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  1. h pylori
  2. What is a barrium swallow?
  3. Has anyone ever had an upper GI (endoscopy) done?
  4. new here. ?'s. Whats wrong with taking prilosec?i have heard bad things
  5. Silent Reflux and the choking feelings. (Also, feels like tongue is swelling?)
  6. Gerd Medication that does not thin bones?
  7. Has anyone ever had stools that were not normal in color or size?
  8. Why would the doctor take blood work to check gallbladder and liver?
  9. Does losing weight help?
  10. What will happen on my first visit with a gastrologist?
  11. Gerd or something else?
  12. Is this normal for esophagus spasms?
  13. H-plyori
  14. Does this sound normal?
  15. How long until you were pain free after esophagus stretching?
  16. DECAFF coffee/tea's and heavy setting foods?
  17. Esophagus stretched w/ tear?
  18. Apple (fruit, not vinegar) for Acid taste in mouth? Which apple?
  19. natural option for reflux?
  20. Please read this and help me! I'm so scared.
  21. Reassurance - not feeling better
  22. lump in throat,mucuous and acid reflux after tubal!
  23. red delicious apple for reflux-when to eat it before meal or after meal ?
  24. chest pain and arm! dr says it's acid please help!
  25. First time on Nexium
  26. Can protease in enzymes damage esophagus?
  27. New doc did new colonscopy and upper endoscopy- main problem is hernia now???
  28. Chronic stomach issues
  29. Gastritis and LPR
  30. Acid ref;ex, diclofenic drug and mucous in throat
  31. Endoscopy photos
  32. gall stones or hiatal hernia
  33. Laryngeal Senory Neuropathy, Cough, and Elavil
  34. LPR reflux for almost 2 years
  35. Some LPR questions
  36. Apple cider vinegar thoughts
  37. Will it ever get better?
  38. Doctors say all is fine, but throat pain won't stop
  39. Anyone done ResTech pH Monitoring?
  40. anyone had hiatal hernia? esophagitis?
  41. I think its a reflux problem???
  42. gurgling/air bubbles/burping
  43. What is a manometry like?
  44. anyone had been tested for low stomach acid.
  45. hiatus hernia ?
  46. Prilosec Acid Rebound Scared and Alone
  47. gum swelling
  48. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux -- Will I ever be able to eat real foods again?
  49. metallic taste from cal/mag supplement ?
  50. grapefruit seed extract,anyone tried it
  51. Saw my new internist last week and a new GI today
  52. mucus/severe vomiting/lump in throat/gagging
  53. Ulcers in esophagus????
  54. stomach is burning
  55. excess mucus, lump in back of throat, and vomiting. someone please help. pleaseee
  56. Does anyone have LPR w/ou voice hoarseness and cough?
  57. Is this Gerd maybe?
  58. calcium/magnesium supplement with meal or after meal ?
  59. help! Gerd ? hiatus hernia?
  60. Does this sound like acid reflux/GERD?
  61. Magnesium for reflux
  62. Acid reflux turned bad
  63. Severe GERD burning help!
  64. PPI's stop acid, they dont stop reflux!
  65. PPI's and micronutrient deficiencies
  66. my experience with endoscopy...
  67. Excruciating GERD just diagnosed!!!
  68. Burning Sensation in head
  69. burning ears
  70. please help, which mg/calcium and vitamin d are you using for gerd/esophagus spasm ?
  71. LPR/Acid Reflux or Tonsillitis pls help!
  72. Protonix rash??
  73. LPR / GERD symptoms ..
  74. food will not go down
  75. Is nexuim better then lanzaprozole?
  76. Possible LPR? Please help.
  77. Excersise to do at home for Hiatus hernia
  78. lemon water for gerd , suppose to help right away or few days ?
