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  1. how likely is it that i'm pregnant if my missed period was 12 days ago?
  2. Having sex 1 hour before my period...
  3. Help!?!
  4. my girlfriend is a month late...
  5. pre-ejaculation
  6. Is It Pregnancy..? What's wrong..
  7. Could I be Pregnant? Please help me
  8. Help asap!
  9. Please help i am terrified
  10. Period every two weeks
  11. PLEASE help....so scared and confused!
  12. Precum and pregnancy, please help.
  13. my girlfriend have less period than usual what does it mean
  14. How long does it take your body to know?
  15. Am I overreacting?
  16. Could i be pregnant?
  17. please help, am I pregnant???
  18. Questionss
  19. Light bleeding/ spoting.. am i pregnant?
  20. protected sex but late period
  21. Please Help Me
  22. Help! Could I be Pregnant? :/
  23. on period
  24. pregnancy
  25. new here pregnant and afraid
  26. will knotting the condom are use help sperm live longer
  27. Pregnant or Symptoms from stopping the pill?
  28. Help
  29. pregnat
  30. PLEASE help..could i be pregnant?... :( i am so scared..
  31. Pregnant w/ period ?
  32. I had my period twice in one month. Am I pregnant?
  33. Am I pregnant?
  34. am i pregnant??
  35. Is it possible to be pregnant if you get your period?
  36. Update: Girlfriend might be pregnant.
  37. missed period
  38. My gf is worried she is pregnant.
  39. A Little Advice
  40. could my gf get pregnant?
  41. Are these symptoms???
  42. Neeed HELP. ( Protected Sex & EC )
  43. Please Help Me!!
  44. Please answer
  45. pregnant
  46. 15 Think Im Pregnant NEED HELP pleaseeee!
  47. pregnancy possibility??
  48. Is it possible my girlfriend is pregnant?? It can't be!?
  49. do you get pregnant if the condom burst
  50. I dont think i came inside of her but i think i might have but then i came again in t
  51. what does it mean when ur bleeding when ur pregnant at 35 weeks??
  52. i need answers!! please. period/pregnancy questionss
  53. scared I could be pregnant..
  54. Just wondering need some opinions
  55. Am i pregnant
  56. missed pill
  57. Could my girlfriend become pregnant?
  58. Can i be pregnant
  59. help!!!!
  60. I got my periods after having sex, does it mean i m pregnant
  61. I'm scared, I think I might be pregnant at 19!!!
  62. chance of pregnancy? worried please help
  63. important question
  64. Scared and Confused...need advice please :/
  65. Pregnant
  66. Could i be pregnant? Confused..
  67. Urgent! EXTREMELY worry! NEED HELP ASAP
  68. Whens the best time to try and get pregnant?
  69. 21 day cylce?
  70. i'm 16, i dont know if i'm pregnant
  71. I need help, please =[
  73. period after morning after pill
  74. Pregnancy
  75. can you help me?
  76. could she be pregnant after all these precautions?
  77. when sperm goes though pants can it get pregnant
  78. Unusual Sightings O_o Please help!
  79. Unsupportive childs father
  80. can i get pregnant if the condom stay inside of me even if it wasn't in all the way
  81. what are my chances of getting her pregnant?
  82. Need To Know Whats Going On .... Please Help!!!
  83. I'm nervous, my gf says it's okay...
  84. unusual bleeding
  85. pregnant with lots of pain
  86. Girlfriend is almost 6 days late.
  87. 2 week early period
  88. missed period
  89. Can i get pregnant without intercourse
  90. Not able to get pregnant?
  91. HELP me Please D:
  92. False alarm? D:
  93. if guy ejaculates hours before having sex
  94. spotting on the due date
  95. ive got all the symptons for being pregnant but i came on my period does this mean en
  96. how long after implantation does body stop having periods
  97. how would a female know she is pregnant
  98. when can she tell if she is pregnant
  99. what happen when the condom leak during sex
  100. Condoms always safe??
  101. 7teen. No condoms, no bcp, no self control.
  102. Could she be pregnant?
  103. Please help me !
  104. What Does It Mean When You Dont Get Your Period?
  105. can she be pregnant
  106. if i had sex with a girl and she is in the middle of her period does she get pregnant
  107. Difference between spotting and period ? Am I possibly pregnant or is this normal ?
  108. Pregnancy test.
  109. pregnancy chances
  110. Help worried
  111. spotting during period date
  112. pre-ejaculate
  113. Pregnant?
  114. help me pls
  115. what are the chances of getting pregnant first time
  116. how lady become a pragnant
  117. How would i find out if im pregnant
  118. pregnancy
  119. Pregnant????
  120. is it stress are am i pregnany
  121. 2 days late
  122. pregnancy
  123. period or spotting?
  124. menstrual cycle
  125. can you tell if you're spotting or your on your period?
  126. me and my ex had lots of sex the weekend, could she become pregnant?
