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  4. Shortness of breath??
  5. 4 months and counting...
  6. Questions for Nissen Fundoplication Surgery
  7. How safe are PPIs? How long have you been on them?
  8. Life with Gerd
  9. Tender spot to touch left of my belly button
  10. 1 week post op Fundoplication
  11. Taking Omeprazole(aka) Prilosec after taking Magnesium for Stomach Ulcers?
  12. How long to take Prevacid?
  13. My LPR was misdiagnosed.
  14. Getting off PPI (Omeprazole), slippery elm helped
  15. Confused...Coughing & Nissen Stricture?
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  17. **Gerd and Chest Pressure? Please Help!**
  18. Acid Reflux Juice Cleanse
  19. Hospital inserted probe wrong for PH test
  20. Strange Symptoms.
  21. What IS the nausea from?
  22. GERD? Heart attack? So draining!
  23. Acid Reflux and back pain
  24. Gerd? Symptoms below
  25. Omeprazole vs Nexium
  26. burning stomach pains and bad acid reflux again!!!
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  28. Ibs, acid reflux, bloating, etc.
  29. Chronic/Constant Stomach Pain- Acid Reflux?
  30. New poster: Pregnancy and Acid Reflux
  31. Chest, arm and jaw pain caused by gerd ?
  32. Feeling good
  33. Is it safe to use Nizoral shampoo while on Lansoprazole?
  34. My solution for LPR
  35. Feel Sick everyday and throat lump
  36. Raised bed causing me to slip down at night.
  37. What is this? Can't take it any more..!
  38. For those with the feeling of something stuck in their throats
  39. Hello appreciate any help and advice.
  40. Oral Sex, HPV, GERD
  41. H2 Blockers Tolerance ?(Zantac,Pepcid ETC..)
  42. Can GERD make you feel like vomit is coming back up? Please reply.
  43. Early AM heartburn using Wedge Pillow, advice sought
  44. spasm or hernia chest pain?
  45. Something? Or nothing?
  46. dark circles, swollen glands, twitching: "acid reflux"
  47. Just started dexilant
  48. Mystery Stomach Problem - please help :(
  49. Trying to reduce meds: go back up or hang tough?
  50. Post-upper endoscopy
  51. Question About Temporary Relief
  52. Nissen fundoplication
  53. Constant Nausea 24/7
  54. hoarseness of voice due to reflux
  55. Sensation of pill stuck in throat PLEASE HELP!
  56. VCO and acid reflux
  57. test/treat h pylori yea or nay?
  58. Weird feeling in stomach and throat
  59. Please! Some advice!!!
  60. I know these two have to be related somehow!
  61. GERD or Heart Problem?
  62. Something else to try for rebound/gastritis
  63. Question
  64. What is this?
  65. To much fun
  66. I hate this so much
  67. Feeling of fullness, pressure upper, left under ribs
  68. LPR depression, need someone to talk to.
  69. I did the dumbest thing today!!!!
  70. Constant Nausea 24/7
  71. Chest burning
  72. Has anyone been treated successfully for h pylori?
  73. Gerd flare up?
  74. Lump in throat/chest pain/burping
  75. Need advice please HELP Sliding hiatal hernia with gerd and reflux
  76. Apple Cider Vinegar "cocktail" - opinions sought
  77. L-Glutamine For Gastritis And/Or Reflux
  78. I'm so TIRED of this already!!!!
  79. How can 1 cup of coffee make me feel so bad?
  80. New to forum and worried...
  81. Gastritis Treatments?
  82. How accurate is the poo test for H Pylori??
  83. Low stomach acid?
  84. novel way to make heartburn feel better
  85. Pain/Anti Inflammatory Medication
  86. Gerd
  87. Suffering From Gastritis
  88. Burping and back pain after endoscopy/dilation?
  89. acid reflux
  90. Is This Acid Reflux?
  91. Bravo 48 Hour Test Vs Probe 24 Hour Test
  92. High concentration of eosinophils in just part of esophagus? Eosinophilic esophagitis
  93. LPR hiatus hernia problems swallowing on meds no help
  94. How bad is your hoarseness?
  95. Diazepam (Xanax, etc.) drugs and GERD => good or bad?
  96. Pain under tongue caused by Acid Reflux?
  97. Endoscopy next month. Scared!
  98. Tums don't seem to work; Gaviscon better?
  99. Rebound with Zantac (please help!)
  100. What a high H. Pylori Account Can Do
  101. I have a question?
  102. Need some advice please
  103. need help sleeping
  104. GERD making me so depressed... Please help
  105. struggling to get off meds!
  106. Problem with Nexium
  107. Gerd and candida
  108. After eating or drinking ANYTHING, burping up foamy liquid.
  109. probiotics
  110. Is there a conspiracy against low stomach acid?
  111. need advice on h pylori test results
  112. heartburn, LPR, Reflux, and Blood Pressure Meds
  113. Adams apple pain?
  114. diagnosed with LPR... well maybe?
  115. LPR/LSN seems to be cured!
  116. Make it stop
  117. Extremely sore throat. Anyone else have this?
  118. Nexium pills
  119. Constant burping, muscle twitching
  120. ongoing problem 3+ years - please help!
  121. Nausea and burping
  122. Mystery! Don't know what's going on...
  123. Your LPR thoughts please...
  124. could this be gerd or acid reflux ???
