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  1. Hi! New Here
  2. A couple of questions
  3. SSwollen glands in throat making asthma worse
  4. Does Abuterol make your heart race?
  5. Feeling Lost and worried.
  6. ibuprofen effective?
  7. Vocal cord dysfunction , asthma
  8. question on asthma and the common cold
  9. Wheezing has gradually gone away but now trouble breathing?
  10. Mad at Kaiser
  11. Proper diagnosis of asthma
  12. Dry hacking cough that won't go away
  13. Exterminator coming to spray for ants
  14. Smoking and Asthma
  15. Specialist vrs General MD
  16. Being woken up in the morning by asthma
  17. Have you tried a natural inhaler?
  18. Symbicort vs. Dulera?
  19. More than just asthma?
  20. Ashma
  21. Hello new here
  22. New Here- Asthma and OTC interactions??
  23. Diagnosis
  24. confused asthma, lung, sinusitis sxs
  25. My Experience with Xolair
  26. Keeping Asthma under control
  27. Inhalers and mucus in chest
  28. salmetorol (serevent)alone
  29. Looking for help
  30. Spirometry with Flow/Volume Loops & FeNO Tests
  31. Seeing Pulmonary Dr. first time.
  32. Just diagnosed with asthma
  33. confused! Asthma or not!
  34. Still coughing after a month
  35. Bricanyl versus Ventolin
  36. Spiriva for asthma?
  37. How to interpret spirometry, FEf25%-75%?
  38. Asthma?
  39. asthma flair up when running or walking
  40. help
  41. How do you know if it's pneumonia?
  42. Asthma and Traveling to Ireland
  43. What can I do to make my dr take me more seriously?
  44. Guess I need inhaler!
  45. Constant Shortness of Breath
  46. it might not be asthma... it might be tracheal stenosis
  47. How to calm this cough
  48. Thoughts on symptoms...
  49. Weird peak flow. Does this ever happen?
  50. Ugh, please tell me it's not asthma...
  51. All year!!
  52. Multiple Severe Asthma Attacks in the Hospital - Help & Advice
  53. MaxAir Autohaler
  54. What do YOU do about the mucus?
  55. Scared - what do I do?
  56. What do they call that procedure where they look into your lungs?
  57. is it asthma?
  58. hoarse from inhaled steroids
  59. Asthma and exercise
  60. Just started getting Asthma (am pretty worried)
  61. quarterly pest control spraying in apartment? help please!!!
  62. Shortness of breath and PFT intepretation?
  63. Bronchial asthma joy!!
  64. Questions about Asthma and Inhalers
  65. Theophylline and Pepcid for asthma?
  66. Return of the Chronic Cough
  67. Hardened phlegm in throat and chest
  68. Acute Bacterial Bronchial Asthma
  69. Is this Asthma or Something Else - No Help From Doctors!
  70. Newly diagnosed
  71. New asthma diagnosis
  72. asthma / prednisolone
  73. Breathing issues
  74. symbicort safe?
  75. can inhaler be faulty and trigger attack?
  76. New and Questions
  77. Nothing will help open my chest
  78. Bronchitis induced asthma??
  79. Chest tightness/soreness
  80. Pet if test negative for dog or cat allergy
  81. Chest/lung xray results - mild interstitial changes. Help?!
  82. Has anyone been on Zyflo CR?
  83. Exercise Induced Bronchospasm
  84. Xolair
  85. Here's what we do for asthma
  86. Newly diagnosed and miserable
  87. Could this be asthma?
  88. question on stove top smoke inhalation
  89. Asthma ?
  90. Does your heart speed up when you're having trouble breathing?
  91. High dose IVIG
  92. Nervous about using Flovent.
  93. Advair Question
  94. Hate not being able to breath.
  95. Persistent Asthmatic Cough
  96. Should I have been prescribed a rescue inhaler?
  97. Noise in Chest
  98. Reliever medications
  99. Ways to avoid leaf mold in fall
  100. Sometimes it is hard to know... asthma or not
  101. Pulmonologist confused me - ack!
  102. asthma
  103. failed the steroid taper
  104. Uncontrolled asthma
  105. Asthma & Gerd
  106. Frustrated!
  107. Question about Asthma and chest pain.
  108. Thoughts after a Pulmonology appointment
  109. Windy days
  110. How To Get Off Asthma Inhalers Because Of Side Effects?
  111. Newly Diagnosed with Asthma!
  112. Not taking any meds.
  113. Can asthma cause a barking cough?
  114. Need to get off Advair! Replacement?
  115. Combivent Respimat???
  116. How to test/improve air quality in home?
  117. Asthma inhalers and leg (foot, hand) cramps
  118. tentative diagnosis of asthma
  119. What have you done to improve your life with serve asthma?
  120. Chest congestion and metallic taste
  121. Diagnosed Asthma - Need advise
  122. Replacement for Maxair autohaler?
  123. how to help with breathing problems in high humidity?