  127. Unprotected sex about 2 weeks after getting period; can i be pregnant???
  128. spotting or on my period
  129. what happen if your girlfriend has not got her period
  130. my period is two days late
  131. Am I or not?
  132. birth control and withdrawal, I'm so scared!
  133. pregnancy
  134. What are the odds?
  135. can a girl get pregnant when on her period
  136. does everyone precum
  137. im worried i could be pregnant
  138. Question! And I need an answer, quick - am I pregnant or getting fat?
  139. Pregnancy
  140. Terrified
  141. how can a lady become pregnant
  142. God help me!!!!!!!!!
  143. Help !
  144. unprotected.......
  145. 16 going on 30
  146. Just a little scared...
  147. The pill, a stomach bug, and her period
  148. Unstable Brown Discharge, Missed Birth Control... Could I be pregnant.?
  149. Question regarding sperm's ability to impregnate after being exposed to air.
  150. Questionnnnn.
  151. how can i get maternity pills?
  152. is she pregnant if i came a little in the condom and ripped
  153. can you get pregnant 7 DAYS AFTER YOUR PERIOD WHEN OVULATING
  154. Help!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. dark circle around both nipples does this me i am pregnant?
  156. can i be pregnant? im scared
  157. Could I Be?
  158. A small pregnancy question...
  159. how likely is it a girl get pregnant on her period
  160. How many days does urine wash away excess sperm after ejaculation?
  161. Sperm on Pre-ejaculate even though it's been a week since last masturbation?
  162. how to become pregnant a lady
  163. Come and pregnacy
  164. which part of the stomach hurts when you are pregnant
  165. i'm wondering is this true....or boyfriends lie?
  166. could this be implantation bleeding??
  167. please help, symptoms... need answer!
  168. Me and my Girlfriend...
  169. How likely would she be pregnant?
  170. Could she be pregnant?
  171. help!!
  172. Pregnant or not?
  173. Can My GF be pregnant! Real serious problem!
  174. I really hope I'm paranoid...
  175. What's happening to me?
  176. how to calculate unsafe periods
  177. What Is the Chance
  178. period 5 days late what does this mean
  179. How to tell my parents my daughter is pregnant
  180. Cramps
  181. super nervous
  182. An "irregular" scenario
  183. what does it mean if u are 4 days late on your period
  184. how risky is it to have unprotected sex your first time
  185. Can you get pregnant...?
  186. is it possible that i am pregnant?
  187. does precome contain sperm
  188. what are chances of getting pregnant after taking plan b within 24 hours
  189. what is the chance of my girlfriend being pregnant if i think i came in her
  190. Advice Needed
  191. pain in my stomache
  192. teen pregnancy
  193. I REALLY need some advice on my situation plzzz
  194. any info would be great!
  195. when is the worst time to have unprotected sex
  196. I need an answer
  197. Is there a chance? Need help very scared!!
  198. pre ejaculation
  199. me and my girlfriend have had sex for months without a condom
  200. how long will i need to wait until i can get an accurate test if i only had onme day
  201. Period after Plan B
  202. Please help me.
  203. i need some advice someone please help...
  204. she's on the pill but might be pregnant when can she test
  205. What are the chances with dry sex?
  206. What Are The Chances?
  207. how can you tell if your spotting or if it is your period?
  208. sex while on your period
  209. sex without a condom
  210. late or missed period
  211. could I be pregnant?
  212. Precum and sex without condom...
  213. Pregnancy and Dry Sex
  214. condom
  215. Should I be worried
  216. i cant be pregnant but.....
  217. Someone!!!!!!
  218. Confused, Scared, and only Seventeen.
  219. my breasts hurt and i have pains in my stomach
  220. i just had sex without a condom
  221. Im back and really confused.... Thisby?
  222. what if u had sex and...
  223. HELP! Could I be pregnant?
  224. sex during period
  225. Precum through boxers?
  226. Advice Need, Please and Thank You :)
  227. sooooo confused PLEASE I NEED ADVICE AND HELP
  228. on my period for 2 days
  229. Unprotected sex and plan B NO MORE
  230. Sex after Plan B
  231. I need advice on something... wore condom and pulled out she says she's pregnant
  232. Could have I conceived???
  233. what are the chances of getting pregnant from getting fingered with sperm on hand
  234. can you get pregnant from this?! please help.
  235. i had sex and now my stomache hurts really bad, does this mean im preganant
  236. why do my nipples hurt and i have pains in my stomach
  237. Pregnancy tests!! need advice!!
  238. Im confused on Plan B
  239. Please Read And Respond
  240. could my girlfriend be pregnant without having sex?
  241. am i pregnant?
  242. Could i be pregnant?
  243. blood when wiping?
  244. REALLLY NEED HELP!! :(:(:( suspected miscarriage???
  245. please, someone tell me im not crazy!
  246. *i could use some advice*
  247. help.
  248. what should i do???
  249. Please I need answers. :[
  250. Why is my period late? I had protected sex and I did everything right.

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