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  1. Clicking, Popping In Right Ear When Walking, Jumping, Going Up And Down Stairs ...
  2. Clicking, Popping In Right Ear When Walking, Jumping, Going Up And Down Stairs ...
  3. Can i switch to penicillin after using erythromycin for two days for tonsillitis
  4. ear lobe (right
  5. Ear Drops That Burn
  6. Ear
  7. bad taste in mouth permanently even when eating and drinking
  8. gross story about my nose.(sorry)
  9. Ear Ache
  10. strange feeling in my throat for years
  11. prednisone for strep throat
  12. Vocal cord polyps and GERD
  13. Nostril always been out of action, what would need done?
  14. swollen turbinates
  15. Swollen glands and stinging sensation under tongue!
  16. Adams Apple in children
  17. Horrible Burning
  18. Tonsillitis or allergic to new man??
  19. coughing spells
  20. adenoidectomy
  21. has anyone ever experienced this?
  22. Nasonex??
  23. Summer, A/C and me = A Deadly Combination!
  24. tonsilitis
  25. Re: Tonsilitus
  26. Scar on the tip of my nose?
  27. Ouch!!...Im So hungry
  28. Swollen Nasal glands- Can't breathe!!
  29. flower in ear
  30. persistent ear infection...help
  31. what to do for cramps in the neck just like cramps you get in legs
  32. I think I have a popped eardrum. A firecracker exploded in my right side ear. Scared!
  33. tonsillectomy
  34. Nasal septum surgery and somnoplasty
  35. good nose sprays?
  36. Do cancer sores appear from acid reflux?
  37. earplugs?
  38. Best Nasal Irrigation
  39. Major blockage in ear but no remedies
  40. Netti Pot and Ears
  41. Any Information on "Nerve Ball" or Glomus in Throat?
  42. 3 year old sleeping soo much WORSE after T & A!!!
  43. Tony 64 ??????? @Tonsillectomy Please
  44. Adult Adnoidectomy and Tonsillectomy 7-2-08
  45. ear popping?
  46. How Long does "scab sloughing" stage last from tonsillectomy?
  47. Hearing things, like the t.v on but it isnt?
  48. Can inner ear problems cause memory problems?
  49. Lump on throat
  50. Ear-blood pumping
  51. Swollen Lymph Nodes CONTINUEd
  52. Swollen Lymph Node on Neck
  54. Strep LAST week and sore throat remains as of day 6-HELP
  55. can anyone shed some light?
  56. Mucinex
  57. Caloric Tests
  58. random nose bleeds
  59. Help - constant fluid sounds in ear!
  60. how much coblation
  61. Question about ball of mucus. HELP PLEASE!!
  62. Have terrible Dark Circles under my eye's.........
  63. Post Tonsillectomy--Problems breathing
  64. need advise have had it with drs pressure in ears
  65. Dizziness when lying on left side
  66. Severe ear pain when flying
  67. Post Tonsillectomy allergies
  68. Perichondritis
  69. Concerns re throat problems
  70. Lump behind the ear...abcess?
  71. Running nose when eating
  72. Throat Irritation - Happens Out The Blue
  73. Question about ear cleaning
  74. It feels like my tonsils are swelling. What's wrong
  75. Are you glad you had your tonsils removed?
  76. people whistle from their noise when breathing
  77. tonsillectomy questions.. and suggestions
  78. why can't you travel after you get your tonsils out
  79. I'm Doing Good!
  80. Nasal Endoscopy? Follow up tomorrow
  81. bump in earlobe
  82. Septoplasty-not fun!!
  83. dont no what this is and neither do doctors
  84. clogged ear after cold how to unclog???
  85. White spots in throat after tonsilllectomy?
  86. Bumps on Uvula
  87. How long was everyone for work from tonsillectomy
  88. PLEASE HELP! Can I have Menieres, even if I'm never dizzy?
  89. What is causing this?
  90. Throat Clearing & Mucus Eight years
  91. Coblation Tonsillectomy
  92. Nasal Endoscopy & Ear Tube Surgery
  93. Laryngitis, ears hurt & congestion
  94. Why are my ears ringing?
  95. Is this labyrinthitis or BBPV?
  96. Continued raspy voice one month after laryngitis
  97. itchy ears!!!
  98. Sore Throat After Tonsillectomy - What do do?
  99. Does Anyone Know?
  100. tonsil tissue
  101. Thoat mucus
  102. One of my tonsils is swollen, wondering if it could be related to breathing issues...
  103. Tonsillectomy at 21
  104. What's wrong with my nose?
  105. tonsilitus
  106. i am heaving rough skin behind my ears i can not see it but i can feel it
  107. constant pain and pressure
  108. Ear keeps Clicking when i hear noises - any help?
  109. the second night..
  110. Does eustachian tube dysfunction following AOM self resolve?
  111. Clogged right nostril?
  112. Irritated throat.
  113. Constant Clearing of Throat + symptoms
  114. Dull, muffled and beating hearing! Please help!
  115. How long can I expect to stay in hospital (U.S.) after adult tonsillectomy
  116. Tonsils
  117. Tight throat....feels swollen, doesn't hurt. help!
  118. Tonsillectomy and smoking
  119. Post tonsillectomy bleeding - day 12
  120. any remedy for tinnitus?
