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  1. Nausa and bitter Taste
  2. Is this acid reflux?
  3. Acid Rebound? Help
  4. Reflux?
  5. Maybe I don't have LPR afterall?
  6. Do I have acid reflux? Fear of the doctor.
  7. TIF Procedure
  8. Nissen Fundo question - to people who had one
  9. Please help me
  10. Is this LPR?? Going crazy!
  11. What is it that antibiotics do to cause acid reflux ?.
  12. Everything seems to be a trigger
  13. perverse LPR relief -- get tipsy!
  14. 24 hour PH monitor and other testing.
  15. itchy throat and chin
  16. My 19 year old son is very sick, Need help with questions.
  17. Holistic Treatment???
  18. How is it that symtpoms are WORSE
  19. Do we know anyone restored to health again?
  20. When do I stop tasting acid?
  21. I need help.
  22. Prilosec and weight gain
  23. Tightness in throat after taking a PPI
  24. Metal taste in mouth...
  25. Has anyone tried propolis
  26. Question/help
  27. Shortness of breath movement up the throat
  28. Just got back from the doctor, how did I do?
  29. Any relation between RAI and GERD
  30. Acid Reflux (think) caused by Fish Oil
  31. Do you need a surgeon for a EGD?
  32. Depressed now, probably in a lose/lose situation.
  33. Can the Esophageal Sphincter heal?
  34. GERD - 36yr old and new to this awful disorder. What to do?
  35. A question about breathlessness and other questions/comments
  36. newbie questions... GERD? -- no heartburn... eating before bed...
  37. GERD-Candida connection?
  38. Nissen re-do deep confusion???
  39. Recently diagnosed with GERD/Many questions!
  40. Repeat Nissen Fundoplication
  41. Reflux causing cricopharyngeal spasms?
  42. Ulcer and reflux, need support
  43. Ulcer and reflux, need support
  44. 7 Days Post Nissen Fundoplication
  45. Weaning ppi
  46. Nausea in the mornings!!???
  47. upper stomach and back pain
  48. Anyone had success with just H2 Antagonists?
  49. new here
  50. Are these symptoms GERD related?
  51. best bed for gerd
  52. Headphones?
  53. Average age of people with acid reflux
  54. GERD - Had BRAVO 48hr capsule w/EGD
  55. Very often feel like I have something in my throat
  56. might have ulcer
  57. LPR Treatment with GABA
  58. Drinking water for my lpr
  59. Only GERD ? or Assocaited with other connective tissue disease ?
  60. GERD in young adults (age 18-25)
  61. Lansoprazole?
  62. GERD Keeping Me Awake
  63. Tightness in middle of my chest
  64. Rubber ball Stomach Hot & bloated
  65. GERD-like Seasonal Allergy?
  66. Going off Dexilant - TTC!
  67. Grade One Esophagitis
  68. barrett's esophagus
  69. Need an OTC med that won't cause headaches
  70. Can't find Axid AR
  71. PPIs vs. H2 Blockers
  72. Shaking , light head and nausea at night.
  73. mucus reflux
  74. GERD? Can it be so bad?
  75. What is the next step?
  76. Opinions please
  77. burning mouth and throat
  78. Is there something going around?
  79. Does anyone else get these symptoms
  80. Is it gerd?
  81. Rebound reflux from PPI's?
  82. New here would like some input
  83. Daily Struggle-burning mouth
  84. Pepper taste in my throat
  85. Hey all. Climbing on the GERD lifestyle change bandwagon...
  86. Please Help finding a Dr. GE Nova (Va)
  87. Eating is a job anymore
  88. herbal remedies for reflux
  89. Burning sensation chest and throat
  90. Start to eat & throat closes up & can't swallow
  91. LPR Doctors in Los Angeles
  92. Up and afraid to go back to bed
  93. 4 months post Nissen: A Good Choice for Me.
  94. PPIs not working well?
  95. troupet stomach wrap/hernia surgery gone wrong
  96. Prevacid - Out of Stock?
  97. Hot flashes and reflux
  98. Strange Feeling in my Chest
  99. reflux caused by pregnancy
  100. New to GERD, a few questions?
  101. Thoughts, suggestions, words of wisdom please!
  102. I have a stomach ache every month?
  103. Stomach acid in my throat at night.
  104. Soreness under sternum??
  105. Too Much or Less Acid plus getting off PPI
  106. LPR Newbie - questions about food/nutrition
  107. gastritis vs. chronic gastritis?
  108. Help Coming Off Prilosec
  109. after endoscopy problems
  110. PH monitoring
  111. medium hiatal hernia and weight loss
  112. Omeprazole from different producer
  113. PPI's and Insomnia
  114. Issues post-Nissen Fundoplication Advice needed!
  115. What is wrong with me?
  116. PLease give opinions
  117. Lump in throat- LPR or GERD?
  118. gastroparesis
  119. Low or high acid , what do you think ?.
  120. Chronic Laryngitis from Silent Reflux LPR
  121. Peppermint greatly helps my LPR
  122. 24 hr impedance/ PH in progress NOW
  123. diarrhea caused by fat?
  124. Why don't even gastroenterologists know the cause?
  125. acid reflex starting again or ??
  126. acid reflex starting again or ??
  127. Information wanted please!
  128. Gerd and Kidney problems?
  129. esophageal spasms and lpr - surgery?
