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  1. Please confirm that I'm not imagining my symptoms.
  2. asthma or allergy
  3. Can lungs itch???
  4. Where can i buy nebules?
  5. thhe cost of treating asthma
  6. Symbicort vs. Advair
  7. My first PFT
  8. Not responding to Albuterol, but 100% oxygenation
  9. what is normal peak flow for women at age 48
  10. Newly diagnosed- Pulmonary Function Test Results. Please review:wave:
  11. Difficulty taking a deep breath
  12. Athletes with Asthma
  13. coughing up hard mucus
  14. Help.. Please someone im desperate.
  15. Asthma test
  16. Can mild asthma be left untreated? My Doc says lung Fibrosis possible if not treated
  17. Frightening Experience Today
  18. Asthma, Thrush, Acid Reflux meds problem
  19. Help please
  20. Taste Disturbances?
  21. Feeling better but not cured
  22. New inhalers less effective?
  23. tired of athma attacks
  24. Asthma and acid reflux?
  25. montekulast for ashtma
  26. New warnings on Singulair
  27. Could This Be Asthma?
  28. Frustrated with my Asthma and its treatment.
  29. asthma worse at night
  30. Rescue inhalers
  31. antihisamines containing LACTOSE
  32. Possible CVA Diagnosis
  33. Asthma
  34. Shortness of breath?
  35. Child may have asthma--suggestions?
  36. Asthma Early Warning Signs everyone should know
  37. another asthma flare up
  38. how do the lungs of an asthmatic sound
  39. How long before the predisone works
  40. Help... leaving for vacation and asthma out of control
  41. singulair
  42. Methacholine Challenge/ Advair
  43. Is wheezing always a symptom...
  44. colds causing asthmatic bronchitis
  45. Is it Asthma?
  46. Benadryl and Asthma
  47. mold and singulair
  48. Asthma
  49. Can acrylic windows on a porch be a trigger?
  50. side effect of meptin
  51. Do rescue inhalers work with exercise-induced asthma?
  52. son almost died anyone else been through this
  53. wheezing???
  54. Tips on How to stop coughing needed..ASAP
  55. Ventolin HFA inhaler
  56. Is this exercise-induced asthma?
  57. HELP! 14 month old already to ER
  58. proair dosage
  59. When I sleep on my back I wake up with the worst asthma
  60. Asthma and nebuliser
  61. medication question??
  62. Weaning off medication
  63. asthma for over 30 years finally found trigger
  64. Please help!,not sure if asthma
  65. pain in chest and back when swallowing
  66. havn't had bad asthma until now? or symmptoms of an allergy?
  67. was i misdiagnosed as a kid?
  68. Im really not sure about this
  69. does asthma creat thick white mucous
  70. How soon will Advair work on asthma...
  71. pulmicort and diarrhea?
  72. Asthma and Glaucoma
  73. when taking advair should you take prednisone
  74. do steroid inhalers cause aggression in children?
  75. i quit smoking 4 days ago and now have a sore chest when i cough
  76. Does this mean that i have asthma?
  77. Weird asthma flair up, self-help tips?
  78. Asthma, Allergies or Something Else?
  79. Asthma v. COPD
  80. DOES ANYONE USE Qvar Beclomethasone dipropionate
  81. why my son wheezes for weeks?
  82. mucus in my lungs after i do cardio
  83. how to stop violent cough
  84. I beat my Personal Best peak flow -- Is this my new Personal Best?
  85. Night time attacks...
  86. steroid shots
  87. Bronchial Asthma vs Asthma?
  88. peak flow for 54 year old woman
  89. Is this normal?
  90. Asthma and Arizona
  91. What meds are safe to take with asthma
  92. Chronic Cough with questionable diagnosis: cough variant asthma
  93. Do I have Asthma - help!!
  94. Seeking Advair Feedback
  95. Anyone using Maxair now?
  96. Sahuaro School Tucson, AZ
  97. ventolin inhaler use
  98. Trouble taking deep breathes/yawning
  99. Allergic Asthma getting worse and I am concerned
  100. deviated septum
  101. Help! Mask for fumes / odors?
  102. Asthma ?
  103. Continuous Wheezing
  104. Allergic Asthma and High Pollen Count
  105. Asthma and reflux.
  106. Cough variant asthma.
  107. How long are inhalers good for?
  108. Advair usage & stomach/digestive issues
  109. What shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial moisturizer can asthmatics use?
  110. I never cough..how can I have asthma?
  111. New the asthma/Getting worse
  112. Newly Diagnosed, new to meds, nebs, and allergies...HELP!!!
  113. Shallow Breathing and Exercise
  114. how to stop bronchial spasms
  115. With asthma do you ever feel normal again?
  116. rebound asthma?
  117. strangling, gagging cough in an infant
  118. peak flow/ fev1 question
  119. Wheezing
  120. hard to breathe when lying down,sign of what
  121. asthma attack
  122. Military Methacholine Challenge Test
  123. When is it a good time to have my child seen with a pulmonologist
  124. Maxair- exempt from HFA?????
  125. wheezing after exercise?
