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  1. when you have acid reflex
  2. Reflux Remedy
  3. Can zantac/prilosec ruin your system?
  4. acid meds - when to give up?
  5. why does my chest hurt when i cough
  6. Esophageal Spasm
  7. Common to give children Prevacid for reflux?
  8. Do you have this?
  9. Prilisec side effects?
  10. Tomatoes and sauce?
  11. Has anyone had their body's PH level checked?
  12. Sorry but it's stress
  13. insurances not covering nexium?
  14. Treating Allergy Symptoms Any Relief For LPR?
  15. Gas and bloating with acid reflux?
  16. ENT or GI?
  17. Prevacid Withdrawal, Severe Gas, Pain in face
  18. no matter what i eat i still get a acid taste
  19. New here, some questions
  20. Have had GORD for a number of years now
  21. how to tell if i have to much or not enough stomach acid
  22. LPR/Stress Getting The Best of Me
  23. Food keeps getting stuck in my chest
  24. What makes it worse for you?
  25. Organic treatment vs drugs??????
  26. Do you get full fast because of LPR or acid reflux?
  27. Camera in nose and down throat: Questions
  28. GERD & Oral Sex
  29. kapidex
  30. Feels like bubbles!
  31. Which is it?
  32. Reflux, PVC's and SVT
  33. Kapidex-new PPI
  34. Burning Stomach
  35. Belching
  36. excessive mucous in my throat, can't swallow
  37. why does my sternum hurt
  38. CONSTANT Acid Reflux
  39. My Reflux Symptoms and Experiences
  40. what can you eat with acid reflex
  41. Barretts/I'm worried
  42. acid reflux worse during my cycle
  43. question - what is the supplement *******
  44. blocked bile duct
  45. what will a chest xray show
  46. chronic LPR and Blue Cross(?)
  47. Feels like thick mucus or lump in throat..
  48. breathing with camara down throat
  49. Acid reflux and stomach pains
  50. gerd
  51. Update on what I think
  52. is it normal for my throat to hurt if my acid reflux is flared up?
  53. Scared and need advice
  54. acid reflux and armpit pain???
  55. Lump feeling in throat
  56. Acid reflux symptoms??
  57. jaw pain
  58. nissen fundoplication
  59. Globus sensation??
  60. Nothing I take is working .. I think it's acid reflux?
  61. nissen post op
  62. Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) for Barrett's Esophagus
  63. PH 24 hr test
  64. back, abdominal, chest pain, and gas
  65. what foods counteract acidic foods
  66. Is this GERD?
  67. Newly diagnosed with GERD/having trouble
  68. What do i do??
  69. h pylori may be my gastritis prob
  70. Acid Reflux Medicines
  71. Always being sick and constant nausea for 4 yrs now!! Please help
  72. Swollen Spleen.
  73. Just acid reflux??
  74. Painful throat, HELP
  75. Warts and acid reflux.
  76. acid reflux and asthma
  77. Barium swallow to check for LPR
  78. Does this sound like acid reflux?
  79. Burning and pressure, non-stop
  80. is this h pylori?
  81. medication side effect: hot flush or hot sensation
  82. Coughing, Gagging, Throwing up bile in the morning?
  83. acid reflux worse sometimes than others.
  84. Help!! Is this heartburn, or just gas??
  85. Anyone know about this cure?
  86. swollen throat, breathing problems...LPR? help!
  87. Snacks like Crispy Treats?
  88. breathing troubles - Exercise induced
  89. Any cure for gas palpitations?
  90. Question about chest pain
  91. Please... Someone say they can relate to my problem
  92. Just "Diagnosed" with Acid Reflux ... Dr. Thinks
  93. Gerd?
  94. food stuck in esophges
  95. Private Endoscopy Clinics in Western Canada
  96. what insurance covers nexium
  97. Throat Swelling...Really afraid
  98. What is my problem?
  99. Trigger foods
  100. klonopin and pepcid
  101. I just don't know what this is
  102. Pain in right side of stomach and acid
  103. why can't one take prilosec with anti anxiety medicine?
  104. I think I have figured it out! Check your vitamin D level people.
  105. Low Stomach Acid!
  106. Recently been diagnosed with "acid reflux"
  107. Orange peel extract for acid reflux
  108. Ctscan friday.
  109. so im 18 and have insane acid reflux
  110. Acid reflux, GERD etc -opinions pls
  111. How to treat Gerd/LPR aggressively?
  112. Very short of breath/feeling suffocation
  113. Alternative to Nexium (PPI) when on Plavix (clopidogrel)
  114. doctors in nyc that specialize in chronic cough problems
  115. zegerid
  116. Ibuprofen Causing Heartburn?
  117. Breathing exercises for acid reflux
  118. Acid relfux, IBS...needing your help
  119. locec and serious side affects
  120. Questions
  121. Food gets stuck and won't go down
  122. why does my chest always feel tight
  123. Do you have this?
  124. Acid Reflux Possibly Something else?
  125. stomach dysmotility?
