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  1. hip/groin pain-how much a hip x-ray can show ?
  2. painful knees
  3. Knee replacement with epidural or spinal what was it like?
  4. Knee Pain
  5. Active Young People Who Have Had A Hip Replacement
  6. swelling illotibial band at hip
  7. Can someone tell me about a hip arthroscopy
  8. Recent knee replacement
  9. Knee pain accompanied by calf pain
  10. Knee trauma, looking for advice
  11. Medial Meniscus Tear
  12. Condition for Scar Tissue to Rapidly Grow?
  13. Twisted Knee
  14. Knee Manipulation, Scar Tissue Removal and still having issues?
  15. knee pain
  16. Knee pain/stiffness when running on pavement, but NOT on the treadmill
  17. Hip and groin pain
  18. Chronic leg pain
  19. Misdiagnosed Hip Dysplasia?! Feeling disappointed...
  20. Dislocated patella 8 weeks
  21. re muscle pain above the knee
  22. Knee Problems
  23. Knee Surgery Rehab
  24. muscle pain above both knees
  25. Best knee doctors in Manhattan, New York City?
  26. Hip pain
  27. After TKR, is walking "fluid" again?
  28. Right hip pain for several months
  29. Knee trouble diagnosed as patellafemoral syndrome, suspect it is something else
  30. Labrum tear bilaterally and femoral osteotomy
  31. Runner struck down by knee pain, three surgeons and no solution?
  32. Why ankle pain after TKR?
  33. pulling at back of knee 5 months on
  34. Knee Manipulation with Anesthesia and Possible Lysis of Adhesions
  35. Hard lump causing popping in knee after arthroscopic surgery
  36. Put this originally in Arthritis Forum, but think this is where I should be.. apologi
  37. knee pain
  38. It might get better eventually
  39. Knee
  40. Was I a guinea pig?
  41. Had hip orthroscopy surgery and am still desperate for pain relief-HELP ME PLEASE!
  42. Please help my understand my CT scan
  43. help anybody for continual suspected meniscus
  44. Painful and swollen knees
  45. tkr date on 9/17/2012
  46. Knee-Cap dislocation treatment advice?
  47. Osgood-Schlatter
  48. Knee Help
  49. Six Weeks Post Total Knee Replacement
  50. Knot and Popping?
  51. How Should My Leg Feel After A TKR Almost Three Years Ago??
  52. Knee pain
  53. Recurring knee cartilage problems + new problem
  54. Post ACL repair... problems straightening knee
  55. Hip replacement 3 months ago
  56. Slow Recovery from Arthroscopy
  57. I need info and quick!!!
  58. Puffy area below knee
  59. How long before the knee will bend?
  60. Left (Inner Knee) Pops out
  61. Need info on MUA - URGENT!
  62. muscle cramps after TKR, can't sleep
  63. Meniscus Question?
  64. Regenerative Medicine-Knee Replacement
  65. torn ligament in knee
  66. Work injury.
  67. Testing Positive with 'Bounce Test' sign of Meniscal Tear?
  68. Looking for advice...
  69. considering knee fusion
  70. Insight on Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy
  71. Pressure underneath my kneecap
  72. TED Stockings-Tips for Putting them on
  73. Open Hip Surgery Experiences?
  74. Pain after THR
  75. TKR Rehabilitation Facilities
  76. Do I Really Need a 4 month check-up
  77. Knee clicking/popping/cracking??
  78. Chronic knee pain at 30.. What could it be?
  79. knee not bending
  80. Knee surgery or shots and rehab?
  81. Anyone know a good surgeon in Atlanta for TKR?
  82. New member with knee issues with MRI results...
  83. Knee Pain
  84. Need help with MRI report
  85. partial gluteus medius tear
  86. Knee Rehab
  87. Help with hip replacement
  88. significant partial tendon tear
  89. Knee MRI images, help needed, still got hope
  90. trying to get off the pain meds
  91. Meniscus Tear??
  92. discouraging pt today
  93. Knee pain, pinching, feeling unstable all around sore....
  94. Not sleeping well
  95. post meniscus tear surgery MRI results
  96. 2nd Opionon on Hip revision
  97. Microfracture Recovery
  98. Synvisc injections and my MRI report
  99. knee still swollen 8 mo after TKR
  100. need both hips revised because of metallosis
  101. knee pain for 10 years!!!
  102. Soccer Player needing help
  103. Osteochondroma in right knee and now fluid
  104. Right knee popping out
  105. My knee cap got stuck on the side of my leg! Help!
  106. Clicking
  107. post op from Partial Knee Replacement
  108. extreme pain in lower abdomen, please help!!!
