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  1. What does NOT trigger you???? Can you help me??
  2. not sure what to do
  3. Calming down a flare up of GERD, FAST?
  4. Remedy for Acid Reflux
  5. New here...writing for my daughter who has GERD. Need some input
  6. weird symptoms..everyday pain....
  7. Yellowish/orange coated tongue. Is this a symptom?
  8. Joint Pain
  9. john
  10. Yet again, another issue with this nasty disease!!!
  11. Papaya Enzymes?
  12. Nausea/gag/vomiting/retch feeling that I cannot control!!!!!
  13. Antibiotics damage stomach?
  14. Is it possible to have heartburn without eating something?
  15. Dizziness while taking Nexium
  16. Ibuprofin related Acid Reflux?
  17. Do I have GERD?
  18. Good Summer but reflux is now back
  19. Don't Know if This is New Or not...
  20. Coughing After Eating
  21. Woke up middle of the night and felt like i couldnt breathe!!
  22. Stiff neck after eating
  23. dizziness??
  24. TO Cherbo64 and Others
  25. What can I do for the ear pain?
  26. Tapering off Prilosec OTC
  27. sleeping position
  28. Annoying Symptoms of LPR
  29. Incapacitated by LPR
  30. New here and very worried
  31. Are these ingredients bad for reflux?
  32. Can you get heartburn all of sudden?
  33. Post Nasal Drip and LPR
  34. Oh goody! More surgery!
  35. How to stop acid reflux?
  36. Need help with stomach acid
  37. Proper ph readings?
  38. I was taking Probiotic, but ever since, I'm having heartburn
  39. duodenul ulcer perforation
  40. Spicy foods burn up my esophagus!
  41. Testing Tomorrow
  42. question about stomach ulcers
  43. What Do You Do When Symptoms Get Really Bad?
  44. Prevacid and Iron Supplements?
  45. Referred GERD (rhyme unintentional) pain
  46. Medications For GERD
  47. Nexium side effects
  48. i have an issues, overproducing saliva and i keep burping as relief
  49. anyone else have food and pills shoot back into mouth???
  50. Scared newbie
  51. Pepcid AC and inproper digestion?
  52. new here LPR sufferer..need help
  53. GERD problems caused by acid reflux?
  54. Anyone try this product??
  55. acid and osteoporosis
  56. Vitamin deficiencies
  57. I Felt it Happen!!!!
  58. Acid Reflux so thats what my problem is
  59. co codamol ?
  60. im still suffering... advice plse..
  61. Anyone take Protonix?
  62. Voice Problems Due to LPR
  63. Probiotics-A BAD idea?
  64. Anyone think that probiotics may cause the problems?
  65. Newbie
  66. Questions about Acid Reflux
  67. I am on the last ppi...burning in chest any ideas
  68. Nexium no longer working, What PPI helps you?
  69. is acid reflux causing a bad taste in my mouth?
  70. Prilosec not working all the time for me
  71. Probiotics making my stomach burn
  72. Is this trouble getting a deep breath LPR???? And what do I do to stop it???
  73. stretta procedure ???
  74. What I've found after a year of reflux
  75. stomach for 5 years- doctor now dismisses the problem
  76. Acidophilus, Probiotics, Magnesium & Nexium
  77. Bitter Taste In Throat
  78. ACV and Acid Inhibitors - any problems???
  79. Question for those who have tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet
  80. 10 yr old daughter..reflux
  81. Hi, new here w/ chest pain
  82. Spasms, Receipe, etc.
  83. heaviness/tightness/tension in stomach after eating?
  84. Prednisone............I hope someone can help me with this
  85. Been to the hospital today
  86. Major relief from antacid - what?
  87. Anyone get this??
  88. How long does a person have to stay on PPI's
  89. Stomach gurgling from taking Advil
  90. Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and Acid Reflux (LPR)
  91. what kind of tests do they do for reflux ???
  92. What's the future of PPI Meds
  93. acid reflux and hypoglycemic symptoms
  94. Nexium - Weird taste with cough
  95. list of meds used to treat reflux
  96. should we see a gastro or a surgeon??
  97. Choking, Hurts to Swallow, scared silly
  98. Nausea, bloating, gurgling,weight loss
  99. LPR and Migraines
  100. choking with post nasal drip
  101. The Nexium controversy
  102. Barret's Esophagus, GERD, Shortness of Breath, and Diarrhea. Please Help
  103. Burping sensation?
  104. One step forward, two steps back...........
  105. Here's how I got rid of my bad breath.
  106. are these symptoms all acid reflux??
  107. LPR People [Do You Have This?]
  108. Shortness of breath
  109. Foods to avoid
  110. Ear problems
  111. Prilosec and Alprazolam (Xanax)
  112. white mucus
  113. What happens next if the meds aren't working?
  114. Chest Pains?
  115. My Barrett's is gone.
  116. huge pores help!!!!
  117. LPR and singing
  118. Was doing well.
  119. Esophagitis
  120. This is very odd..............
  121. Inflamed Esophagus
  122. Help with symptoms
  123. What are your symptoms?
  124. What are your symptoms?
  125. Any solutions to the mucus stuck in throat problems?
  126. Has anyone notice bad breath and acid reflux relationship
  127. Is this possible......................?
  128. LPR and stress/anxiety
  129. Can Prilosec be used with Cimetidine?
  130. acid reflux, shortness of breath?
