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  1. What sorts of tests?
  2. CPEO and Sjogren's?
  3. finally positive blood work-medication?
  4. What is wrong with me!!??
  5. sjogrens, uk
  6. 'beginning of Sjogrens'
  7. computer monitor conversion help dry eyes?
  8. Biotene for Dry Mouth
  9. Can't take Evoxac or Salagen
  10. Cortizone as a treatment?
  11. Anti-SSB positive without Anti-SSA?
  12. working full time with sjogrens
  13. Fairly New to the Sjogren's
  14. joint hurts only at night
  15. DigestaCure
  16. Flare ups -- how often
  17. Tummy problems, anyone?
  18. jaw/chin tightness?
  19. groin lymph nodes and dry mouth
  20. dehydration
  21. No Dry Mouth?
  22. Anyone else had GI upset with NSAIDs but, has been able to tolerate Plaquenil?
  23. Does Sjogren's Make Your Eyes Look Different?
  24. New Flare, New Symptom
  25. Any advice about Sjogrens and surgery?
  26. Can't cry- Is it Sjogren's?
  27. Strange Sjogren's Symptoms?
  28. Vaginal Yeast Infections and Sjogren's
  29. Severe pain upon first bite
  30. coping with work
  31. Applying autologous blood serum as tear substitute experience?
  32. Autoimmunity type for Sjogren and Hashimoto?
  33. Anyone have reaction to contrast dye?
  34. Blood tests point to Sjogren's
  35. Schirmer's test...anyone else have this?
  36. Not sure if I should be on here as...
  37. SCALP is very very dry and hurts --- HELP
  38. I think I may have Sjogren's Syndrome
  39. Sjorgrens/Hypo?Lupus
  40. question on Plaquenil
  41. Swimming and chlorine in your eyes?
  42. Secondary Sjorgren's
  43. Is this a symptom?
  44. Anyone using a stronger DMARD than Plaquenil?
  45. ocd /anxiety flared up after gettn married
  46. Could this be Sjogrens?
  47. Dry Eyes/Lips - Possible Sjogrens? looking for support
  48. Dry Eyes- Sjogren's Sydrome
  49. Could this be Sjogrens?
  50. Dry mouth and seeing a dentist
  51. sjogrens-milky mucous in mouth & esophagus
  52. Anyone know a Sjogren's specialist at UCLA or Mayo?
  53. Hydroxychlorquine
  54. can dry mouth cause post nasal drip?
  55. Cheek pain upon first bite/drink?
  56. Anyone on methotrexate?
  57. sjogrens
  58. Do you get sick more or less often?
  59. Opinions please - What do you think causes Sjogren's?
  60. New diagnosis - my work is not supportive
  61. Foods that help dry mouth?
  62. What Starter Dry Eye Medication for Sjogren?
  63. dental problems
  64. Sjogren's and migraines?
  65. Sjogren's and contact lenses/punctal plugs?
  66. Need HELP for a friend. Suspect Sjogren's
  67. radiating back pain?
  68. What is involved in draining parotid gland?
  69. What Works Best to Relieve Dry Mouth?
  70. Eye Pain question
  71. Reduced Saliva, Dry Mouth Questions
  72. A full days work with sjogrens
  73. eye problems
  74. Bump or a small Lump on the inside of the lip
  75. sjogrens and surgery
  76. Dry eye plugs/ Need advice
  77. Cellcept and Hearing Loss, who is on it....
  78. Placquenil
  79. Need help interpreting lab results
  80. Please help me
  81. seizures anyone with SS?
  82. Can this be a Reaction too?
  83. Could My Back Ache Be Related to SS?
  84. How Bad Can SS Complications Get?
  85. seizures anyone?
  86. Constipation and Sjogren's Syndrome
  87. Sjogren's Syndrome and Gout?
  88. Evoxac?
  89. Another question about Sjogrens and no symptoms
  90. dehydration
  91. So sick of not knowing
  92. Eyes
  93. coq10
  94. looking for advice
  95. FM and sjögren's
  96. A new kind of pain?
  97. What exactly does your dry mouth feel like?
  98. sjogrens and thyroid problems
  99. cortate tablets
  100. Burning Mouth and Sjogren’s Syndromes
  101. Wheezing is new
  102. What to expect
  103. Labs
  104. Sjogren's and bone problems.. anyone else?
  105. sjogrens & acl Fusion surgery
  106. white small circle patches on tongue.
  107. Is it possible to have negative blood tests but still have the syndrome?
  108. Going to see SSDI reveiw doctor - any hints?
  109. New to the board
  110. positive ANA and antiSSB - no symptoms of Sjogren's
  111. Sjogren's Syndrome-Cauterization
  112. Have To Return To Work!!
  113. Sjogren's Syndrome
  114. Referal and help in NY
  115. Does this sound like Sjogrens?
  116. newly diagnosed....
  117. Help
  118. I have Sjogren's and am looking for help with vaginal dryness??
  119. support group for Sjogren's
  120. Possible Sjogren's????!!!!
  121. Imuran results needed?
  122. dry eyes now what?
