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  1. Throat and Bone
  2. what is blood stained in dried mucus
  3. after tonsillectomy
  4. swollen epiglottis
  5. I saw ENT last week, advice please.
  6. Please help me out I Just Need Suggestions
  7. does thyroid problems have anything to do with nose stuffiness
  8. Stuffiness in ear
  9. Why is a sore throat worse at night/morning?
  10. why does the right side of my neck hurt in the front
  11. Is this tonsillitis?
  12. what does 3+ tonsil size mean?
  13. Halitosis
  14. How long to avoid crowds after having an adult tonsillectomy
  15. tinnitus
  16. ear pressure when exercising
  17. Bacterial Infection in the Throat
  18. how to treat a swollen tongue after a tonsillectomy
  19. Chest and Throat Cramps
  20. Hearing loss after cold - can you help me?
  21. swollen neck and large tonsils - why?
  22. stuck in throat feeling
  23. tonsilloths
  24. Throat Question (Problem)
  25. Ear Crackling/Clicking Noise when I move my jaw
  26. Ear & Throat Problems
  27. Swollen Throat for 4 weeks
  28. What meds for tonsillectomy?
  29. I've dealt with it for years.
  30. toddlers voice following tonsils, adenoid, ear tube removal surgery
  31. chronic coughing and phlegm/mucus
  32. why is there blood in my mucous
  33. Looking for Vocal Cord Specialist NYC or NJ?
  34. 22/ May have Oral Thrush, and Lukoplakia!!
  35. tonsillectomy... I don't understand
  36. When will the smell go away after my tonsillectomy?
  37. how to get rid of tonsil stones
  38. high pitched sounds in ear
  39. Internal basel cell
  40. can anybody tell me what i have?????
  41. Prilosec vs aciphex
  42. vocal cord doctors in ny
  43. chronic throat problems
  44. Post Tonsillectomy: coughing, hiccups, severe ear pain!! HELP!
  45. Possible Nasal Polyps, perhaps anyone can tell me if it is?
  46. Reoccuring sore throat
  47. Bump on my nose as a result of an operation to correct my deviated septum
  48. Please help me
  49. hoarse voice
  50. Continual virus spreading
  51. i have polyps need some information and advice please
  52. lot of saliva and a very dry throat
  53. what could cause you to have only one side of your throat hurt when you swallow
  54. Tonsillectomy Wednesday. (1/14/09)
  55. Itchy ear problem
  56. I feel like something is dripping in my thoart
  57. Tonsillectomy Help?
  58. Help! My eyes ALWAYS feel sore like I haven't slept.!
  59. loud noises
  60. I had my tonsillectomy this morning.
  61. How to clean plugged ears
  62. what is tympanomastoidectomy
  63. Flaky skin in ear (crumbs)?
  64. larynx pain
  65. ear problems
  66. Feels like something is stuck in my throat
  67. tickle in throat
  68. Pittsburgh surgeon that will use laser for tonsil and adenoid removal
  69. under chin tightness
  70. plugged ear
  71. Tonsillectomy tomorrow - anyone else this week?
  72. blocked nose
  73. what to do for an inflamed esophagus
  74. coughing up blood in phlegm
  75. olfactory hallucination
  76. Tonsillectomy - what medication should I request?
  77. Your speech after a tonsilectomy? Different?
  78. Ringing in my ear!!!!!!!!!
  79. What causes hearing your heartbeat in your ear?
  80. Strange (Left) Ear Pressure
  81. Nasal Polyps and nose size??
  82. good nose and throat doctors in toronto
  83. night saliva choking/gagging
  84. Thick Mucus
  85. Life without tonsils - downsides?
  86. Tonsillitis
  87. what to expect after a tonsillectomy as a teenager
  88. Ear Flutter
  89. what can i use to get something stuck out of my throat
  90. Tonsillectomy, here we go!
  91. Advice needed - post nasal drip/brain fog!!
  92. Nose surgery for air flow?
  93. ear drainage
  94. Bleach smell
  95. please help
  96. when will scabs fall off tonsillectomy
  97. What can I do or what can I take when my nose is all stuffed up?
  98. Weird colored tongue
  99. Excess Phlegm/Saliva in throat
  100. Is it normal for your tonsillectomy scab to fall off at once?
  101. can someone tell me whats wrong with my ear?!
  102. Recommendations for Adult Tonsillectomy?
  103. Ringing/Swooshing in Ear
  104. Serous Otitis Media
  105. Head pressure/fullness when standing up
  106. throat problem
  107. where can i get laser tonsil ablation in oregon?
  108. who in usa does Minimally Invasive Radioguided Parathyroid (MIRP) Surgery.
  109. antibiotics for inflamed or enlarged Lymph nodes
  110. post nasil drip
  111. Please help! What is this?! Ear problem!!
  112. Really bad ear blockage! Please help?
  113. Toddler tonsils & adenoids removed, question
  114. tonsillectomy post-op info...
  115. swollen taste buds???
