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  1. Nexium Acid Rebound
  2. LPR Noises?
  3. LPR and Mucus
  4. Good Days with LPR?
  5. Interesting (but pricey) product
  6. Has anyone tried Questran (cholestrymine) or Motilium for bile reflux?
  7. Do you experience this?
  8. Any help or tips welcome.
  9. Bravo
  10. lpr
  11. Trouble With Esophageal Manometry
  12. PPIs no longer seem to work.
  13. Burning dry throat that wakes me through the night
  14. Cough - how long until relief?
  15. Could this breathing issue be from my Untreated GERD and Hiatal Hernia?
  16. Do I have Gerd?
  17. Acid rebound still???
  18. any thoughts on what might work?
  19. Is this normal? getting worried!
  20. Please help me
  21. Couldnt breathe after vomiting
  22. Endoscopy normal what next
  23. Gerd came back again :(
  24. Acid reflux sore throat
  25. What's the best and safest way to prevent bloating?
  26. barium swallow?
  27. Is this GERD?
  28. Weird nighttime episodes. Can anyone relate to this?
  29. Esophagus Spasm
  30. Gerd and chest and arm pain
  31. Nissen wrap to partial wrap?
  32. Post Op Nissen Fundo Problems
  33. HELP!! What does this mean?
  34. Mucinex for LPR
  35. Motillium(domperidone) 2x or 3x a day?
  36. So do any of these medications and procedures work?
  37. Acid Reflux Cured
  38. Hello, I'm Back !!
  39. Esophageal motility issue
  40. Do I have LPR?
  41. Reflux after massage
  42. Throat cyst from reflux
  43. Is this normal with Gerd
  44. Bravo Acid Reflux Study
  45. Major Acid Reflux after being ok!? HELP?
  46. How do you tell the difference between Esoph. Spasms or reflux?
  47. That Burping Feeling
  48. interval between taking domperidone and pantoprazole?
  49. Ranitidine & Headaches
  50. Dexilant Question???
  51. Librax??? Anyone
  52. PPIs. When to identify that they don't work
  53. Can ppi's make LPR worse?
  54. prescribed meds do not work!
  55. GERD mimicking asthma
  56. Globus sensation and throat pain
  57. What foods are your worst nightmare?
  58. Acid reflux help dont want surgery?
  59. When is best to take ppi drugs for LPR (for sore throat)
  60. My GERD is 80-95% gone with gluten-free diet
  61. GERD or Low Stomach Acid?
  62. This Mornin
  63. test for H. Pylori
  64. Severe GERD or what?
  65. Update
  66. Bile Reflux vs Acid Reflux
  67. Gerd? Heartburn? Or what? Will I ever feel normal again?
  68. For those that have successfully gotten off ppi's and had rebound
  69. What happens during an ER visit? And other questions
  70. Probiotic Recommendation?
  71. How long does acid rebound after PPI's last?
  72. Please Help Me! Lpr, globus feeling, throat clicking
  73. Please Help! LPR/ Globus Feeling/ throat clicking
  74. Awful GERD or bile reflux? After gall bladder surgery
  75. Patulous hiatus
  76. Question for Lpr sufferers
  77. Dexilant??
  78. Does anyone's breathing get so bad...
  79. Who is on Levothyroxin? Do you think it caused your acid reflux/LPR?
  80. Healthier Choices
  81. Can you overdo/overdose on common H2's (i.e. Pepcid, Zantac)?
  82. LPR -Constant Breathing Issues-Anxiety? 23yo.
  83. interesting article w/diet for reflux relief
  84. More questions on Nissen fund
  85. Is Dr. Jamie Koufman in NYC worth the money and did she help you?
  86. Looking for a doctor (in British Columbia, Canada) who treats LPR
  87. Feel that I have piece of food stuck in esophagus entire day
  88. Probiotics and yogurt, please advise...
  89. Who is the DR in NYC that many are recommending for LPR?
  90. Have You???
  91. When does LPR reflux happen ?
  92. Does caffeine and orange juice make your reflux worse?
  93. Low acid levels the cause of reflux?
  94. 24 yrs old - No pain or nausea, but daily regurgitation/vomitting
  95. skipped beat with each swallow of food
  96. Taking a giant leap of faith going off of PPI's!
  97. Chest/Breathing Tightness
  98. White foam in mouth
  99. upper endoscopy question
  100. Feeling lots of burning now. Need advice
  101. Constant rib pain!!
  102. Strange pain when eating
  103. esophageal spasm pain
  104. Upper left rib/chest feels like I have a bubble stuck in there.
  105. Has Apple Cider Vinegar worked for you?
  106. Laryngospasm due to GERD?
  107. NF Surgery Scheduled, Trying D-3 first!
  108. Bleeding ulcer caused by acid reflux
  109. Drinking Water with Acid Reflux
  110. Dyspepsia after starting on low carbs
  111. Slippery elm help
  112. Side effects of prilosec?
  113. Potential drug to stop/reverse PPI dependency
  114. Trouble coughing up phlegm or phlegm stuck in lungs
  115. Side effects of Lansaprazole?
  116. H2 Blockers or PPI's
  117. Natural Path recipe for Reflux
  118. lpr
  119. Mixing Carafate and Pantoprazole/Protonix?
  120. !stxpost Acid Rebound my own stupid fault sick for awhile
  121. 4 months Post NF
  122. High quality dried figs, best antacid I've ever used..
  123. Nexium & Calcium Suppliment
  124. Just wondering
  125. If Ya'll Cant Help, Then IDK...
  126. Stomach bloated, hard to breathe
  127. facing a tough time
  128. Slight pain lower back + near hip joint
  129. Tinnitus and reflux
  130. do I need a GI Dr.? is this normal?
