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  1. Not sure how to describe....
  2. Throat closed
  3. Retracted eardrum with fluid
  4. Hole in a tonsil
  5. Breathing problem
  6. My strange pains: I can't open my eyes!
  7. pain in left side of throat when swallowing
  8. how much weight will you gain from 1 mg of prednisone a day
  9. Scared surgery Tuesday
  10. lingual tonsils
  11. Recent Tympanoplasty
  12. Ears feel very full after doing nasal irrigation
  13. throat
  14. Can hear my pulse in my ears
  15. Am I officially deaf?
  16. Weird symptoms, irritating me....
  17. Please help me
  18. Swollen lymph node on jawline
  19. ETD and gland pain - help?
  20. ear surgery
  21. music, yawning, ear fullness, little pain, no bad test results
  22. Coughed up a soft yellow blod that stinks
  23. how long should you wait to smoke after you had your tonsils removed
  24. water coming out of nose after nasal irrigation
  25. how to regain taste and smell sensations
  26. ear pressure/pain/plugged HELP!
  27. weird tickle in throat
  28. i have a bump where my jaw line meets what could this be
  29. What do you use if a pill gets stuck in your throat?
  30. does propping up with pillows work for post nasal drip
  31. Coblation Tonisllectomy Recovery
  32. Tonsillectomy Re-Cauterization Recovery
  33. white tongue with red dots on the back
  34. why does water come out my nose when i bend over?
  35. Should my son have his tonsils out?
  36. Sore throat and chest
  37. why heat come from ear?
  38. biting down on molars severe pain traveling to ear
  39. sore throat ear ache swollen glands
  40. Fluid draining from ears and eyes
  41. tonsil cyst
  42. hesitant
  43. Tonsil and Nasal Pharynx
  44. what is this
  45. good ENT in New York
  46. Is There Any Treatment for What I'm Experiencing?
  47. why does my left nostril bleed
  48. symptoms
  49. what does an orange colored tounge mean
  50. Breathing from one Nostrill
  51. Pressure in Ears, HELP!
  52. Wish my ENT read this board!
  53. why is the ear geting blocked, with cough
  54. why does my throat swell when I exercise?
  55. Need some help plz
  56. Question for those who are post op on tonsillectomy.
  57. Recurrent sore throat every month post tonsillectomy help!!!
  58. feels like I'm swallowing shards of glass,
  59. Swallowing razor blades
  60. Anxiety Mixed with labyrinthitis?? Im worried
  61. Ok, I posted about this problem, but now I'm just really worried!
  62. 31 yrs old - had tonsils out on Wednesday. OUCH!!!
  63. dark circles under the eyes
  64. Nostril never heals - any advice appreciated.
  65. I had my tonsils removed and now have white bumps what is it?
  66. Can't get rid of my throat infection! HEEeeelllpp!
  67. what does it mean when you have white stuff on your toung
  68. Subjective pulsitile tinnitus
  69. My daughter -ENT related
  70. second ENT visit...
  71. My ear is plugged and won't pop! Help!
  72. why does hard yellow stuff come out of my nose when i blow it
  73. bad taste before and after eating
  74. ear
  75. Mucus in throat - feel like I'm going to vomit
  76. Craking in my ears!
  77. why do I have so much saliva coming out of my throat
  78. echo in ears
  79. can i get a biopsy?
  80. Looking for ent surgeons in toronto
  81. pittsburgh doctors for ear pain back pain
  82. Strep Throat Question
  83. what causes thrush after tonsillectomy and how do I get rid of it
  84. ear issues
  85. accidentally inhaled food
  86. i got my throat dry what can i do?
  87. why does my muscles hurt after a tonsillectomy
  88. Nasonex and Mono
  89. Craker sores
  90. My tonsillectomy experience
  91. Labyrinthitis
  92. Esophageal dysmotility
  93. My throut is mucusy, and my nose is stuffy and runny what do i have
  94. Tonsillitis/Tonsillectomy
  95. ear virus
  96. what do xrays show
  97. Tonsillectomy this Friday the 27th.
  98. Nasonex vs Beclate?
  99. why is snot yellow
  100. accidental food inhalation
  101. Just had my nose cauterized...
  102. Somebody PLEASE help..tinnitus
  103. Possible Malignant Otitis Externa
  104. So Scared! having Functional Endoscopic Surgery Panicking about NOT BREATHING !
  105. how to pop plugged up ears
  106. Tonsillith prevention/care
  107. heartbeating in my ear
  108. tongue is different colour and feels rough
  109. How to unlodge a pill stuck in your throat
  110. Lump in throat
  111. Occasional Tongue ache/burning with Laryngeal reflux
  112. Hoarse for a month now! Scared of the worst!
  113. Neck and Throat Discomfort
  114. thick mucus in throat
  115. Breathing difficulties and lump on uvula
  116. What to eat during recovery from adult tonsillectomy?
  117. Throat problems
  118. Tinnitus, Loud eustation tube, distorted hearing.
  119. it burns when i breathe
  120. Laser Tonsillectomy Where North Carolina
  121. Sleeping propped up
  122. Ear filled with fluid for 3+ weeks
  123. Adult Tonsillectomy - Asymmetical Healing Question
  124. how to clean out ears
  125. adenoid surgery
  126. i have white spots on the back of my throat
  127. What is wrong it feels cold when i breath?
  128. fungus in the ear
  129. Vocal/Throat problems
  130. Blocked ear probably after blowing the nose/coughing too hard?
  131. Throat Clearing - Asthma - Allergies
  132. singing without tonsils
  133. For two+ years now, Swollen Parotid Glands:
  134. Tonsillectomy second opinion
  135. tinnitus??
