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  1. Help With Rehab For Hip
  2. Swelling after Total Knee Replacement
  3. Knee pain that won't go away
  4. Knock knees in Adults & Children
  5. total hip replacement after 3 months
  6. THR-using ceramic head and polyethylene bearing?
  7. Physical Therapist says slow down on exercising hip ?@!??***
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  9. knee issues
  10. Pre Surgery Qualification and class
  11. Young and Concerned about Knee Surgery
  12. lateral release surgery
  13. not sure what this is
  14. knee fusion questions
  15. Is this a problem?
  16. Both Knees Surgery July 25th
  17. more and more troubles!
  18. Newbie with hip replacement
  19. My Hubby's THR-not going well
  20. THP: Post-surgery--things they don't tell you!
  21. Total Knee replacement
  22. What should I expect before, during, after surgery?
  23. So I have been pain in my knees for weeks now..
  24. Sharp,Throbbing Knee Pain
  25. Any ideas for last minute pre-surgery stress reduction????
  26. Pinching nerve between knee caps?
  27. Martial arts, bio mechanical orthotics and a semi-sore knee
  28. Chondromalacia Patella/Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome
  29. Osgood Schlatter disease as child prone to knee problems as adults??
  30. Knee surgery
  31. Doctors keep feeding me the same BS it seems
  32. Pain After Meniscus Surgery
  33. 7 weeks post bi-lateral TKR
  34. Bone spur in knee post ACL surgery
  35. Knee pain.. trying to self diagnose
  36. Help with Hip MRI Report
  37. THR or Re- Surface
  38. where can I have shoes made for uneven leg length
  39. Pain In Hip after Surgery
  40. Fight to make them listen to you!!
  41. swollen left ankle and pain in left hip
  42. hi all...new member
  43. Help need.....PCL sugery
  44. Advice: Need ACl repair again with cartilage transplant
  45. Update with surgeon on meniscus tear.
  46. My knees
  47. Clicking in THR
  48. knee injury.
  49. Knee Injury Times Two.
  50. Inflammation in knee
  51. Are there Tummy Toners for THR?
  52. What will happen?
  53. Partial Hip Replacement?
  54. cracking hurting knees
  55. Artthrodesis of the Knee, Problems?
  56. Newbie here- My hubby is having a THR in 2 weeks.
  57. future after a total meniscectomy?
  58. New from S GA THR
  59. ACL Tear No Surgery -Megan E. Boris
  60. Do xrays of knee show muscle?
  61. partial knee replacement
  62. My 80 yr old father having THR 7/8/08..tips?
  63. Hip replacement/ many operations- any Help
  64. THR in South Georgia
  65. Fearing the worst
  66. Confussed!
  67. Multiple replacements
  68. Double Total Knee Replacement on 5/20/08
  69. Hip Replacement in 1994 and Thigh Pain
  70. How long for knee replacment recovery
  71. more pain in right hip and leg
  72. pain years later
  73. do you need surgery for miniscus tear?
  74. Knee injury after doing Kick
  75. can't do mri
  76. What Questions should I ask my OS before surgery?
  77. Hip resurfacing at +6 weeks
  78. Anterior minimal THR (left hip) 1 week ago today...
  79. Horse back riding after hip replacement
  80. torn medial meniscus
  81. TKR and now manipulation - but the pain remains so severe
  82. Question about Permanent Restrictions--Hip Replacement
  83. Strengthening Knee
  84. Hip Replacement or Resurface help please
  85. Caffeine and hip/joint pain
  86. knee
  87. regarding the pain
  88. osgood slatters disease
  89. 1 week postop scope and lateral release
  90. Knee pain just from standing
  91. Any Advise For Knee Treatments?????
  92. No range of motion after knee surgery
  93. Buttock, hamstring and hip pain
  94. minimal progress
  95. Knee pain Any thoughts???
  96. Chondromalacia Patella in DD
  97. Knee troubles
  98. Need help reading x-ray.
  99. In praise of sock donners and other grateful thoughts.........
  100. What life quality after THR?
  101. Post TKR 4 months and pain incredible and need manipulation
  102. I have Synovial Chondromatosis - 31 year old female
  103. my doctors disagree about meds and surgery
  104. Torn meniscus and a new even weirder symptom!?
  105. stem cells used to grow cartilage
  106. ACL, MCL, Meniscus........help
  107. Baker's cyst
  108. I Backed Into a Door Knob, While Moving a Sofa
  109. Snapping hip syndrome/tendon lengthening
  110. Other aches/pains before THP--normal?
  111. osgood schlatter...
