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  1. LPR pressure on stomach
  2. Gerd Problems Awakening Me
  3. Just bought some DGL licorice
  4. Acid reflux heart palpitations? I hope so (kind of)
  5. Does this sound like GERD?
  6. 14 year old daughter with acid reflux
  7. These so called cures
  8. H Pylori triple therapy
  9. Near Constant chest pain??
  10. strange remedy, but it worked
  11. h pylori/stomach pain/food
  12. What Is Better Pearls Or Dannon Activa?
  13. Attacking GERD through stress
  14. Lpr?
  15. Does caffeine REALLY bother anyone else?
  16. Alternative therapy for gastritis?
  17. Lump in throat-pressure shoulder blades
  18. Acid Reflux without heartburn?
  19. Reglan?
  20. Zegerid
  21. Constant shortness of breath with GERD??
  22. symptoms improve somewhat
  23. Gastritis/Dyspepsia
  24. Problems swallowing solid foods. HELP!
  25. need help!!!!
  26. Does this sound like acid reflux or something worse?
  27. digestive enzymes
  28. bowels have me worried
  29. Nexium study.............
  30. Burning pain with swallowing?
  31. Anyone having trouble sleeping?
  32. Indigestion,Abdominal pain, & Black Stools?
  33. Is this GERD or something more serious?
  34. get acid coming up into my mouth and my whole stomach hurts
  35. Anybody every had a Upper ENDOSCOPY
  36. LPR, Gerd?
  37. Barrett's Esophagitis and Acid Reflux Very Sick
  38. Dyspepsia, Acid, Pain
  39. Can colds lead to Acid Reflux?
  40. Just Started Taking Apple Cider Vinegar
  41. chiropractic treatment helped me
  42. Stress brings it back
  43. 2 days off prevacid
  44. effects from diazepam
  45. When is better time to take Kefir?
  46. Sister-in-law suffering with?digestive problem
  47. 2nd manometry results, and a bunch of Q's
  48. Lying down helps my chest burning/tingling??
  49. Abdominal Pain that last along time
  50. Is this true that you should not take Enzyme Supplements when..?
  51. coughing when drinking
  52. EGD follow-up with GI specialist
  53. What is LPR??
  54. Gerd? Acid Reflux?
  55. constipation from meds
  56. how I rid myself of heartburn
  57. Indigestion And Exercising
  58. nexium
  59. Improving but not sure why
  60. Tongue feels burnt and swollen, severe nausea, please help I'm scared!
  61. Can someone help?
  62. much better after PPI high dosage
  63. Accupuncture?
  64. nervous about colonoscopy
  65. Fed up
  66. Whose nose gets affected by reflux?
  67. Burnt Taste?
  68. Silent reflux
  69. Lugol's Iodine drops for Acid Reflux
  70. going down or going up?
  71. Nexium and sleeplessness?
  72. Acid Reflux or Heart Problems?
  73. Prickly irritation along side of esophagus, is this GERD also
  74. difference between GERD and reflux?
  75. Uncontrollable gag reflex?
  76. Parched/Sick Feeling
  77. Drank too much pop now I am very sick
  78. feels like lump in throat when I swallow
  79. LPR People, try something
  80. gastrin levels
  81. Prevacid or Pepcid Complete
  82. Foods that relax the LES
  83. has anyone had esophageal biopsies?
  84. DanActive and other natural remedies.
  85. Does anyone take Prevacid
  86. Pain on Right Side?
  87. problems with reflux symptoms at night
  88. Intense heart burn
  89. Without Eating Anything...
  90. The vagarities of diet and the trap of feeling better!
  91. Tried ACV.....
  92. Can anyone help me with this?
  93. Natural ant-acid?
  94. which PPI worked the best for you?
  95. HIDA Scan
  96. Not GERD but similar symptoms... anyone else experience this??
  97. what to do about stomach pain due to acid reflux
  98. PPI's and digestion
  99. Does exercise exacerbate people's symptoms?
  100. caffeine/tea substitutes??
  101. All Kinds of Tests
  102. Tips for Managing Non-Acid Reflux
  103. what is LPR?
  104. Where do yall have pain at?
  105. Help please somebody ( acid reflux
  106. What does an esophageal spasm feel like?
  107. Determining when to reduce PPI doses..........
  108. Need Suggestions For Stopping GERD Symptoms.
  109. Anybody bloated?
  110. Chest Pain on Left from Acid Reflux?
  111. Caffeine/Alcohol...........
  112. not able to eat solid foods
  113. need help please!
  114. Can someone offer any advice on taking Brag Apple Vinegar Cider?
  115. Choking
  116. Does anyone have all these LPR symptoms?
  117. Belch Alot & Flutter In Throat
  118. Pepcid AC and Headaches?
  119. Upset Stomach after eating
  120. dependency on enzymes
  121. unquenchable thirst
  122. Side effects from Prilosec AND Prevacid
  123. Dgl
  124. Just Needed to Say...
  125. Throwing up after EVERYTHING
  126. is this a symptom of acid reflux
  127. Is Lemon Alkaline food?
  128. putting me on NEXIUM??