  136. Coughing up small smelly deposits
  137. Something's stuck!
  138. Is it normal to cough up blood with oral thrush?
  139. my throat has a lump and it is hard to swallow what could it be
  140. trouble swallowing
  141. how soon can you tell if an operation for a perforated septum is successful
  142. septoplasty disaster
  143. Advice for adult tonsillectomy.
  144. blocked nose all the time
  145. Strange pains in the right ear, face and right eye!
  146. Swelling in left side of throat, headache, ear ache
  147. tonsillectomy to diagnose tonsil cancer
  148. sore nose
  149. having middle meatus antrostomies ethmoidectomy on tuesday, bit worried advice please
  150. Chronic Fluid Build-up in Ear
  151. swallowing
  152. Does vibration itself damage the ear drum / ear?
  153. swallowing
  154. Dry feeling at the back of my tongue/throat?
  155. blood in mucous everyday
  156. Bleeding from nostril
  157. Please help!
  158. Meniere's/Trying to Conceive
  159. psudomonus
  160. pain day 10 post op tonsillectomy
  161. Golf ball sized lump in neck-- NEED HELP!
  162. Lymph infection, penicillin and mouth numbness
  163. mucus keeps forming in my nose?
  164. Allergy medicine after septoplasty?
  165. I get a lot of mucus or phlegm in my throat from laughing...
  166. Chronic ear cartlidge Infection
  167. what is it when at night your throat hurts when you swallow and you need to cough and
  168. Is this strep or just a sore throat?
  169. Someone please HELP me???
  170. Tinnitus
  171. Itchy Throat
  172. coblation tonsillectomy
  173. rash with tonsilitus
  174. Problem with ears
  175. habitual Sinex user
  176. throat that hurts even more when I yawn
  177. how to unblock the eustachian tube
  178. Tonsils out, but odd symptoms
  179. right side of my throat and ears hurt when I swallow or yawn
  180. Troubling Nasal Issue
  181. irritated
  182. Ear Leaking
  183. What's wrong with my ears?!
  184. Thyroid
  185. discomfort in throat
  186. feeling of choking
  187. blocked ear..HELP PLEASE
  188. Loud Music
  189. Green mucus - always infection needing antibiotics?
  190. sore adams apple
  191. sore throat, red dots
  192. sore throat (red dots)
  193. eyes + dizziness
  194. Ear Pain, Hurts to swallow, Headaches
  195. Husband just had his tonsils out - swollen uvula?
  196. blister?
  197. vocal cord paralysis
  198. Worriedddddd
  199. fullness and pressure in ear
  200. why do you get polyps on tongue?
  201. Dizziness
  202. Accidental Post
  203. thank god people with the same kinds of problems!!!plz help
  204. Pain in throat and neck
  205. Anybody in post op Recovery Tonsillectomy
  206. Kid put chip crumb in my ear while taking nap, should I worry?
  207. do's and don'ts post tonsillectomy
  208. Tonsillectomy/Septum repair
  209. tonsil stones
  210. Chronic Cough
  211. sore throat-Please Help
  212. how to treat phlegm on esophagus
  213. uncomfortable feeling in throat
  214. My ears hurt so bad with this headcold
  215. how to get rid of mucus behind ear
  216. Nose like dripping tap
  217. CONSTANT DIZZINESS - 3 years
  218. Constant Phlegm & cough 4ever!
  219. toulula
  220. Clogged ear ?
  221. Ear keeps clogging but Dr. sees no fluid?
  222. ear drainage at home
  223. Ear, then throat, now in chest. Worried.
  224. what to do about ear pain after tonsillectomy
  225. Cancer /
  226. Humidity question
  227. blocked tube/otosclerosis
  228. what to do with pressure on the ear caused by allergies
  229. Tonsiladenoidectomy today~Anyone Else??
  230. Tonsillectomy: Dr. says liquids ONLY for 10 days
  231. Constant Mucus in throat
  232. does having swollen tonsils always hurt
  233. Deviated septum, post op 12yrs...
  234. Can phlegm be swallowed?
  235. On going issue
  236. losing the depth of my voice
  237. Oral and nasal decongestants?
  238. Regrowth of tonsils and adenoids in preschooler
  239. Tinnitus after ear infections?
  240. Acid Blockers & oral thrush?
  241. Tonsillectomy question
  242. Constant blocked nose
  243. Tickling in my right ear?????
  244. what to do about a clogged ear
  245. pain and noise in the ear
  246. Clicking noise when I breathe?
  247. lump on the right side of throat be
  248. Surgery for Superior Semi Circular Canal Dehiscence
  249. Nerve problem?
  250. Tonsil Stones