  112. 3 Months Post-op THR, have not posted an update in a while
  113. Knee Pain - frustrated and very down
  114. Uncomplicated plica excision, seeking info
  115. 1 month post op THR have some questions
  116. Need 2 THR...how long should I wait in between?
  117. Strange Knee Pain
  118. Hip Replacement Surgery - I Need Moral Support
  119. Advise on problem with knee
  120. pain increasing
  121. scope + lateral release
  122. Has anyone had...
  123. 2 1/2 weeks after arthroscopy of knee
  124. cruicate ligament reconstruction
  125. New and Scared about THR
  126. Traveling After Surgery
  127. Now What?
  128. Hip replacement disaster, long post
  129. Questions about Joint Fluid Therapy.
  130. Question for Ladies Only!
  131. Please Help With Knee Question
  132. chipped patella
  133. What could be going on with my knee?
  134. girdlestone hip surgery
  135. Hip pain
  136. Lymphatic drainage massages after THR
  137. Post TKR Manipulation
  138. Knee Rep' crunch time-Help.
  139. Knee Arthroscopy. Any other options?
  140. Any recommendations for bike post bilateral THR's
  141. New swelling
  142. Cardio exercise and playing golf post THR
  143. Prehab--what kind of exercises did you do?
  144. Hip/leg pain questions
  145. Patella Tendonitis Vs. Patellofemoral Pain?
  146. Continued pain and stiffness 8 weeks post-THR
  147. Still having tenderness after hip replacement
  148. Hip replacement what should I expect
  149. TKA done less than 3 years ago, Mayo suggests REVISION!
  150. Why???
  151. 8 Months After ACL/Meniscus Surgery and Still Having Pain
  152. PLEASE HELP ME understand!!
  153. Question regarding knee surgery etc.
  154. Foot care in weeks after Hip replacement surgery
  155. compression stockings
  156. Hip Bursitis cortizone injection? versus osteoporosis
  157. Dumb Question--Removing Compression Stockings Without Help
  158. Partial Knee done in January, having problems still
  159. Infections after Hip Replacement Surgery
  160. Strange knee pain
  161. Perthes/hip resurfacing in Ireland??
  162. Appt. with ortho.
  163. Repeated dislocations
  164. 16, feeling 40!
  165. newbie to this board, quick question
  166. left knee pain
  167. Questions about sitting after surgery.
  168. The Best Options!!
  169. Quadricep Pain Five Years Following Bilateral TKR
  170. How much does a knee MRI cost?
  171. Knee gives out sometimes
  172. Finally Had my consultation--No Hip Resurfacing for me
  173. I just found out that both of my hips are history - gone.
  174. when do you call it quits!
  175. Does this sound like a torn knee cartliage??
  176. chronic pain long after dislocation
  177. TKR -- bilateral ?
  178. Have knee MRI later today..
  179. Knee pain? Perhaps you need orthotics.
  180. avacular necrosis recovery
  181. THR surgery
  182. Partial Patellar Tendon Tear
  183. When will I walk normally?
  184. Knee Locking
  185. still hurt after surgery
  186. Can I wear fun shoes?
  187. travel 6.5 weeks post op
  188. Sports Car after hip replacement
  189. Frustrated w/Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  190. Hip pain, and back pain, 22 years old
  191. Keep heels on floor when squatting saves knee strain
  192. Waiting so long now knees hurting.
  193. "popping" knees
  194. Need Advice on Bursa Removal
  195. hip replacement surgery and bursitis
  196. Bursa Removal During or After a THR
  197. Right Knee Issue noone can find
  198. Knee Braces?
  199. Curious #2 :)!
  200. MRI of knee injury, due to skiing
  201. ache when sleeping hip
  202. polotherapy
  203. 34 y/o with both hips replaced
  204. hyperextended knee
  205. permanent nerve damage and paralasis 5 yrs now and major pain
  206. THR and flying
  207. looking for advice from anyone who has had both hips replaced in a short time
  208. Help?
  209. Right Hip Problem
  210. knee problems
  211. 48 yr old female 3 wk postop cementless MOM THR 3 wk preop on other hip
  212. Dark urine caused by bone on bone grinding?
  213. staph infection incident rate
  214. second hip surgery
  215. Hyper extended my knee, not sure what to do
  216. Hip Resurfacing
  217. Dental appointments after total hip replacement
  218. bad past few days knee drained ortho/flare ups
  219. pain after THR....illiopsoas syndrome or nerve damage
  220. I'm a 66 year old man. I just had a total hip arthroplasty, how many milligrams of c
  221. Please help asap because as i type i am in pain
  222. Had my 6 week follow-up with surgeon today
  223. muscle spasms after surgery
  224. Should I have hip replaced?
  225. Chronic Knee Pain
  226. total hipreplacment
  227. Patella Tendon impact at Tibial Tubercle - will not heal
  228. tendonitis/bursitis after hip replacement
  229. Hip Replacement and Congenital Dislocation
  230. My way of explaining what life was like for me while I was working...
  231. Please help...I'm 31, what material is best for a new hip replacement?
  232. Osgood Schlatter
  233. bump to the side and below knee cap
  234. extreme pain when sleeping on either side
  235. Question for Experienced Hipsters--Post Surgery Mobility
  236. why am I having hip pain 4 months after hip replacement
  237. knee pain when straightening
  238. Fustrated!
  239. Felling discomfort in hip area by end of each day
  240. Popliteus Muscle Inflamation
  241. why do my knees ache when I sleep?
  242. PCL tear?
  243. Could someone please explain my left knee MRI
  244. Knee Problem
  245. If nothing else, I am learning my limits
  246. knee swelling
  247. Compensation for Hip--Burning Hip Flexors
  248. tibia surgery
  249. activities after hip replacement - taekwondo
  250. Grinding noise and knee pain.