  124. Sarp
  125. Asthma problems
  126. High humidity worsening asthma
  127. Weaning off my Advair
  128. asthma friendly hair spray & hair gel???
  129. I would like to workout
  130. Asthma and cats and mold
  131. so I did something stupid
  132. Coming off beclometasone help please
  133. Asthma worsening?
  134. Anxiety
  135. Asthma- Peak Flow
  136. Nocturnal asthma and death
  137. Advair minimum dose spacing.
  138. hello everyone
  139. Summer wildfires and asthma
  140. Lung Inflammation? Causes? Environmental?
  141. Need advice about asthma symptoms, dr's not helpful
  142. Asthma and exercise
  143. Eating troubles. Any ideas what's wrong?
  144. Asthma problems. I'm really scared! :(
  145. Help me help my husband....
  146. Could all this be because of allergies?!?
  147. Fever...
  148. ok, just realized asthma worse in the sunlight
  149. asthma? allergies? need input, fish out of water! doctors not helpful
  150. Singulair not working
  151. Is anyone else having a tougher time than usual?
  152. New here
  153. Chest pain, dizziness and persistent shortness of breath
  154. Cough & Wheezy beathing
  155. Month Four of Cough and sinusitis every two weeks.
  156. Was this a severe asthma episode?
  157. Bombed Methacholine Challenge
  158. Question about Asthma Attacks
  159. Student with asthma - what to do?
  160. Asthma with normal peak flow vs. anxiety
  161. Does anyone have a standing prescription (Prednisone)
  162. PFT results question
  163. One and only mother
  164. Is this asthma?
  165. How do you get a nebuliser?
  166. new to board
  167. 5K and Half Marathon
  168. Incessant cough and SOB
  169. Bombed PFT - please help!
  170. Difficulty breathing with even mild changes in weather or temperature.
  171. Laryngitis
  172. Asthma medications
  173. Other drugs like Singulair?
  174. Cromolyn Sodium
  175. Anti-inflammatory diet anyone?
  176. Severe coughing
  177. Nasal-Sinus congestion
  178. Symbicort side effects... REALLY????
  179. Does chest congestion seem to linger a long time with asthmatics?
  180. Asthma
  181. Do inhaled steroids raise your blood sugar?
  182. Is this a symptom of asthma?
  183. Alvesco
  184. Having problems getting over URI
  185. constant coughing- awful
  186. coughing after getting over the flu
  187. Advair Won't Let Me Sleep
  188. Cardio after flare
  189. Hope for Air Hunger, Anxiety, Depression!
  190. asthma and swimming
  191. Asthma Cough from Flu - Not responding to treatment
  192. ER vist for my son
  193. Inhaler related thrush
  194. Soreness after an attack
  195. Albuterol alternatives?
  196. new to asthma, still freaking out
  197. can anyone help please??
  198. It wasn't asthma after all
  199. Am I asthmatic?
  200. chest tightness and pain
  201. A complete novice... :(
  202. Singulair with a cold
  203. Side effects of Symbicort
  204. Viral induced asthma in adults
  205. Do you keep a log of when you use your medications?
  206. Asthma flaring again
  207. Chest Congestion
  208. asthma and dermatitis
  209. Singulair side effects after stopping
  210. Bad air quality as a trigger
  211. Worn out from constant coughing--long post
  212. Advair to Symbicort waiting time
  213. UPDATE: How I'm doing a week later
  214. Dry air at work
  215. Sick!!!
  216. Asthma or Cold?
  217. Pulmicort + Dulera
  218. Bronchial thermoplasty
  219. My visit to the asthma doc
  220. Suffering with asthma No idea what to do
  221. Asthma and no relief
  222. ER visit for my son
  223. School during active flare
  224. Going to an asthma doc...what to expect
  225. Pain in right lung.
  226. Can singulair or symbicort cause blood blisters inside the mouth?
  227. Flu & Asthma?
  228. carolinabeach/ which doctor did you see
  229. Cough that won't go away
  230. Officially diagnosed
  231. ER Visit
  232. Facial Puffiness
  233. asthma,anxiety,heart problems
  234. coughing so much!!
  235. Colds and Asthma
  236. asthma and anxiety??
  237. Just wish these nuisance symptoms would go away.
  238. I'm on maximum amount of symbicort and regular dosage of pulmicort
  239. No energy :-(
  240. air hunger for the past year and a half
  241. Wheezing after running
  242. Cold air triggers asthma
  243. What am i doing wrong with my asthma
  244. Getting sick
  245. Bronchospasm
  246. can an asthma cough be productive?
  247. Chest pain from asthma
  248. Asthma from reflux... now what?
  249. Too much ENERGY for my lungs
  250. Asthma increasing as prednisone tapers?