  79. Sounds like acid rebound problems?
  80. Acid Reflux And Jaw Pain, Anyone Have This?
  81. Hiatus hernia and no one wants to know
  82. Temperatures and acid reflux?
  83. Acid reflux and saliva problems?
  84. Long Term Zantac Use?
  85. Chills, Bloating
  86. Suggestions for Hiatal Hernia
  87. Nasty taste with mucus and Post nasal drip
  88. bile reflux agony
  89. Zantac for stomach Acid? Ulcer?
  90. confused by brand name protonix
  91. Conditions that mimic gastritis?
  92. What happened to me last night?!!
  93. vomiting bial?
  94. Food Poisoning
  95. Burning ear(s)??
  96. How long does it take
  97. Recently Dx'd with Barretts Esophagus and now Esophagitis - having bad pains
  98. Esophy X TIF Procedure Almost Killed Me
  99. what's wrong with me? please help/advise
  100. antispasmodic tonic for esophagus spasms?
  101. Over Sensitive Esophagus ? Irritable Esophagus ?
  102. Does anyone have GERD and asthma symptoms?
  103. Antidepressants on your Stomach.
  104. Stomach ulcer, or anxiety?
  105. Raw and Dry throat GERD
  106. please help!!
  107. alternative medicines for esophagus spasm/acid reflux ?
  108. Could I have GERD?
  109. What is the point of doing the probe testing for LPR?
  110. Endoscopy: were you completely exhausted afterward?
  111. Acid reflux help and advice.
  112. functional medicine doctors, did anyone try these for gerd and esophagus spasm ?
  113. Gerd problem
  114. Toprol Question and heart palpatations
  115. chest pain, upper back pain how do you know is it esophagus spasm or gallbladder ?
  116. Coughing, belching, left arm pain, chest pain, stomach pain
  117. magnesium is good for esophagus spasm, but my magn. level is good had bloodtest done
  118. Extra Hard this time
  119. What is LPR ??
  120. detached strips of squamous epithelium with no significant pathological findings
  121. n/m, repost
  122. Please help, unsure if reflux...
  123. Constant MIS DIAGNOSIS of Shortness of Breath Problems
  124. Get back pains on back around under arms when eating foods
  125. Burn baby burn~
  126. Acid reflux help please!!
  127. 4 time came undone Please help
  128. Esophyx TIF Procedure
  129. Reminiscing the time before LPR
  130. Prilosec OTC in morning, Pepcid Complete before bed?
  131. Sinus issue setting off reflux
  132. Has anyone had bile in their stomach?
  133. Gastritis/gerd gets way worse when I have a cold
  134. lost 5-6 pounds in 4-5 weeks, moderate gerd and probably a lots of stress .normal ?
  135. LPR - Throat burning - halitosis
  136. what are the symptoms of bleeding ulcer?
  137. How do you cheat on your diet?
  138. Acid reflux/gerd - diet & nutrition
  139. prilosec otc for moderate GERd for 9 days, no changes should I quit taking it ?
  140. Bad taste in mouth from GERD?
  141. Rebound Reflux
  142. LPR and Endoscopy
  143. Stomach Burning
  144. How is this regimen for gerd?
  145. One week post op Nissen Fundo-Questions!
  146. prilosec otc 20 mg and costipation after 3-4 pills ?anyone ?
  147. Two nexium a day, no food after 6 PM, still wake up every night
  148. Esophageal Manometry - anything to look out for?
  149. New..and Husband scared me to death...
  150. im kinda freaking out.
  151. TNE,severe gag, and Manometry
  152. Dexilant and insomnia??
  153. chest pains from nexium??
