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  1. LPR Sufferers
  2. Nasel Drip....come on!!
  3. Vitamins
  4. Post nasal drip from drinking water
  5. Single, giant loud Hiccup....
  6. Should Zantac make your stomach growl?
  7. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  8. Esophagus burnt so raw feel no pain?
  9. can't get anything liquid or solid down
  10. Can you get Acid Rebound from using Zantac
  11. Instant Kitchen remedy for reflux
  12. Ppi acid rebound, injured esophagus
  13. Mary is hating Acid Reflex/GERD
  14. nodule at end of esaphogus
  15. Mri
  16. Healing throat damage due to acid (Silent?) reflux.
  17. Domperidone Use?
  18. Feel like my Reflux is worsening - Discomfort in stomach/needing to stand
  19. Bile Reflux causing Gerd and Acid Reflux?
  20. PPIs Becoming Less Affective?
  21. Burning in Rib Cage
  22. Do refined sugars make your reflux much worse?
  23. What if antacids aren't working?
  24. Manuka honey for LPR? any success stories?
  25. prilosec not working
  26. PPI and Low Magnesium Blood Levels
  27. Healing esophageal sphincter naturally
  28. manuka honey fights h pyroli?
  29. Quality of Life
  30. How to know if LPR is going away
  31. endoscopy thursday 28th
  32. Burning Tongue and Throat for 2yrs!
  33. Not sure whats going on here
  34. GERD or something else?
  35. Warmth in stomach
  36. Trying to figure out if this is gerd or reflux???
  37. gerd people ! help
  38. Tecta Vs. Prevacid
  39. Need help!!! 31 years old having chest pains/gerd???
  40. Could the bad taste in my mouth be post nasal drip and not reflux?
  41. GERD, 23 years old. Nissen Didn't Work... Can't Skateboard...
  42. Lump in throat feeling...
  43. Getting Off PPI's
  44. Would my doctor have been able to tell the difference between bile and acid reflux ?.
  45. Chewing gum and GERD
  46. How many of you have bloating?
  47. Nexium/Neksium
  48. CT Scans and Barium
  49. H2 blockers recovery
  50. 10 days post surgery... yippee!
  51. Gerd
  52. Anyone had success with Betaine HCI?
  53. What next?
  54. Can really use members opinions im worried
  55. Is this GERD?? Not sure - help me with you opinions
  56. Silent Acid Reflux
  57. mucous in throat and food getting stuck
  58. Eosinophilic esophagitis and pregnancy
  59. LPR disappears when I have a cold
  60. Breathlessness
  61. 3 weeks post Nissen, some questions
  62. How long on PPI's before rebound is an issue?
  63. Chronic Cough and Gagging
  64. throat dilation questions
  65. acid rebound symptoms
  66. Stomach issues :(
  67. Diagnosed with Gerd 3 months ago
  68. Psyllium husk: good or bad for reflux?
  69. For women only: Reflux connected to Menopause?
  70. Heartburn cured - The low carb miracle?
  71. Hi, just had surgery on June 13th...
  72. Rebound acid
  73. Do you take omeprazole in the a.m or p.m.?
  74. Anyone have bad taste from reflux?
  75. Diagnosed with LPR at 18 years old
  76. Proton Pump Inhibitors - Acid Rebound - needs to be reported
  77. can anyone tell me
  78. Feeling really ill is it Gerd?
  79. Confusing Symptoms
  80. Is gastritis the same as stomach erosion ?.
  81. why do i always feel full
  82. Someone please help me out
  83. Does slippery elm work?
  84. Simple quick question!
  85. How long on Nexium?
  86. Yoga practice effect on LES, UES muscles
  87. Clonazepam helping with GERD
  88. Desperate for answers!
  89. trouble with gas, swallowing & feeling in throat
  90. burning switches from side to side
  91. Do I have Acid Reflux?
  92. twisted esophagus
  93. prokinetic before food or three times
  94. any ideas about heartburn
  95. Pain after EGD...
  96. chiropractor and reflux
  97. Need some opinions about this upper abdominal pain please..
  98. Tongue and throat dry
  99. Diagnosed with Silent Reflux
  100. Barrett's esophagus
  101. Damaged throat?
  102. Deodenitis
  103. Deodenitis
  104. help! i dont know what i have going on.
  105. PPIs that are safe for pregnancy?
  106. suffering from acid reflux
  107. hoarseness and general concern
  108. reflux in throat but not burning
  109. Ulcer and esophagus healed but still have globus (lump in throat)
  110. REMEDY: Acid Reflux / GERD
  111. Pantoprazole 40mg DR EC
  112. Esophageal spasms or GERD?
  113. need ulcer to heal is ppi or h2 blocker better
  114. So depressed.
  115. Bad dreams and Anxiety with GERD before meds
  116. Gastric Emptying test
  117. Does GERD cause bad taste in mouth?
  118. gastroscopy queries????
  119. Sharp Pain, Squeezing Pressure
  120. GERD, Possible LPR, horrible anxiety. Any help please?
  121. End of my rope...
  122. LPR and diet?!
  123. Help!! Mouth, Tongue, Throat, Ear and chest pain.
  124. Huge Gas pains
  125. Has anyone succeeded in getting off PPIs and getting through the acid rebound
  126. vit. c sores in mouth / tongue
  127. What is it that makes tongue feel burned?
  128. Acid rebound- will sore throat go away
  129. My story-So frustrated
  130. Looking for advice/encouragement
  131. most common lpr symptoms?
