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  1. Confused 😣 I need answers
  2. HELP please!
  3. Pregnant from fingering
  4. Precum pregnancy HELP
  5. I used a condom and he didn't ejaculate.
  6. pregnancy
  7. My period has been late for about a month
  8. I'm Very Afraid
  9. Please help, I'm feel like I'm overreacting!!
  10. Worried. help?
  11. Just underwear??
  12. help
  13. Does a period mean you are not pregnant?
  14. Late on period, in urgent need of opinions/advice.
  15. Pregnant or just being crazy?
  16. Is My Girlfriend Pregnant?
  17. Pregnancy scare
  18. My girlfriend is late on her period
  19. Can sperm travel through clothing and get her pregnant?
  20. No period
  21. Am I pregnant?
  22. Is it possible to get pregnant after having protected sex?
  23. Is she pregnant?
  24. Penis rubbed against vagina
  25. 18 and scared of a possible pregnancy? Please help
  26. Stupid mistake
  27. Condom slipped off and I'm worried!!
  28. I'm terrified
  29. Penis inside vagina but no ejaculation, chance of pregnancy?
  30. His penis rubbed against my lower stomach? Chance of pregnancy?
  31. No condom
  32. How do I tell my boyfriend I want to keep it
  33. Am I pregnant?
  34. Pregnant maybe
  35. unprotected touching
  36. possibility of pregnancy?
  37. The pill and room temperature
  38. Took A pregnancy test 5 days before period and still sore breast
  39. Can get pregnant even if ... ?
  40. pregnancy or period symptoms.Freaking out!!
  41. I'm scared please help
  42. Pregnancy Test?
  43. can i be pregnant or no? i need an answer ASAP
  44. Suffering from anxiety. Pregnant?
  45. Can you get a period during pregnancy?
  46. Am I worried for nothing?
  47. Is is implantation bleeding or periods?
  48. teenage pregnancy
  49. could I be pregnant?
  50. Spotting or period? Could I be pregnant?
  51. My Pregnant teen daughter has rib pain randomly
  52. help?
  53. Should I be worried about a pregnancy?
  54. Concerned, should I worry?
  55. Help
  56. 18, pregnant and terrified
  57. Missed pills and unprotected sex
  58. Dry Humping and possible pregnant
  59. Birth control and late period questions
  60. worried about pregnancy
  61. Pregnancy risk?
  62. Im so worried ... pregnant?
  63. Could I be pregnant?
  64. Just a question
  65. A Question (Help)
  66. late periods- what could this mean?
  67. Precum and pregnancy
  68. please answer
  69. Delay period
  70. What are the chances of pregnancy this way?
  71. Teen, wanting to be pregnant.
  72. I talked to plan parenthood
  73. Concerning scenario
  74. pregnant while dry humping?
  75. possibly pregnant
  76. Am i worrying for nothing?
  77. I need advice.
  78. Please help!!!!!
  79. First signs of pregnancy
  80. Uncertain
  81. Even worth worrying about?
  82. What are my risks? please help
  83. Severe OCD That My Girlfriend Is Pregnant
  84. Sperm on bedding
  85. Could I be pregnant?
  86. Symptoms?
  87. Pregnant? Or is it all in my head?
  88. Anyone help me relax?
  89. Possibility of Pregnancy - Please Help!!
  90. Pregnancy scare
  91. I'm worried that I might be pregnant..
  92. Cramping after taking norlevo
  93. sexual activity emergency
  94. Is this a phobia or is it actually possible???!
  95. HELP ... worried about pregnancy ... fingering issues!!
  96. Is it all in my head, or no?
  97. chances of pregnancy?
  98. Pregnancy scare for 2 months!
  99. HELP is a pregnancy test accurate 6 wks after sex?
  100. Please help, pregnancy scare 17 years old.
  101. I used Plan B last month and got my period after, but now my period is late, help?
  102. Pregnancy scare
  103. Please help, I'm worried about possible pregnancy
  104. Precum through yoga pants and underwear?
  105. Pregnancy? PMS? Another symptom?
  106. Pregnancy Scare
  107. Help me !! Please
  108. 4 negative pregnancy test and period 2 months late. Protected sex
  109. Pregnancy scare
  110. Period 21 days late. 4 Negative Pregnancy tests
  111. Am I at risk?
  112. I'm probably just being stupid but I can't help it.
  113. How long does sperm live on hand/fingers?
  114. virgin pregnancy
  115. Used a condom and my period is 5 days late! Please help
  116. Can precum get you pregnant?
  117. help me out guys
  118. Possible Pregnancy risk?
  119. 18 and pregnant
  120. Am i correct?
  121. Could i be pregnant?
  122. Please help!
  123. Could i be pregnant
  124. Pregnant?
  125. Implantation Blood or Just Old Blood? HELP?!!
  126. Possible pregnancy please help
  127. Help me out here please!
  128. pregnant from precum after period?