  154. Gas or Heart? better safe than sorry
  155. just diagnosed
  156. how bad is moderate gerd ? and gerd and esophagus spasms ? what are you taking for it
  157. Nevis here. Please help me. My lump in my throat! Please help me?
  158. UPDATE ON LPR! I am getting better! (SRS)
  159. fentanyl versed
  160. Does anyone have baby/infant with GERD?
  161. Prevacid was exacerbating symptoms...
  162. Something I've Found Effective For GERD
  163. I'm so low in mood.
  164. PPI that doesn't affect sleep.
  165. Acid Rebound, Possibly?
  166. Lpr or lprd or gerd help!
  167. Is taking Probiotics with Aloe Vera Juice Contradictory?
  168. Avoiding foods GERD?
  169. never knew pain in chest and ear was gerd but knew they were related
  170. does altitude affect reflux? 3 yrs of cough - input appreciated
  171. Relation between sinus drainage, throat clearing and Acid Reflux?
  172. Any Young GERD Sufferers Out There?
  173. GERD and Asthma
  174. Getting off Nexium
  175. 120mg of PPI anyone?
  176. Verapamil er 100 mg for esophagus spasms ?
  177. Is This For Life...?
  178. Anxiety making it worse
  179. Symptoms everlasting
  180. In EXTREME pain 6 days post op nissen..HELP!
  181. Anyone take apple cider vinegar
  182. Anyone have Nissen??
  183. Asymptomatic large paraesophageal hiatal hernia
  184. need some help
  185. oil in urine??
  186. Second root canal 5 years later, same tooth???
  187. Are these 2 procedures the same thing ?
  188. Silica Gel
  189. breath
  190. 10 days into Prilosec OTC - should I be worried?
  191. strange chest pain
  192. can you get a hiatal hernia from shoveling the snow ?
  193. Vomiting up clear liquid?
  194. Whats the best thing to take before bed?
  195. Pain under left ribs, between shoulder blades
  196. GERD and Barrett's Esophagus
  197. Once and for all
  198. Trouble with Tylenol, anyone?
  199. is hiatal hernia visible on the regular chest x-ray ?
  200. I00% rid of my heart burn, acid reflux and Gerd
  201. Vagus nerve treatment for acid reflux
  202. After 4 years with LPR
  203. Bile Reflux ,, with vomiting
  204. Got rid of 90% of my Reflux
  205. Does This Sound like H Pylori?
  206. Does this sound LPR? Anyone else only have problems on one side of their throat?
  207. Confused: do I have gastritis, GERD, or LPR?
  208. Acid reflux&Neck gland mass
  209. Any good LPR docs in the midwest (especially Chicago)?
  210. can anyone advise on this issue?
  211. Gastritis????
  212. dexilant-have to be taken in the morning ?
  213. Acid Reflux without the acid
  214. Esophageal Motility Test and 24-Hour pH Test
  215. Could this have caused my reflux?
  216. Sore throat question
  217. Is this LPR ?
  218. Trying to find my trigger
  219. Been to docs!
  220. eosphogal spasms!
  221. Acid Reflux or Stomach Cancer?? I'm so scared.
  222. Gaviscon Liquid on backorder!
  223. Reflux, allergies, anxiety and hormonal changes..linked?
  224. Girdles~GERD~ and sleep disorders! Oh My!
  225. Finally i found out what's causing my LPR (sorta)
  226. blood in saliva
  227. Whole body scan vs Ultra sound for follow-up monitoring?
  228. Can yogurt or dairy cause GERD flareup?
  229. Can you have invisible reflux?
  230. Barretts Esophogus
  231. Deep Belching
  232. Help Me.. please
  233. Achalasia and Medical Cannibis
  234. is it dangerous to take 2 ppi's at the same time?
  235. How long does it take for Protonix to work?
  236. Type of physician to perform Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication
  237. Gerd and Cipro..HELP!
  238. advanced gerd
  239. Feel horrible :(
  240. PPIs don't control GERD anymore, why?
  241. Muscle Relaxer Cause GERD?
  242. Sandoz omeprazole
  243. Should I let my nose and throat dry out?
  244. How long have you been living with lpr?
  245. Chronic inflammation LPR help?
  246. Can PPI's Cause Depression?
  247. Inflamed Esphagus and Bile
  248. LPR, Cancer and yellow saliva?
  249. Burning chest and LPR
  250. Lap Nissen - Finally Did It