  131. My GERD journey
  132. Had my endoscopy, came back normal...
  133. Dosing of Prilosec vs. Prevacid
  134. Newbie here with strong concerns/worries :( Looking for help and advice....
  135. How do I get off omeprazole?
  136. curing acidity,tight chest, lightheadedness, pounding hearbeat or head, stomach pain
  137. Cough Not Better
  138. Barium test (upper gi)
  139. Gi specialest
  140. Gi specialest
  141. Alternative healing therapy
  142. Finished poi now getting rebound
  143. Omeprazole doesn't seem to be helping my lpr
  144. Wedge Pillows
  145. My long story...any advice?
  146. Extreme nausea. Need opinions!
  147. Acidy stomach & PMS!
  148. I need help from members !! :(
  149. Damage from NSAIDs?
  150. Advice needed
  151. gerd?
  152. Acid Relex/Nasel Drip Mary is feeling horrible today
  153. New to Gerd, Hiatul hernia, and barrett esophagus
  154. refractory gerd - in real trouble here
  155. Oesophageal Spasm and IBS
  156. Has anyone experienced this
  157. Apple Cider Vinegar/Mary
  158. What is the consensus on grazing/snacking?
  159. Impatient after Nissen
  160. Does anyone take Ranitidine?
  161. Need Some Answers
  162. Upper Endoscopy - Frequency of testing
  163. pregnant and reflux i cant handle!
  164. Maalox helped me
  165. Question for the board !!
  166. PPI causing joint pain?
  167. Nagging Cough
  168. tilted the bed
  169. new hope from post
  170. hiatal hernia surgery
  171. Is the breathing problems from GERD Permanent?
  172. Motrin and GERD
  173. Is this LPR?
  174. Is anyone else experiencing these symptoms?
  175. Does this sound like GERD?
  176. 3 surgeries later...
  177. Help with LPR in northern Va, Dc area
  178. Really can't breath! Anyone get relief?
  179. hiatus hernia and chiropractor treatment
  180. hiatus hernia no relief from symptoms
  181. GERD and "Juicy Mouth"?
  182. Anxiety and "Juicy Mouth"?
  183. reflux getting worse
  184. Long term PPI use
  185. I don't know if this is acid reflux?
  186. Gall Bladder and Acid Reflux
  187. Inflamed sternum and acid reflux
  188. Can Prilosec and Nexium make you nauseous?
  189. Acid Reflux? can't sleep:/ Help!
  190. Hiatal Hernia/Esophagus Stricture/Gallstones
  191. New Treatment for Gerd - magnetic ring
  192. Is this GERD?
  193. Should LPR be treated
  194. Fish Oil Omega 3 Supplement
  195. Been diagnosed with severe acid reflux...
  196. Any research on standing vs. sitting after eating?
  197. Beat the Nexium side-affect or rebound
  198. my endo/colonoscopy visit
  199. Is this Heart burn/Acid Reflex
  200. Esophageal Spasm pain v.s. Acid Reflux
  201. Gastritis - GERD - Chest Pain
  202. On the verge of trying ACV, seeking tips for easing into it
  203. GERD caused more from anxiety than food
  204. Lansoprazole and bloating?
  205. Chest pain after endoscopy
  206. Woke Up w/ Gasping for Air
  207. Can someone Please give me some Help! At my WITS end!
  208. gum trouble
  209. Is it reasonable to take 80mg of Prilosec to equal 40mg Nexium?
  210. marshmallow root or sliperry elm?
  211. got over a recent reflux episode, off ppi's, feel ok but now bloating?
  212. Severe heartburn and vomiting blood last night
  213. LINX / TIF / fundoplication - LPR
  214. burning/stinging sensation in roof of mouth/throat..
  215. Nexium Suspension
  216. Nexium casuing drowsiness??
  217. frustrated... need help
  218. omeprazole versus omeprazole magnesium
  219. Endoscopy
  220. Gall Bladder
  221. Lump in throat feeling... affecting my daily life
  222. From: Mary - At 45
  223. Does this sound like LPR?
  224. From: Mary - No food can cause Acid Reflex ?
  225. Slight nausea, is it GERD?
  226. Introducing myself
  227. Gastroparesis or gallbladder problems.
  228. does this sound like LPR/GERD?
  229. Mary Again :( NAUSEA
  230. Can i get aches / tiredness from ppi's?
  231. does anyone think the ppis made it worse
  232. Difficulty swallowing
  233. Can I use Flutcasone I was dianosed with acid reflux
  234. Can I use Flutcasone I was dianosed with acid reflux
  235. One more question
  236. Off PPI's
  237. Anyone visit naturopathic doctors? What do they prescribe?
  238. Stopping Prilosec/Omeprazole.
  239. protonix
  240. Mary - Acid Reflex/stomach
  241. Acid Reflux nightmare
  242. Esophagus Sphincter Spasms.
  243. question symptoms seem to be going away
  244. Severe throat pain after h2/ppi
  245. Gerd :(
  246. Frustrated with my doctor
  247. Nervous about having an Endoscope
  248. Sudden Acid Reflux - perplexed!
  249. acid reflux, post nasal drip, leg cramps
  250. Finally calmed my heartburn down, will i be able to swallow again????

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