please help!
  79. pain underneath my left ribs
  80. trying to understand EGD test results
  81. Long term use of Nexium and Hair Loss
  82. please help
  83. Gastroenterologist or ENT specialist?
  84. got gerd after being sick... is this possible?
  85. Tired of feeling like I need to clear my throat constantly
  86. If PPIs are going to work for LPR how long should it take?
  87. help at a loss for what to do
  88. Is this LPR? Not sure what to do anymore
  89. Is this LPR? Not sure what to do anymore
  90. I believe I have acid reflux, but I'm not sure
  91. GERD related? centered Chest tightness, constricted breathing, pounding palpitations
  92. Weird spasm like feeling in chest
  93. Who has been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia?
  94. Nexium 2012
  95. Nexium 2012
  96. Please Help Me
  97. Has anyone had the Esophageal Manometry/Motility test?
  98. Soda and Ice Cream Reflux
  99. Chest pain and passing out
  100. pain at night
  101. Chiropractic
  102. Who has had an upper G I
  103. HELP PLEASE advice needed.
  104. sour stomach
  105. gastritis
  106. Nissan, Stretta or TIF
  107. Stomach feels blown up!!
  108. acid reflux/gerd in chiildren
  109. Please help is it acid reflux or GERD???
  110. Newbie with difficulty breathing
  111. Is this GERD?
  112. Esophagopharyngeal Reflux
  113. Omeprazole Dr 20 mg
  114. Water makes my reflux so bad!!
  115. Nissen Fundoplication
  116. Stomach pain for over 4 months
  117. LPR- Nearly Cured! READ THIS
  118. Lump in upper abdomen
  119. Chin Pain
  120. homeopathy for GERD/LPR ???
  121. Not sure what to do
  122. Scared
  123. Transnasal esophagoscopy
  124. Does this sound like GERD?
  125. Questions about acid reflux?
  126. enamel teeth problems and acid/hiatus hernia
  127. Lansoprazole (Prevacid) 15mg Vs 30mg Effectiveness?
  128. Anybody did Immunotherapy to tolerate PPIs
  129. 6 days post nissen - eating questions
  130. Is Sleep affecting LPR - let's share what our sleep quality is like?
  131. Help PPIs horrible side effects
  132. gerd and gp does a lap nissen help
  133. New Symptom Relief for GERD
  134. Lpr
  135. Went to the ENT ...
  136. Has any had there tonsils removed and have their throat problems stop?
  137. Acid Rebound after stopping Protonix. Please help.
  138. severe bad breath from stomach. I a sure its pretty much what crystalgray had
  139. tif diet
  140. Tiny Specks of Blood from GERD?
  141. GERD or gall bladder??
  142. Esophageal spasms or heart palpitations?
  143. Acid Reflux
  144. Reflux symptoms but with good test results
  145. Nexium side effects - nausea and constipation
  146. LPR really getting me down...
  147. GERD and the SCDiet
  148. Anyone have experience with Fiber and GERD
  149. Is this acid/bile or something more?
  150. Couple quick questions:
  151. Fundoplication coming up...need questions answered and I need help?
  152. weird abdominal pains
  153. Acid Reflux
  154. how to properly take apple cider vinegar and what brand aloe vera juice
  155. Anyone on Prilosec for a long time? Feedback appreciated.
  156. Help with symptoms
  157. Starting to look like LPR: now what?
  158. My husband's cough
  159. Nissen fundoplication surgery
  160. LPR this bad for you guys? help please
  161. Difficulty/Restricted Breathing
  162. Non-Chronic GERD
  163. Prilosec and Atripla Nightmares
  164. Sauerkraut made reflux worse.
  165. lpr & clear sticky mucus
  166. GERD without relying on medication
  167. Stomach Pain after Endoscopy??
  168. How do I take my medications
  169. GERD symptoms?
  170. Lpr ruining my life....
  171. Diet advice for gerd & Hernia
  172. Little/no symptoms of silent reflux
  173. Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Nissan Fundoplication
  174. Does acid reflux ever go away??
  175. Prilosec stomach pains
  176. I really don't know where to post - I'm just in pain and need help!
  177. Mild Gastritus Worry
  178. Muscular or digestive
  179. Anyone Else Have Rice and Almond Allergy and Gerd?
  180. reflux... help!!!
  181. Bone healing after long-term high dose PPI use
  182. LPR and anti *hacking* measures
  183. can low stomach acid cause low ph urine?
  184. Recommendations for GERD??
  185. Help! Carafate is messing up my schedule!
  186. Getting off PPI meds would like advice
  187. Sick for over a month - maybe reflux related? Need help!
  188. Pain above Adam's Apple
  189. What to do
  190. betain hcl possibly aggravating laryngopharyngeal reflux(LPR) ??
  191. its getting worse nd worse
  192. Lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks? LPR Diet! (Sorry, long)
  193. Oh my stomach
  194. Vitamin D and LPR (plus other things)
  195. soda?
  196. what should i do now?
  197. Stomach issues
  198. can PPI's make reflux worse....
  199. Do I have acid reflux?
  200. Endoscopy: What can a doctor see?
  201. LPR: Why don't our throats heal?
  202. Misdiagnosed Barrett's at GE Junction?
  203. Severe anxiety affecting my life, need some support!
  204. Stomach issues with no results from medical
  205. Sore feeling in the middle of chest by sternum
  206. Barrett's w/o dysplasia, GERD, and severe reflux
  207. What vitamins do you take?
  208. TMJ Jaw/teeth clenching and LPR - is there a connection?
  209. Exercises to strengthen the UES
  210. Can GERD cause damage to throat/ears?
  211. Does anyone have issues with tongue/mouth from GERD?
  212. LPR worse after bronchitis -sore throat and palate - burning sensation and acid taste
  213. GERD? Or Allergies?
  214. digestion
  215. 15 days post nissen and need some advice
  216. Nausea and reflux
  217. Can HPyroli Cause GERD and GASTIRITIS
  218. sudden spasm(a sec) down the lower throat??
  219. How is everyone managing to cope with the holiday season?
  220. Is this really acid reflux I have or is it merely something similar?
  221. Ringing in the ears
  222. Adjustable beds
  223. Lpr... breathing problems... yawning.
  224. Anyone's LPR symptoms relieved by PND?
  225. What did you eat after Nissen?
  226. Nausea every single night, please help!
  227. Searching for Some Answers...
  228. Low or high stomach acid ? Anxiety problems , teeth yellowing , burning stomach.
  229. Constant cough, throat closing feeling, constant phlegm
  230. Is this really GERD or just anxiety?
  231. losing the battle
  232. White tongue
  233. What is this DO U KNOW?
  234. And advice or help would be greatly appreciated
  235. Any feed back or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  236. Does DGL licorice cause black stools?
  237. Please help me
  238. GERD or linked to something else?
  239. Recently diagnosed with reflux, but not experiencing classic symptoms?
  240. Question about breathing difficulty
  241. Endo follow up = Inlet Patch...what?
  242. hiatus hernia ?barretts polyps stomach
  243. Nausea, motion sickness, bloating, gas pressure, anxiety...the list goes on! :(
  244. Probably Acid Reflux but not 100%
  245. Always hard to come off PPIs?
  246. Side Effects of Meds
  247. acid reflux problems
  248. Not sure what to tell the dr( how to explain it)
  249. breathing issues and gerd
  250. is this acid reflux?

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