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  1. Exercise induced asthma and climate
  2. Has anyone had problems with their ICS causing indigestion! Can they cause this?
  3. Sticky Mucus Problem
  4. Increased sputum from inhaler?
  5. National Jewish Health
  6. Asthma Follow up visit
  7. Completely uncontrolled
  8. Anybody? Weight gain on Advair?
  9. Dulera side effects is it worth it?
  10. Do I need an Allergist AND a Pulmonologist?
  11. Tedril -- what is it?
  12. Help! Asthma totally out of control
  13. Pulmonary Function Tests
  14. Heat Wave
  15. Prednisone question
  16. Prednisilone
  17. Diagnosed with Asthma Today : (
  18. Now I DON'T have asthma?
  19. Signifigance of Peak flow readings?
  20. Trouble swallowing (not when eating/drinking)
  21. What am I supposed to be doing here?
  22. air purifier?
  23. Am I getting Signs of Asthma???
  24. When to see your doctor?
  25. Anyone had a FENO test? Exactly what does that determine!
  26. Is Singulair GOOD or a BAD drug? HELP!
  27. Is Advair an upper?
  28. Help heart racing after steroid!!!!
  29. Wildfire impact out west
  30. Is this asthma? Please help! What's wrong?
  31. Asthma Clinic
  32. how long until you started feeling better?
  33. Flovent
  34. Does Advair Take Longer to Work?
  35. Xolair??
  36. Anyone else get weird symptoms?
  37. Could this be exercise induced asthma?
  38. Distance Runners with Asthma?
  39. advair and bruising with thin skin
  40. newly diagnosed and have questions
  41. bad anxiety and breathing issues
  42. Help finding a rescue inhaler
  43. Albuterol Won't Let Me Sleep
  44. Fingers crossed
  45. After an asthma attack
  46. New here/Spent the night in the ER last night
  47. Help Using Advair
  48. Couple of questions about Advair
  49. trying to stay off prednisone
  50. Foods that trigger asthma
  51. Should I go to an allergist?
  52. You know what's most annoying about an asthma flare?
  53. Strange Side Effect With Albuterol
  54. Dr. Says I have Asthma
  55. asthma makes life hard
  56. Asthma under control?
  57. Non-allergic Asthma issues
  58. How do you know when to go to the ER?
  59. Prednisone tapers
  60. Allergic Asthma and Flying
  61. How does the weather affect your asthma?
  62. Constant coughing
  63. Winded longer then everyone else!
  64. Acid related flare up and rescue medicine
  65. What to expect from the pulmonologist?
  66. Symbicort and Albuterol/Ventolin?
  67. Yearly update...
  68. Still Struggling With New Asthma
  69. How do you tell if it's really asthma?
  70. New to Asthma, someone help, please
  71. Not noticing mild asthma?
  72. Lungs Hurt?
  73. still searching for a cure to asthma.
  74. Methacholine Test results
  75. Breathlessness - asthma or something else?
  76. Asthma issues
  77. Advair and Muscle/Joint Pain in Hip
  78. energy drinks
  79. Need Help with my Asthma Action Plan
  80. Asthma
  81. J2O orange drinks
  82. Symbicort working but too much phlegm
  83. Depressive Side Effects from Inhaled Steroids
  84. Is anyone using ZENHALE?
  85. Xolair
  86. On prednisone
  87. Shakey breathing but no wheezing
  88. Excersise induced Asthma
  89. Asthma and antidepressants
  90. Can You Truly Grow Out of Asthma?
  91. Alair
  92. cardio everyday with rescue inhaler
  93. Inhalers during cold
  94. Is it asthma?
  95. Wheezing
  96. Asthma cure story
  97. Rescue Inhaler for exercise induced asthma
  98. My Mother's Inhaler
  99. Breathless, allergy, AO Asthma? Please advise worried...
  100. Asthma is ruining my allergy shot schedule...
  101. Persistant deep cough - Is this Bronchitis?
  102. Clonazapam, is it dangerous to take for too long?
  103. Symptoms worsening at night
  104. Quitting Advair ; Withdrawal Makes Asthma Worse
  105. Asthma caused by only GERD
  106. Brand new here...
  107. Asthma/intolerances and unbalanced gut flora.
  108. 1 puff vs 2 puffs
  109. symbicort
  110. Advair - Am I now hooked?
  111. Shortness of breath AND fevers???
  112. Asthma and Acid Refllux
  113. Abuterol side effects
  114. Advice re Advair from India and Mexico
  115. inhaled steroid ?
  116. Home peak flow meter
  117. Wheatgrass for asthma
  118. Help!
  119. Asthma Attack from Wine?
  120. 3 yr. old just starting QVAR
  121. Wind triggers my asthma
  122. Asthma Reaction due to Cold Air/Vents/Fans
  123. RSV, Croup, Asthma... so we switched to soy and now he seems constipated! Help!!
  124. Asthma or no? What else can I do?
  125. PFT Help
  126. I may have asthma.
  127. Running with Asthma
  128. Questions concerning Advair
  129. Help, is this asthma?
  130. Singulair and Flovent
  131. Dulera? Symbicort? Pulmicort?
  132. Is this Asthma?
  133. Was my methacholine test supposed to be positive?
  134. symptoms with a cold
  135. moderately severe obstruction of the lungs as diagnosis?
