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  1. Wedge pillow for reflux sufferers?
  2. Still needing help/lump feeling in throat
  3. Worse after OTC meds?
  4. Does this sound familiar?
  5. Nausea lessens when lying down? Please Help!
  6. Antihistamine causing acid reflux?
  7. Stomach Issue
  8. Tried everything to prevent nighttime reflux
  9. LPR has anyone been cured?
  10. Feeling HOPELESS w/ GERD and Shortness of Breath
  11. hesitant about zegerid
  12. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions
  13. New here - just diagnosed with LPR - advice?
  14. Any acid reflux meds that are dye free, plain white, or colorless?
  15. acid reflux gone since I started taking beta-blocker for blood pressure
  16. heartburn+fatigue+irritable+nonrestorati ve sleep = GERD?
  17. Why would Oatmeal cause acid reflux?
  18. LES muscle
  19. Help me out
  20. Is anyone else tired of people saying take some tums and you will feel better?
  21. excessive burping and acid burning while laying down
  22. Any natural Treatments for gerd and lpr?
  23. What should I do? need advice please
  24. What is the safest ant-acid/blockers to take?
  25. Laparoscopic, or "minimally invasive," fundoplication surgery
  26. Gastric Emptying Test
  27. Mild nausea? Meds side effect? Any tips?
  28. Confused with diagnosis appreciate some help
  29. Globus Hystericus/appt tomm need advice??
  30. massive weight gain from meds?
  31. Missed 3 days of meds now acid is acting up
  32. Anyone have this unbearable pain in epigstric area? HELP
  33. Anyone have this symptom....
  34. Need help with Gstritis, GERD and meds
  35. Stomach Issues/GERD & Shortness Of Breath
  36. tight tummy and rumbling
  37. GERD/LPR - symptom or syndrome?
  38. Natural cures for GERD, good or bad?
  39. What is your ear pain like?
  40. Any tips on starting vitamins again?
  41. constant throat clearing HELP!
  42. Chest and or Back Pain with Normal Endoscopy
  43. Not sure what it is
  44. Digestive Growling, Rumbling EtC
  45. I need help
  46. Chest pain.....
  47. GERD, Acid Reflux? I'm not sure!
  48. Reflux caused by nerves?
  49. Can someone tell me what this might be?
  50. sore tummy and throat
  51. Medication Question
  52. reflux
  53. Acid reflux sore throat for ~ 3 years, anyone like me?
  54. Ranitidine causing more chest pain?/pneumothorax Please Help!
  55. H. Pylori in the past yet still have gastritis
  56. Any success treating yeast to eliminate gerd?
  57. Do PPI's cause weight gain?
  58. Barrett's Esophagus and Stomach Pains
  59. Issues due to reflux?
  60. help from you experts please-ranitidine
  61. Acid Reflux Atttacks Duration
  62. Sore throat...infection or acid reflux?
  63. Nexium/Malabsorption and Anemia
  64. Anyone develop eczema after starting antacids?
  65. Anyone with weird skin crawling sensation???
  66. 5 week old baby with reflux
  67. how long for ranitidine ti kick in?
  68. Knot in stomach - gall stones - ranitidine HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. xanax and LPR
  70. LPR and difficulty swallowing liquids
  71. 8 yr old w/ reflux
  72. 8 year old with symptoms
  73. Nexiumd and Dizzyness??
  74. LPR mucus
  75. GERD+heart palps=Gastrocardiac Syndrome?!
  76. Questions about AcipHex
  77. 3 weeks of stress, it's back
  78. Side Effects??
  79. What else besides meds can I use??
  80. Chest pain
  81. What do you do when antiacids dont work??
  82. i have a pain in the middle of my chest hurts when i cough
  83. Prednisone & GERD
  84. Been on prevacid for 2 weeks and still have heartburn
  85. ENT scope through the nose
  86. Hmmm I'm really really wondering
  87. Is this LPR?
  88. Can anyone help? Stomach Issues - is this reflux?
  89. pepcid otc
  90. Re: Aciphex
  91. Barrettes Esophagus
  92. second fundoplication
  93. what causes for me to have acid bulit up at my throat
  94. Re: Part of gerd symptom?
  95. help
  96. Frequent burping always produces GER. No other symptoms.
  97. Generic Prilosec OTC now available
  98. Does it burn when hot or spicy foods go down?
  99. Stomach Polyps
  100. Hoarse voice from taking generic of Protonix
  101. something lodged in left side of throat
  102. My reflux has never burned much. (sign of Barrett's ???)
  103. Is it GERD or what???
  104. Burning Tongue any ideas???
  105. Burping / gas
  106. Here we go again
  107. How long after Protonix?
  108. very scared
  109. Question
  110. Horrible burning in throat and chest
  111. Prilosec and Doxycycline
  112. does gerd come with palpitations?
  113. Is This Heartburn?
  114. Side Effects
  115. Gag/Vomit
  116. tea and GERD
  117. tummy woes
  118. Prilosec side effects
  119. ph probe anyone have this before?
