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  1. Am I making myself think I'm PREGNANT?
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  11. Could I be pregnant?
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  35. A little worried
  36. a littled worried
  37. Could i be pregnant??
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  61. Light spotting, possibility of pregnancy... Please ease my mind!
  62. Help please?
  63. Helppp
  64. could it be?
  65. can precum lead to pregnancy?
  66. Am i pregnant?
  67. positive?
  68. help?
  69. Short Period and sex..pregnancy?
  70. My girlfriend has period symptoms...but no bleeding.
  71. i dont think i can get pregnant?!?
  72. Will She Get Pregnant?
  73. Help! Could I get pregnant by...
  74. Could I have gotten pregnant??
  75. HElp me!! Am I pregnant?! :(((
  76. can precum lead to pregnancy?
  77. Please help this is urgent :'(
  78. i know nothing about this. HELP ME.!
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  84. period stopped after one day
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  91. IF you have unprotected sex the day right after your period had just barely ended...?
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  93. "Sex" Day before scheduled period
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  95. First time.
  96. Am i pregnant? please help only 16 :S
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  100. I have Question!!!
  101. I have Question!!
  102. Can I get pregnant while on my period???
  103. does a girl get pregnant when intercourse happens on the first day of her periods
  104. what's the percentage of getting pregnant without intercourse
  105. How do I know when to take a test?!
  106. depo and pregancy
  107. Strange bleeding
  108. i think i might be pregnant.
  109. what kind of stomach pains do you get when your pregnant
  110. Two Week Late Period. Help?
  111. Could I be pregnant? >_<
  112. Oh just another one of these questions...
  113. Could my Girlfriend be pregnant?
  114. late mensus
  115. Can a girl get pregnant through her underwear by dry precum?
  116. could i be pregnant?
  117. Paranoia
  118. Chance of pregnancy? Or am I just over thinking? plz help
  119. Worried!!! scared
  120. Question about Late/Irregular Period
  121. can i pregnant if my man edjaculated outside my virgin ?
  122. Dark brown discharge during period
  123. I think I'm pregnant but scared for the let down..
  124. please! i need help asap
  125. Precum Questions!? [Please help!?]
  126. how do you know if you are pregnant?
  127. Worried. Please Help.
  128. Can i be pregnant if i have short period??
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  130. pain when i lay on my stomach am i pregnant?
  131. Whats the possibility of me being pregnant please help.
  132. Pregnant?
  133. Possible pregnancy?
  134. I'm a day late...
  135. Am I Pregnant?
  136. scared
  137. urgent! please help...
  138. would urine test show that I'm pregnant?
  139. Is it possible that i can get pregnant 2days before my period due day
  140. Help
  141. Can pre-*** on fingers get you pregnant?
  142. is it possible that i can get prengnat when ive just come off my peroid
  143. what are the chances that I could be pregnant from this?
  144. Is she pregnant
  145. Super Complicated Situation. I'm 17. Please give me your opinion.
  146. Please Anwer Quickly.
  147. Help please... Precum on fingers get u pregnant?
  148. Help; Possible Pregnant? Reply Fast.
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  150. Contraception Help Needed!
  151. Sex Before Period.
  152. low blood pressure
  153. safe period
  154. belly button
  155. did the condom leak?
  156. A little worried...
  157. Help Am i Pregnant or just freaking out ?
  158. help plz!
  159. Can I get pregnant from dry sperm?
  160. foreplay, impossible to get pregnant?
  161. am i pregnant?
  162. Not sure :/
  163. Someone help please--am i pregnant?
  164. is my girlfriend pregnant
  165. missed period due to pregnancy or other factors?
  166. What is wrong with me?
  167. pregnant or no?
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  169. two weeks and six days
  170. stressed or pregnant?
  171. Am i pregnant or just extremley nevrvous?
  172. Somebody, please help me!
  173. Help please! im so scared
  174. precum and head
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  180. pls help... finger-pregnancy
  181. 19 and Pregnant.
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  183. Could there be a risk that I'm pregnant?
  184. Question....
  185. pls help... finger-pregnancy
  186. 4 weeks pregant with first child.
  187. help! i need somebody!
  188. Can she be pregnant
  189. are my symptoms pregnancy related?
  190. Please answer!!How big of a chance is there that I'm pregnant?
  191. miscarriage or still pregnant
  192. can the sperm pass through clothes
  193. pregnancy??
  194. Someone please confirm to me the possibilities of pregnancy in my case!
  195. Safe sex wth multiple ejaculations
  196. What could it be?
  197. mensturation
  198. Please help :/
  199. What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant if you *** in her
  200. could i have gotten pregnant
  201. my girlfriend is on the pill. should i be concerned?
  202. Should I be worried?
  203. Period/Pregnancy Question
  204. Negative HPT but lots of Prego Signs Advice Please
  205. Chance of pregnancy? (fingering/not deep/prec*m)
  206. Normal for Plan B?
  207. Pregnant?
  208. what is the chance of getting pregnant with protection
  209. Did I take test too soon?
  210. am i pregnant
  211. whats wrong with me??
  212. Am i pregnant ?
  213. Might be pregnant please help
  214. Message to Adults that use this board >
  215. trying for a baby
  216. Precum and clothes? Myths? Facts?
  217. no condom, no ejaculation ?
  218. help ! no condom ! chances of being pregnant !?
  219. Need help!!! Period late for nearly one month after sex!!! Tt
  220. Could she be pregnant?
  221. could i be pregnant???! :[
  222. doubts .
  223. No signs of bleeding after morning after pill
  224. Freaking out
  225. On the pill, missed on week now spotting, am i pregeant?
  226. spotting
  227. So scared.
  228. Chances of being pregnant.
  229. first time having sex .
  230. what are the chances of getting pregnant after having sex for the first time ?
  231. i am7 weeks pregnant how to stop my stomach from hurting
  232. Worried about fingerin
  233. does precum, has sperm?
  234. important plz help
  235. what are the chances of getting pregnant on my first time
  236. Nervous and scared! help
  237. Just worried or pregnant?
  239. teen pregnancy
  240. what are the chances
  241. Um, Help!
  242. if i pee right after sex, does that decrese my chances of pregnancy?
  243. After period sex
  244. can my girlfriend?
  245. help!
  246. So worried can she be pregnant with a condom?
  247. whats happening to me?
  248. please help, confused and worried
  249. am i just paranoid ?
  250. side effects from skipping period???