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  1. Just LPR Sufferers - weekends are def better?
  2. This is my first time here.
  3. LPR and low-grade fever
  4. Acid Reflux and Dental Health
  5. Worried?
  6. new to all this
  7. Baffled and frustrated
  8. Constanst Throat Clearing
  9. A last point of view for the time being: LPR being recently revised as red herring
  10. Zegerid (omeprazole) questions
  11. my acid reflux gone or suppressed?
  12. please help - can all these symptoms be because of reflux?
  13. Does this sound like AR/GERD???
  14. help?
  15. does maalox effect the liver/pancreas
  16. Need your input - does this sound like Gastritis to you
  17. LPR as something else, falsely being treated as acid reflux? Probably...
  18. digestion problems
  19. 2 back to back colds then reflux starting up
  20. will esophyx help me
  21. Flare up...Candida symptoms?
  22. Coconut water?
  23. Can moderate gastritis cause LPR?
  24. What is LPR?
  25. Has anyone had any success with Prilosec?
  26. My LPR journey
  27. im so sick
  28. Do i have lpr
  29. LPR Sufferers who don't respond to ppis. Have you tried a GABA agonist like Lyrica?
  30. Eosinophilic Esophogitis
  31. Possible gas/reflux issue making me anxious.
  32. The Specific Carboydrate Diet to combat LPR....
  33. couldnt breathe in....anyone else?
  34. LPR what food NOT to eat
  35. LPR prescription medications and/or homeopathic remedies
  36. Recently diagnosed with Severe Acid Reflux
  37. Why is amoxicillin and prednisone making me better?
  38. MY Apologies regarding TIFs
  39. Stomach Problems/Confusion
  40. Prilosec and weight gain
  41. aspirin acid stomach what to do?
  42. LPR link with Ibuprofen debate?
  43. 24 hour pH monitor for LPR?
  44. LPR or allergies? Nervous about amount of medications for LPR.
  45. Gastro Prob?Shortness of Breath, Bloody Phlegm, Bloating, Regurgitation, Stomach Pain
  46. The long term side effects of Pariet
  47. Steak lodged in my esophagus
  48. CONSTANT tickle cough..drainage/mucus
  49. frustration and thyroid
  50. Results of endoscopy - what could it be
  51. Pain/discomfort above left nipple, Possibly GERD related?
  52. pain just below sternum
  53. HELP! Unknown Stomach Issues - Searching for Relief, Answers or ANY HELP AT ALL!
  54. Itchy tongue for LPR?
  55. Does LPR ever go away
  56. Husband has burning feeling in throat, need help
  57. Worried - Possibly GERD, couldn't breathe
  58. Does This Sound like Acid Reflux/Gerd? Newbie
  59. LPR symptoms relief
  60. EsophyX TIF - one year later
  61. Prilosec - Side Effect?
  62. Acid Reflux w/ Depakote
  63. Some Mornings.....
  64. tightening of lower throat area while exercising
  65. Right side Pain from Ranitidine, Prilosec?
  66. GERD, PPI's and Fundoplications...
  67. Prilosec question
  68. Rx to replace Aciphex
  69. Could Proton Pump Inhibitors Cause Cancer?
  70. Does your reflux occur immediately after eating?
  71. How do you stop acid reflux from getting worse
  72. acid reflux
  73. cotton in throat
  74. long term use of ranitidine
  75. Reflux and blood pressure meds
  76. Barrett's Esophagus
  77. Please Help..what is this?
  78. just need advice plz
  79. Indigestion
  80. ELF surgery
  81. Nexium--should I just say no?
  82. What medication works for you?
  83. Sapping my energy?
  84. Facial pain due to true infection or reflux?
  85. New Symptom - at my witts end!
  86. Orange Juice
  87. Just diagnosed with Gerd. How long until my throat goes back to normal????????
  88. 3 weeks post Nissen Fundo - any tips ?
  89. Diffculty Swallowing
  90. Is taking a 40mg PPI once a day the same as two 20mg PPIs twice a day?
  91. How Long Will This Last? Im Very Frustrated!
  92. Gastritis symptoms plz
  93. If cough is going from 5 to 8 weeks, follow this
  94. What can i do?
  95. stomach ache gerd?
  96. tightness lower rib cage right in the middle
  97. Squeezing in the chest
  98. Zegeric for LPR and Weight Loss
  99. Questions about shortness of breath and heavy chest
  100. Please Help
  101. Some questions which I can't find an answer for
  102. Dexilant twice a day--is it worth it?
  103. anyone experiment with Zinc-salt supplements in light of the recent Yale result on
  104. Anyone ever try cytotec (misoprostol) for gastritis?
  105. extreme stomach acid remedy
  106. Aciphex and Diarrhea
  107. Heart Issues With GERD?
  108. anyone hear of Dexilant
  109. Newly Diagnosed and Confused!
  110. acid reflux and barretts esophagus
  111. Shortness of Breath
  112. Throwing Up bile - white foam
  113. need advice (and moral support) for those of you who got off of ppis
  114. Omeprazole... How long until you are hooked?
  115. At my wit's end
  116. Still trying to make sense of it all
  117. Acid reflux
  118. My stomach hurts and feels bloated?
  119. Swollen and sore tongue!!!!
  120. acid in lower GI too
  121. confused
  122. Chronically Dry Throat/LPR
  123. can't taste or smell... wont eat!!
