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  1. Specialist in Sjogren's
  2. Problem with eyelashes - Sjogren or blepharitis?
  3. fusion surgery complications
  4. possible sjogrens
  5. Possible Sjogren's?
  6. Sjogrens
  7. blood serum eye drops
  8. Trouble swallowing
  9. Need help..Pain & tingling in glands
  10. new to sjogrens
  11. Sjogrens plus multiple disorders
  12. Sjogren'- lupus
  13. Psoriasis artritis/sjogren/cyclic oedema
  14. Just got back Test results and SO confusing... please help anyone clarify
  15. New to the forum...
  16. Sjogrens or muscle weakness
  17. Sjogrens?
  18. Could this be Sjogren's - list of symptoms..
  19. Suuuuper dry skin... need help!
  20. Lip Biopsy Help
  21. complete gland shut down???
  22. Extreme lower back pain Help!
  23. Rheumatologist
  24. internal organ damage
  25. Loss of Appetite
  26. Diagnosis Pending
  27. Sjogren's and work
  28. Sjrogen's syndrome
  29. does anyone get jolts?
  30. New and confused :confused:
  31. LP(a))
  32. Sjogren's and Dry Eyes
  33. Methotrexate anyone?
  34. Taste/tongue issues with: Sjogrens, celiac, Fibro, migraines, IBS and Gastroparesis.
  35. Annular Granuloma and dry ears
  36. Possible Sjogrens
  37. Question about swollen glands w/Sjogrens
  38. Frequent lung infections with Sjogrens
  39. Sjogrens suddenly develop?
  40. Could these symptoms be sjogrens?
  41. numerous problems plus sjogrens
  42. numerous problems plus sjogrens
  43. Dry Skin
  44. I'm a newbie here!
  45. salt/bitter taste
  46. need some tips
  47. Hip Replacement
  48. Just not sure, but could it be?
  49. Just not sure, but could it be?
  50. Tongue sores
  51. sjorgren's and chronic post nasal drainage
  52. Sjorgrens with chronic post nasal drainage
  53. Sjogrens and tooth decay?
  54. Dry Mouth Problems
  55. Trying to Figure this all out !!!
  56. Sjogrens and parotitis
  57. smelling exhaust fumes??
  58. Possible sjogrens syndrome
  59. CoQ10 for Dry Mouth
  60. Updated bloodwork - what does it mean?
  61. Shirmer's Test/ Dry Eye
  62. Diagnosed with Sjogren's Today
  63. Sjögren's Syndrome - newly diagnosed
  64. son might have sjogren's-
  65. Eye problems with Sjogrens?
  66. Tested for Sjogrens...
  67. being tested for Sjogrens, but not sure i have it
  68. Newly diagnosed with Sjogren's
  69. my first post... warning - it's way too long
  70. arythmia's with primary sjogrens syndrome
  71. Mouth sores
  72. Sjogren's and Early Degenerative Changes in Hips
  73. is evoxavac worth trying?
  74. Sjogrens
  75. Does this sound like Sjogrens?
  76. Some good news!
  77. Inflamed Carotid, Fibro...Sjogren?
  78. Sjogren Syndrome
  79. Help with teeth please
  80. Dehydration
  81. Think I might have Sjogren's
  82. sjogerns sydrome and PAIN
  83. Help with lab results
  84. Sjogrens Syndrome and Plaquenil Treatment
  85. Kidney stones
  86. Hello and Lip biopsy Post Treatment
  87. What tests are there to check for sjogren's?
  88. Generic Evoxac
  89. Questions about IBS
  90. Itching
  91. Why does Sjogren's cause fatigue? is it the inflammation it causes?
  92. Best Sjogren's Information
  93. debating to have lip biopsy... need advice, story and labs inside
  94. Mild dry mouth, negative blood, help!
  95. What kinds of drs do lip biopsy? Also lots of venting, tired of being sick!
  96. dry mouth and cracked lips
  97. Lab's prove otherwise?
  98. Sjogrens?
  99. Does this sound like it is Sjogren's?
  100. Having Sjogrens without positive labs?
  101. Confused by positive SSB/negative ANA
  102. Sjogren's and Gastro Symptoms
  103. Anyone have Sjogrens & Fibromyalgia?
  104. Primary autoimmune ? Secondary Sjogren's??
  105. Questions about Sjogrens diagnosis
  106. Sjogren's I'm sure? and cancer I know.
  107. Lip Biopsy
  108. Chances of a false positive?
  109. tongue inflamation
  110. Is nausea & vomiting a symptom?
  111. Most accurate tests? Symptoms? Very long...
  112. Blood work results can anyone help decifer
  113. new here, advice, thoughts?
  114. Sjogren's and Cataract Surgery
  115. Any recs for a rheumy in Austin?
  116. 'Early' Sjogren's?
