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  1. Asthma And Emphysema
  2. asthma and stomachache
  3. asthma and stomachache
  4. Question RE: Symptoms!! Please Help!
  5. ouch.....
  6. If you have asthma, have you been tested for this?
  7. Social Problems contribute to Asthma?
  8. Aching lungs, stuffy nose
  9. Aching lungs, stuffy nose
  10. Why Now?
  11. Peak Flow Meter's
  12. Low Red Blood Count??
  13. Has anyone tried Efficas Asthma Care?
  14. Asthma?
  15. Suggestions for Exercise/Diet Program
  16. Experience with Allergy Treatment Anyone?
  17. Have you tried these Breathe Right strips?
  18. home for the holidays and having issues
  19. is this asthma?
  20. Asthma Questions???
  21. Working out during flare
  22. Methacholine Challenge
  23. possible asthma
  24. asthma respitrol
  25. Is RSV is a type of Reactive Airway Disease?
  26. Diagnosed With Asthma Again!
  27. Brand New Member
  28. What does a pulmonologist do that regular MD does not?
  29. Asthma med for young children??
  30. How do you handle chest tightness?
  31. asrhma and a small child
  32. Can you help me?
  33. CPAP machine and asthma relief
  34. Is this Asthma, Bronchitis or simply, Allergies?
  35. COPD & Resportory Infections
  36. Parents with kids with Asthmas advice please
  37. Does it matter where you live?
  38. 7 year old with asthma
  39. Newly diagnosed with med questions...
  40. I'm sorry to bother...just one more question/concern
  41. Asthma & Weight
  42. Is there a cure.
  43. Should I go to the ER?
  44. Bronchial Spasms?!?
  45. Getting your mind to help with healing.
  46. PFT's
  47. white throat caused by advair?????
  48. Can Gerd Cause Asthma?
  49. How often is too often to use Albuterol?
  50. Worth going to a doctor?
  51. Seasonal Asthma? What to expect
  52. what to do?
  53. Need Advice.....scared!
  54. Using Albuterol before coming in contact with a known trigger.
  55. asthma or copd?
  56. Sports-induced asthma
  57. Quick Tips for colds and...
  58. is yogurt bad for asthma???
  59. Concerned Mother
  60. asthma & giving birth
  61. Feeling like it's laborious to breathe and/or getting "tired" of breathing?
  62. Symbicort
  63. Another Advair question
  64. Asthma without wheezing?
  65. Asthma and anxiety
  66. Heat, warmth, stuffy enviornments and asthma.
  67. Should I talk to my dr. about an inhaler?
  68. New, with questions re: hoarseness
  69. New Asthma Inhaler -Spiriva Question
  70. What is the issue using aspirin with asthma?
  71. is this a call of concern
  72. Can Dr tell the diff between bronchitis and asthma?
  73. Scared with questions
  74. 3 Yr Old w/Asthma
  75. Asthma or bronchitis?
  76. not sure what i have.
  77. Asthma or no asthma???
  78. Bronchostomy ..ouch!
  79. my long story. i have asthma too
  80. Has anyone with asthma ever taken Zoloft?
  81. magnesium
  82. help: steroid and non steroid inhalers
  83. Important, please read.
  84. Asthma treatment with garlic
  85. Gasping
  86. Breathing Problem
  87. Asthma meds during pregnancy?
  88. Breathing Trouble
  89. Is This Asthma?
  90. im frustrated and nead help
  91. How to tell?
  92. spiriva feedback
  93. can some one please help
  94. what is you fev1 (PFT)
  95. Prednasone withdrawl??
  96. Advair advice
  97. Advair and Fatigue
  98. If you have asthma, check with your electric company for discounts off your bill
  99. Hellish Summer
  100. pulmicort and chapped lips?
  101. Take meds, but have problems with aerobics/cardio
  102. stress and asthma
  103. Airline Restrictions: No Aerosols?
  104. Question about how often you get sick
  105. Is it Asthma?
  106. newish to asthma, chronic shallow breathing?
  107. Powerlung?
  108. God first, but Yerba Mate the cure he gave me.
  109. Smog Effects On Asthma/Symptoms
  110. still not smoking
  111. Laughing too much causes wheezing?
  112. Acid Reflux
  113. What Can I Take For Wheezing?
  114. when i went swimming my chest....