  124. Anyone on a triple dose of PPI's?
  125. Run out of Lansaprasole is Nexium ok?
  126. Questions to my fellow Canucks! (Our american friends can read too)!
  127. Exercise for LES?
  128. Treat reflux with MORE acid?
  129. Help with Dad
  130. cause of LPR
  131. spitting up blood in the morining
  132. Nexium & Gerd
  133. Symptoms after EGD
  134. curing gerd
  135. How not to lose weight on low-carb GERD/LPR diet
  136. Ulcer pain
  137. Pretty intense chest pains...
  138. flare-up or something more?
  139. Pariet & its side affects as well any other suggestions for acid reflux.
  140. Bad gerd or something worse??
  141. Help excessive belching,chest pain and acid reflux
  142. What symptoms do I look for?
  143. I can not yawn.
  144. Severe GERD Esophageal Motility Disorder
  145. My Endoscopy Experience
  146. Gastritis
  147. Sick of being sick and tired ;)
  148. Information does this sound like Acid reflux
  149. LPR in child
  150. Experiences with Reglan or Zofran?
  151. Can acid reflux cause a feeling of something in the back of your throat?
  152. Nissen Fundoplication
  153. Can't believe I have to go through this! Breathing, etc.
  154. Vicious cycle of quitting omep, then starting again
  155. Can anyone tell me what these symptoms mean?
  156. Could someone please confirm symptoms?
  157. Coral water, is it worthy to try?
  158. what can i do for the acid reflex and post nasal drip!
  159. Options to treat Acid Reflux. ?
  160. Probiotics?
  161. Strange odor and sore throat
  162. Getting off PPI's...Not necessarily a bad experience
  163. Barium Swallow/Upper GI- Feel Sick
  164. lack of sleep
  165. isn't celery supposed to help?
  166. Home Stool Antigen test for HP?
  167. Non Acid Reflux
  168. PPI's and polyps
  169. Is this LPR?
  170. What to take when your allergic to PPIs?
  171. Lung damage from GERD
  172. Need Help! Has anyone ever experienced "flu - like" side effects from their ppi...
  173. New here - Acid Reflux or.....??
  174. Question about throat problem/meds
  175. Nexium Side Effects
  176. New to Board with Question
  177. My GERD History..Please Help ,(
  178. swtiching time of day I take ppi
  179. why can't they just fix the stupid valve?
  180. Quick Question on Silent Acid Reflux
  181. Extremely hot hands and feet
  182. a question about lpr
  183. Question for those who came off PPI's
  184. Nexium Question.....
  185. acid reflux???
  186. Acid is killing me
  187. symptoms?
  188. how Long Does It Last
  189. Can Iron and Vit C be causing this?
  190. Reflux of liquid in throat after eating!
  191. PPI's NOT helping my sore throat!?!?
  192. Acid Reflux Nightmare
  193. Intermittent raw/burning throat behind the uvula (nasopharynx) could it be acid?
  194. Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Throat closing
  195. Barium Swallow Test? Is it reliable?
  196. What Kind of Vinegar Should I use?
  197. Badly need suggestions for digestive Cleanse/Detox
  198. Anyone had a bad experience with Xanax?
  199. sharp pain in dead center top of stomach
  200. another ppi failed
  201. Zantac and Prescription Zantac any difference?
  202. possible stomach ulcer
  203. Trying to choose alkaline foods for Diet
  204. Salad dressing/acid reflux safe foods?
  205. Prevpac without taking Previcid?
  206. Coming off Nexium, Can I do it?
  207. Does this sound like acid reflux/GERD?
  208. Had my endoscopy
  209. Absorption
  210. Clicking throat after throat trauma.
  211. Coming off PPI....how would you do this?
  212. EsophyX TIF leakage
  213. Results from Doctor!!!
  214. Acupuncture
  215. Remedy for stomach/back discomfort (H Pylori)
  216. Axid vs Pepcid AC
  217. LPR after TIF procedure
  218. Ebooks for heartburn
  219. acid in the back of my throat
  220. Low Calorie Diet
  221. Please help me figure this out!
  222. Strange symptoms, help!
  223. LPR or something else going on digestively
  224. Bastyr's Formula
  225. Acid Reflux?
  226. Heartburn Free by Enzymatic Therapy
  227. It really hurts :(
  228. What types of food allergies can cause severe acid reflux?
  229. how successful has esophyx tif been? Anyone in Calif or Nevada?
  230. Relux after nissen
  231. esophyx surgery
  232. Is this GERD/Acid Reflux? Help please...
  233. IBS and now GERD/reflux
  234. Saw the Gastro
  235. Chest pain/stomach pain for 5 days, maybe acid reflux?
  236. Can Acid Relux cause low grade fever
  237. Help needed pls
  238. How Can I Work?
  239. so tired of going through this
  240. Burping Excessively at night feels uneasy to breath
  241. pain in the lower part of my left breast
  242. Does anyone get reflux from flavored coffee?
  243. symptoms not food-related, so what's causing them?
  244. Acid Reflux????Scared out of my mind...
  245. burning tongue
  246. Can't sleep
  247. just had bravo caplsule placed
  248. LPR and relief from vocal discomfort
  249. acid reflux (GERD) and the seasons
  250. LPR - sore throat and vocal issues