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  1. Nexium and sore throat
  2. How long to stay on this PPI before I try something else
  3. Back pain
  4. What is this??Cricopharyngeus muscle/my Dr. didnt tell me!!!
  5. severe stomach burning even on 80mg nexium - really scared
  6. Nasal Endoscopy- Follow up tomorrow
  7. Should I go for this surgery?
  8. Anyone with stomach burning as well as LPR
  9. Alleviating Mucus in Throat
  10. Tea and coffee
  11. Persistent Stomachache, lasted over 2 months
  12. My last hope/ acid reflux!!!
  13. Anyone else have a EGD and how was it??
  14. Help...Frustrated with GI doc and change in medications
  15. The PH Test thing in your throat and acid reflux/LPR
  16. does gerd causes you to have pain in the ears
  17. LPR - Diet Modification
  18. In vitro fertilization + acid reflux and now shaking left arm
  19. I'm getting worried, is this normal with Acid Reflux?
  20. Constant Shortness of Breath!!
  21. Acid Reflux improving again - Exercise?
  22. Sudden Onset?
  23. Anxiety
  24. my boyfriend is suffering!
  25. Not liking change in reflux meds
  26. Any idea what this could be? I'm freaking out..
  27. Phenergan Use
  28. Please someone help me i'm worried!!
  29. stomach feels like its having a seizure?
  30. Surgery for GERD Acid Reflux????
  31. Could I have LPR? (Voice problems)
  32. girlie needs someone to reassure
  33. Could be a combination causing night reflux
  34. Acid Reflux and burning tongue....
  35. Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice
  36. Could use a little info Please :)
  37. Canker sores with acid reflux?
  38. Back again, very depressed
  39. Pain after eating....
  40. Discomfort under both ribs, especially left side.
  41. Is this Acid Reflux or something else????
  42. What foods are best when dealing with Acid Reflux?
  43. acid reflux due to a slow bowel what meds to speed it up?
  44. cost of Endoscopy?
  45. PPI dependency
  46. Throat & reflux
  47. Do you think this could be Acid Reflux?
  48. burning feeling in the throat
  49. Reflux under control....or not??
  50. Stomach problems, then LPR, 3 tests what next, when do I get answer?
  51. Irritating tickle in throat
  52. how often should i get scoped??
  53. Ways to alleviate GERD Chest Pain
  54. Acid reflux and upper abdominal swelling
  55. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
  56. No relief/what else can i do/Drs.want help me!!
  57. Question please offer feedback
  58. A couple questions about symptoms?
  59. A couple questions about symptoms?
  60. Relief!
  61. constant throat clearing - LPR?
  62. Why Medicine Before A Scope???
  63. please help me to understand
  64. I was diagnosed with level 2 esophagitis.
  65. Relux - Weight Loss
  66. What to drink???
  67. Newly Diagnosed
  68. walking and acid reflux
  69. GERD /LPR and Stress?
  70. Could this be Reflux?
  71. Dr. Visit....
  72. Streching/dialation of the throat next week/anyone had this done?
  73. acid reflux/ iron supplement
  74. when I wake up I have mucus resting in my throat
  75. very bad heartburn
  76. LpR?
  77. Severe Flare of GERD!?
  78. Funny feeling in the throat please advise is this normal
  79. Is this acid reflux or asthma?
  80. Advances in the Treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.
  81. Acid reflux/bile reflux or allergies?
  82. mucous question
  83. My treatment
  84. Desperate for a solution
  85. Laboured Breathing
  86. Laboured Breathing
  87. Anemia Due to Taking 80mg Nexium daily-how many hrs after nexium can i take iron pill
  88. Hypersensitive Esophagus: Is it a real diagnosis?
  89. swelling
  90. Feel very sick, Back pain, feels like there something stuck in my esophagus
  91. Do I have acid reflux?
  92. studies showing PPIs do not help LPR
  93. how long does it take for acidophilus to help with GERD
  94. Is there another alternative to nexium ?
  95. What do you think aggravated my GERD? r/o
  96. pain on left side ?
  97. LPR excessive mucus please help me!!
  98. Zachboy
  99. No relief after 2nd endoscopy/will i ever get relief??
  100. acid reflux surgery
  101. Happy Mothers Day
  102. excessive mucus, headaches and tiredness
  103. Worthless ENT visit, what should I do?
  104. laryngopharyngeal reflux - swallowing problems
  105. The Natural Way?
  106. Acid reflux lpr is cured by allergy medicine
  107. Always clearing throat...what is this?
  108. Pine Nut Oil Question, Hard Time Swallowing.
  109. Gerd again.
  110. Chest Pains
  111. Only when I swallow liquids
  112. LPR vs. GERD: sleeping
  113. Reglan and reflux
  114. Reflux and chest pain, neck and shoulder pain
  115. throat symptoms
  116. weight gain?