  132. On and off nausea, tender stomach but no vomiting
  133. nexium, protonix etc which PPI
  134. Urgent question
  135. Burning Tongue Syndrome
  136. Urgent Advice Needed Regarding Stopping Opana ER
  137. Trying to Get Strength to go on
  138. Zantac does NOT work, but AcipHexPrilosec work 'wonder,' ... Why?
  139. new 2 thread. Stomach problems
  140. Natural Remedies for GERD/Acid Reflux
  141. Stomach gas?
  142. gastritis/acid reflex
  143. Do the ppi's really "cure"
  144. Silent Reflux: LPRD: too many questions
  145. osteopathic treatments
  146. Soya Milk ?.
  147. Anybody tried TCM?
  148. Feeling Isolated
  149. Alcohol with gerd/acid reflux
  150. can you get rebound reflux while cutting down
  151. Respect TIF Study?
  152. Hitual hernia?
  153. Can I take AC Vinegar while on a PPI?
  154. Scary Test
  155. Straining and gerd
  156. Difficulty Swallowing and Vomting, Yet All Tests Are Negative
  157. Does your reflux get worse at night?
  158. Does anyone else get a peppery taste in mouth
  159. How to use DGL
  160. Anyone else out there with GERD at a young age?
  161. Nexium success stories
  162. Awaiting Nissan Fundoplication, does it work?
  163. Good news
  164. Friday TIF
  165. Aciphex and swelling
  166. could I have a CSF leak for over 10 years?
  167. Sleeping issues--LPR
  168. Unpleasant Topic
  169. Acid in gas form
  170. Anyone find relief for shortness of breath with LPR?
  171. I see how some of you may have suffered
  172. Can someone explain to me how acid reflux (LPR) causes postnasal drip?
  173. Has Anyone Tried Prevacid
  174. Please help us figure it out: Dad losing weight, just diagnosed with GERD.
  175. Can Someone Plz Help I'm So Scared
  176. LPR - how do I know what aggravates reflux when I have no symptoms????
  177. AcipHex for stubborn Acid Reflux?
  178. Probiotics increase my GERD, Why?Anyone else?
  179. Does anyone else have issues digesting fat?
  180. can prevacid stop working
  181. Smoking with GERD
  182. lower rib cage pain?
  183. Help! Worsening Acid Reflux
  184. Laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication, 3-weeks Post-op, Can't eat
  185. Gastrin Blood Test
  186. Two different types of Omeprazole , one made me ill. B12 ?.
  187. Sedation or not?
  188. Post lap Nissen fundoplication & cholecystectomy
  189. commitment to lifestyle change
  190. Nausa and bitter Taste
  191. Is this acid reflux?
  192. Acid Rebound? Help
  193. Reflux?
  194. Maybe I don't have LPR afterall?
  195. Do I have acid reflux? Fear of the doctor.
  196. TIF Procedure
  197. Nissen Fundo question - to people who had one
  198. Please help me
  199. Is this LPR?? Going crazy!
  200. What is it that antibiotics do to cause acid reflux ?.
  201. Everything seems to be a trigger
  202. perverse LPR relief -- get tipsy!
  203. 24 hour PH monitor and other testing.
  204. itchy throat and chin
  205. My 19 year old son is very sick, Need help with questions.
  206. Holistic Treatment???
  207. How is it that symtpoms are WORSE
  208. Do we know anyone restored to health again?
  209. When do I stop tasting acid?
  210. I need help.
  211. Prilosec and weight gain
  212. Tightness in throat after taking a PPI
  213. Metal taste in mouth...
  214. Has anyone tried propolis
  215. Question/help
  216. Shortness of breath movement up the throat
  217. Just got back from the doctor, how did I do?
  218. Any relation between RAI and GERD
  219. Acid Reflux (think) caused by Fish Oil
  220. Do you need a surgeon for a EGD?
  221. Depressed now, probably in a lose/lose situation.
  222. Can the Esophageal Sphincter heal?
  223. GERD - 36yr old and new to this awful disorder. What to do?
  224. A question about breathlessness and other questions/comments
  225. newbie questions... GERD? -- no heartburn... eating before bed...
  226. GERD-Candida connection?
  227. Nissen re-do deep confusion???
  228. Recently diagnosed with GERD/Many questions!
  229. Repeat Nissen Fundoplication
  230. Reflux causing cricopharyngeal spasms?
  231. Ulcer and reflux, need support
  232. Ulcer and reflux, need support
  233. 7 Days Post Nissen Fundoplication
  234. Weaning ppi
  235. Nausea in the mornings!!???
  236. upper stomach and back pain
  237. Anyone had success with just H2 Antagonists?
  238. new here
  239. Are these symptoms GERD related?
  240. best bed for gerd
  241. Headphones?
  242. Average age of people with acid reflux
  243. GERD - Had BRAVO 48hr capsule w/EGD
  244. Very often feel like I have something in my throat
  245. might have ulcer
  246. LPR Treatment with GABA
  247. Drinking water for my lpr
  248. Only GERD ? or Assocaited with other connective tissue disease ?
  249. GERD in young adults (age 18-25)
  250. Lansoprazole?

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