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  1. post nasal drip
  2. Pill Dissolved in throat causing pain
  3. larynx pain
  4. intracapsular tonsillectomy?
  5. My nose never stop growing
  6. tonsillitus with ear disscomfort
  7. Blood blister like spot on side of cheek and right side of throat hurts
  8. Reduced hearing & Ringing
  9. tonsillitis
  10. my throat feels like it something in it which causes me to cough
  11. Sensation something in my throat
  12. pain
  13. Anyone have a pain in the cheek?
  14. Keep gagging randomly
  15. is there a pump or suction to get rid of mucus in the head
  16. Tiredness and aching clear up with pressure on throat
  17. Can not eat, feels like am swallowing air
  18. Anosmia (loss of smell)
  19. broken nose?
  20. tonsilitus
  21. Sore Throat - 3 Months On and Off
  22. Intense, sharp earache
  23. tonsil removal in a 4 year old
  24. ears stopped up
  25. Is this normal - please advise
  26. Could someone PLEASE help?!? Swollen lymph node, headaches, eye tension, ear & nose
  27. Should I get a tonsillectomy?
  28. burning ear
  29. 24 hrs until tonsillectomy, turbinate reduction and septum repair
  30. White area in the back of my throat, but no sore throat
  31. Little lump under tongue.
  32. 13 year old had tonsils and adnoids removed
  33. Can the effects of motion sickness last for days?
  34. Question about a specific test
  35. Tongue layer - please help
  36. what does it means when I lay my head down on the right side I get dizzy and the roo
  37. Ongoing Unknown Problem (2 years)
  38. black tongue and other symtoms
  39. white patch on tonsil
  40. This should be solved
  41. Discoloration of the uvula
  42. why would my throat be sore for a month
  43. how long does it take for bacteria to grow in your tonsils?
  44. Bizzar Runny Nose
  45. Annoying Nighttime Nose Problem
  46. Something in Ear After Skull Fracture
  47. Does anyone know what this means?
  48. hearing loss vitamins? Santaray ?
  49. Advice on bifocals with meniere's?
  50. What would happen if you got a bit of shampoo in your ear?
  51. frequent muscle/nerve aches from everyday noises
  52. ear pain
  53. Tinnitus
  54. White spots in throat
  55. possible link - tonsil stones and GERD / acid reflux / LPR / stomach problems?
  56. Swollen Turbinates, major Fatigue... help!!!
  57. What are the problems attached to throat troubling
  58. Dealing with Hearing Loss and Meniere's Disease
  59. ear
  60. dark area under eyes
  61. Your opinions please.....
  62. tonsilectomy
  63. what to eat after tonsillectomy
  64. audiogram
  65. Mino's Tonsillectomy Thread
  66. signing off - post op
  67. Can anyone HELP please??
  68. Tympanoplasty post op help !!
  69. Odd ears ?
  70. Would an ENT Dr. Help With This?
  71. white spots in throat
  72. when i blood up my noses they smell very bad
  73. What is the cause of having a hard time swallowing and getting food down
  74. How to cure a scab from inside my nose
  75. Nasal polyps
  76. please help! still can't get answers
  77. Problems around Ear
  78. throat is very sore when I swallow on one side of my tonsil for days
  79. tonsilectomy
  80. Itchy ear
  81. turbinate cautery
  82. ..READ that guide on here about tonsillectomy
  83. Swelling on left side muscle?
  84. Scabs are comin off.
  85. Ear Ringing
  86. When I eat I feel like I have a rock in the back of my throat
  87. ANYONE answer asap!
  88. Any info on bad breath?
  89. officially 3 days post op
  90. Post-op bleeding question
  91. Very concerned: lump in throat, ear/jaw pain
  92. Still cant swallow!!!
  93. Cyst on jawline?
  94. Adult Tonsillectomy/Uvula/Turbinates
  95. 4 year old and ear wax
  96. Itching nasal passage
  97. 2 Days until my tonsillectomy..=(
  98. cholesteatoma surgery
  99. Ear problems
  100. Ear diagnosis might be wrong
  101. ear
  102. Low rumbling in left ear + watery eyes
  103. Cannot Taste
  104. do and don'ts tonsillectomy
  105. Cartoid Artery???
  106. my head always feels like its stopped up...
  107. throat , chin
  108. ear pain
  109. what if someone has only a sore throat for a month
  110. ENT Exam Question
  111. congestion
  112. I have alot of concerns
  113. muffled swooshing sound in an ear
  114. I have alot of conserns
  115. Please Look At CT
  116. tube like growth on back of tongue
  117. Chronic tonsilitis and extreme tiredness
  118. Sore bump in throat
  119. Sore bump in throat
  120. Sore Throat
  121. Vocal Nodules
  122. eustachian tube surgery
  123. Deafness
  124. Enlarged Tonsils.
  125. mastoid process
  126. Doctors say- Gap in Vocal Cord- Please Help
  127. Finally... some relief
  128. Balloon Sinuplasty
  129. Tonsils, Uvula and Turbinates
  130. pea size lump on left jawline- can't sleep
  131. why do you lose your taste buds after tonsilectomy
  132. Wind anyone?
  133. Headphone Health Issues
  134. any insight greatly appreciated...
