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  1. very bad odor coming from my nose
  2. menieres disease
  3. Constantly coughing up Mucus
  4. Tonsil stones, destroyed tonsil... Tonsillectomy?
  5. Cough remedies?
  6. tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy recovery time
  7. First time visit Expectations
  8. my ears get hot and turn red
  9. Youth Tinnitus and Allergies-Advice Needed
  10. right ear and temporal pain
  11. Someone Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. lump in throat
  13. why do doctors not send you to a specialist before you hurt yourself
  14. hearing loss - house ear clinic experience?
  15. ear popping
  16. Blocked Nose, Tight Throat
  17. how long after a tonsillectomy can you smoke a cigarette?
  18. Severe pressure in ears leading to facial paralysis
  19. Tonsilectomy & UPPP no problem at all
  20. tonsil stones, red throat, gagging!
  21. Green mucous...viral?
  22. White spots
  23. Dizzy Head
  24. Tongue
  25. Ringing in Ears
  26. On vacation and think i'm getting sick!
  27. My hearing has been going haywire
  28. Dark Spot Inside Cheek
  29. Hearing Problem Maybe
  30. I am going to go crazy! Pounding in right ear.
  31. for how long congestion is there after septoplasty
  32. Tonsillectomy on October 24th
  33. Question About Cautery Turbinate Reduction & Exercise
  34. Why are my ears dulled again
  35. Pathology verbally says one thing then writes something else
  36. Ear pain from sleeping??
  37. Please Respond soon.
  38. Pain in Jaw, ear, mouth??
  39. Tonsil question?
  40. Smell disorder problem
  41. Itching ear and stabbing pain in ear
  42. Would quickly-swelling turbinates cause this congestion?
  43. ear- burning sensation and when it moved a certain way, a sharp pain is felt, what is
  44. Can't sleep because of sneezing and runny nose
  45. white bumps down side of throat, fever, headache, cough, nausea
  46. can not taste food
  47. question on irrigation solution
  48. tonsillectomy.
  49. Chronic Nasal Problem
  50. ear pain/pressure due to flying
  51. Normal Swallowing?
  52. Does tumor pain come and go?
  53. 3 operations to remove benign tumor
  54. throat still sore months after intubation
  55. lump on inside of nose
  56. Swollen puss filled lump below the earlobe
  57. hurts a little when you swallow
  58. Pain in just below skull on right side
  59. sour throat
  60. Really bad smell after inhaling deeply
  61. small pea size lump in jaw line
  62. what exactly happens when your haning a tonsilectomyfrom start to finish
  63. Tips/what to expect from an adult tonsillectomy?
  64. Had visit with my ENT about getting me off OTC nasal spray....
  65. no sensation of taste after my operation of tonsils
  66. Bad reaction to nasal irrigation?
  67. what are the white spots on the back of my throat?
  68. Why do I keep feeling off Balanced when I move about?
  69. Chronic worsening ear infections
  70. Water trapped in ear, ear infection, wax impaction, etc
  71. inner ear infection?
  72. Sad News :(
  73. Tonsils are a 3???
  74. Ear Crackling/Ringing/Weird Feeling
  75. Throat problems. Help, please!
  76. some advice on strep infection (have had it 4 months!!!)
  77. Clicking in Ear
  78. Hoarse Voice - not thyroid - any ideas??
  79. Frequent Upper Respitory Infections
  80. Throat problems affecting swallowing and the voice
  81. Should I see an ENT or a regular physician?
  82. tonsillectomy and smoking
  83. strep misdiagnosed as bronchitis
  84. At my wits end!!! Tinnitus, Allergies, or both?
  85. tissue
  86. repeated ear infections AFTER tubes?
  87. Tonsil Tissue After 40 Yrs?
  88. Throat front of neck
  89. What Is This Procedure Called???
  90. what is psudomonus
  91. Pea sized lump under chin?
  92. Pain in neck and ear.
  93. Clogged up ear upon waking
  94. Ear and throat pain!
  95. Vocal cord paralysis
  96. I have had allergy testing
  97. Ulcer In Throat ? Please See Pic
  98. Finally made ENT appt to stop my nasal spray dependency!!
  99. Clear water in troat and constant dry cough
  100. Uvulectomy Recovery
  101. Itchiness and other symptoms in ear
  102. Saw my CT results today
  103. Tonsil Stones Went Away All Of A Sudden
  104. ear pain after a flight
  105. Chronic Ear Infections
  106. Pulled muscle in throat?
  107. Tonsillectomy should I go through with it? Is it worth it did it improve your health?
  108. Two weeks pre op many questions
  109. Tonsills lnked to Profuse, constant sweating?
  110. Ear Pain Won't Go Away
  111. 3 Months Afther Thyroplasty
  112. Another blocked eustachian tubes sufferer!
  113. Nasal spray addiction
  114. Deviated septum - possible to grow back after 8 years?
  115. Doc thinks its a cholestotoama
  116. Feels like something is stuck in my throat
  117. Troubles hearing
  118. when can I eat normally after an adult tonsillectomy?
  119. stapedectomy- Day 6 post op
  120. I accidentally swallowed a peice of plastc wrap.
  121. cold during tonsillectomy recovery
  122. fungal ear infection during pregnancy
  123. pill swallowing problem
  124. what to do if you get addicted to vicks sinex
  125. tonsillitis that keeps coming back, any advice?
