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  1. Just had a Tonsillectomy, question on the scabs.
  2. I saw ENT today
  3. quite sure ! i hope
  4. Throat Infection that has lasted for FOUR WEEKS already... HELP!!
  5. could this be strep throat?
  6. crickets sound in my ears since 3 months
  7. weird throat tightness
  8. airway collapes
  9. I think Tonsil Stones & Fatigue are related.
  10. White Stuff in Throat
  11. Long Term Voice Loss / Hoarseness
  12. panic and little sleep
  13. Tightness in Throat
  14. I feel like something is around my throat like a necklace
  15. Muffling in ear
  16. what could cause burning feeling on one ear
  17. Tongue,throat and teeth tension and pressure
  18. Swollen tongue glands morning after smoking tobacco
  19. Just had a tonsillectomy... Uvula is swelling like crazy
  20. Removing tonsils and nose surgery?
  21. First ENT visit on Monday..
  22. ringing and heart throbbing in left ear
  23. Constant Swallowing
  24. medical mystery
  25. tonsillectomy
  26. taste buds gone after surgery
  27. how long does it take to put ear tubes in an adult
  28. Painful feeling in my nose!!!!!
  29. Ear Tubes, Post Op
  30. Tonsillitis or Peritonsillar abscess?
  31. not sure what the problem is with my nose!
  32. Anxiety about lump on right side of throat. What could it be?
  33. Do adenoids affect your gag reflex?
  34. Itchy ears!
  35. My ear is driving me crazy.
  36. lump in cheek
  37. new symptoms, while taking antibiotics
  38. tonsillectomy
  39. sharp pain in ear
  40. prednisone...
  41. Go coblation!!
  42. pressure around eyes
  43. Dentist confirmed...
  44. lymph nodes
  45. pain in nose when chewing
  46. Does your soft palate feel smooth or rough when you touch it with your tongue?
  47. Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Days 1-3
  48. Loosing my hearing
  49. what to eat
  50. how long before antibiotics kick in with strep throat?
  51. Lymphs swollen left side only
  52. how to find an ent specialist connecticut
  53. Lumps on the inside of my lip
  54. cold air
  55. First visit with ENT (sleep apnea?)
  56. Meclizine for dizziness?
  57. Adult Tonsillectomy in Seattle - Male Age 46
  58. Tonsillectomy Recovery
  59. 3 Doctors and frustrated about my throat
  60. Chronic post nasal drip due to Novacaine shots
  61. swollen nasal membranes
  62. Correct way to use Nasonex Spray
  63. Buildup in my ears
  64. ENT wants to try tubes in my ear...
  65. how soon after tonsillectomy I can smoke weed
  66. Tonsil Stones
  67. What is this ? Ear Pain, Ear Pressure
  68. Spacey Feeling
  69. Post tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy pain
  70. Tongue tonsils
  71. son has persistent dry cough, large tonsils, difficulty breathing
  72. looking for specialist doctor for ear in Bellingham Wa
  73. dont know what to think??
  74. earwax buildup??
  75. Ears clogged help
  76. CHRONIC POST NASAL DRIP. Weary after weeks, need help.
  77. vibrating in my right ear
  78. Throat discomfort...please advice
  79. Possible parotid growth - anyone else get pain, nausea, fatigue?
  80. White cyst on tonsil?
  81. Poping/crackling/pluged Ears
  82. Back from the doc
  83. Pressure in Ears
  84. Pain in right side of neck
  85. Feeling so miserable, that childbirth labor recovery is nothing compared to this!
  86. Weird noise when I move my left ear
  87. umm...ouch
  88. Tonsillectomy Help!!!
  89. Is there help for horrific breath and what is the cause?
  90. tonsillectomy
  91. i have a ear ache when i push on it
  92. deviated septum
  93. ear tones?
  94. Ear Vibration
  95. Weird feeling at back of mouth
  96. Ear infection home remedies?
  97. Lukoplaxia in my mouth
  98. irritating problem with tonsils (swallowing)
  99. tonsillectomy side effects
  100. Ear ache without infection?
  101. Oral Thrush
  102. ENT Said This
  103. Ear Pain, need your response.
  104. adult tonsillectomy
  105. swollen tonsils and fatigue, no pain
  106. BPPV & dizzyness
  107. swollen tonsils for 3 months, choking!
  108. tonsil question
  109. Adult Tonsillectomy
  110. how to relieve ear pain from elevation
  111. nose on plane
  112. Tonsillectomy Post Op Thrush
  113. Clicking, Popping In Right Ear When Walking, Jumping, Going Up And Down Stairs ...
  114. Clicking, Popping In Right Ear When Walking, Jumping, Going Up And Down Stairs ...
  115. Can i switch to penicillin after using erythromycin for two days for tonsillitis
  116. ear lobe (right
  117. Ear Drops That Burn
  118. Ear
  119. bad taste in mouth permanently even when eating and drinking
  120. gross story about my nose.(sorry)
  121. Ear Ache
  122. strange feeling in my throat for years
  123. prednisone for strep throat
  124. Vocal cord polyps and GERD
  125. Nostril always been out of action, what would need done?
  126. swollen turbinates
  127. Swollen glands and stinging sensation under tongue!
  128. Adams Apple in children
  129. Horrible Burning
  130. Tonsillitis or allergic to new man??
  131. coughing spells
  132. adenoidectomy
  133. has anyone ever experienced this?