  120. Nexium and Prilosec or they the same medication?
  121. LPR and Neck Pain
  122. Dry Throat
  123. Surgery for choking...why?
  124. Acid reflux and vomitting?
  125. New here, this is long but hopefully not too redundant
  126. on the verge..
  127. Got off Nexium last week...OMG!!! Help
  128. Common in all posts
  129. Globus feeling freaking me out please HELP!
  130. Hiccups?
  131. Problems that i've had for YEARS
  132. Zegerid, and increased blood pressure
  133. Endoscopy with dialation
  134. Burning tongue???!!
  135. Acid reflux question about my child
  136. Another newbie
  137. Is this possible???
  138. Phlegm in Throat
  139. nervous breakdown
  140. Still having breathing trouble associated to LPR.....
  141. Constant Pain Driving Me Insane
  142. Picky eater has acid reflux
  143. To charberry
  144. LPR Thoughts
  145. why do I have an orange coated tongue
  146. Anyone Have Nissen?
  147. Getting a gastroscopy tomorrow
  148. Increased heart rate from Prilosec?
  149. Nexium and Anemia
  150. Medication and GERD/LPR
  151. Esophilic Esophagitis
  152. Can anyone please help? Acid reflux? Dry heaving, nausea no burning.
  153. Acid Reflux/Ulcers
  154. Slippery Elm?
  155. More GERD problems or possible heart problems?
  156. pain, burning when eating
  157. feline esophagus
  158. gastroentrologist
  159. Why is my pain moving?
  160. Nexium - How to wean off??
  161. heartburn help!!
  162. Can vitamins make Acid Reflux and Heartburn worse?
  163. Can antibiotics make your GERD worse?
  164. why do i have to keep clearing my throat
  165. reglan weird side effect
  166. Reflux and cholesterol
  167. Stomach Ulcer & Protonix - Should I see an improvement after 6 weeks?
  168. Chest Pain and Soreness
  169. I love Nexium!
  170. isolated pain in throat
  171. What Is Located Under The Left Rib
  172. Off Protonix and have a question
  173. WHY do I have LPR NOW???
  174. How do you know when you have an ulcer?
  175. New procedure for GERD called Plicator
  176. Hello I am new to this board
  177. Plugged up nose anyone???? This is killing me--I always thought
  178. Do PPIs stop the refluxing?
  179. Dairy Sensitivity
  180. Gerd
  181. Cure for gas pains and gas
  182. Pariet – its good points & its side effects
  183. Nissan Fund. recovery time
  184. Possible cure
  185. Does this sound like GER?
  186. could it be acid relux
  187. Acid Reflux and a slow stomach... need advice pleaseee!
  188. throat being squeezed
  189. can gerd cause facial numbness
  190. I need to know...PLZ...ANYONE
  191. what can i eat when i am in an gerd attack
  192. LPR suffers Do you ever suffer from clogged blocked ears?
  193. Why is LPR harder to treat than GERD?
  194. The Kava Coffee Experiment
  195. Pain in the chest
  196. rash on neck from Acid Reflux?
  197. Symptoms of GERD
  198. Chest pains and reflux
  199. I can almost sing again!
  200. Zantac and Pepcid Complete
  201. Are Digestive Enzymes Safe?
  202. Bile reflux
  203. Had my appointment with the Gastro today
  204. Pantoloc any good?
  205. New dry cough
  206. Just a thought...
  207. To Moderater
  208. low iron levels and acid reflux
  209. Any recommendations for Dr's in Oregon/Washington?
  210. High Acid Foods?
  211. Cannot imagine not being able to vomit.........
  212. Update on Juice Trial
  213. Pain located just under rib...
  214. feeling of something caught in throat
  215. Nexium Vs. Protonix?
  216. domperidone / Motilium
  217. Acidophilus
  218. How to get off of PPIs
  219. probiotics
  220. Can GERD cause...
  221. Zantac question
  222. Taking Protonix and Zegarid in the same day
  223. Is this a side effect?
  224. esophagitis, gastritis and duodenitis. I have them all
  225. what are your side effects from taking p.p.i.s ?
  226. My symptoms mimic an extreme version of Acid Reflux
  227. Is this pain ACID reflux?? Help!
  228. Aloe Vera juice for acid reflux
  229. Wrongly prescribed asthma meds for GERD?
  230. LPR can impair breathing
  231. question about acid reflux med
  232. Calcium Citrate
  233. has anyone had this?
  234. Acid Reflux/Weight Loss
  235. esophyx-tif procedure?
  236. Nodule in the esopgagus
  237. LPR started 2 months ago, many questions
  238. could meds amke it worse
  239. Re Acid Reflux and things getting caught in throat
  240. Does acid reflux go away?
  241. Fed up, looking for alternatives
  242. Back from the specialist.
  243. Perhaps GERD?
  244. Why coughing while, after eating???
  245. Got The Juice
  246. Do Your Gold Rings and Such Turn Your Skin Dark?
  247. PPI and weight gain
  248. Anyone tried refluxamine?
  249. Is this Gerd?
  250. anyone experience pain after their endo?

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