  126. UPPP Surgery
  127. problem with my ears should i be worried
  128. Sudden onset of foreign body feeling in throat/very scary
  129. taking ENG test.....scared.....please help!!
  130. Could this be wax buildup?
  131. when chewing I get a sharp pain behind my ear
  132. Ear Pressure
  133. post-tonsillectomy scabs help!
  134. ear tubes for adults
  135. Ongoing Tonsilitis
  136. how to reduce swelling of tonsils
  137. Congested Throat
  138. infected tonsils
  139. when should my antibiotics start working
  140. Muffled hearing, but no pain
  141. Feeling of something caught in upper esophagus
  142. what causes your throat to feel dry and like there is something stuck in the throat?
  143. Deafness caused by use of Streptomycin
  144. Ear pressure and harder to hear for 3 weeks now...
  145. Ear infection?
  146. Anyone ever take Levaquin for ear infection? Need your advice
  147. dizzy, ears full, pop, brain fog...
  148. please read and offer advice
  149. Ear Infection
  150. Ear Crackle, Pressure, Feeling Weak
  151. tubes in ears operation how long does the procedure take
  152. Operation
  153. My tonsillectomy experience
  154. fluid behind ear when exercising
  155. Tonsil Size?
  156. Any thoughts on this? It's very worrying for me!
  157. Nervous
  158. Tonsillectomy post op
  159. perforated eardum
  160. tests
  161. Bleeding After Tonsillectomy Day 10
  162. ear problem
  163. Any type of imaging tests that give you a 3D image of your adenoids?
  164. ears feel weird
  165. Patulous Eustachian Tube + tinnitus + sensitivity to sound from Infection?
  166. Tonnsillectomy "scab Removal"
  167. Wart on uvula (thing in back of throat)
  168. where can i get my ears syringed in birmingham
  169. Are adenoids and the gag reflex related?
  170. tonsillectomy and FESS
  171. Just had a Tonsillectomy, question on the scabs.
  172. I saw ENT today
  173. quite sure ! i hope
  174. Throat Infection that has lasted for FOUR WEEKS already... HELP!!
  175. could this be strep throat?
  176. crickets sound in my ears since 3 months
  177. weird throat tightness
  178. airway collapes
  179. I think Tonsil Stones & Fatigue are related.
  180. White Stuff in Throat
  181. Long Term Voice Loss / Hoarseness
  182. panic and little sleep
  183. Tightness in Throat
  184. I feel like something is around my throat like a necklace
  185. Muffling in ear
  186. what could cause burning feeling on one ear
  187. Tongue,throat and teeth tension and pressure
  188. Swollen tongue glands morning after smoking tobacco
  189. Just had a tonsillectomy... Uvula is swelling like crazy
  190. Removing tonsils and nose surgery?
  191. First ENT visit on Monday..
  192. ringing and heart throbbing in left ear
  193. Constant Swallowing
  194. medical mystery
  195. tonsillectomy
  196. taste buds gone after surgery
  197. how long does it take to put ear tubes in an adult
  198. Painful feeling in my nose!!!!!
  199. Ear Tubes, Post Op
  200. Tonsillitis or Peritonsillar abscess?
  201. not sure what the problem is with my nose!
  202. Anxiety about lump on right side of throat. What could it be?
  203. Do adenoids affect your gag reflex?
  204. Itchy ears!
  205. My ear is driving me crazy.
  206. lump in cheek
  207. new symptoms, while taking antibiotics
  208. tonsillectomy
  209. sharp pain in ear
  210. prednisone...
  211. Go coblation!!
  212. pressure around eyes
  213. Dentist confirmed...
  214. lymph nodes
  215. pain in nose when chewing
  216. Does your soft palate feel smooth or rough when you touch it with your tongue?
  217. Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Days 1-3
  218. Loosing my hearing
  219. what to eat
  220. how long before antibiotics kick in with strep throat?
  221. Lymphs swollen left side only
  222. how to find an ent specialist connecticut
  223. Lumps on the inside of my lip
  224. cold air
  225. First visit with ENT (sleep apnea?)
  226. Meclizine for dizziness?
  227. Adult Tonsillectomy in Seattle - Male Age 46
  228. Tonsillectomy Recovery
  229. 3 Doctors and frustrated about my throat
  230. Chronic post nasal drip due to Novacaine shots
  231. swollen nasal membranes
  232. Correct way to use Nasonex Spray
  233. Buildup in my ears
  234. ENT wants to try tubes in my ear...
  235. how soon after tonsillectomy I can smoke weed
  236. Tonsil Stones
  237. What is this ? Ear Pain, Ear Pressure
  238. Spacey Feeling
  239. Post tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy pain
  240. Tongue tonsils
  241. son has persistent dry cough, large tonsils, difficulty breathing
  242. looking for specialist doctor for ear in Bellingham Wa
  243. dont know what to think??
  244. earwax buildup??
  245. Ears clogged help
  246. CHRONIC POST NASAL DRIP. Weary after weeks, need help.
  247. vibrating in my right ear
  248. Throat discomfort...please advice
  249. Possible parotid growth - anyone else get pain, nausea, fatigue?
  250. White cyst on tonsil?