  115. New to Asthma
  116. acupressure
  117. Puffy Eyes! From flovent? Help anyone
  118. Rabbit Tobacco
  119. Should I go to my doctor?! -- Not new to asthma, but a new symptom!
  120. Clean Air?
  121. Anyone on Xolair?
  122. Anyone ever get rid of a little bit of thrush
  123. Electric discounts available to Asthmatics in some areas.
  124. Am I the only one with Asthma who scores normal on the tests?
  125. Re: shortness of breath
  126. Bad Air Days Anyone?
  127. What is everyone's peak flow number?
  128. Serevent?
  129. question
  130. Methacholine challenge test and heart
  131. New Member. Plenty of symptoms. Any help?
  132. quit smoking but still wheezing
  133. Advair and weight gain in children
  134. Does any one remember?
  135. Asthma Notes for myself & others
  136. Meds -reference Guide
  137. Flovent mood changes??
  138. Having difficulty with asthma and anxiety
  139. asthma and beta blockers
  140. Would smoking salvia hurt my asthma?
  141. Feeling like there's no air
  142. Something to do if you're new to asthma
  143. Does anyone else get this symptom with asthma
  144. What tests should/will Pulmonologist run to see if I have asthma?
  145. asthma attacks
  146. If you have Asthma,can you get seizures from it?
  147. Childhood Asthma questions
  148. Ventolin cause paralysis in children?
  149. Asthma or something else?
  150. 1 more question..
  151. Do mild asthmatics get asthma attacks?
  152. New diagnosis of asthma, any tips?
  153. Breathing pain...
  154. Med ? and coughing up mucus.
  155. Different medications
  156. What's in your home to combat asthma? What's a must & what's a dud? airpurifiers, etc
  157. New to asthma need answers quick about meds inhalers & steriods!
  158. Please, is this asthma or something worse?
  159. Asthma Emergency: The Heimlich
  160. Methacholine Challenge
  161. Is this Asthma?
  162. do other people experience more difficulty
  163. FYI: Corticosteroids & Cataracts
  164. Does anyone know of Common Food Triggers?
  165. new to this board
  166. My 2-yr. old son just diagnosed w/Asthma
  167. Can adult asthma get worse? And other questions?
  168. Question on prednisone
  169. New to Asthma - please help!
  170. any help appreciated!!
  171. Alcohol and difficulty breathing and can't sleep!
  172. chest tightness/wheezing only
  173. Toddler And Asthma
  174. New with Asthma? fail to accept..
  175. gynecomastia from asthma meds?
  176. Bronchitis with asthmatic tendencies
  177. This newbie's saga continues, thanks for replies they helped me
  178. New, is it really asthma?
  179. Questions about exercise with asthma
  180. Chest pain from asthma?
  181. Does anyone else with asthma
  182. One lousy symptom--nothing helps!
  183. Spasmodic Bronchial Asthma
  184. Question about Wheezing
  185. Question for those with asthma that the cough is the big problem
  186. Asthma flare up
  187. Butyeko
  188. Really bad asthma attacks lately
  189. lyprinol has worked for me
  190. tell your friends and coworkers about your asthma?
  191. 5mg singulair anyone else on such a low dose??
  192. Is Advair Causing This???
  193. Help--any Xolair Feedback
  194. asthma and stomach ache
  195. Whats the likelyhood...
  196. Is it Asthma???
  197. Questions about using advair diskus?
  198. Allergy induced asthma...
  199. shortness of breath
  200. Does anyone have problems with oral thrush?
  201. Asthma or residual cold stuff
  202. Chest Pressure/breathlessness No Relief
  203. Side effects or not?
  204. Bottom of throat feels tight when breathing...
  205. Exercised Induced Asthma Due to Beta Blockers
  206. Out of breath when talking
  207. Symptoms at an early age?
  208. Singulair Side-Effects??
  209. Newly diag w/ asthma anyone else with main symptoms of cough, sob
  210. hello
  211. 6 Year Old and Asthma
  212. athsma and exercise
  213. This Asthma related?
  214. Hypersensitive Lungs
  215. Is this asthma
  216. question...
  217. Asthma and Back Pain?
  218. Allergy tested today b/c of my Asthma...(long)
  219. exercise induced asthma, help?
  220. Brand-spankin' new and totally CONFUSED!
  221. Prednisone
  222. Confused about which doctor to see.
  223. Question
  224. symptoms improve with antibiotics
  225. Do hehumidifiers help asthma?
  226. Is Primatene Mist safe?
  227. bluesh nails
  228. meds question
  229. Asthma and Colds
  230. give albuterol after liquid prednisone and flovent?
  231. Pulmicort/Albuterol & Prilosec OTC
  232. Symbicort & Tilade
  233. trouble breathing
  234. natural alternatives for mild-moderate asthma
  235. When will this end?
  236. Some asthma caused or worsened by bacteria
  237. Need some information from suffers
  238. asthma and supplements
  239. Ticklish feeling in my chest?
  240. Albuterol and Singular okay during pregnancy?
  241. Am Now A Brittle Asthmatic
  242. spacer?
  243. albuterol pump
  244. Asthma / GERD (or Reflux)
  245. Asthma question
  246. side effects
  247. How long on nebulizer meds?
  248. 12 YO Son Just DX with Asthma - I have Questions
  249. is this exercise induced asthma?
  250. Cough-Varient Form of Asthma in my 4 yr old

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