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  1. Proventil and ventil
  2. Medications
  3. What does the cough mean?
  4. Asthma Attack?
  5. Methacholine Challenge
  6. singulair
  7. new med/ keeping my fingers crossed
  8. Cured with spirulina
  9. First warning signs
  10. what i have learned about asthma
  11. chest feels tickly
  12. asthma
  13. salt inhalers
  14. What is salt room treatment???
  15. dry cough
  16. Looking for open minded doctor
  17. Reaction after drinking water?
  18. Do I have Asthma
  19. shortness of breath
  20. does cough worse using singulair
  21. Lifetime of problems. Possible cause? Progesterone?
  22. Timeframe to feel better?
  23. Allergic to symbicort
  24. Chest Heaviness and Coughing
  25. New FDA Warning on Foradil, Advair,Symbiocort
  26. Ideal place to live with asthma???
  27. Asthmatic Joggers
  28. alternative solution
  29. After a food trigger, how long does your asthma last?
  30. Digestive enzymes trigger asthma?
  31. Severe asthma or heart attack
  32. Energy
  33. where in the body is albuterol broken down
  34. mitro valve prolapse and asthma
  35. New to board and to asthma
  36. How much more meds to control my asthma?
  37. how to read spirometry report
  38. How Severe?
  39. Asthma Action Plan Guideline
  40. trying to control my asthma
  41. Ventolin vs. Proair HFA
  42. Asthma and Bronchitis
  43. Breathing Issues
  44. Black Mold
  45. singulair and upper respiratory infections
  46. Ipratropium Bromide/Albuterol Nebulizer
  47. Brovana anyone?
  48. Is this Asthma?
  49. advair
  50. Controlling asthma
  51. can I stop prednisone after 2 days?
  52. Switching Controller Medications
  53. how to clear my voice
  54. 6 year old asthma nasonex and asthmanex
  55. how do you know for sure if you have asthma ?
  56. asthma and advair warning?
  57. Getting Emotional
  58. severe asthma attack...
  59. Cold air asthma anyone???
  60. Albuteral inhaler
  61. Conflicting Diagnoses
  62. Symptoms vs peak flow values
  63. Mild Asthma
  64. overuse of arms triggers asthma
  65. Newbie with some questions
  66. Severe Asthma attack last week and no better...
  67. Breathing Technique to Control Asthma?
  68. Intal Inhaler has worked for 16 years !
  69. three people asthma. My opinion.
  70. Medic alert bracelets
  71. Help me transition to a different INHALER
  72. what army benefits should my medical discharged husband get
  73. cough in cold air-mostly
  74. Brovana?
  75. Animal allergy tests and asthma
  76. Taking inhaler correctly
  77. Prednisone
  78. two questions about Asthma ?
  79. My 11 year old has been wheezing for a month - HELP!
  80. Iron Deficiency Anemia?
  81. Asthmatic Bronchitis
  82. Nebulizer Questions
  83. Should I go to the hospital?
  84. Asthma and Beta Blockers, should I go there?
  85. Exercise-induced asthma & Xopenex
  86. Asthma no more Praise God
  87. It's that time of year again...cold air induced asthma
  88. Concern about Advair Diskus 100/50
  89. COPD and Asthma...what's the difference?
  90. Are these common side effects?
  91. Tell me, why do I have asthma?
  92. Bad asthma. Now have bronchitis
  93. Occupational Asthma-Latex, Dust, Chemicals, Plastics, Odors -Labored Breathing, Sick!
  94. Advice: newly diagnosed, worse on symbicort
  95. After everything I still have a problem breathing
  96. Could I have Asthma?
  97. I need help about this..
  98. singulair plus advair
  99. ventolin hfa
  100. help..
  101. Okay I know I have asthma...but whats going on here?
  102. Flovent Diskus
  103. Questionable adult-onset asthma?
  104. Have cough variant asthma and just had bronchitis but now...
  105. What should I do to help her
  106. Xopenex vs. Albuterol
  107. Orapred & H1N1
  108. Asmanex and Heart Palpatation's
  109. Asthma and sleeping problem
  110. Just diagnosed--some questions
  111. Swine Flu Shot
  112. Asthma
  113. Chiropractic care for asthma?
  114. Could I possibly have asthma?
  115. What is the difference between Asthma and COPD?
  116. I went to the doctor and...
  117. Untreated asthma
  118. Albuterol and Pulmicort at same time?
  119. Does this sound like Asthma?
  120. asthma and blood pressure meds
  121. Cough Variant...Provair/Pulmicort or Advair ? Opinions PLEASE
  122. Advair dosage
  123. Allergies or Asthma
  124. Going from Pulmicort to Advair ?
  125. Advair and asthma
  126. Yellowstone and athma
  127. BP meds or asthma?
  128. if you take sprivia first how long do you wait to take symbicort
  129. Asthma Question
  130. Need help with asthma
  131. Asthma attacks when do I know I need to go to the hospital
  132. Looking for opinions please. Asthma or..........
  133. Asthma?
  134. Advair Hoarseness Tip
  135. Advair's effect on growth
  136. asthma & pains on right side
  137. Do I have asthma?
  138. I hate the er!!
  139. where does asthma make you hurt?