  131. What is wrong with my breather?
  132. A few questions......................
  133. New here and just diagnosed
  134. Was Anyone Told This About Their Tongue?
  135. Taking Prescription Omeprazole can I swith to otc prilosec?
  136. Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy
  137. Problem in throat related to LPR?
  138. why are you only supposed to take Prilosec for 14 days?
  139. reflux esophagitis
  140. Nissen Fundoplication Surgery!!
  141. Anyone tried a wedge from these guys?
  142. Constant Burning Stomach
  143. Extreme Heartburn
  144. Feeling like I spent too long a day at the beach
  145. Red sores on roof of mouth is this from the acid?
  146. extreme Acid reflux cant eat drink nothing burning help!!!
  147. Barretts, have redness in back of throat ?
  148. Best Otc In Your Opinion That Helps Relieve Acid Reflux?
  149. Can I half my dose of Zantac?
  150. Is this reflux??
  151. Indigestion will not go away, getting worried
  152. Incessant gag reflex
  153. Was out of my prilosec for 3 days can I restart now?
  154. Could These Be Gastro Issues?
  155. Burning ear sensation linked to acid reflux
  156. People with LPR...how to combat food in throat irritation? What do you eat?
  157. Noob Q: LPR & Nexium - How long to see a change?
  158. Ibs/gerd
  159. Wake up, can't breathe, vomiting, sore throat, acid...
  160. Orange Peel Exract
  161. dental problem
  162. What on earth?
  163. quick question about ppi side effects
  164. Knot in throat when I burp
  165. hi new on here
  166. Rebound effect after PPI lasting a long time!
  167. Excess white frothy saliva? (yuk! sorry) Burns on swallowing
  168. Barrett's Disease, nothing to take lightly
  169. Anyone get upper back spasms , aka esophagus pain
  170. reflux in newborn
  171. Is this Acid Reflux? Please help..
  172. Does this sound Acid Reflux related???
  173. Is weight loss a cure for GERD?
  174. Prevacid Injections
  175. What could this be?
  176. Side effects of PPi's
  177. Watch the stress
  178. Going into out patients for testing???
  179. Your throat problems
  180. LPR question, really troubling symptom
  181. No PPI'S for more then a month.
  182. Loss of appetite and bloating
  183. Losec 20mg - 40mg
  184. Baking Soda - cure for acid reflux
  185. Severe burning during a BM?!?!?!
  186. Milk
  187. GERD + Previcid = Vitamin b12 deficiency?
  188. I cant burp........!
  189. Protonix
  190. Trying not to worry.
  191. Left hand side pain
  192. nexium side effects??
  193. Do I have Gerd, Gastritis or just heartburn?? drives me crazy
  194. reflux and ritalin
  195. Sulphur Smelling Burps
  196. H-pylori- can it come back?
  197. poss chrohns??
  198. Could this be an especially bad case of laryngeal/pharyngeal acid reflux?
  199. Think my GERD is coming back
  200. Could this be reflux related?
  201. diagnosis of gerd
  202. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  203. Esophogram Back Normal - What Does It Mean?
  204. Just diagnosed with LPR...
  205. Reflux Question
  206. Input needed - stuck feeling
  207. Esophageal PH monitoring and Manometry
  208. Help, is this GERD?
  209. i need some colon/stomach cleanses
  210. Need Advice!
  211. Havn't ate in 2 days, heart hurts when swallowing
  212. Taking PPI - what does 'avoid' mean?
  213. Antibiotics, belching, shortness of breath, bloat, what fun! Can we commiserate?
  214. Gastric reflux + diarrhea
  215. PPIs and nutritional imbalances??
  216. Treatment not working and pain getting worse
  217. Diagnostic Tests question
  218. Horrible Heartburn HELP!!!
  219. Need advice
  220. Why is it that my GERD is worse now than before??
  221. Piece of Candy Stuck in my Chest
  222. Throat spasms-plain LPR or LPR w/a bit of withdrawl from another prescription drug?
  223. Gastritis or GERD?
  224. Omeprazole Side Effects????
  225. Gastritis....having to give up caffeine & problems.....
  226. Duodenal Lipoma
  227. Can you take Pepcid AC with Prilosec?
  228. H Pylori Treatment
  229. those with LPR I need some info, I am going crazy
  230. Sudden Choking Problems...Has Anyone Tried Speech Therapy?
  231. Does this sound like acid reflux or something else?
  232. How much is too much?
  233. What do you drink?????
  234. Diagnosed with LPR - Questions
  235. Prilosec and Nexium combined
  236. Prilosec stopped working?
  237. PPI Headaches - Bad!
  238. Sensitivity to PPi's and Zantac
  239. acid reflux and chest pain
  240. Strong sulfuric smell from my gut
  241. Nexium, need help??
  242. Stomach problem
  243. Excessive acid stomach and palpitations feeling in whole body. anybody
  244. Could this be a ACID symptom?
  245. Acid relux symptons
  246. Desperate! Can't swallow food! How long will it take for my zegarid to work??
  247. Apple Cider Vinegar - Cure?
  248. Itchy Feeling?
  249. Think my GERD is cured
  250. Coincidence?