  136. A Cold With Asthma!!
  137. How to Interpret a Spiro
  138. Methacholine challenge test today.
  139. to know more about asthma
  140. Allergy Shots for Allergic Asthma
  141. Pain bewteen Shoulder blades
  142. acute asthma 5 weeks pregnant
  143. Intro - and a diagnosis
  144. how precise in taking Advair inhaler??
  145. 7 yo with dry cough
  146. Doing SLIT at home to stop my Asthma from reacting to some allergens and irritants.
  147. pulmonologist
  148. Back from hospital stay, but more asthma. What to do?
  149. Dizziness before an attack?
  150. Question about spirometery test
  151. Nasal congestion after flovent
  152. Symbicort vs Dulera
  153. No daily med for a week or two
  154. Pulmonologist and confusion
  155. Ending prednisone tomorrow...will I feel bad?
  156. Flovent and lungs hurting?
  157. Question about prednisone
  158. Recent Asthma attack
  159. Asthma cough won't stop
  160. Asthma "attack"?
  161. Advair, Spiriva, Prilosec OTC clarification
  162. Flovent and Advair Together
  163. it hurts to take a deep breath
  164. College Asthma Issue
  165. Asthma, Anxiety, and Peak Flow Meters galore!
  166. Spriva, Advair, Albuterol and constipation
  167. does it sound like i have asthma?
  168. shortness of breath going up stairs
  169. Child Mental Addiction?
  170. Stopping flovent
  171. Cold feet
  172. Albuterol 3 mil plastic vials....shelf life?
  173. Asthma or allergies?
  174. grayish blue color around my 5 yr olds mouth
  175. Need Advice-
  176. Discount Card for Flovent?
  177. Need advice, doctors I've seen have no idea
  178. astham flare/uri/elevated blood pressure
  179. Is this normal? Dry, scratchy throat?
  180. Help me please!! Asthma or anxiety??
  181. asthma
  182. asthma?
  183. Adult onset asthma?
  184. Symbicort: tremors
  185. Holiday colds
  186. Now, I'm not sure what I have!!!
  187. Prednisone Dosage for a flare?
  188. Holidays and cleaning
  189. new to the board... asthma help please
  190. Asthma causes tongue cramps?
  191. Cold and Flu Season
  192. Low O2 sats
  193. So apparently I have Asthma
  194. Has anyone taken QVAR?
  195. Hope for Air Hunger, Anxiety, Depression!
  196. Methacholine results
  197. asthma problems
  198. Advair. Less is more?
  199. Really?
  200. Winter asthma issues anyone?
  201. Asthma, Chronic Sinusitis and Prednisone
  202. Do I really have asthma?
  203. Constant Runny Nose
  204. Geographic impact on asthma?
  205. Asthma, mild, moderate or severe?
  206. Newly diagnosed. Where to start?
  207. Advair - Should I stop using it
  208. Opinions on Advair?
  209. How does asthma get diagnosed?
  210. Do I Have Asthma?
  211. Qvar for a 3 year old?
  212. Seeing significant improvements in my asthma
  213. Asthma not under control. Help!
  214. Respiractin
  215. Hard To Breathe From Asthma
  216. Burning sensation in lungs from asthma
  217. Fingers tingling
  218. New at asthma with son
  219. Prednisone Withdrawal?
  220. Flovent & Singulair
  221. Recent Asthma Diagnosis- After Bronchitis
  222. Weird version of Cough Variant Asthma
  223. "Recovery" after exercise
  224. Nebulised Magnesium Chloride Oil
  225. Getting off meds
  226. Can you have bronchitis with out a cough?
  227. Asthma questions
  228. option of participating in research project
  229. It's been 2 month's, could I have Asthma?
  230. how to reduce the onset of bronchitis?
  231. fast heart rate after using flovent
  232. High Peak Flow With Symptoms
  233. Flu Shots Needed
  234. Does this sound like an asthma issue?
  235. Burping & breathing
  236. How do you know when it's time for Prednisone?
  237. At home do-it-yourself Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) has improved my Asthma.
  238. Is Medrol Pak habit-forming
  239. Too much Ventolin??
  240. SOB while bending over
  241. asthma or pneumonia? or asthma AND pneumonia? ugh!
  242. No drugs are working to help severe asthma
  243. Advair Yay
  244. I wish I had an asthma action plan
  245. Anyone else suffer breathing problems from smoke in someone's hair or clothing?
  246. What's happening to me?
  247. asthma after pneumonia
  248. Advair going generic??
  249. New to boards --- Advair question
  250. Did I have an asthma attack?

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