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  1. Clicking- popping in my throat when I swallow
  2. Got sick now have indigestion
  3. does this have any relation to acid reflux?
  4. Acid Reflux (Regurgitation)
  5. Anxiety or another reflux symptom?
  6. Prilosec OTC
  7. Achy sore spot in throat
  8. Omeprazole or Prevacid?
  9. Has anyone had success with Orange peel extract to treat heartburn?
  10. LPR or something else?
  11. Stomach pain, feeling full, HELP PLEASE
  12. chest pain
  13. Still waiting!!!!!!
  14. Don't bother with Doctors
  15. Does this sound like acid reflux?
  16. Info on GERD Acid Reflux
  17. Finally got an Appt with the Gastro Dr. what questions should I ask?
  18. Constant stomach ache - is this really caused by acid?
  19. What is going on
  20. Stinging back pain after eating... and nothing else?!
  21. Gingivitis
  22. Black tongue due to reflux?
  23. LPR recovery time
  24. Lose Weight, only thing that works
  25. Burping and stomach discomfort after drinking water?
  26. My Niacin cauese of REFLUX
  27. GERD, Heartburn, Barretts disease
  28. Fundoplication/nissen amazing
  29. i am very worried as i have had a fundoplication and am fearful of picking up a stoma
  30. Prevacid vs. Protonix
  31. Scared
  32. Dont understand this!
  33. has anyone read this?
  34. burning in stomach?
  35. What are alternative diagnosis for LPR ?
  36. How long should I wait?
  37. How long can the symptoms last for GERD?
  38. Should I go to a gastroenterologist or back to the general surgeon?
  39. Asprin-induced gastric damage?
  40. Distal Reflux
  41. Does Reflux only happen when you eat too much?
  42. In much discomfort
  43. Trying to understand whats going on
  44. tongue blisters
  45. PPI's 3 times per day???
  46. stomach bleed
  47. waiting boat
  48. what does an ulcer attack feel like
  49. Crazy Question...Stomach Feels Better After Eating Unhealthy?
  50. Getting off Nexium w/help of Align?
  51. Has anyone else experienced this??
  52. Stomach problems for 7 years
  53. does ibs cause bloating
  54. stomach burning on and off
  55. My experience with Zantac
  56. Getting off PPI's and acid rebound
  57. Prilosec vs. Nexium: Good Summary
  58. confused :SS:S
  59. Blood when blowing nose?
  60. PPI question
  61. Post-Fundoplication LPR
  62. should I change from taking prilosec?
  63. Still waiting for results!!
  64. I'm not alone!!!
  65. nexium and anxiety...where to now?
  66. Nausea question
  67. Acid Reflux but No Heartburn?
  68. Question about taking Prilosec and Zantac
  69. What are your reflux symptoms?
  70. Hypochlorhydria Caused by dehydration?
  71. Confusing symptoms adds to worry
  72. Pls help its driving me crazy.......
  73. Help - have stomach problems - positive that it's not acid reflux
  74. best time to take second prilosec?
  75. Acid Reflux? Ulcer? Arthitis chest wall?
  76. Acid Reflux and Klonopin (Clonazepam)
  77. IBS gone but still GERD
  78. Are there any other treatment options for my AR?
  79. Zantac
  80. Do cough meds help with this terrible chronic cough??
  81. Gas Bloat Treatment With Stent After Nissen
  82. Should I still go through with the endoscomy?
  83. Silent GERD?
  84. Gastric Reflux
  85. Help with this strange case
  86. Constant burping - what helps me!!
  87. nissen probs.
  88. Thought I had a liver issue, turns out a gastric acid issue
  89. Need advice on aloe juice.
  90. Nexium question!
  91. Is this acid reflux?
  92. Crazy symptom question
  93. Really worried about biopsy!?
  94. nothing new on nexium, this detective is still searching for relief
  95. The Vitamin Pills Were The Main Cause?
  96. Acid Reflux & Smelly Chest Mucus
  97. Question about Medications for Acid Reflux
  98. Is there surgical correction of acid reflux?
  99. My reflux is so bad, I can't lie flat on in bed, does any one have these problems?
  100. Dealing with chest irritation from GERD
  101. OTC Prevacid 24Hr
  102. How do you know what triggers GERD?
  103. Reflux and antihistamines?
  104. Can somone give me some ideas? Weird problems
  105. Red dots in throat
  106. ibs symptoms?