  116. Has anyone with a tonsillectomy gotten pneumonia?
  117. Adult Recovery from PE Tube Surgery
  118. tonsillectomy in mid life
  119. Clogged Ear
  120. cyst on inside of cheek-what might it be
  121. queries about Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  122. ear pain when I swallow
  123. Donna/Pevan July reply
  124. Adenotonsillectomy at 17
  125. Pain/Pressure
  126. round lump at the top of my neck where it meets the chin
  127. Do i have an inner ear imbalance?
  128. I just had my tonsils out yesterday morning and have questions..........
  129. Mucus overproduction (not sick)
  130. Nausea felt whilst about to go on a night out, also throat problems
  131. how to stop popping my ears
  132. tonsilitis
  133. Urgent Assistance Required
  134. Chronic mastoiditis?
  135. Afrin Spray Question
  136. Scared
  137. Cold Sore Causing Gagging
  138. persistent sore throat :(
  139. Mandibular mass--MRI view
  140. only hurts when i yawn
  141. Need advice ASAP about bleeding after tonsillectomy
  142. why do your ears get hot and turn red?
  143. how to get rid of mucus after tonsillectomy
  144. How long were you out of work/school for your tonsillectomy?
  145. how to stop ear drainage
  146. difficulty sleeping post tonsillectomy
  147. 1 month post tonsillectomy throat issues
  148. Which Nose is Real SCARY PROBLEM of Double Mirrors
  149. what's wrong with my nose
  150. paraganglianomas in the neck
  151. How I'm having a smooth recovery from my tonsillectomy...
  152. Nose surgery and Tonsil surgery
  153. when tonsillectomy scabs fall off
  154. Throat Cough And Tickle
  155. Advice with my recovery from tonsillectomy
  156. ruptured eardrum? help pls! what to do next?
  157. Respiratory problems from "wood" paneling cut in house?
  158. menieres
  159. Severe bad breath after tonsillectomy
  160. Red lumps on back of throat
  161. Am I safe from post operative bleeding now? (tonsillectomy)
  162. red bumps in the back of my throat
  163. when will scabs fall off tonsillectomy
  164. rules for when having tonsils out
  165. Really Annoying 24/7 Ear Popping
  166. Strange hearing problem
  167. tongue!!! (mini tongue/growth) help!
  168. Pain
  169. Bleeding after tonsils taken out
  170. the tonsilectomy of a 16 year old. just how i felt.
  171. Ear problem
  172. Polyps
  173. balance problems, feels like im walking on a boat when indoors
  174. Piercing infection caused swollen lymph node?
  175. tonsillectomy and smoking
  176. is it safe to use eucalyptus oil in nasal irrigation?
  177. Lump feeling in throat and difficulty swallowing
  178. what can I eat if I have lost my taste
  179. ouch, just had a tonsillectomy, HELP!!
  180. how long is hospital stay for toncillectomy
  181. Stapedectomy Help
  182. ear clogged please help
  183. what is tonsilitus
  184. Tonisles
  185. Concha Bullosa
  186. Heartbeat in my right ear.
  187. how to get rid of tonsil stones after Tonsillectomy
  188. Hard Painless Lumps Near Jaw (What could this be?)
  189. Constant Flem & Bumpy Roof of Mouth
  190. coughing up phlegm
  191. how long should you wait to eat after a tonsillectomy
  192. Voice and Noise Vibration in Ears after Ear Wax Cleaning
  193. Mysterious ear infection
  194. How to unblock a blocked eustacian tube?
  195. My toddler was dx with thyroglossal duct cyst
  196. Ear Problem
  197. mucous in throat
  198. tonsils
  199. Could this be cancer, please help I am freaking out.
  200. surgery tomorrow morning and i've been feeling sick all day with a deep chest cough a
  201. when i yawned my throat cramped
  202. why do i wake up in the middle of the night with my troat on fire
  203. my tonsils have been swollen for years...why?
  204. bad breath after tonsilectomy
  205. Coughing up Phlem constantly?
  206. Cold for 2 months?
  207. Arthrocare- Coblation Technology
  208. Going for Septoplasty, but dealing with a lot of problems in the meantime
  209. Vocal Cords
  210. Dizzy and wondering if anyone else has these problems...
  211. i don't hear the crackling of murine ear drops ??
  212. first ENT appointment
  213. my dads been coughing for 20yrs.......
  214. I have a sore Tongue. Ideas as to what it is?
  215. pressure between eyebrows?
  216. what is a bump on the cheek
  217. Front head pressure pain, ear pain, cheek bone pain, MRI normal
  218. Nose leaking clear fluid
  219. Tonsillectomy on 10/28 - Question about SCABS
  220. can i drink alcohol?
  221. pulsatile tinnitus
  222. It Won't Go Away
  223. ear blockage, weird feeling in ears when i hear sounds
  224. i have a windy sound in my ear, what's wrong?
  225. what is a tonsil stone?
  226. Nasopharyngeal Cancer and CT Scan
  227. Blocked ear, drops haven't helped
  228. Rhinitis, really getting me down
  229. bactroban nasal spray....anyone tried?
  230. mouth sores
  231. very bad odor coming from my nose
  232. menieres disease
  233. Constantly coughing up Mucus
  234. Tonsil stones, destroyed tonsil... Tonsillectomy?
  235. Cough remedies?
  236. tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy recovery time
  237. First time visit Expectations
  238. my ears get hot and turn red
  239. Youth Tinnitus and Allergies-Advice Needed
  240. right ear and temporal pain
  241. Someone Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  242. lump in throat
  243. why do doctors not send you to a specialist before you hurt yourself
  244. hearing loss - house ear clinic experience?
  245. ear popping
  246. Blocked Nose, Tight Throat
  247. how long after a tonsillectomy can you smoke a cigarette?
  248. Severe pressure in ears leading to facial paralysis
  249. Tonsilectomy & UPPP no problem at all
  250. tonsil stones, red throat, gagging!