  126. need advice how to handle coughing
  127. Buteyko worked for me
  128. i can hardly breath at the moment... constant short breath
  129. how you get seizures
  130. Asthma Presc/No Refill?
  131. Newbie - Just Joined
  132. Does this sound like asthma?
  133. asthma
  134. Overdose on Ventolin?
  135. Very, very bad flare of asthma, and ER did nothing.
  136. Questions about albuterol HFA
  137. why do i shake when i use salbutamol inhaler
  138. Dry air
  139. Peak Flows? [290??]
  140. Nasty flare-up in 5 year old
  141. Is this normal for a 20month old baby
  142. how cold is too cold?
  143. How long can asthma syptoms lasts?
  144. asthma or something else?
  145. breathing troubles - exercise induced
  146. asthma antihistamines
  147. Babies & Asthma
  148. worried and confused
  149. The day after Surgery
  150. Not Sure what it is...advice please
  151. bronchitis or just asthma?
  152. Xopenex vs. Ventolin, Increase FloVent vs. add Singulair?
  153. Singulair side effects?
  154. diagnosed last year
  155. Normal w/ asthma?
  156. what is an alternative to advair?
  157. Anyone try NAET for Asthma/allergies?
  158. Allergy-induced asthma
  159. New diagnosis with questions
  160. When should I take my Albuterol?
  161. asthma back... please help!
  162. Rescue medication
  163. Is this Asthma?
  164. attack with normal peak flow?
  165. xoponex
  166. asthma
  167. asthma and chronic chest pain
  168. daughter gets really hot & coughs terribly bad
  169. is prednisolone the ONLY answer
  170. Symbicort vs. Singulair?
  171. please give me your feedback of Xolair
  172. Worried ...
  173. Alvesco
  174. jittery feeling after taking Albuterol
  175. advair
  176. Does this sound like Asthma or not???
  177. asthma induced by common cold
  178. The Importance of Following an Asthma Plan
  179. Do rescue inhalers not help?
  180. Can't schedule my asthma flare-ups
  181. Asthma - Side effect for athlete
  182. Asthma return after 18 years?!?!
  183. asthma worsening
  184. EIA? You Opinion?
  185. why do i have to take deep breaths?
  186. intal astma medication
  187. is anyone having trouble with new inhaler?
  188. Asthma and the cold weather
  189. how can i calm my asthma down without a rescue inhaler?
  190. Nervous to go outside into the cold
  191. Decreasing usage of Advair
  192. generic pulmicort!! Yay!!!!
  193. Advair induced headaches
  194. Alternative to Advair?
  195. albuterol side effects?
  196. Am I crazy? Albuterol doesn't seem to work anymore.
  197. Moving to Arizona
  198. Asthma?
  199. Advair 250 Diskus Wasted: Disappointed
  200. asthma question
  201. how much did your peak flow meter cost?
  202. QVAR and sleep disorder/nightmares/weepiness? Is there a link?
  203. I broke my advair inhaler...what am I to do?
  204. Be aware
  205. Advair and 4yr. old
  206. Mild symptoms, FloVent and control
  207. Portable travel nebulizer
  208. Does Symbicort effect your menstrual cycles?
  209. an asthma flare - floradil???
  210. what numbers should my 6 year olds peak meter be between
  211. Chronic Asthma
  212. Asthma and Vomitting
  213. Advair 250/50 and sleeping problems??
  214. Could I hve Asthma?
  215. spiriva
  216. support in treatment asthma and use of methotrexate to wean off oral steriods?
  217. panic attack or asthma attack
  218. Inhaled Corticosteroid.....Is it possible to completely wean off of them?
  219. Chest infection medication?
  220. asmanex and xanax and lexapro
  221. Frustrated with Pulmonology Appointment
  222. what should peak flow be for 5'3
  223. does the rapid heartbeat from albuterol go away
  224. FloVent -- How long did it take before you felt a difference?
  225. coughing after taking ventolin
  226. 6 mo w/ Asthma- Too many meds??? Help!!!
  227. asthma
  228. Cough and chest pain
  229. Should I get a flu shot? [With details]
  230. Has anyone given up inhaled steroids & used Intal & ended up better?
  231. Post-asthma attack: Please help!
  232. astma or bronchial spasms?
  233. Did I swallow something the wrong way or asthma?
  234. Singulair?
  235. Shortness of breath
  236. Nothing relieves my symptoms!
  237. is this normal?
  238. Advair does it work for runners?
  239. Albuterol Sulfate
  240. exercising - Asthma or something else?
  241. which of these are considered antihistamines?
  242. Asthma but no Wheezing?
  243. ? about breathing.....
  244. inhalers
  245. albuterol
  246. Asthma Or Anxiety?!?!
  247. Are you smarter than my doctor?
  248. Asthma false positive/other problem?
  249. Can heat be a trigger?
  250. why does my son cough when he lays down