  126. why would i get egg smelling burps
  127. Could this be acid reflux, GERD, LPR, etc..
  128. cost of endoscopy
  129. Can acid relux couse a sore thoat?
  130. Question about Upper Endoscopy...
  131. Throat spasms
  132. uncomfortable after taking prevacid
  133. EGD and colonoscopy tomorrow
  134. Acid Refux and Frozen Right Part Of Chest
  135. my chest is sore
  136. Take PPI before dinner for nighttime reflux
  137. spit blood when clearing throat
  138. what happens when you cant swallow
  139. Endoscopy cost
  140. does omeprozel cause way bad bloating
  141. please help, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath...
  142. Dry cough + wretching+reflux problem
  143. Neck tightness / stiffness
  144. Red60... I have a question for you!
  145. Questions about post LNF?
  146. Reflux? More specific symptoms... scared
  147. Would You Call This PND?
  148. Salads & Acid Reflux
  149. Constant shortness of Breath!!
  150. Can hardly eat??
  151. Ranitidine ?? Generic Zantac??
  152. Constant shortness of breath with GERD!!
  153. what is going on with this pain?
  154. how do i control post nasal drip due to lpr
  155. Question about sedation after endoscopy
  156. sore throat for 8 months
  157. Is this normal?
  158. Tedwards!
  159. Could it be gerd?
  160. Acid reflux and Nausea
  161. Has anyone had this happen before
  162. Does aciphex contain calcium?
  163. why do i have to keep clearing my throat
  164. How can i gain weight with gerd
  165. Aspartame and Saccharin in ZANTAC!!
  166. Gerd = cramps?
  167. new member and pain in back
  168. Zantac and tums?
  169. Happy New Year to Everyone and Let's Get Well!
  170. Barretts Esoph Doc in Boston??
  171. Endoscopy and colonoscopy at same time?
  172. Please please help!!!
  173. Someone has to find a cure for this horible disorder
  174. Phillips Colon Health
  175. Sudefed and reflux
  176. What is this pain?
  177. On prevacid two times daily, stopped working - help
  178. LPR & Gas
  179. Doing pretty good these days
  180. About done with this illness
  181. Gerd+gastritis +throat pain+tongue burn
  182. get rid of silent reflux
  183. Losing friends cause of this.
  184. New, need help.
  185. 5 yr old vomiting
  186. Some Possible Helps for Acid Reflux
  187. what you mean by pharma
  188. New to Phenegran Medication
  189. Swallowed a vitamin and I think it's stuck
  190. H.pylori
  191. Acidophilus
  192. how can I treat my lpr?
  193. help! is it just acid reflux?
  194. LPR.. wondering if this explains it all?
  195. Fundoplication
  196. Irregular Rumbling Sensation In Chest.
  197. Unexplained vomiting 5 yr old
  198. Nexpro (Generic) Nexium
  199. Reflux
  200. vibrating esophagus or heart?
  201. Stopped my PPI side effects
  202. Problem with Nexium
  203. prevacid side efffect?
  204. Could this be acid reflux?
  205. Worse acid reflux during period?
  206. Found something, that helps!
  207. Sore Throat For A Month
  208. Sore Throat For A Month
  209. Ongoing nausea for almost a year now
  210. Diet Ideas For Reflux
  211. Nausea after eating
  212. Just curious...Puree Foods?
  213. acid reflux
  214. My original theory was wrong about LPR
  215. I vomit randomly in the night and i dont know why??
  216. what is it when your muscles around your adams apple hurt
  217. Pain b/w Shoulder Blades
  218. Meat Stuck in Throat
  219. Christmas and LPR
  220. Antibioics
  221. LPR what now??
  222. lpr symtpom?
  223. can an endoscopy cause cough and voice loss
  224. How can this be?
  225. swelling in the throat
  226. acid reflux
  227. Throat spasms cant swallow
  228. what can i do when my food stuck in my chest
  229. prilosec otc
  230. why is it when I drink vinegar and honey my throat clears up?
  231. acid reflux
  232. hurts chest when swallows
  233. Is this heartburn or what
  234. This HELPS !!!
  235. Does anyone know of any natural or a better or relief for acid reflux than "Pariet"
  236. my food is stuck in my chest,how do i get it out.so i can breath.
  237. what to do you have food stuck in your chest and can't get it out
  238. Surgery options for GERD
  239. throat/mucous issue
  240. Would muscle relaxants help?
  241. do i have gerd?
  242. flare ups
  243. acid reflux burns throat
  244. i get lot of flare up in my chest where do that come from
  245. hi all new to forum please read i need some help
  246. Upper Abdominal Pain/ Gas
  247. Omeprosol
  248. please please help
  249. Is it ok to be on Prilosec while taking Allegra and Sudefed?
  250. Burning sensation in left chest wall

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