  107. Symptoms for GERD
  108. Gerd and Osteoporosis meds --burning chest
  109. Bad breath???
  110. Weird Burping and Lump in throat feeling
  111. Eagle's syndrome/ acid reflux
  112. GERD light? clearing throat all time?
  113. Chia Seeds for Acid Reflux?
  114. GERD question
  115. defeated
  116. Do you have to permanently give up the foods that aggravate the acid reflux?
  117. if taking ppi when to take calcium and other supplements
  118. update
  119. Possible Gerd??
  120. blood pressure and PPI
  121. antibiotics and gerd
  122. always throwing up
  123. Endoscopy with Bravo ph capsule
  124. Severe Vomiting a symptom of Acid Reflux?
  125. 30 Minutes
  126. gluten free
  127. EsophyX TIF A Big Disappointment
  128. ENT say acid reflux but not convinced
  129. reflux back with a vengeance help
  130. I dont know what it is!
  131. Stomache pains
  132. Whats the swelling!!?
  133. Acid Reflux Coughing Up Acid
  134. what to do
  135. What helps the mucus in LPR?
  136. It's Back
  137. What a difference a day makes!!
  138. Does your Acid Reflux lead to other conditions?
  139. Possible SLE with LPR - Any Hope for Cure?
  140. How long for an attack?
  141. Burning and Burping
  142. Please has anyone else with reflux
  143. sore throat
  144. LPR and PPI dosage?
  145. LPR caused by indigested food generated gas?
  146. LPR...why do some symptoms come and go?
  147. Bedsup solution for raising bed
  148. does pepcid help gastritis?
  149. Ulcers
  150. Ear problems and reflux!!!Is there a connection
  151. Tickly throat?
  152. The Rollercoaster, does it ever stop?
  153. LPR and cough
  154. Should I up my dose of Aciphex?
  155. What natural solution worked for me- PLEASE read
  156. Mucus on back of throat fatigue and LPR
  157. Joint Pain with PPI
  158. To anyone with Barrett's
  159. Getting confused...gastric or cardiac?
  160. Eating (or not) after taking omeqrazole
  161. Im not sure if it is reflux!
  162. Stomach Issues - Swollen esophagus, chest pressure, bloating
  163. Acid and Bloating; Cant eat-PLS Help
  164. Bile Reflux/ Ulcer
  165. Is This All Reflux Related?
  166. acid reflux - getting that stuck feeling
  167. nausea
  168. gerd
  169. Reflux or "clogged" throat feeling at night
  170. Endoscopy Procedures
  171. Questions about Kapidex and other meds...
  172. it feels like i have a lump in my throat it hurts when i eat
  173. Does elevating the bed head really work?
  174. burning feeling around heart and stomach--
  175. 2 1/2 post nissen fundoplication question
  176. Could This Be Acid Reflux?
  177. helpful exercise
  178. Dont believe this!
  179. Bronchitis and acid reflux
  180. Please help. Husband can't swallow even some liquids
  181. Acid reflux and teeth?
  182. heartburn and acid reflux
  183. Need help dealing with reflux and trouble swallowing.
  184. Has anyone ever looked in their throat
  185. coughing
  186. triggers
  187. LPR Short of breath, just a sensation?
  188. please help ercp
  189. Lpr???????
  190. Heartburn, 4 hours after eating
  191. pain in throat, neck and ear
  192. Prilosec nightmare
  193. Endocinch procedure
  194. gerd and throat/mouth ulcers
  195. After Nissan Fundoplication
  196. This Helped Eliminate My Acid Reflux
  197. Could this be acid reflux?
  198. Diet after TIF procedure
  199. to those whom ppi's don't seem to work
  200. Coconut Oil cured my GERD
  201. Anyone get burning between shoulder blades with Acid Reflux?
  202. Burning Mouth and acid reflux
  203. vomiting thick mucus immediately after eating
  204. How long before my PPI will start working
  205. Link between swine flu and acid reflux
  206. TIF procedure
  207. Stomach Explosion
  208. need urgent medicine!!
  209. throat ulcer infected!?
  210. Shooting pains under under the jaw!
  211. Has anyone used Udo's choice super 8's with any success for LPR
  212. Can I help my acid reflux without taking drugs?
  213. LPR - What Comes First? (Or Next?)
  214. looking for people whom are on/have been anxiety meds
  215. Prilosec - What is the best cure?
  216. trouble eating
  217. new to acid reflux stuff
  218. Gerd? IBS? Any thoughts? Please :-)
  219. Never burped in my life.
  220. problems with Nexium
  221. New to board with a question
  222. GI/ENT/LPR doc in N Georgia anyone?
  223. Just found out I have have severe acid reflux
  224. terrified of endoscopy
  225. Acid reflux
  226. odd pain/strange feeling in my throat. help?
  227. endoscopy
  228. LPR and hot flushes?
  229. what is the difference between Nexium and Prevacid?
  230. Acid Reflux Question
  231. Is This Reflux??
  232. Burning tongue & throat
  233. Achlorhydria (low stomach acid) due to antacid
  234. Recommend a chewing gum
  235. Acid Regurgitation and Fundoplication Surgery
  236. Back burning between shoulder blades and burping a lot!
  237. nausea and weak everyday
  238. When are your symptoms worse?
  239. Acid Reflux & endoscopy
  240. Stomach problems
  241. Zantac; Antibiotics
  242. Can PPI's stop working?
  243. Sore throat and with red patch in the back of the throat
  244. does gerd cause bloating
  246. Excess Acid due to taking Whey Protein
  247. Throat Lozenges
  248. Upper abdominal pain for 4 years.
  249. Has anyone had EsophyX TIF?
  250. Any medicines make symptoms worse?