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  1. Abnormal pap
  2. Normal ECCs but Abnormal Paps
  3. Asleep or Awake for leep?
  4. Update
  5. Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!
  6. Opinions on treatment?
  7. Are there any virgins who have had dysplasia?
  8. Prices for these procecdures? Just got a HUGE bill!
  9. Clean Pap after Leep!!!!
  10. Preventing Cervical Cancer
  11. Had my colpo/biopsy/ECC...
  12. Colpo results... More confusion...
  13. pregnancy post leep/cone please read!!
  14. Two Cone Biopsies
  15. Cervical cancer and birth control pills
  16. orgasm and LEEP
  17. cervical cancer and oral sex
  18. Strange 'string' like discharge? (sorry - tmi!)
  19. sex after leep ?
  20. Leep last week
  21. I survived part 1...thank you
  22. Had Leep and Laser today
  23. is 6 months too long?
  24. Darn Doctors...lol
  25. Now I am scared
  26. I have all the signs but noone will listen to me help!
  27. A Reassuring Story
  28. mom has ovarian cancer
  29. 3 month post leep check, new area...CONFUSED!!!!
  30. infertility and leep
  31. LEEP results
  32. Sex after LEEP
  33. LEEP and diathermy recovery
  34. share w/me? Worried here.
  35. Home From the ER-Post Leep Bleeding :(
  36. [B]Punch Biopsy coming up, very nervous....[/B]
  37. Thank you cocoeyes
  38. Skipped period after Leep
  39. From Dysplasia?
  40. Interest in Sex Low Now...
  41. Post Leep Bleeding/Period Question
  42. Cin Iii/leep
  43. Cervical cancer diagnosis protocol
  44. Just wanted to share my experience with alternative treatments instead of LEEP...
  45. First colpo and... more questions...
  46. Microinvasive squamous cell carcinoma
  47. Help--moderate Dysplasia
  48. a little freaked out
  49. Had my LEEp but...
  50. back from Leep
  51. question
  52. Cone Biopsy questions
  53. D&C
  54. Bleeding after LEEP. Please help...
  55. Endometrial Poylp Question?????
  56. Had my LEEP yesterday.
  57. Question about sex after a LEEP
  58. Abnormal Pap after Cone Biopsy
  59. Clear Margins? Reading Leep results? CIN 3 vs. HGSIL?
  60. Update on abnormal pap and colposcopy
  61. Anyone who is going to have the LEEP, read this, its not bad at all!
  62. Worried about Upcoming LEEP
  63. Discharge after colposcopy and cervical biopsy?
  64. problems with hexalen - stomach cramps
  65. Question about cysts
  66. Cervical Biopsy Question
  67. Path reports
  68. Hello, I'm new, just had LEEP done for carcinoma in situ
  69. Birth control and dysplasia
  70. Changing Doctors
  71. Rare Melanoma of the Cervix - Help!
  72. Doc says looks severe, results say normal?
  73. Mild dysplasia/vitamins?
  74. normal smear but abnormal cells found in biopsy?
  75. New to board and deciphering path reports
  76. Adnexal Mass
  77. Vaginal Cream for after LEEP procedure
  78. New & would like some reassurance
  79. scared again...
  80. Vaginal Ultrasound?
  81. LEEP Procedure for mild dysplasia??????
  82. Leep is this what im getting?
  83. Biopsy result is back (CIN1-2) - need laser treatment
  84. I had an abnormal pap. Need to have chryotherapy.
  85. Getting Surgery Cervical Canal Scared
  86. HAD my LEEP what a RELIEF
  87. Still freaking out....
  88. Laser surgery for NIC III cancer
  89. I have to have LEEP and it's ruining my life.
  90. Does leep affect future pap results?
  91. Good News!
  92. My Repeat Pap after Conization
  93. Copies of exam results - The legal aspect?
  94. leep surgery, asleep or awake?
  95. Cervical cancer and smoking
  96. post leep appt
  97. General Anesthetic???? what the heck happened
  98. question about smoking and dysplasia
  99. ok to use vaginal itch cream after LEEP?
  100. Have low grade squamous epithelial lesion - should I postpone treatment?
  101. New and scared... Any kind and knowledgeable souls out there?
  102. New Girl... Dysplasia & Cryotherapy
  103. abnormal..again.
  104. A couple of questions about pap
  105. Abnormal Pap
  106. Reasons for atypical squamous cells
  107. Still confused: Leep & Dysplasia
  108. haven't been here in a while- update- need reassurance and answers...
  109. Hi! I am new here..
  110. causes for atypical cells?
  111. New and need reassurance
  112. Should I Get LEEP?
  113. Smiley123, please stop here!
  114. good news or bad?!?!
  115. Severe Dysplasia with Glandular Invovlement
  116. Just had my first consult
  117. Ovarian Cysts after menopause, or worse? Some symptpms
  118. Clear margins!
  119. anxiously waiting for cone biopsy (long)
  120. no period after leep?
  121. Wanted to share the great news
  122. Just scheduled colposcopy...scared & confused
  123. Symptoms After Leep
  124. bleeding after post leep sex
  125. how do you detect ovarian cancer??