  117. Help - I'm a Newbie
  118. hair quality
  119. Sjogrens and Remission
  120. Pilocarpine or Evorax
  121. Restasis
  122. Burning tongue syndrome & Sjogrens?
  123. I think i have sjorens
  124. Hearing loss and loud ringing in ear!
  125. Crying tears?
  126. Sjogren's and Provigil
  127. Sweat glands affected by Sjogrens?
  128. Is it Sjogren's? 25 yo female...
  129. New here
  130. Scared and Frustrated
  131. scleral lenses
  132. Looking for a rheumatologist
  133. Wondering about Sjogren's
  134. Cauterization for Dryness
  135. Siblings with Sjogren's?
  136. Looking for a Rheumy in Orange Co, CA
  137. Other symptoms -- are they related to SS?
  138. Does Sjogren's lead to other autoimmune diseases?
  139. What do you tell people?
  140. I have a question?
  141. Sjogrens and hair loss
  142. Newly diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome
  143. Is this a flare?
  144. newly diagnosed - mouth sores/throat irritation
  145. Shingles
  146. sjogren's and one very itchy rash
  147. Sjogrens and nausea, and flare up
  148. Frustrated with lots of symptoms
  149. SO DRY can not swallow...
  150. Undiagnosed and frustrated
  151. Punctal plugs, are they comfortable?
  152. Quetiapine for sleep issues
  153. Sjogrens screen test results
  154. GP completely unfamiliar with Sjogrens
  155. Hair Loss
  156. started on Evoxac
  157. Sjogrens and Disability
  158. Sjogrens Syndrome and Mono
  159. Any Good Books?
  160. Hydroxychloroquine S/E flushing skin?
  161. Finding a Sjogren's Specialist
  162. Peripheral neuropathy, neuralgia, vasculitis
  163. Sjogren's/Neuropathy Symptoms - Burning
  164. sjogrens + spleen enlarged
  165. Peripheral Neuropathy - IVIG, Cymbalta and other Relief
  166. Peripheral Neuropathy
  167. Newbie with Questions
  168. Sjogrens/Fibromyalgia/hypothyroid/depression
  169. Is this common?
  170. Lip Biopsy What Can I Expect?
  171. Need help for mom
  172. any idea
  173. not sure what to do
  174. A 'girlie' question (TMI and about a sensitive topic)
  175. tear duct plugs
  176. Evoxac for dry mouth?
  177. sjogrens syndrome/very frightened.
  178. Blood Serum Eye Drops
  179. Plaquenil Nightmare Anyone?
  180. Blood tests are positive, but not sure what they mean?
  181. Sjogren's? What do you think?
  182. Plaquenil Anyone?
  183. Dry eye inflamation
  184. Cleaning eye ointment from glasses??
  185. Sjogren's and Lung Issues
  186. Is this a symptom of Sjogrens?
  187. Anyone Have SS AND Valley Fever? I Do.
  188. Sjogrens
  189. aghh! newbie to ss
  190. Itching
  191. New to this
  192. Diagnosed with sjogrens 4yrs ago
  193. Hylo drops!!!!
  194. Hysterectemy/sjogrens link???
  195. Jaw, face and eye pain
  196. starting a new journey
  197. Sjogren's shopping List
  198. Primary Sjogrens UK....anyone else?
  199. Reading the fourth edition "The Sjogren's book" which just came out!!
  200. Being a male with Sjogren's
  201. Transverse myelitis
  202. lower back issues
  203. How is it diagnosed?
  204. SS diagnoses, Some advice please
  205. Sjogren with Neuro problems
  206. sores in my nostrils that do not heal
  207. Fatigue, temperature control, Lasik eye correction and Weight
  208. Desperately Need Advice
  209. Sjogrens, Fibromylagia, Thyroid Disease
  210. What sorts of tests?
  211. CPEO and Sjogren's?
  212. finally positive blood work-medication?
  213. What is wrong with me!!??
  214. sjogrens, uk
  215. 'beginning of Sjogrens'
  216. computer monitor conversion help dry eyes?
  217. Biotene for Dry Mouth
  218. Can't take Evoxac or Salagen
  219. Cortizone as a treatment?
  220. Anti-SSB positive without Anti-SSA?
  221. working full time with sjogrens
  222. Fairly New to the Sjogren's
  223. joint hurts only at night
  224. DigestaCure
  225. Flare ups -- how often
  226. Tummy problems, anyone?
  227. jaw/chin tightness?
  228. groin lymph nodes and dry mouth
  229. dehydration
  230. No Dry Mouth?
  231. Anyone else had GI upset with NSAIDs but, has been able to tolerate Plaquenil?
  232. Does Sjogren's Make Your Eyes Look Different?
  233. New Flare, New Symptom
  234. Any advice about Sjogrens and surgery?
  235. Can't cry- Is it Sjogren's?
  236. Strange Sjogren's Symptoms?
  237. Vaginal Yeast Infections and Sjogren's
  238. Severe pain upon first bite
  239. coping with work
  240. Applying autologous blood serum as tear substitute experience?
  241. Autoimmunity type for Sjogren and Hashimoto?
  242. Anyone have reaction to contrast dye?
  243. Blood tests point to Sjogren's
  244. Schirmer's test...anyone else have this?
  245. Not sure if I should be on here as...
  246. SCALP is very very dry and hurts --- HELP
  247. I think I may have Sjogren's Syndrome
  248. Sjorgrens/Hypo?Lupus
  249. question on Plaquenil
  250. Swimming and chlorine in your eyes?

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