  121. Left ear - constant discharge - loads of history
  122. Throat issues
  123. I am gagging constantly! Please help...
  124. Enlarged submandibular salivary gland
  125. Loss of taste after tonsillectomy
  126. Strep/Antibiotic question
  127. Eye, neck and ear pain
  128. Pulsing tinnitus NOT at rate of heart beat
  129. Seeking guidence for some chronic symptoms
  130. PAIN from tonsillectomy
  131. SPLASHED in ear!
  132. throat clearing
  133. tonsils removed
  134. Swollen Parotid Gland
  135. Had septum surgery done today and have a few questions...
  136. Dont know whats goin on with ears..help..
  137. Fluid in Ear.... Ear Tube in Adult? ETD? Advice?
  138. Swimmy Head feeling
  139. lump infront of ear/top of jaw
  140. paralyzed vocal cord
  141. rebuilt eardrum
  142. Is this lpr perhaps ?
  143. tonsillectomy @ 17
  144. Weird ear sound
  145. Congested ear
  146. Possible Menieres Disease?
  147. Ear Issue
  148. post op bleeding after tonsillectomy everynite please help
  149. Not exactly dizzy but off-balance...Shed some light please!
  150. What state were your tonsils in when you had them taken out?
  151. Confused.
  152. update
  153. both ears blocked please help
  154. plain old sore throat or something else?
  155. Severe ear pain.
  156. Sudden Larynx pain??
  157. Chronic throat problems
  158. Rhinoplasty , tonsicillectlmony at 54 Am I nuts?
  159. Question for Arlmon
  160. Adult Adenoidectomy
  161. How many days after Tonsillectomy till i can Workout?!!!
  162. Want to try MUCINEX D but I live in the UK
  163. tonsillectomy at 38
  164. sudden neural hearing loss
  165. sudden neural hearing loss
  166. Tonsil Stones
  167. Continuous Post nasal drainage
  168. Throat Siezing Up
  169. Direct laryngoscopy with biopsy and esophagascopy questions
  170. Right Ear Tympanoplasty
  171. Help with chronic stuffy ear PLEASE!!!
  172. fluid
  173. Help, I can't stand sound
  174. Doxycycline and tinnitus/hearing loss? HELP!
  175. Tonsillectomy. going number 2? when can I drink Alcohol?
  176. Adult Tonsillectomy - My Story..(one of a kind..)
  177. Help! Ear Popping
  178. When do they decide to take tonsils out?
  179. Rashes
  180. lump in throat feeling... feels irritated
  181. How Do You Cough Up Phlegm
  182. Robotic hearing
  183. Bleeding from the ears... HELP!!!
  184. is this good or bad?
  185. Tonsillectomy and endoscopic nasal surgery!
  186. fluid
  187. Positive tonsilectomy yay!
  188. Complications After Ear Operation
  189. ear fluid
  190. Some kind of nose infection?
  191. ear infection?
  192. Throat Gurgles, Crackles,snap Crackle Pop
  193. ECOG test went well---day after some symptoms
  194. Swollen uvula?
  195. Adult tonsillectomy - UK
  196. Excessive ear wax
  197. S.O.B, Post nasal drip,morning cough,lots of gagging
  198. growth in ear
  199. Adult Tonsillectomy
  200. Post tonsillectomy sneezing...
  201. One-sided nasal congestion
  202. Lisalikesmakeup-are yout there??
  203. What can an ENT see when he uses the scope to view the vocal cords? Muscle weakness?
  204. One or Both Tonsils Removed
  205. Post nasal drip and bad breath!
  206. Anyone get extremely painful 'cramps' in front of neck/throat?
  207. nose always runs during physical activity.
  208. Pain in throat/esophagus
  209. Dizziness
  210. Thyroplasty June 10th!!!
  211. tonsillectomy and loss of taste buds!!!!!
  212. Severe Nasal and Ear Congestion.
  213. Crack/pop in ear when biting down
  214. Constricted throat..irritation.. clueless..?
  215. ears hurt from the loud noise
  216. rebuilt eardrum
  217. Nasal polyps: can they cause cacosmia/bad smell in nose?
  218. Tumor on septal in nose
  219. I had my tonsils removed over 3 weeks ago- question.
  220. Post Op Appt Yesterday- Day 11 Post Op
  221. Tonsil stones and puss.... help??
  222. throat ulcers!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!
  223. ent visit
  224. need help and advice
  225. Help! Does anyone have this popping or clicking sound?
  226. Middle Concha Bullosa-Need Help
  227. i've been sick every month for 3yrs
  228. Help I can't swallow!
  229. desperate for advice!!!
  230. Right Gland Throat issue
  231. Not Meniere's but Cochlear hydrops! On Maxide and Trental
  232. Mouth and tongue problems...please help
  233. got tubes in my ears and screaming in my ear
  234. Re: who is the best nose revision Doctor ???
  235. nose pain
  236. My left ear is acting up!
  237. work/live? lprd
  238. Please help! Again!!!
  239. MattPSU-are you still having surgery Thursday?
  240. Sabrinag-how are you??
  241. Hearing aid question
  242. My app with ENT - weired symptoms - please help!
  243. Kindly Guide.
  244. Day 6-post op Tonsillectomy-HELP*SCAB QUESTION!
  245. Deviated Septum
  246. Need a Ear Nose Throat doctor in Southern California
  247. drainage? help!
  248. Mucous retention cyst
  249. Im so Freaked out!
  250. Day 3-Post op-Doing good!

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