  126. What can it be?
  127. HELP!!!! girlfriend is about to get a LEEP, but have a question?
  128. high grade lesion? What is it?
  129. Is anyone else pg or been pg with dysplasia?
  130. Less than 24 hours til LEEP
  131. Bad Doctor/ Leep
  132. Brushing vs. biopsy???
  133. LEEP on Dec. 13th - update, and a little scare...
  134. How to Deal w/ Waiting!!
  135. For anyone who's scared about LEEP
  136. Extreme pain during ovulation...
  137. LEEP after many abnormal paps, and a bit of humor
  138. How do I know what the doc should be telling me?
  139. Newbie-abnormal pap-severe dysplasia
  140. hi...this is regarding a colposcopy
  141. newbie - timing of LEEP and period??
  142. Please Help!!! I need some advice.
  143. Good news after LEEP !
  144. Scared about Leep procedure :(
  145. Advice would be nice
  146. leep
  147. pelvic pain? Dysplasia? Swelling? Please help.
  148. CIN III, LEEP, cervical ?'s
  149. Does cervical dysplasia mean cancer is inevitable?
  150. Anyone have laser treatment?
  151. period after leep
  152. least invasive treatment
  153. Leep
  154. Ovarian Cancer Stage 4
  155. Can someone please tell me the difference between cervical dysplasia and cancer?
  156. Leep pathology results please read
  157. Newbie - sex after LEEP?
  158. How accurate is a PAP SMEAR?
  159. Sex after LEEP
  160. going in for the LEEP. remove piercings?
  161. Cryo Next Week
  162. Male partners of women with cervical dysplasia should not smoke?
  163. I am terrified out of my wits...
  164. 1st Colposcopy & Cervical Biopsy = Scared
  165. 1st colposcopy/biopsy
  166. Pathology report after LEEP
  167. Misc Questions about LEEP
  168. post LEEP
  169. fatigue after leep...is it related?
  170. some questions about pathology report
  171. it came back!!
  172. question re: post cold knife cone
  173. New reason to fear ovarian cancer...very scared
  174. Pelvic Pain---please Help
  175. Leep results...Confused about margins...anyone know about this stuff?
  176. Could this be ovarian cancer! HELP! I am scared to death
  177. 2 Leeps and a cone
  178. Vaccine. . .
  179. Cervical Cancer questions...please help!
  180. Need answers quick!!!!
  181. Bad news after second leep
  182. Cervical Cancer??
  183. Leep Over!! But Im confused re: amount of pain
  184. Endometrial Biopsy?
  185. Cervix that bleeds easily
  186. My grandmother is going to try Cesium Chloride for her ovarian cancer.
  187. Upcoming Leep..Need advice from people who have had it
  188. I am a little freaked!
  189. high grade dysplasia and leep
  190. Bleeding
  191. Dr cancels Leep due to period??????
  193. Kind of scared
  194. Cold Knife cone scheduled - I'm petrified!!!!!
  195. pain during paps etc.
  196. After a Leep
  197. abnormal pap
  198. Kind of nerves!
  199. Cervical Dysplasia LEEP Question
  200. Missing periods and Provera
  201. HAD A LEEP? I have option to do awake or asleep..HELP!!!
  202. some questions about cervical cancer
  203. My results are in...
  204. support needed
  205. Ovarian Cyst?
  206. HELP!!! CIN 3 Pap/had colposcopy. if results neg...still need leep.WHY?
  207. Symptoms, tests, waiting... what's next?
  208. Does anyone find it stupid to do a treament on...
  209. 20yr.old,CINIII,first leep,scared...
  210. anyone have had 2 leeps?
  211. Bleeding after intercourse
  212. Question about Irregular Bleeding
  213. How long after leep
  214. Koilocytotic Atypia
  215. A question about dysplasia...
  216. Any One With The Same Experiences?
  217. teen post -- ovarian cysts ?
  218. Question about Leep Results, Please Help!
  219. Cryo-surgery
  220. First pap after leep shows severe dysplasia again!
  221. Question...
  222. pain on left side in abnomen/pelvic area
  223. HI. worried about bioposy
  224. The birth control and Cervical dysplasia or cancer
  225. Mild Dysplasia over 3 years ago abnormal pap last week?
  226. Ovarian cancer
  227. re-occuring cervical dysplasia?
  228. Scared....
  229. Could this be Ovarian Cancer?
  230. ovarian cyst
  231. Symptoms of Cervical Cancer??
  232. Having cold knife cone CIN III ECC and cervix
  233. Freeze Question
  234. cervical cancer
  235. Cervical Cancer
  236. Hmmm...
  237. My Post Op Report from Cone 8/25...
  238. Post leep question
  239. Concerned
  240. My LEEP Experience (for those who are scared)
  241. Has anyone been to a naturopathic doctor?
  242. endocervical adenocarcinoma
  243. Can someone help me? Cervical dysphasia, Severe
  244. microinvasive endocervical adenocarcinoma
  245. Cervical dysplasia recurrence and alternative treatments for dyslpasia
  246. Abnormal Test Results Again!
  247. Somebody, please answer this. . . .
  248. freaking out waiting for results-- please help
  249. pap came back normal after procedure
  250. Vulva Biopsy

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