  134. Nasonex??
  135. Summer, A/C and me = A Deadly Combination!
  136. tonsilitis
  137. Re: Tonsilitus
  138. Scar on the tip of my nose?
  139. Ouch!!...Im So hungry
  140. Swollen Nasal glands- Can't breathe!!
  141. flower in ear
  142. persistent ear infection...help
  143. what to do for cramps in the neck just like cramps you get in legs
  144. I think I have a popped eardrum. A firecracker exploded in my right side ear. Scared!
  145. tonsillectomy
  146. Nasal septum surgery and somnoplasty
  147. good nose sprays?
  148. Do cancer sores appear from acid reflux?
  149. earplugs?
  150. Best Nasal Irrigation
  151. Major blockage in ear but no remedies
  152. Netti Pot and Ears
  153. Any Information on "Nerve Ball" or Glomus in Throat?
  154. 3 year old sleeping soo much WORSE after T & A!!!
  155. Tony 64 ??????? @Tonsillectomy Please
  156. Adult Adnoidectomy and Tonsillectomy 7-2-08
  157. ear popping?
  158. How Long does "scab sloughing" stage last from tonsillectomy?
  159. Hearing things, like the t.v on but it isnt?
  160. Can inner ear problems cause memory problems?
  161. Lump on throat
  162. Ear-blood pumping
  163. Swollen Lymph Nodes CONTINUEd
  164. Swollen Lymph Node on Neck
  166. Strep LAST week and sore throat remains as of day 6-HELP
  167. can anyone shed some light?
  168. Mucinex
  169. Caloric Tests
  170. random nose bleeds
  171. Help - constant fluid sounds in ear!
  172. how much coblation
  173. Question about ball of mucus. HELP PLEASE!!
  174. Have terrible Dark Circles under my eye's.........
  175. Post Tonsillectomy--Problems breathing
  176. need advise have had it with drs pressure in ears
  177. Dizziness when lying on left side
  178. Severe ear pain when flying
  179. Post Tonsillectomy allergies
  180. Perichondritis
  181. Concerns re throat problems
  182. Lump behind the ear...abcess?
  183. Running nose when eating
  184. Throat Irritation - Happens Out The Blue
  185. Question about ear cleaning
  186. It feels like my tonsils are swelling. What's wrong
  187. Are you glad you had your tonsils removed?
  188. people whistle from their noise when breathing
  189. tonsillectomy questions.. and suggestions
  190. why can't you travel after you get your tonsils out
  191. I'm Doing Good!
  192. Nasal Endoscopy? Follow up tomorrow
  193. bump in earlobe
  194. Septoplasty-not fun!!
  195. dont no what this is and neither do doctors
  196. clogged ear after cold how to unclog???
  197. White spots in throat after tonsilllectomy?
  198. Bumps on Uvula
  199. How long was everyone for work from tonsillectomy
  200. PLEASE HELP! Can I have Menieres, even if I'm never dizzy?
  201. What is causing this?
  202. Throat Clearing & Mucus Eight years
  203. Coblation Tonsillectomy
  204. Nasal Endoscopy & Ear Tube Surgery
  205. Laryngitis, ears hurt & congestion
  206. Why are my ears ringing?
  207. Is this labyrinthitis or BBPV?
  208. Continued raspy voice one month after laryngitis
  209. itchy ears!!!
  210. Sore Throat After Tonsillectomy - What do do?
  211. Does Anyone Know?
  212. tonsil tissue
  213. Thoat mucus
  214. One of my tonsils is swollen, wondering if it could be related to breathing issues...
  215. Tonsillectomy at 21
  216. tonsilitus
  217. i am heaving rough skin behind my ears i can not see it but i can feel it
  218. constant pain and pressure
  219. Ear keeps Clicking when i hear noises - any help?
  220. the second night..
  221. Does eustachian tube dysfunction following AOM self resolve?
  222. Clogged right nostril?
  223. Irritated throat.
  224. Constant Clearing of Throat + symptoms
  225. Dull, muffled and beating hearing! Please help!
  226. How long can I expect to stay in hospital (U.S.) after adult tonsillectomy
  227. Tonsils
  228. Tight throat....feels swollen, doesn't hurt. help!
  229. Tonsillectomy and smoking
  230. Post tonsillectomy bleeding - day 12
  231. any remedy for tinnitus?
  232. Left ear - constant discharge - loads of history
  233. Throat issues
  234. I am gagging constantly! Please help...
  235. Enlarged submandibular salivary gland
  236. Loss of taste after tonsillectomy
  237. Strep/Antibiotic question
  238. Eye, neck and ear pain
  239. Pulsing tinnitus NOT at rate of heart beat
  240. Seeking guidence for some chronic symptoms
  241. PAIN from tonsillectomy
  242. SPLASHED in ear!
  243. throat clearing
  244. tonsils removed
  245. Swollen Parotid Gland
  246. Had septum surgery done today and have a few questions...
  247. Dont know whats goin on with ears..help..
  248. Fluid in Ear.... Ear Tube in Adult? ETD? Advice?
  249. Swimmy Head feeling
  250. lump infront of ear/top of jaw