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  1. How to maintain pain 2 yrs after Fixation Surgery?
  2. Want to know about ra
  3. big toe fusion
  4. Best Car for Arthritis?
  5. I'm 32. Could I have arthritis?
  6. spondylolisthesis of C4 on C5
  7. doctor appt
  8. Is this typical of early RA in the hands?
  9. Rocker bottom type shoes??
  10. Pantalar Fusion
  11. Exercises!
  12. Ankle Supports!
  13. Ankle Arthritis!
  14. PLEASE READ Anyone under 30 with RA or PSA??
  15. Arthritis in fingers
  16. Chondroitin & Glucosamine were found to be ineffective
  17. unsupportive family
  18. High Normal Sed Rate and Rheumitoid Factor
  19. Why is find a good doc so hard??
  20. intermittent full body arthritis with immediate 'lifting'
  21. Enbrel
  22. nonspecific, mild joint pains
  23. Gout or Arthritis?
  24. MTX Side Effects
  25. MTX Side Effects
  26. Medication/Supplements prior to bone scan?
  27. CMC arthroplasty w/ lrti
  28. Fingers popping...
  29. need advice
  30. just a thank you to ya'll
  31. Why does my Dr want me to have Fibromyalgia sooo bad?
  32. New to board, Gout or Arthritus?
  33. migrating joint pain
  34. no one understands. migrating joint pain
  35. arthritis in knee what is best for it
  36. Hip and knee pain
  37. newly diagnosed
  38. arthritis in neck/headaches/itchy ear & scalp
  39. my diagnosis and ny treatment
  40. Does a "plant based" diet really curb inflammation?
  41. Glucosamine Chondroitin same as Knox Gelatin
  42. fusion of joint implant
  43. Baseline eye exam and Methotrexate
  44. Is this OsteoArthritis
  45. My Mother and Arthritis.
  46. Ankylosing spondylitis.. does this sound right..
  47. I coulda sworn i had arthritis, and I still think I do
  48. 20 year old who neeeds some advice/answers
  49. When i walk upstairs my knee is realy painful. Whats wrong?
  50. RA? OA? Lupus? Something else?
  51. hallux rigidus stage III (MRI results)
  52. Arthroscope on TKR
  53. can I stop my meds?
  54. Triple whammy - OA, AS, & FMS
  55. Actemra
  56. cmc surgery with tendon replacement
  57. arthritis
  58. Aussie girl looking for local fellow sufferers
  59. symptoms ra and treating early
  60. Cramping in hands, fingers locking
  61. Please give me feedback -- arms.
  62. golfer's elbow
  63. Lots of symptoms, no diagnosis
  64. arthritis in my neck
  65. Prednisone medicine
  66. I had cmc surgery and dequervain procedure.
  67. I had my surgery on 4/16/10.
  68. Car Accident = Arthritis
  69. Thumb surgery for arthritis
  70. Arthritic Suspicion in Teenager?
  71. Biologics Meds Anyone?
  72. Bright spots on Bone Scan~Have you had one?
  73. Seeing a Rheumatologist for the first time today
  74. osteoarthritis?
  75. How long does it take Celebrex to Work ??
  76. biological ankle replacement
  77. Both feet bow outward very painful
  78. popping
  79. shot in ankle
  80. CMC arthroplasty
  81. Glucosamine/chondroitin or Celebrex ?
  82. New Here!!
  83. Fibromyalgia,or back pain?
  84. Hip arthritis -Labral tear and paralabral cyst
  85. 23 and living in pain- help please!
  86. Celebrex
  87. Patellar clunk syndrome - non-surgical treatments?
  88. 23 with possible arthritis? Or is it something else??
  89. elevated sed rate
  90. MRI as diagnostic tool for early RA joint changes?
  91. Really Ridged Fingernails a sign of RA?
  92. what if A.S.O.T test high or abnormal
  93. Methotrexate for RA
  94. recovery from hip replacement
  95. Any ideas Please?!
  96. swelling in chest
  97. my knees grind and i am a teen what does this mean?
  98. newly diagnosed- please help
  99. Chronic Back Pain help
  100. severe joint pain
  101. ANA 1:320 mixed Homogeneous and Speckled pattern
  102. 21 year old diagnosed with Arthritis; lots of questions
  103. So much pain need to vent and need advice!
  104. help!
  105. What Arthritis in the knee looks like
  106. bent fingers
  107. Rhem Dr. Prescribed Pred
  108. last 3 fingers went numb....
  109. RA and Worried
  110. 17 year old girl with arthritis
  111. arthritis on thr brain
  112. MTX and Tuberculosis
  113. triple arthodesis of the foot
  114. Low-positive anti-CCP test
  115. help please! 12 yo son with reactive arthritis
  116. I have a question..
  117. Biologics for RA
  118. Is anyone on Orencia?
  119. This morning, woke up with a swollen right hand
  120. I saw the orth today
  121. My Symptoms
  122. gout - my foot is swelling
  123. knee replacement surgery
  124. i had it with dr. at lcmc so i got a cammer
  125. Tested Positive to RA Factor
  126. My first post
  127. Azathioprine
  128. ASU-300 (Avocado-soybean unsaponifiables)
  129. CMC Arthroplasty and nerve pain???
  130. CRP levels and shoulder pain
  131. burning the nerves in a back
  132. someone please help me!!