  117. Aciphex
  118. Burn
  119. misery
  120. very gassy and unexplained weight loss below waist
  121. Heartburn?
  122. An Acid Reflux Sanity Check
  123. GERD Breathing problems..
  124. Is this acid reflux or ?
  125. Going for the tranquilzer
  126. how can all this just be acid reflux??desperate
  127. What was your recovery time
  128. Getting full really fast?
  129. acid reflux and constant belching
  130. How does Carafate work for Lpr?
  131. Acid Reflux and Acupuncture
  132. Prilosec Question - Help PLEASE
  133. Severe Pain!! Gas, Acid, Post Nissen
  134. Worried about Dad's attacks of burning chest...
  135. Nexium questions
  136. Do you have proper posture ?
  137. How long does it take to get PPIs out of your system?
  138. LPR and PPIs treatment
  139. possiblity of gerd?
  140. Rice Pudding giving me bad acid reflux
  141. Is this really GERD?
  142. h-Pylori??
  143. Lump in throat/sent to another Dr/please more advise!!
  144. Please please help me!!
  145. hiatus herni - nissen fundo op?
  146. IBS and LPR
  147. Update
  148. Hoarseness symptoms, does anyone experience this as well?
  149. Long term use of PPI
  150. Upper Gi Endoscopy. Need help!
  151. Do i have Acid Reflux
  152. Left Side of Body?? ***..
  153. Narcotic painkillers and Indigestion
  154. Relief after 6 yrs
  155. Upper throat issues - healing time?
  156. Shortness of breath!
  157. Which diet to try?
  158. Take me away!!!
  159. Anyone out there that suffers from migraines also?
  160. Lemon Juice stops the Acid
  161. Taste of orange juice in mouth?
  162. Barium Swallow question
  163. Need Advice
  164. LPR v. GERD: time it takes for reflux?
  165. Wedge pillow for reflux sufferers?
  166. Still needing help/lump feeling in throat
  167. Worse after OTC meds?
  168. Does this sound familiar?
  169. Nausea lessens when lying down? Please Help!
  170. Antihistamine causing acid reflux?
  171. Stomach Issue
  172. Tried everything to prevent nighttime reflux
  173. LPR has anyone been cured?
  174. Feeling HOPELESS w/ GERD and Shortness of Breath
  175. hesitant about zegerid
  176. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions
  177. New here - just diagnosed with LPR - advice?
  178. Any acid reflux meds that are dye free, plain white, or colorless?
  179. acid reflux gone since I started taking beta-blocker for blood pressure
  180. heartburn+fatigue+irritable+nonrestorati ve sleep = GERD?
  181. Why would Oatmeal cause acid reflux?
  182. LES muscle
  183. Help me out
  184. Is anyone else tired of people saying take some tums and you will feel better?
  185. excessive burping and acid burning while laying down
  186. Any natural Treatments for gerd and lpr?
  187. What should I do? need advice please
  188. What is the safest ant-acid/blockers to take?
  189. Laparoscopic, or "minimally invasive," fundoplication surgery
  190. Gastric Emptying Test
  191. Mild nausea? Meds side effect? Any tips?
  192. Confused with diagnosis appreciate some help
  193. Globus Hystericus/appt tomm need advice??
  194. massive weight gain from meds?
  195. Missed 3 days of meds now acid is acting up
  196. Anyone have this unbearable pain in epigstric area? HELP
  197. Anyone have this symptom....
  198. Need help with Gstritis, GERD and meds
  199. Stomach Issues/GERD & Shortness Of Breath
  200. tight tummy and rumbling
  201. GERD/LPR - symptom or syndrome?
  202. Natural cures for GERD, good or bad?
  203. What is your ear pain like?
  204. Any tips on starting vitamins again?
  205. constant throat clearing HELP!
  206. Chest and or Back Pain with Normal Endoscopy
  207. Not sure what it is
  208. Digestive Growling, Rumbling EtC
  209. I need help
  210. Chest pain.....
  211. GERD, Acid Reflux? I'm not sure!
  212. Reflux caused by nerves?
  213. Can someone tell me what this might be?
  214. sore tummy and throat
  215. Medication Question
  216. reflux
  217. Acid reflux sore throat for ~ 3 years, anyone like me?
  218. Ranitidine causing more chest pain?/pneumothorax Please Help!
  219. H. Pylori in the past yet still have gastritis
  220. Any success treating yeast to eliminate gerd?
  221. Do PPI's cause weight gain?
  222. Barrett's Esophagus and Stomach Pains
  223. Issues due to reflux?
  224. help from you experts please-ranitidine
  225. Acid Reflux Atttacks Duration
  226. Sore throat...infection or acid reflux?
  227. Nexium/Malabsorption and Anemia
  228. Anyone develop eczema after starting antacids?
  229. Anyone with weird skin crawling sensation???
  230. 5 week old baby with reflux
  231. how long for ranitidine ti kick in?
  232. Knot in stomach - gall stones - ranitidine HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  233. xanax and LPR
  234. LPR and difficulty swallowing liquids
  235. 8 yr old w/ reflux
  236. 8 year old with symptoms
  237. Nexiumd and Dizzyness??
  238. LPR mucus
  239. GERD+heart palps=Gastrocardiac Syndrome?!
  240. Questions about AcipHex
  241. 3 weeks of stress, it's back
  242. Side Effects??
  243. What else besides meds can I use??
  244. Chest pain
  245. What do you do when antiacids dont work??
  246. i have a pain in the middle of my chest hurts when i cough
  247. Prednisone & GERD
  248. Been on prevacid for 2 weeks and still have heartburn
  249. ENT scope through the nose
  250. Hmmm I'm really really wondering

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