  130. Low stomach acid???
  131. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  132. Chest pain/GERD
  133. PPI's no longer working. Does anyone know why?
  134. Hplyora treatment
  135. pain after examination?
  136. LPR and LOW stomach acid?
  137. Bubblicious!
  138. Dealing with tight throat from LPR??
  139. Acid Reflux - Advices please
  140. connection between LPR and burning gums, tongue mouth?
  141. In Misery With GERD
  142. acid reflux
  143. Simple Endoscopy Coming Up - Don't be scared
  144. salt
  145. inflamed esophagus
  146. GERD While Sitting Up
  147. Voice hoarseness/loss and breaking
  148. Gastritis and Helicobacter Pylori
  149. LPR? Bad sore throat... Need relief.
  150. Trouble Breathing With Gerd - Advice Needed
  151. GERD/LPR and TMJ is there a connection?
  152. Post Nissen Fundoplication- Hiccups and Dry Heaving
  153. Mild Gastritis?
  154. symbicort
  155. GERD and Supplements
  156. Are the effects of Amitriptyline reversable?
  157. Swollen saliva glands or LPR?
  158. Chest pain
  159. pain below sternum
  160. GERD Interferring With Sleep
  161. 24-7 burping?!?
  162. GERD - my tongue got burnt
  163. GERD Not Responding To Medicine, Any Advice For A Teenager?
  164. Can Prevacid cause chest pain/tightness??
  165. Post-Nissen AND Gall Bladder Removal - reassurance needed I guess!
  166. Stomach Ulcer...
  167. Reflux Esophagitis???
  168. Now on Prilosec for Eosinophilic Esophagitis!
  169. Causing Jaw to Hurt
  170. Does some Bile in stomach mean Bile reflux? Please help.
  171. ?
  172. What's the best over the counter medicine for LPR?
  173. d-limonene
  174. Is it safe to get a barium swallow while pregnant?
  175. "TAG" Partial Fundoplication Procedure
  176. LPR and mucus in throat
  177. Is This Acid Reflux?
  178. Mint Products
  179. Asking for advice (Gerd/Gastritis)
  180. Who has had a 24 hour PH monitoring test?
  181. breathless, palpitations and tiredness
  182. Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
  183. Is LPR untreatable?
  184. Acid Reflux Solved - what (finally!!!) worked for me
  185. esophageal spasm help!!
  186. H-Pyleo anyone have any experience with treatment?
  187. Gerd loss of appetite
  188. How long has "Acid Rebound" lasted for you?
  189. Zegerid?
  190. Zegerid?
  191. Going to try a "juice fast"
  192. Is this LPR?
  193. Could I have LPR?
  194. Acid Reflux and Neck Problems
  195. stomach pains after eating solids
  196. Scared Chest Pain?GERD?
  197. Diagnosed w/ LPR - Biopsy shows Eosinophils
  198. Those with LPR - I have questions
  199. Horrible Reflux - Fundiplication Questions:
  200. Diagnosed with Gerd
  201. Urinary retention and constipation with GERD meds
  202. Reflux and dry mouth
  203. Back pain and reflux or ulcer?
  204. GERD due to a hiatal hernia....just some questions
  205. choking and uncoordinated contraction of esophagus
  206. Started Protonix...I have questions
  207. Post-Nissen Symptoms
  208. Optimal Vitamin D levels for LPR patients?
  209. GERD/ACID REFLUX symptoms out of control - please help
  210. tif? so much conflicting reports
  211. 19 years old with chest pains. Could it be acid reflux? PLEASE HELP!
  212. Symptoms seem worse since starting medicine and diet. What gives??
  213. Eosinophilic Esophagitis w/No Acid Damage
  214. lump in throat after endoscopy
  215. Would antibiotics contribute towards low or high stomach acid ?.
  216. Need Bilitec - Please help!
  217. Any ideas?
  218. Endoscopy in doc's office?
  219. Newly diagnosed with LPR - Help!
  220. Ride Side "Stiche" below the lowest Rib
  221. Stopped Aciphex cold turkey one week ago. Keep going? or try to wean off slowly?
  222. Pain upper right of abdomen
  223. Ringing in ears with reflux?
  224. At my wits end!
  225. Bad digestion
  226. Has anyone tried Ecabet Sodium?
  227. Really bad stomach pain and diarrhea
  228. Where exactly does your throat burn?
  229. Mashmallow tea or other herb for post nasal drip from reflux
  230. Generic Prilosec and cold symptoms?
  231. Whats going on re acid reflux/gerd?
  232. Anyone relate to this. Idk what it is
  233. Question to those with throat irritation from reflux
  234. Diagnosing GERD
  235. Esophageal Manometry test, abnormal results, please help!
  236. pain underneath my left ribs
  237. trying to understand EGD test results
  238. Long term use of Nexium and Hair Loss
  239. please help
  240. Gastroenterologist or ENT specialist?
  241. got gerd after being sick... is this possible?
  242. Tired of feeling like I need to clear my throat constantly
  243. If PPIs are going to work for LPR how long should it take?
  244. help at a loss for what to do
  245. Is this LPR? Not sure what to do anymore
  246. Is this LPR? Not sure what to do anymore
  247. I believe I have acid reflux, but I'm not sure
  248. GERD related? centered Chest tightness, constricted breathing, pounding palpitations
  249. Weird spasm like feeling in chest
  250. Who has been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia?

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