  140. dry cough with advair increase
  141. wheezing when laughing
  142. Bad air quality bad for my asthma
  143. Is this my asthma?
  144. could hayfever be causing my asthma
  145. Intal Inhaler Discontinued!
  146. Chinese herb prevents asthma attacks
  147. Short of breath .. Acid reflux?
  148. Asthma Preventers
  149. Night and Asthma!
  150. Ugh here we go AGAIN! Thought i beat this thing..
  151. If you have a nebulizer , is there really a point of going to the E.R ?
  152. Home Peak Flow Meters
  153. Pulmonologist or allergist for ashtma?
  154. New warning on singulair's label
  155. Question on asthma
  156. Symbicort Inhaler...any reactions?
  157. Emotions and Asthma
  158. Please confirm that I'm not imagining my symptoms.
  159. asthma or allergy
  160. Can lungs itch???
  161. Where can i buy nebules?
  162. thhe cost of treating asthma
  163. Symbicort vs. Advair
  164. My first PFT
  165. Not responding to Albuterol, but 100% oxygenation
  166. what is normal peak flow for women at age 48
  167. Newly diagnosed- Pulmonary Function Test Results. Please review:wave:
  168. Difficulty taking a deep breath
  169. Athletes with Asthma
  170. coughing up hard mucus
  171. Help.. Please someone im desperate.
  172. Asthma test
  173. Can mild asthma be left untreated? My Doc says lung Fibrosis possible if not treated
  174. Frightening Experience Today
  175. Asthma, Thrush, Acid Reflux meds problem
  176. Help please
  177. Taste Disturbances?
  178. Feeling better but not cured
  179. New inhalers less effective?
  180. tired of athma attacks
  181. Asthma and acid reflux?
  182. montekulast for ashtma
  183. New warnings on Singulair
  184. Could This Be Asthma?
  185. Frustrated with my Asthma and its treatment.
  186. asthma worse at night
  187. Rescue inhalers
  188. antihisamines containing LACTOSE
  189. Possible CVA Diagnosis
  190. Asthma
  191. Shortness of breath?
  192. Child may have asthma--suggestions?
  193. Asthma Early Warning Signs everyone should know
  194. another asthma flare up
  195. how do the lungs of an asthmatic sound
  196. How long before the predisone works
  197. Help... leaving for vacation and asthma out of control
  198. singulair
  199. Methacholine Challenge/ Advair
  200. Is wheezing always a symptom...
  201. colds causing asthmatic bronchitis
  202. Is it Asthma?
  203. Benadryl and Asthma
  204. mold and singulair
  205. Asthma
  206. Can acrylic windows on a porch be a trigger?
  207. side effect of meptin
  208. Do rescue inhalers work with exercise-induced asthma?
  209. son almost died anyone else been through this
  210. wheezing???
  211. Tips on How to stop coughing needed..ASAP
  212. Ventolin HFA inhaler
  213. Is this exercise-induced asthma?
  214. HELP! 14 month old already to ER
  215. proair dosage
  216. When I sleep on my back I wake up with the worst asthma
  217. Asthma and nebuliser
  218. medication question??
  219. Weaning off medication
  220. asthma for over 30 years finally found trigger
  221. Please help!,not sure if asthma
  222. pain in chest and back when swallowing
  223. havn't had bad asthma until now? or symmptoms of an allergy?
  224. was i misdiagnosed as a kid?
  225. Im really not sure about this
  226. does asthma creat thick white mucous
  227. How soon will Advair work on asthma...
  228. pulmicort and diarrhea?
  229. Asthma and Glaucoma
  230. when taking advair should you take prednisone
  231. do steroid inhalers cause aggression in children?
  232. i quit smoking 4 days ago and now have a sore chest when i cough
  233. Does this mean that i have asthma?
  234. Weird asthma flair up, self-help tips?
  235. Asthma, Allergies or Something Else?
  236. Asthma v. COPD
  237. DOES ANYONE USE Qvar Beclomethasone dipropionate
  238. why my son wheezes for weeks?
  239. mucus in my lungs after i do cardio
  240. how to stop violent cough
  241. I beat my Personal Best peak flow -- Is this my new Personal Best?
  242. Night time attacks...
  243. steroid shots
  244. Bronchial Asthma vs Asthma?
  245. peak flow for 54 year old woman
  246. Is this normal?
  247. Asthma and Arizona
  248. What meds are safe to take with asthma
  249. Chronic Cough with questionable diagnosis: cough variant asthma
  250. Do I have Asthma - help!!