  109. Bilateral TKR dislocation issues when SITTING!!
  110. Patella Subluxation
  111. Pain after THR
  112. Pinched Nerve after TKR
  113. What could be causing this?
  114. Crippling patellofemoral pain
  115. Pins and Needles in foot after microfracture surgery
  116. knee spasms/sharp pain
  117. Total Knee Replacement
  118. trauma to meniscus? looking for rehab, prevention advice
  119. knee pain - damage of sponge aorund the knee joint
  120. How to get my doc to focus on my hips?
  121. Hip pain
  122. Sharp and dull knee pain
  123. Reversing Knee Fusion
  124. How to help with knee pain
  125. knee pain
  126. Hamstring Pain with a TKR
  127. severe pain after surgery
  128. Knee Pain After Fall
  129. Questions about knee
  130. Inner side of knee pain?
  131. Tkr
  132. Any idea what could be wrong with my knee?
  133. hip replacement and plavix
  134. 4 weeks after tkr - pain behind knee
  135. Extreme knee pain both need advice on joint fluid therapy
  136. What is wrong with my knee??
  137. BHR Hip Resurface & return to police work
  138. Sprain? Tear? Dislocation? Helppp!!
  139. Need some advice on what could be wrong with my knee.. *Please help
  140. Painful popping in knee?
  141. Knee Pain 6 months after surgery
  142. Baker's Cyst and fluid buildup - unknown cause
  143. GTB treated with cortisone shot
  144. Any advice?
  145. Double knee replacement
  146. Having my TKR on 9/19/12
  147. Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy vs. Lateral Release
  148. dental visits with TKR
  149. Plica Resection / Meniscal Repair Surgery. What Can I Expect?
  150. day 11 after knee surgery...why am i in so much pain still
  151. I'm worried... please advise
  152. Right knee pain
  153. Pain in mucles surrounding kneecap(patella)
  154. put it off as long as possible.
  155. graduated to outpatient pt
  156. Need advice on possible TKR
  157. Stabbing pain
  158. Knee replacement surgery
  159. Home care or rehab facility?
  160. Back and Hip Pain 3 years after THR
  161. swollen knee
  162. 2 bad hips and back losing hope
  163. Has anyone else had this happen???
  164. Hip pain for 2 yrs - normal MRI and XRay??
  165. TKR problems
  166. please help! LEFT KNEE (understanding the MRI report).
  167. 1 week after tkr
  168. medication
  169. Knee Injury and How to get around
  170. What is this?
  171. When both hips are replaced
  172. Knee Fusion
  173. Hip and leg pain getting me down!
  174. TKR on May 29. Pain & swelling?
  175. Hips ache after standing up about 3/4 hours?
  176. Knee Pain & Discomfort
  177. hip dislocation?
  178. Major Knee Pain... Help!
  179. The Other Hip--Time to Replace
  180. Orthodesis ie removal of knee joint and fusing of entire leg with no joint.
  181. Not sure what to do about TKR
  182. Mcl injury
  183. Can prolotherapy prevent hip resurfacing?
  184. Newbie!
  185. Total knee replacement
  186. Knee Replacement with aching hip
  187. Knee pain
  188. continued shin pain and bruise 3 months past kneescope
  189. Fluid Leaking From Knee
  190. Crashed Motorcycle - Newbie Questions about my messed up knee
  191. PLEASE help me find someone to help this chronic pain !
  192. 9 week Post Op for TKR
  193. Chronic Knee Pain
  194. Anyone Here who has had basal joint surgery and knee replacement?
  195. Dynasplint after 5 weeks post op TKR
  196. Knee Question
  197. 8 wks post TKR & still no improvement
  198. Continuous cramping after knee replacement in calf and thigh after 4.6 mo
  199. TKR on 4/24/12
  200. Prolotherapy or PRP?
  201. Patella Tracking Disorder - Considering Knee Surgery
  202. Knee surgery question
  203. THR - Weight Lifting Limits
  204. Chondromalacia tear help
  205. 5 weeks out
  206. 8 weeks post TKR
  207. Knee stress
  208. Femoral Nerve Damage Following Hip Replacement
  209. Hip pain? HELP
  210. 4 wks post tkr
  211. Parameniscal Cyst
  212. Knee Pain
  213. Tibial tubercle osteotomy with chondroplasty
  214. 1 week post op from TKR 41 yr old female
  215. New To Xarelto, Been on Coumadin
  216. Distal Gluteus Medius Tear
  217. Surgery re Kneecap discloaction
  218. Prolotherapy For Knees??
  219. Knee cap replacement?
  220. Help Lower front knee problem
  221. Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis/Chronic Back Pain/Stiffness
  222. Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal
  223. Euflexxa Injections? Painful?
  224. Help me work out what the surgeon is looking for!
  225. TKR 9 days ago run out of Pain Meds and Knee Swelling Up
  226. Internal Stitches Coming to Surface??
  227. 4 months after hip replacement
  228. So much pain!
  229. So much pain!
  230. Gluteus Medius Tendinosis. How long does it take to heal?
  231. 6 days post TKR, Bruising away from the joint has tripped me up.
  232. left knee joints locks when kneeling
  233. How do you decide if time for TKR?
  234. I have pain in my Knee to my leg
  235. I have pain in my Knee to my leg
  236. Off and on ankle/knee pain, both knees
  237. 4 weeks post-op THR
  238. MRI Results, Help!
  239. 15yr old knee pain
  240. Replacement plastic spacer
  241. Life after 2 TKR
  242. 4 years post-op, still in pain
  243. Hip pain
  244. knee Manipulation after TKR ~ HELP
  245. Upcoming TKR at 38 years old... advice, please!
  246. exercises before tkr
  247. New Doctor
  248. Knee Sprained: From Goin up truck/putting presure on knee
  249. ladies before and tkr - shaving legs
  250. My leg wont straighten after ski fall - help Req

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