  133. One Swollen Knee
  134. Rheumatoid arthritis and calf swelling
  135. xray findins of suspision of hip impingment and sacroliitis but mri came back normal.
  136. Help !!!!!!!
  137. Getting help, no insurance
  138. Embrel
  139. does exercise worsen chondromalacia
  140. Mattress recommendation
  141. pain in joints
  142. triple arthrodesis
  143. Can't take chronic pain anymore!
  144. Esr
  145. Basal joint surgery
  146. problems with my shoulder
  147. Azathioprine
  148. basal joint arthroplasty surgery
  149. Do I have arthritis?
  150. don't know what to do anymore
  151. Big toe fusion ongoing pain
  152. how long before you see results from taking glucosamine and chondroitin tablets
  153. confused about how much pain
  154. sudden onset pain
  155. RA agressive or mild
  156. Total Ankle Replacement
  157. household aids
  158. basal joint
  159. going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story
  160. Getting Breast Implants with RA
  161. Swollen ball of foot
  162. update and a question
  163. Embril without methotrexate?
  164. Dang Dr.!
  165. Freaking out mom JRA or Growing Pains or worse
  166. Does arthritis in the feet cause pain in feet, tingling in toes and a burning sensati
  167. Do your arms just ache and ache sometimes?
  168. Am I crazy?
  169. Waiting Has a Way of Slowing Down Time
  170. Bone Fusion for Basal joint arthritis
  171. recovery after big toe fusion
  172. dr's advise on RA help please
  173. Endoscopy Results
  174. PLEASE tell me what supplement(s) have worked for you
  175. Meloxicam allergy.....
  176. Anterior hip surgery
  177. Experiences with Aloe and Licorice treatments, please share!
  178. Do i have Some form of arthritis?
  179. osteoarthritis
  180. can this be RA
  181. have no doctor access, have hip question!
  182. Bouchard's nodes
  183. what is embril
  184. Arthritis ? Newbie
  185. Is anyone here on Actemra? Please share your experiences.
  186. Dietary Oxalic Acid effect on Rheumatoid Arthritis
  187. Nodule caused from Artritis?
  188. PA may have caused internal organ inflammation
  189. acid refux medicines side effects - PLS help
  190. Doesnt Anyone have a Lump?
  191. Knee arthritis
  192. Long term pain relief for shoulder arthritis?
  193. Lump In Leg Mri results?
  194. Antireflux treatment side effects - burning tongue and cramps - HELP
  195. RA and Surgery
  196. Still no DX
  197. Enbrel and Life Insurance
  198. tingling, joint pain mostly in foot, knee, hips
  199. Question re persistent soreness in knuckle of ring (fourth) finger
  200. Another Diagnosis- but still no answers
  201. Pain in left armpit?
  202. Question about the oval 8 finger splint
  203. petrol pump syndrome ?
  204. Do you have this?
  205. naproxen how long to take to work
  206. Arthritis Pain
  207. Shoulder pain
  208. agent orange and arthritis
  209. Please Help !!!
  210. Arthritis or not Arthritis. Feel like giving up
  211. confused about arthritis
  212. swollen knuckles after sleeping
  213. what causes patella clunk syndrome
  214. Diclofenac Sodium / Nexium
  215. Arthritis in fingers
  216. throat problem.. linked to sulfasalazine?
  217. Shooting/stabbing pain in right arm
  218. How long did it take for your test results?
  219. New to this
  220. Is there a surgery for arthritis in the back?
  221. pain in joints
  222. auto immune disease and bags under eyes??
  223. Moms x-rays
  224. confused about this
  225. Shoulder Pain really hurts!
  226. Do injections work for basal arthritis?
  227. It seems my family is cursed
  228. mid foot fusion
  229. Possible RA Even Though Test Negative?
  230. Simponi and Methotrexate
  231. Does taking Glucosamine Chondroitin cause gas??
  232. will find out next week ...
  233. Joints.
  234. locked index finger
  235. switching meds.
  236. Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  237. Kefir and MSG
  238. Something I want you to know about me it's not that I can't spell ; I can't see
  239. Something I want you to know about me it's not that I can't spell ; I can't see
  240. Of you have osteoarthriyis and fibro please tell me what has helped you
  241. Osteoarthritis/Fibro HELP PLEASE
  242. Pain clinic? for back and joint pain
  243. Pain clinic? for back and joint pain
  244. Need info from Imuran users
  245. seeing specialist rheumy nurse to see if I can have anti tnf drugs
  246. RA - no fun...
  247. RA Aids
  248. knee sound+when i sit or stand+walk
  249. Do NSAIDS slow, or speed up, joint damage?
  250. Frustrated...what could this be?

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