  123. do u get electric shocks?
  124. ss and heart problems?
  125. i have neuro sjogrens too
  126. Fingernails
  127. Please- I need your help
  128. Acidic discharge from eyes
  129. bloodtest for sjogren
  130. Sjögren Syndrome
  131. Sjogren's without blood markers?
  132. Surgery and SJogrens
  133. sjogrens syndrome
  134. glands in your lip
  135. Pittsburgh doctors specializing in sjogrens syndrome
  136. do inner lip salivary glands look normal?
  137. turn numbers in to words for me
  138. About to start Cellcept
  139. how long before you are diagnosed with sjogrens can `you have it
  140. Ive got some questions
  141. Looking for someone with a similar story
  142. what type of dr.
  143. Sjogren's and Nose sores/lesions
  144. Sjogren's
  145. can happen
  146. no info
  147. dizzy and light-headed
  148. punctal plugs for the eyes
  149. What do Sjogrens folks do for allergies?
  150. burning tongue when eating
  151. sjogrens and kidney stones
  152. tickle in my throat at night
  153. Exercise tolerance
  154. White spots/like styes under eyes
  155. Sjogrens miracle drug?
  156. Looking for information on Evoxac
  157. lupus and sjoren
  158. sjogrens syndrome
  159. New to site and newly diagnoised with sjogrens
  160. what should a platelet level be
  161. Burning skin associated with possible sjogren's syndrome
  162. Flying with Sjogrens
  163. Lump in tongue
  164. Reasonable Working Accommodations
  165. Ozone therapy
  166. Elevated Sjogren's B blood test
  167. Could it be Sjögren's?
  168. Wife was diagnosed, give some input?
  169. Weight loss and Sjogrens
  170. hives rash and hot palms
  171. Neuro problems with sjogrens or fibromyalgia
  172. AutoImmune Hepatitis
  173. A&b
  174. Sjogren's and dry eyes
  175. Diagnosed with ms and sjogrens
  176. Question For Those On Plaquenil
  177. Need Humidifier Recommendation (Mold and Bacteria Free)
  178. Sjogren's and Dental
  179. Lung involvement with Sjogrens?
  180. sjoegren's doctors
  181. Is this Salty taste from Sjogrens?
  182. New Sjogrens Syndrome
  183. Burning of the mouth and tongue
  184. What do I most need to learn about my diagnosis?
  185. Sjorgens's disease, is this what it might be?
  186. unknown diagnosis
  187. Does this sound like SS
  188. Natural Remedies for Extraglandular Aspects of Sjogrens?
  189. Sjogrens and Osteoporosis?
  190. Evoxac and muscle spasms
  191. Unexpected diagnosis
  192. Too many possibilities
  193. Is This True......
  194. Just diagnosed with Sjogren's but concerned about test results
  195. hives on palms?
  196. Sjogren's and Neuropathy?
  197. Sjogren's and IUD
  198. Any seronegative Sjogren's?
  199. Is it Sjogren's Syndrome
  200. Florida Doctors treating Sjogren syndrome
  201. Lip Biopsy Scheduled and Anesthesia??
  202. confused
  203. Is anyone else able to work full time?
  204. do I or don't I?
  205. What are all these blood test for?
  206. Anyone with this too?
  207. I do not have dry eyes, but elevated SS-A
  208. New to Sjogren's
  209. Is Sjogren's a syndrome...
  210. Meds not working
  211. My symptoms. Sound like Sjogrens?
  212. lip biopsy info
  213. My Rhuemy says....
  214. Sleep Deprived
  215. Salty taste.
  216. Symptoms
  217. Good rheumy in Austin area???????????
  218. test results
  219. what side effects can be caused when taking both prednisolone and plaquenil
  220. dont know
  221. Can the dryness eventually go away : ppl please advise !!!
  222. Sore throat and dry eye's that wont go away!
  223. Blood tests for sjogren's diagnosis
  224. nose bleeds
  225. Cytoxen side effects vs. benefits for short and long term use
  226. I need support
  227. blood test
  228. symptoms of sjogrens syndrome are what?? please help
  229. what is the correlation between lupus and lymphoma
  230. sjogrens is a pain!!
  231. Sjogren's Syndrome & burning skin
  232. swallowing problems
  233. My Nephrologist thinks I have Sjogren's Syndrome...
  234. Purpose of lip biopsy??
  235. Endoscopy
  236. is this it??????
  237. how do you know if you passed a saliva stone
  238. Punctual Plugs for dry eyes - any experience? from UK
  239. support groups for men with sjgrens's
  240. is lip biopsy useful to diagnose anything other than sjogren's?
  241. I need some help with some symptoms
  242. Plaquenil
  243. Use Of Sugar Free Candy
  244. Do your inner lip salivary glands stick out?
  245. White coated tongue
  246. do your eyes actually get watery in the wind?
  247. thrush
  248. Does Restasis Work???
  249. How often do you see your Rheumy?
  250. index level