  135. Horrible ear problem - need help
  136. Ears
  137. why does my throut feel like it has something in it
  138. Epiglottis problems?
  139. Smelling things that aren't there??
  140. i hear my footsteps or voice very loud in my ear
  141. Skin-color growth on tonsil
  142. V. Painful throat, no other symptoms?!
  143. Not sure how to describe....
  144. Throat closed
  145. Retracted eardrum with fluid
  146. Hole in a tonsil
  147. Breathing problem
  148. My strange pains: I can't open my eyes!
  149. pain in left side of throat when swallowing
  150. how much weight will you gain from 1 mg of prednisone a day
  151. Scared surgery Tuesday
  152. lingual tonsils
  153. Recent Tympanoplasty
  154. Ears feel very full after doing nasal irrigation
  155. throat
  156. Can hear my pulse in my ears
  157. Am I officially deaf?
  158. Weird symptoms, irritating me....
  159. Please help me
  160. Swollen lymph node on jawline
  161. ETD and gland pain - help?
  162. ear surgery
  163. music, yawning, ear fullness, little pain, no bad test results
  164. Coughed up a soft yellow blod that stinks
  165. how long should you wait to smoke after you had your tonsils removed
  166. water coming out of nose after nasal irrigation
  167. how to regain taste and smell sensations
  168. ear pressure/pain/plugged HELP!
  169. weird tickle in throat
  170. i have a bump where my jaw line meets what could this be
  171. What do you use if a pill gets stuck in your throat?
  172. does propping up with pillows work for post nasal drip
  173. Coblation Tonisllectomy Recovery
  174. Tonsillectomy Re-Cauterization Recovery
  175. white tongue with red dots on the back
  176. why does water come out my nose when i bend over?
  177. Should my son have his tonsils out?
  178. Sore throat and chest
  179. why heat come from ear?
  180. biting down on molars severe pain traveling to ear
  181. sore throat ear ache swollen glands
  182. Fluid draining from ears and eyes
  183. tonsil cyst
  184. hesitant
  185. Tonsil and Nasal Pharynx
  186. what is this
  187. good ENT in New York
  188. Is There Any Treatment for What I'm Experiencing?
  189. why does my left nostril bleed
  190. symptoms
  191. what does an orange colored tounge mean
  192. Breathing from one Nostrill
  193. Pressure in Ears, HELP!
  194. Wish my ENT read this board!
  195. why is the ear geting blocked, with cough
  196. why does my throat swell when I exercise?
  197. Need some help plz
  198. Question for those who are post op on tonsillectomy.
  199. Recurrent sore throat every month – post tonsillectomy help!!!
  200. feels like I'm swallowing shards of glass,
  201. Swallowing razor blades
  202. Anxiety Mixed with labyrinthitis?? Im worried
  203. Ok, I posted about this problem, but now I'm just really worried!
  204. 31 yrs old - had tonsils out on Wednesday. OUCH!!!
  205. dark circles under the eyes
  206. Nostril never heals - any advice appreciated.
  207. I had my tonsils removed and now have white bumps what is it?
  208. Can't get rid of my throat infection! HEEeeelllpp!
  209. what does it mean when you have white stuff on your toung
  210. Subjective pulsitile tinnitus
  211. My daughter -ENT related
  212. second ENT visit...
  213. My ear is plugged and won't pop! Help!
  214. why does hard yellow stuff come out of my nose when i blow it
  215. bad taste before and after eating
  216. ear
  217. Mucus in throat - feel like I'm going to vomit
  218. Craking in my ears!
  219. why do I have so much saliva coming out of my throat
  220. echo in ears
  221. can i get a biopsy?
  222. Looking for ent surgeons in toronto
  223. pittsburgh doctors for ear pain back pain
  224. Strep Throat Question
  225. what causes thrush after tonsillectomy and how do I get rid of it
  226. ear issues
  227. accidentally inhaled food
  228. i got my throat dry what can i do?
  229. why does my muscles hurt after a tonsillectomy
  230. Nasonex and Mono
  231. Craker sores
  232. My tonsillectomy experience
  233. Labyrinthitis
  234. Esophageal dysmotility
  235. My throut is mucusy, and my nose is stuffy and runny what do i have
  236. Tonsillitis/Tonsillectomy
  237. ear virus
  238. what do xrays show
  239. Tonsillectomy this Friday the 27th.
  240. Nasonex vs Beclate?
  241. why is snot yellow
  242. accidental food inhalation
  243. Just had my nose cauterized...
  244. Somebody PLEASE help..tinnitus
  245. Possible Malignant Otitis Externa
  246. So Scared! having Functional Endoscopic Surgery Panicking about NOT BREATHING !
  247. how to pop plugged up ears
  248. Tonsillith prevention/care
  249. heartbeating in my ear
  250. tongue is different colour and feels rough

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