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  29. dental treatment and antibiotics
  30. Stryker Triathlon Knee Prosthesis
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  32. Hip replacement
  33. Would like to hear from anyone that was heavy and had THR.
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  49. Blood therapy new!!
  50. how long does it take for the inflammation to go away after minisus surgery
  51. hip pain
  52. Knee pain...again!!!!!
  53. Pain 8 months post op THR
  54. help
  55. Muscle spasm-getting up from floor (7 months after THR)
  56. In Pain
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  67. cordisone i8njections
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  69. Misaligned pelvis causing serious hip and knee problems help!!
  70. need knee surgery but don't have the money or insurance
  71. Knee manipulation
  72. OC Allograft or bicompartmental PKR
  73. prolotherapy doctors in dallas, texas
  74. brusistis? piriformis? HELP!! what is happening with my hip???!! advice please
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  77. Glad to be here with you
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  80. Hows everbody?
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  82. Sleeping on the back
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  86. fell on hip on ice.
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  88. i have pain going down my leg what can it be
  89. Itching
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  91. day 7
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  94. Total Knee replacement
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  98. when is it time?????
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  100. searching for a Patella Specialist
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  108. Failed Microfracture what now???
  109. Just had Synvisc One injection in right knee
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  111. Ceramic Hip and impact sports
  112. everytime i get up my knee has sharp pains
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  114. TKR patients that have had previous ACLR
  115. hip
  116. how helpful is message on a broken hip bone
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  130. Broke Leg 6 Years Ago, Leg Now Needs To Be Popped Every 30 Minutes
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  133. Glousamine and Chrondoitin drink?
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  136. knee gives away
  137. what are the after effects after total hip replacement
  138. ACL reconstruction using HAmstring Graft
  139. funny lumpy knee
  140. my knee hurts when i bent it with pressure on it
  141. redo hip replacement still pain after 3 months
  142. need hip replacement
  143. Pain in Thigh and front of shin bone
  144. Knee problems?
  145. meniscus tear
  146. left knee...
  147. i have bad aches and pains in my knee and its very crunchy what is wrong
  148. Joint Pain
  149. knee replacement tkr
  150. Hip replacement precaution
  151. why do my knees make a grinding noise when i walk\
  152. crutches and knee catching
  153. 19 years old with Osgood Schlatter's
  154. How Long on Crutches After THR?
  155. trying to find out some information
  156. peeing alot After Hip replacement
  157. Still in pain 4 mos after TKR surgery-
  158. constant pain in hips
  159. Is this normal post-TKR pain?
  160. Has any one had a full hip replacement at a young age?
  161. Knee replacement & biking
  162. stories from people who have had bi lateral hip replacement
  163. i broke my legs when i was a little girl, could my knees hurt because of this
  164. Wish me Luck
  165. THR- 4 month update
  166. why does my lateral release still hurt
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  183. doctor does not take me seriously
  184. knee
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  195. Need Help
  196. What are some effective natural supplements for bursitis ?
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  199. Piriformis Syndrome and/or Sacroiliitis
  200. update and more questions
  201. Re: knee problem in MS patient
  202. why am I having swelling of ankle and leg and knee after total knee replacement done
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  204. sleeping with hip pain
  205. Short Leg Discrepancy
  206. feet numb
  207. aching knee and painfull hip at 21!!
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  211. Aussie orthopaedic surgeons
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