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  1. Teenager with one really swollen tonsil for over a year. Please help!
  2. Lump in cheek
  3. Summer cough and sore throat
  4. Bumps on back and sides of tongue and irritation on roof of mouth for 6 weeks!
  5. Thyroid cysts
  6. nose and tongue
  7. Feeling something in nostril, can't find anything
  8. problems with ears or tonsils all the time, why do antibiotics always work?
  9. Ear infection, hearing loss?! Help!
  10. An ear infection? Or something else?
  11. red patch on tongue ?
  12. Chronic loud ear ringing...what can be done?
  13. naturopathy as a treatment
  14. Ear discharge but no pain.
  15. Worried about Fiance.He might have Peritonsillar abscess?
  16. fluttering in ear
  17. fluctuation in ringing by sensitivity to sound
  18. Narrow ear canal and ?Cholesteatoma
  19. swollen lymph nodes
  20. Is it REALLY Meniere's Disease
  21. Pressure in the head
  22. My bloody nose
  23. Ear Infection Back Again I Think??
  24. what is it supposed to look like when u have a tonsilletomy
  25. Advice needed re Yellow Fluid (Photo included)
  26. Cat Scan causes severe dizziness & headache
  27. food stuck in esophagus
  28. I am 65 and cannot speak clearly Doc said it is due to Acid Reflux any suggestions
  29. Literally, Worst Sore Throat of My Life.
  30. deviated septum
  31. Septoplasty and sinoscopy question
  32. Odd ear problem (for the last week and 1/2)
  33. Throat feels fine in morning then tightens or lump feeling as day goes on
  34. Post op day 4
  35. ENG for Low-grade headache along with off-balance
  36. Swelling/lump in throat (literally)
  37. Hi
  38. pulsatile tinnitus for 1.5 years now
  39. Yellow white hairy tongue
  40. ethmoid mucocele!
  41. Crying for help - Noise Induced Hearing loss
  42. M y 3 year old son has a lump on his neck about the size of a golf ball
  43. Small bubble or blister under tongue
  44. Asymmetric Tonsils, Shortness Of Breath, And A Few Tiny Red Bumps.
  45. my tonsillectomy surgery is tomorrow...
  46. pulsating in ears while wearing ear plugs
  47. when i swallow i feel something in my throat
  48. made it!
  49. brain fog/dizziness
  50. My Wife can't smell...
  51. My Tonsillectomy and Septoplasty Horror Story
  52. Patulous Eustachian Tube and Ear Tubes...Good or Bad Idea?
  53. Phlegm in throat
  54. The strangest smell.....
  55. Tonsillectomy Bleeding at Day 10!! Help!`
  56. Bad post nasal drip after uvula surgery
  57. Pressure around eyes
  58. Weird Tonsil thing
  59. Unknow white coating on Tongue
  60. Any answers to a throat problem??
  61. Afrin versus Psuedophedrine
  62. Tinnitus or hearing loss?
  63. Could I have BPPV?
  64. my epiglottis
  65. husband has problem at work with his nose
  66. Bad ears
  67. flesh colored bump
  68. Pain/Pressure After Loud Noises
  69. Is this possible or normal for an Ear Infection??
  70. Help! Feeling like something is stuck in my throat / esophogas
  71. pounding, clogged ears. HELP!
  72. Can a deviated septum cause difficulties to concentrate?
  73. Clogged ear question.
  74. red bump / lump behind ear (in crevice, size of rice grain)
  75. Septoplasty
  76. Weird Feeling in Ear Tubes
  77. How far down do the tonsils go?
  78. Tonsilectomy 36 hours ago, feel great ;).
  79. Deviated septum surgery
  80. Tonsillotomy vs. Tonsillectomy
  81. Lump sensation in the throat - RHS?????
  82. This combo ring any bells?
  83. Left ear feels stuffed and 'ringing' sound to it
  84. Pulling sensation behind left ear when i tilt me head right
  85. Creature In my Head
  86. ruptured eardrum - how to deal with
  87. Pulsating Tinnitus
  88. Severe ear pain :/
  89. i inhaled a sunflower seed
  90. what do ears get full of liquid when exerciseing
  91. Tonsillectomy Scabs
  92. chronic sore throat and cough over a week now!
  93. Tonsil stones...confused, need help pls
  94. Blocked Eustachian Tube?
  95. Post tonsillectomy allergies?
  96. Weird throat symptoms for 4 months. What could this be?
  97. Extreme sharp Pain--Left side of throat
  98. Actual piece of tonsil came off today
  99. white tongue & swollen tonsils
  100. Chronic dry mouth, throat and tongue and feeling of lump in throat
  101. A piece of my tonsil came loose.
  102. Itchy throat wont go away.
  103. Leaking white fluid in my throat
  104. Weight gain and tonsillectomy?
  105. Cheek infection
  106. Confused about a throat infection?
  107. Inner Ear pain triggered by wearing glasses, hat or helmet
  108. For those undergoing Tonsilectomy
  109. Nasal Laser Surgery/Undereye Vascular Pooling
  110. Want to know if my nose was ever broke
  111. twitching vein above right ear
  112. dizziness
  113. when you have the flu does your right side of your neck hurt
  114. My throat feels wierd...
  115. What does this sound like?
  116. tonsillectomy
  117. Really worried...
  118. how long about do the scabs come off after tonsillectomy
  119. Normal sound volumes give me pain and make me light headed
  120. Persistent oral thrush or not?
  121. Hot, full feeling in left ear
  122. Paralyzed Vocal Chord
  123. Searching for right doctor, not sure ENT is the correct one...
  124. Possible food stuck in throat
  125. rhinitis
  126. Pain in left ear and hurts to swallow.
  127. Swallowing got worse overnight?
  128. laryngocele anyone?
