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  1. bile reflux ?!
  2. Dexilant Side Effects
  3. Non Acid Reflux - Treatments, Advice and Opinions
  4. This exercise helped my GERD
  5. Nexium
  6. Does anyone suffer from bile reflux
  7. Mucus anyone? New and need advise/support
  8. GERD - no meds?
  9. Fish Oil capsules can cause bloating
  10. RF Abalation for Barrett's Esophagus... 4th time!!!
  11. GERD and Aneamia - Help with Diet Please?
  12. Need My life Back and Need Advice Please...
  13. Mouth symptoms due to acid reflux
  14. Oral Health?
  15. Reflux diet?
  16. will all ppi's cause the same side effects?
  17. GERD. Weak swallowing
  18. Vapors up throat burning mouth ... help!
  19. Treating non-acid reflux?
  20. Couldn't go through with my 24 hour ph test...
  21. Couldn't go through with my 24 Hour Esophageal Impedance pH test...
  22. Acidity, red areas inside mouth, burns while eating
  23. PPI made more symptoms for me. :(
  24. Question on Cause/Effects of LPR
  25. Can someone post a preferred Aloe Vera Gel product with no citric acid?
  26. Weird symptom associated with indigestion
  27. Is the lady who is "EEW" still posting (VIT D info)
  28. Does anyone supplement with enzymes?
  29. Acid Reflux Help
  30. Constant belching & tight oesophagus
  31. Proton Pump Inhibitors stopped working
  32. Burning throat pain non stop... Please help !
  33. Dropping Acid diet induction stage -- drink nothing but alkaline water?
  34. Help!
  35. Shortness of breath with gerd
  36. 10+ months of LPR, this can't go on...
  37. life after nissian fundoplication pure hell
  38. Am i suffering from GERD?
  39. Barrett's, BRAVO 6-8ish, odd odor, nose tingle
  40. Lpr and severe bloating
  41. Candida?
  42. Which side do you sleep on?
  43. Trying to figure out what is causing my recurring heartburn/reflux
  44. Acid Reflux GERD
  45. Norman Robillard's Fast Tract Diet anyone?
  46. Reflux that gives tight breathing sensation/anxiety?
  47. GERD andtight chest
  48. Breathing/gastric and weight loss caused by silent acid reflex?
  49. Difficulty breathing
  50. How do I wean off ppi?
  51. "H.Pylori" Did your treatment work?
  52. Stomach spasms
  53. GERD and painful fingertips
  54. LPR Confirmed
  55. Frightened Pepcid Complete
  56. Allergist told me I have silent reflux
  57. Hungry all the time! GERD?
  58. Why CAT scan and not EGD?
  59. Bravo ph test
  60. Feeling of something in throat?
  61. Quitting Omeprazole
  62. Self-made elevated bed cure my sore throat
  63. Are there any meds that do NOT cause acid rebound?
  64. LPR Symptoms seem to be worsening with PPI's
  65. Gerd/acid reflux-
  66. Food stuck in esphogus
  67. Fixed Gerd By Skipping Breakfast
  68. Constant pain? Swallowing? Anyone? Help!
  69. new to this forum. Heartburn?