  129. Calcium
  130. had the endoscopy today
  131. Exercise for LPR patients
  132. Gerd Digestive Problems
  133. Stopping Chocolate
  134. Is this GERD? / Persistent cough
  135. Aspiration?
  136. Weird Gerd Symptom?
  137. Stomach burning, itchy and growling.... help!
  138. My LPR theory - H-Pylori in throat?
  139. Acid Reflux. Help
  140. acid reflux
  141. Effective alternative treatment for GERD
  142. Thought I would share a positive experience
  143. Burning Mouth & Throat!
  144. Throat fizzing/noises
  145. Prevacid & Pepcid?
  146. what to do for the constant need/feel to burp?
  147. So long and thanks for the fish..!!
  148. inflammation of the duodenum!!
  149. does nausea make your heartburn/acid reflux worse?
  150. How long should you be on probiotics supplements?
  151. What does this mean?
  152. Cause of GERD
  153. LPR. List ALL of your symptoms.
  154. Co-pay increase for my PPI
  155. IF you have problems with Acid Reflux take Apple CIder VInager with Mother
  156. I cannot take this Air Hunger everyday now~
  157. Has my GERD taken a turn for the worse?
  158. LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
  159. blood tests
  160. Beano?
  161. Will protein shakes cause indigestion?
  162. 6 days post op Nissen Fundoplication
  163. lomg term use of ppi's can create more stomach acid!
  164. I just read that beta blockers worsen heartburn!!
  165. endoscopy yesterday, throwing up today
  166. Chest Pain....anyone else???
  167. LPR. Cant take it!!
  168. trouble with yogurt???
  169. Confused and New-please help
  170. Has anyone heard of William Wong N.D., Ph.D?
  171. cannot burp
  172. what is good to take for plain heartburn?
  173. Protonix dosage...........
  174. acid reflux/LPR symptoms after steroids?
  175. Cured my reflux... After 12 months of trying everything.
  176. Do you have a success story with Mastic Gum?
  177. Please tell me if this sounds like Acid Reflux -- desparate for an answer.
  178. what to do with the asthma like feeling?
  179. Can you take Enzyme if you have too much Acid?
  180. Could Sneezing be an LPR symptom?
  181. Has anyone had results with the Vinegar?
  182. Has anybody tried this? Nighttime reflux test
  183. otc
  184. LPR what gives?
  185. Here we go yet again
  186. Symptoms while exercising?
  187. Protonix users............
  188. anxiety from Gerd!
  189. Fosamax and acid reflux
  190. I'm 18 and I suspect I have reflux, but am not sure
  191. Running and Acid
  192. Has anyone heard of something natural for Acid Reflux
  193. Is this reflux?
  194. My new theory on GERD & LPR
  195. acid reflux and throat-like pain
  196. aciphex,nexium and increased platelet counts
  197. Yeast infection causing reflux?
  198. Lump in throat is killing me!! Help!
  199. Looking for someone in the same boat...
  200. throat gurgling/constant burps?
  201. When is the best time to take Mastic Gum?
  202. Books on stomach acid/GERD
  203. Please advice its driving me insane
  204. Had tube with light put down throat
  205. Heart buen caused by too much acid or too little acid?
  206. How should you take Enzyme supplements?
  207. Wake up in the morning choking! Scary!
  208. Hand Choking Sensation Around Neck
  209. Esophageal dilation?
  210. Acid reflex and nasua
  211. LPR or reflux?
  212. My heartburn isn't going away, AT ALL.....
  213. How long can it take a ppi to be fully effective?
  214. LPR and PET (Patulous Eustachian Tubes)
  215. Does acid cause hair fall??
  216. Gaviscon Advanced?
  217. Great Info
  218. Endoscopy today - Have Esophogeal ulcer
  219. flutters
  220. Vitamin A link with Baretts/Cancer
  221. Here's what has been working for me
  222. Having an esophageal manometry test and Bravo PH prob...any experiences?
  223. PND and stomach problems/GERD?
  224. Tight Throat? Reflux?
  225. Women on Nexium? Have you become menopausal?
  226. Has anyone heard of the Implant for Gerd?
  227. Considering perfect diet for a week
  228. Having Surgery in 10 days
  229. Heidelburg test???
  230. Does Zegerid work better ??
  231. Can Mastic gum reduce your Acid?
  232. I think I can join your group, yuck.
  233. stomach cramps
  234. LPR People...Does it REALLY matter what we eat???
  235. How long will PPI drugs take to work?
  236. Does anyone take Prilosec and Zegerid ?
  237. Can anyone take Vitamins?
  238. Anyone have a remedy for Burning Tongue???
  239. Anyone take 2 seperate PPI"s a day ??
  240. simple indigestion, reflux, or GERD?
  241. Extreme stomach acid
  242. What type, & brand of magnesium do you use?
  243. Whats the cause of nighttime reflux?
  244. Anyone have trouble when sitting for long periods of time?
  245. Pregnancy and GERD
  246. When is better to take Probiotic supplement?
  247. Hearts Beats Fast While Trying To Fall Asleep.
  248. Has anybody tried increasing Fiber?
  249. Too much stomach acid a symptom?
  250. What to expect at my 1st ENT appointment