  129. Ears full/popping/pain when working out
  130. blocked nose
  131. how to get rid of a clogged ear
  132. Mucus Formation
  133. eating has become painful!
  134. Care after your operation
  135. when can you blow your nose after having adenoids out
  136. frustrated with ent's-long
  137. I have sudden pain in my ear. What should I do?
  138. White spots on lip
  139. An ear question?
  140. Random Ear Pains?
  141. The need to end bad breath !
  142. ear
  143. why do i panic when my nose is blocked
  144. CONSTANT sore throat :( help?
  145. Broken nose, what should i do?
  146. Possible ear impaction, but not sure!
  147. im in so much pain
  148. OMG, what is happening to my nose?
  149. cost of laser tonsil ablation
  150. Does anyone else feel this way?
  151. Decongestion, When getting better?
  152. Tonsillectomy in 2 days..
  153. why is it good to chew gum after a tonsilectomy
  154. what does it mean if I have ringing in my ears and the sound becomes muffled?
  155. PLZ PLZ HELP!!!concha bullosa, deviated septum & spur
  156. tonsil stones... please help for natural remedies?
  157. Ultra clogged ears and head pressure (10 months)
  158. Lump by Tonsil
  159. Ear ringing.
  160. Throat red bumps
  161. Nose scabs and sores, what to do? Should I try a homeopathic cream? Which one?
  162. swimmy head feelin and very cloudy feeling
  163. Mastoiditis?
  164. Why do I have Dry Mouth, Bitter Taste, Metal Taste, Watery Mouth, Nausea, Loss of App
  165. Ear blockage
  166. Deafness
  167. Hearing disorder??
  168. strange throat pains... some advice pls?
  169. Suggested tube surgery, again
  170. tonsil stones
  171. Tonsil problems and possibly acid reflux?...Needing answers!
  172. Swollen Tonsil - Worried
  173. Food sticking in throat after viral ear infection
  174. Trouble breathing due to LPR - Epi?
  175. trachea pain when yawning
  176. stapedectomy questions
  177. Question on thickening of the neck
  178. what meds can you take for post nasal drip?
  179. why does my voice box move around in my throat
  180. 2 DR's still have sudden hearing loss?!?
  181. What is Radiesse Injection for Vocal cords?
  182. already nervous
  183. Otosclerosis and stapedotomy
  184. No one can figure out whats wrong with me....
  185. dizziness and white mucas no coughing also symptoms of panic
  186. Ear Problems
  187. Neck CT soft tissue
  188. Seen ENT but still very scared and confused
  189. My ear hurts
  190. lump in the throat/LPR
  191. neti pot?
  192. Ear Pressure/Diminished Hearing = Conflicting Diagnoses
  193. Several ear problems
  194. Scraching inside my ear? help!
  195. Problems After Ear Infection?
  196. Avelox and Kenalog. Bad Mix. Anyone else ?
  197. Ears Ringing weeks after concert
  198. Need your experience with non-allergic rhinitis...
  199. Throat Blisters
  200. Heartbeat in Left Ear?
  201. dizziness, light headedness
  202. how long after tonsillectomy will i start getting scabs?
  203. My Tonsillectomy
  204. NECK CATscan
  205. Why do my ears pop when I swallow??
  206. popping sensation/sounds in bride of nose
  207. Can someone help me understand my CT results?!
  208. Popping Sensation in Outer Ear Cartilage upon Exertion
  209. Ear surgery 5 years ago - now hearing aides? Advice...?
  210. Facial nerve paralysis following trauma... can we expect any improvement?
  211. chronic cryptic tonsillitis?
  212. nasal growths, what r they
  213. breathing through ear?
  214. drumming
  215. ear ringing
  216. ear pressure and vibrations
  217. Assuming tonsilitus - please help.
  218. Long -term useage 0f oil
  219. Please read! Mystery of Exercise and Ear Pressure
  220. One tounsil is 2x bigger than the other
  221. i have a pain in the right side of my neck what could it be
  222. Problems hearing after middle ear infection
  223. watery throat
  224. Hear Heartbeat in Ear
  225. question about kids having tonsils
  226. Tonsillectomy 2
  227. Oh please help me.....Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus????????
  228. head, ear, and throat pain
  229. are wax cones good for getting rid of inner ear fluid
  230. When does the white patches goes away while on antibiotics for strep throat?
  231. ear pain without infection
  232. always seeing blood when I blow my nose
  233. really worried about inner ear problem.
  234. Can't afford Tonsillectomy! HELP!
  235. hissing in both ears
  236. Sleeping on right side and waking up with ringing in right ear.
  237. what soothes your throat after having tonsils out?
  238. Breath at night
  239. blowout ears when stopped up
  240. loss of taste after tonsillectomy
  241. tonsillectomy tomorrow
  242. Bump on left side of my neck
  243. my son has tonsilitus
  244. got scratched in my eye by my dog
  245. What wrong with my tonsils?
  246. Food sometimes gets stuck in my throat
  247. Low Hum in Ear
  248. swollen face and cant speak please help!
  249. will a dead bug in ear and a perforated ear drum
  250. questions that need answers

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