  70. Severe gas bloating
  71. HELP so scared: GERD flaring for over a month - so worried by strange symptoms
  72. Acid Reflux bad
  73. Opinions needed
  74. Chronic Dry throat
  75. Bravo 48hr ph test
  76. Nexium quit working... and more
  77. Gerd hiatus and bloating
  78. Esophogeal spasm
  79. Thick, white saliva... GERD?
  80. Gerd and swallowing air
  81. prilosec questions
  82. No heartburn, Reflux After Belching - After Food - Think LPR - Help
  83. Red eyes when I awake?
  84. Is this acidic reflux or Gerd ????
  85. Is this really Acid Reflux?
  86. Super scared. EGD coming and new med to take
  87. Awaiting Nissen Fundoplication but in the meantime... help!
  88. All Normal then Heartburn (Advice Needed)
  89. Scared about Endoscopic procedure
  90. heart pounding
  91. shortness of breath after eating
  92. Ear problems from gerd?
  93. Sacrificing the good stuff to avoid chaos!
  94. Coming off Omeprazole: what worked for me
  95. Hi all, my success story
  96. Lpr
  97. Not sure if this is the hernia again.
  98. Please Tell Me There Are Success Stories : (
  99. Alkalife drops to make alkaline water for LPR
  100. Laryngospams? Has anybody had this?
  101. How to tell if stuffy nose is reflux or sinus issue???
  102. Left side pain with Hiatal Hernia
  103. LPR; feeling depressed
  104. Did I find the cause?
  105. What are the side affects of ppi's
  106. Gaviscon caused reflux??
  107. Shortness of breath
  108. Gastritis/GERD is ruining my life
  109. Gastritis/GERD is ruining my life
  110. I Don't Understand This
  111. Question about alkaline water
  112. lpr and surgery
  113. Recommendations for LPR
  114. Food not going down cleanly
  115. Quick question...
  116. Lpr sinuses and plugged ears
  117. Help please! Zantac question
  118. Head presure
  119. Is it REALLY LPR? No treatments work.
  120. Cycling throug PPIs for GERD
  121. Does Calciblend or Coffee Tamer really work??
  122. Swollowing air
  123. Long term use of drugs for Acid Reflux
  124. Lpr sinus and tennitus
  125. LPR and Claritin
  126. De-acidifying spaghetti sauce?
  127. Pork chops and marinated food are irritating my stomach
  128. bloating hiatal hernia severe gerd
  129. Is acid continually fluxing when there is acid taste in my mouth??
  130. magnesiun
  131. Chronic Cough and GERD. Is it possible?
  132. i feel alone
  133. shortness of breath
  134. Feeling of something stuck in throat
  135. Are you here?
  136. Your Input Appreciated
  137. Severe pain in upper left abdomen
  138. gastritis
  139. Shortness of breath from gerd/hiatal hernia
  140. Deep breath every min
  141. Hiatal hernia fix?
  142. Saliva accumulation and burning in mouth but not throat
  143. Feeling low as doctor won't help!
  144. Could it be cancer??
  145. Eosinophilic esophagitis and pregnancy
  146. Does increasing acid production also increase pepsin?
  147. Hiatal Hernia Info Please
  148. Really scared. Please help.
  149. Teen Acid Reflux?
  150. recurrent hiatal hernia
  151. In need of some help. Cant figure out whats wrong
  152. worried father 5
  153. **Awful Throat Pressure! Please Help!*
  154. What kind of pain meds can you take with GERD?
  155. Problems after using antibiotics
  156. Gerd hunger
  157. Tapering down on Zantac, anyone?
  158. Could this be acid reflux ?
  159. Non-Acid Reflux or... ?
  160. LPR/Chronic Laryngitis
  161. Frozen Desserts?
  162. Please help gerd and hiatal hernia
  163. Sinus problems
  164. Gastritis & Small sliding hiatis hernia
  165. Tight band under ribs gerd?
  166. Extreme bloating
  167. Is this GERD, LPR, what do you think?
  168. Gerd and extream bloating
  169. Laryngeal Granulomas
  170. Your Advice please
  171. Swallowing air
  172. Gerd/Hiatial hernia and cardiologists?
  173. Is gerd hiatal hernia causing this
  174. Please help, been suffering for 9 months
  175. got to get off these drugs
  176. Stomach sucking in
  177. Hard to breath
  178. Update after 2nd endoscopy
  179. Peeing Acid? Anyone?
  180. Bravo procedure
  181. When to take the Probiotics
  182. GERD and antibiotics
  183. Hard to breathe
  184. GERD pain between shoulder blades
  185. reflux questions
  186. does any one control the reflux with just pepcid or zantac etc
  187. Acid reflux
  188. GERD and applesauce
  189. Hiatal Hernia?
  190. reflux in 5 year old
  191. Gerd sufferer
  192. Newbie! Anxious about LPR, Barrett's etc. Help!
  193. Gerd and hiatal hernia breathing
  194. 4 1/2 months post op from Nissen
  195. Going insane... gerd and anxiety???
  196. feels like food is lodged in esophagus
  197. Hiatal hernia
  198. reflux / hernia troubles
  199. Sick of this now...
  200. My Cousin's Problem
  201. Questions after meeting the surgeon
  202. Acid Reflux, Depression, Please help, Urgent
  203. How to soothe a sore throat?
  204. Constant burping for three weeks straight, and one night of intense stomach pain. :(
  205. Extremely Soar throat!! Help!!
  206. GERD/LPR and Yoga
  207. heartburn from pizza
  208. Gerd and mucus
  209. Gerd and hiatal hernia
  210. how long did you have GERD/LPR before you finally got it under control?
  211. Symptoms gone suddenly?? Very confused!
  212. Had trouble taking a full breath for two weeks now. How long does this take to heal?
  213. Zantac, more than 300g is safe to take?
  214. Is my lpr getting better? Please help
  215. LPR prognosis
  216. Gerd/Acid Reflux Diet
  217. Help help!! Boiling inside!
  218. Bloated but always hungry
  219. need help with digestive/chest tightness pain issues
  220. New and looking for answers and support
  221. Dr. Kaufman diet and sinus/Eustachian tube issues
  222. Loosing taste
  223. For those that take Carafate Liquid
  224. Barrett's Esophagus--can't take PPI
  225. Dexilant Rebound Woes
  226. Chronic Gastritis won't go away
  227. The futility of treatment for GERD and hopelessness of GERD sufferers...
  228. Gerd - go away
  229. Acid Reflux with an ileostomy
  230. complications from Nissan Fundoplication
  231. Can barrets esophagus
  232. Shortness of breath
  233. GERD - Anxiety
  234. GERD LPR - Does the suffering increase?
  235. Dr.
  236. Confused about dysphagia and LPR
  237. Will an alkaline diet increase bile reflux?
  238. Barretts after a short time of gerd?
  239. Just diagnosed with Reflux Induced Esophagitis
  240. Dexilant and Shortness of Breath
  241. Help Please... I am so worried
  242. Does anyone know of an ENT or GI that will prescribe Elavil for LPR?
  243. Stabbing pain and location??
  244. Hello, hope I can receive some help here
  245. H.pylori , stomach ulcer - in need of some advice regarding triple therapy.
  246. Can u fully cure gured and lpr or will you always have it.
  247. pizza and heartburn
  248. LPR getting worse and acid crawling up
  249. Is this LPR, Allergies or combinaton? Help Desperate.
  250. Just wondering?

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