  129. Unanswered Question of my pregnancy risk.
  130. Pregnancy risk/safe?
  131. Am I Pregnant?
  132. Just lost my virginity, what are pregnancy chances?
  133. Can she pregnant during her periods
  134. No protection+fooling around=pregnant?
  135. Pregnant risk/scare?
  136. AM I PREGNANT ??~worried
  137. I'm scared I may be pregnant.
  138. Confusion about sperm/semen
  139. no condom for 5 seconds
  140. can she be pregnant?
  141. Quick confirmation on a pregnancy risk?
  142. Am I pregnant?? Help
  143. How accurate Pregnancy test after 1 month of intercourse
  144. Dry humping
  145. What are the chances of pregnancy?
  146. Pregnancy from fingering just before periods??
  147. Brown Discharge = Period ?
  148. Is this my period?? Helppp!
  149. Condom slipping. A worry ?
  150. No intercourse, Irregular, brown discharge, negative test
  151. Help!! He came in me, took plan B, more sex after
  152. What do you think?
  153. Why am I bleeding and could I be pregnant?
  154. White discharge... no period?? help!
  155. Pregnant virgin?? Losing sleep.
  156. I think I might be pregnant, but I'm not sure!
  157. Advice on My Gf period latness and Ovulation
  158. help..?
  159. Rubbing?
  160. Am i thinking to much about this or am i at risk of getting pregnant?!
  161. irregular period or pregnancy??
  162. Should I be worried?
  163. No Pregnancy concern right?!!
  164. Scared and need help
  165. Only rubbing, but late period, but negative tests, should i be worried?
  166. Pregnancy risk? - pre *** issue
  167. please hurry asap ! I think I might be pregnant, I'm scared.
  168. Please help!! really worried
  169. No sure if spotting or light period please help!
  170. Please help, I'm panicking
  171. pls help, i shouldnt be pregnant from this?
  172. Need confirmation of A PREGNANCY RISK?
  173. again help
  174. help me
  175. HELP ME!!!!!!! 18 not not sure if i am pregnant
  176. preejaculate on period?
  177. Unsure
  178. Is it possible to get pregnant ?
  179. am I pregnant?
  180. is there any way possible to get pregnant from dry humping?
  181. 16 and pregnant
  182. Can you get pregant from dry humping?
  183. 18 and maybe pregnant
  184. Possibility of pregnancy from fingering? :o
  185. Possibly Pregnant?
  186. Am I still a virgin and may i get pragnant?
  187. Could I be Pregnant?
  188. symptoms maybe... ?
  189. Scared i might be pregnant
  190. please help
  191. Pregnancy Chance?
  192. Pregnancy or ovulation?
  193. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?
  194. Can I be pregnant from this??
  195. Is this just a side effect of plan b or??
  196. Condom Broke, no ejaculation just pre ***
  197. Please help!!
  198. I am scared
  199. Can she get pregnant?
  200. will i get pregnant if sprem is still in me even if i started me period
  201. withdrawal bleed on pill?
  202. is this my period or implantation bleeding? scared!
  203. worried about precum
  204. precum
  205. Paranoid!
  206. opinions? could i be?
  207. Paranoid. Help?! Please guys..
  208. pregnancy
  209. help please
  210. Could I be pregnant ?
  211. confused about possibility of pregnancy
  212. help paranoid
  213. Help, am I pregnant? :(
  214. When is the first day of menstrual cycle
  215. Can this make you pregnant?
  216. Pregnancy Confusion
  217. Sign of pregnancy?
  218. I'm Scared
  219. Am I really pregnant?
  220. scared
  221. Could my girlfriend be pregnant?
  222. could sperm pass through clothes and get positive pregnancy test
  223. A few questions
  224. Really anxious please help!
  225. Am i pregnant?
  226. Dealyed periods after protected sex
  227. Help pleaseee urgent
  228. the test is negative but where is my period???
  229. Worried pregnancy!
  230. Precum and pregnancy
  231. Pregnancy Test
  232. Could i be pregnant??
  233. Safe on BC? Bleeding? Surgery?
  234. late period, negative test
  235. Condom slipped up during sex?
  236. On birth control, do I need to worry?
  237. Need help am i pregnant !!!!!!!
  238. Possible to get pregnant during your period?
  239. AAHH please help!!
  240. I need Help, Freaking out something serious!!!
  241. Pregnancy scare
  242. advice on sex?
  243. Help please URGENT
  244. Has been bugging me, need clarity please asap?
  245. is there any chance of pregnancy?? urgent
  246. Could I be pregnant?
  247. What are the chances of pregnancy? URGENT
  248. Help!
  249. In desperate need of help/advice. Any and all is appreciated.
  250. Is there a possibility I am pregnant or is my period being irregular? Please help.

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