  125. Simple Solution needed
  126. LPR. GERD. Realistic Ideas. Ugh.
  127. Heart, anxiety or acid reflux?
  128. Hiatal Hernia With PVCS And Also Surgery Question
  129. Sleeping...
  130. Dexilant vs Nexium
  131. OMG I Can't do this
  132. My Endoscopy Experience (for those that are freaking out)
  133. The dr. gave my 12 yr old dd Tecta
  134. Please help... I am on the edge
  135. Gastritis - Weight Loss?
  136. Im so scared
  137. What causes LPR post-nasal drip?
  138. Can flexeral cause gerd or make it worse
  139. losing weight and tired.
  140. My horrible cough...acid reflux?
  141. Acid Reflux - Zoton
  142. PPI Not Working? Try a big breakfast (seriously).
  143. My wrap, and my recovery
  144. GERD? LPR? NERD? Something else entirely? At wit's end! :(
  145. Sore throat for years due to reflux now im pregnant help!
  146. LPR - surgery and gastroenterologists and a request for positivity
  147. Respect study for Gerd
  148. Gastritis and Omeprazole question...
  149. Reflux after Fundoplication Surgery
  150. Stress and GERD - interesting study
  151. Health concerns about drinking Aloe Vera?
  152. Symptoms much worse in short period of time!
  153. Diarrhea.. Ugh!!
  154. OK, I just joined the wrapped club. Sore all over.
  155. Please Helpp. Question about LPR
  156. Eosinophilic Esophagitis - How long will steroids take to work?
  157. Wheat free has cured GERD for many people
  158. Has anyone had any luck with accupuncture or chiropratic adjustment?
  159. Has anyone gotten off Zantac, and then had to get back on?
  160. What the hell is wrong with me?
  161. Acid reflux help me
  162. Question about Switching PPIs and Side Effects
  163. Heartburn and Joint Pain
  164. LPR or something else (and other reflux questions)
  165. Gerd or not ?
  166. Dealing with food stuck in throat
  167. What to do
  168. stopping nexium
  169. Link between GERD and candida?
  170. Severe GERD/Nothing Working
  171. the link between GERD and bowel issues.
  172. Lpr
  173. Carafate for GERD/LPR
  174. Can acid reflux reach the nose?
  175. Weight
  176. What is wrong with me? Gerd? Help :(
  177. Swedish Bitters for GERD
  178. PuroastŪ Low Acid Coffee
  179. Magnesium Solution posted by Bluepumkin
  180. nexium vs. prilosec
  181. Acid Reflux
  182. New here, GERD ruined my life!
  183. new user have reflux help
  184. Acupuncture for Silent Reflux?
  185. Increased to 60 MLG of Omeprazole
  186. GERD newly diagnosed
  187. Help for a fire girl
  188. Hpylori Nightmare!
  189. Nexium caused my heart arrhythmia. Now what?
  190. Also new to Acid Reflux / GEED
  191. GERD/ IBS /Gallbladder - Please help
  192. Antibiotics making Nexium useless?
  193. Morning Issues
  194. Ranitidine and Hair Loss?
  195. Do I have GERD? Feeling awful!
  196. Trouble's with digestion/heartburn
  197. Reflux surgery - anyone have experience with TIF?
  198. How much of my stomach issues are mental
  199. Got off prevacid
  200. Excruciating Pain/Fainting related to GERD?
  201. A new cure for Acid Reflux/LPR?...I am keen for your
  202. chest/gerd
  203. LPR, 17 years old, PLEASE help me.
  204. lump in throat, trouble swallowing
  205. Newby Looking for GERD Advice
  206. Which food will cause less reflux?
  207. GERD and shaking
  208. Vitamin D result affecting stomach issues?
  209. trapped wind
  210. How Many Is Too Many?
  211. Did PPI's do this to anyone else's digestion?
  212. Can you take Zantac and Zegride
  213. ELEVEN YEARS on Omeprazole. I want off!
  214. LPR/GERD annoying to out-of-control in 5 weeks??
  215. sternum anxiety reflux.
  216. Carafate
  217. Acid Reflux
  218. not sure if i am suffering acid reflux or not? pls help me
  219. New to Acid Reflux
  220. Can I ever eat my favorite foods again?
  221. Do I have GERD?
  222. Is Prevacid better than Prilosec??
  223. Severe reflux, no end in sight
  224. Whats wrong with my dad?
  225. Shocking Conclusion about diphenhydramine
  226. questions for all
  227. Prevacid twice daily?
  228. Elavil and LPR
  229. Constant Nausea PLEASE help
  230. Barrets Discease
  231. Carafate dosage ??
  232. Gastritis/Gerd problem
  233. Sharp pain just below sternum. GERD?
  234. is this acid reflux?
  235. Reflux Causing Other Symptoms?
  236. Which foods are most likely to cause acid reflux?
  237. acid reflux mucus
  238. Can someone please help.
  239. Waking Middle of Night STARVING but not hungry.
  240. need help - new to PPI
  241. Nissen Fund Surgery
  242. LPR solution - sleep on left side
  243. LPR - SCD help
  244. Anyone get gastritis while on PPIs?
  245. Difficulty breathing while laying down.
  246. I'm so scared, not responding well to PPIs - anyone else?
  247. Possible hiatal hernia?
  248. Could my acid reflux have gone away?
  249. Croup with LPR?
  250. Very low calcium level !