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  1. Sore Throat Continues after 6 days penicillin
  2. Getting Just Adnoids Taken Out
  3. uvula
  4. 4-1/2 year old tonsillectomy...how to prepare the drama queen?
  5. Please help...
  6. Toncilectomy, adnoidectomy, septum and tubunates
  7. Swollen Nostril
  8. Strep after tonsillectomy
  9. Ct Scan...what For?
  10. what is the large red lump on my tonsil
  11. Tonsils
  12. Regain sense of smell/taste after right basilar skull fracture?
  13. Thick Mucous In My Throat!
  14. Swollen Adnoid Tissue In an Adult What could Cause it?
  15. Upper ear problem?
  16. bad breath, lactose intolerance, post nasal drip
  17. upside down peroxide nasal irrigation
  18. Can Someone Please Give Me Some Info?
  19. Should i go back to ENT
  20. 14th day after Tonsillectomy...bubbles?
  21. lump behind ear...
  22. what to eat after a tonsillectomy
  23. Strange Noise in my Ear.. no one has it except me!
  24. Dry throat
  25. Having Tonsillectomy on Jan. 9 Questions!!!!!
  26. Strange "scraping" throbbing noise
  27. Jordanís Big Guide to Adult Tonsillectomy
  28. Any experience with pharyngeal wall augmentation?
  29. When to call it enough!
  30. Added to Lisa MP's post
  31. tonsils
  32. Pinching nose and blowing won't work at all
  33. a bump underneath my left ear
  34. scar tissue on ear drums
  35. Thin tube of puss from Eustation Tube
  36. Update on my ear.
  37. Tonsillectomy & The Holidays
  38. On day 6 post tonsillectomy
  39. Hard painful spot on neck possible swollen gland?
  40. Sounds like water in my ear...
  41. Will Astelin cure negative ear pressure?
  42. rhinoplasty
  43. why is my ear hurting when my tonsils are swollen
  44. mucus feeling in throat, anyone?
  45. advice need for Ethmoidectomy & Maxillary Antrostomy Surgery
  46. Ear clogged, peroxide not working
  47. Acoustic Nuroma ??
  48. Adult tonsillectomy - my recent experience
  49. Feel lightheaded all the time
  50. Questions
  51. Ear Wax building-up VERY often
  52. tonsillectomy
  53. bleeding
  54. denied antibotic
  55. Clogged ear? Please help.
  56. i have a scratchy throat.... coughing all the time.. need help
  57. keeping ear dry?
  58. Ear Candling
  59. 6 + week ear infection
  60. eustachian tube disorder
  61. what are growths inside of an ear?
  62. Recovering from tonsillectomy...
  63. Could My Dysfunctional Left Ear Be Responsible For My Left Head/ Forehead Tightness
  64. Constant feeling of trapped phlegm in the throat.
  65. throbbing in ear
  66. Flapping in ear
  67. Adult Tonsillectomy
  68. progressing thru multiple symptoms
  69. Frequent cold?
  70. 1 Nostril is clogged and Sore throat
  71. Lump in Back of Throat - Concerned - Maybe Tonsillitis
  72. About to have adenoidectomy, septoplasty and turbinectomy...what should I expect?
  73. Sharp pain all over body
  74. prochlorperazine maleate bp what are they prescribed for
  75. Septoplasty!
  76. troublesome blocked ear
  77. how long after tonsillectomy should i not smoke
  78. my tonsil hurts when i swallow and the pain goes all the way up to my ear
  79. My ear hurts bad on the inside and is plugged and the side on my jaw hurts with it?
  80. Reocurring ear infection (4th round of antibiotics)......
  81. My Ears are Stopped up
  82. Is it normal to have a white throat 2 weeks after tonsillectomy?
  83. do you have to have enlarged tonsils in order to have them taken out
  84. Sharp Throat Pain
  85. gag reflex when swimming
  86. Hard Time Swallowing Food
  87. Loss of Taste After Tonsillectomy
  88. Ear popping
  89. louie112 how are you?
  90. reflux/food going up nose after Tonsillectomy?
  91. does the loss of taste buds ever come back
  92. Left maxillary retention cyst
  93. what are white blisters on the tonsils?
  94. balance problems, ears ringing, what to make of it?
  95. Problems after Lingual Tonsillectomy
  96. Just wanted to let you know how I'm doing...
  97. Post-tonsillectomy Taste Loss - Interesting Article
  98. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction-HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. what to eat after a tonsillectomy
  100. Side effect of Grommet operation in ear (tympanostomy tube)
  101. Transnasal esophageal procedure?
  102. swollen base of throat
  103. Swimmers/Surfers Ear??
  104. lump where tonsil was
  105. how to take care of a soar throat in a 18 month baby
  106. my doctor said i have a cervical spinal lesion. what is this?
  107. trouble swallowing
  108. woke up with fluid in ear - on 8th Day of Colonix
  109. herneias
  110. Globus Sensation
  111. Excessive saliva, difficulty chewing, swallowing & speech problems
  112. pain pain pain
  113. really dry nose and thoart
  114. Gym- How long after tonsillectomy?
  115. Son cant take it anymore
  116. Popping/cracking sound going on in my ears...
  117. Post Nasal Drip After a Tonsillectomy
  118. Dry Throat When Breathing Through Nose?
  119. Augmentin
  120. Nasal Breathing Problem
  121. Ear pain but no diagnosis
  122. 5 days after tonstillectomy, please say it gets better
  123. Teen Tonsillectomy.
  124. post mastoidectomy and eardrum/bones reconstruction patient suffering from ...
  125. blood in post nasal drip
  126. Is it possible???
  127. what is the gland in front of neck on the sides
  128. excruiating pain behind ears
  129. Weird inner ear problem
  130. My recovery after tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy
  131. Ruptured Eardrum
  132. post tonsillectomy and taste???? help
  133. throat clearing after eating
  134. white blood count
  135. Nasal Polyps
  136. pain in my
  137. Fluid behind my ears. PLEASE HELP!!!
  138. Always need to pop my ears......help!
  139. Can I fly with an ear infection?
  140. red swollen roof of mouth
  141. scared to death--pain while swallowing but it feels like it's in the cartilage
  142. Strange Problem post-Tonsillectomy
  143. Ear popping
  144. polyps
  145. wheezing shortness breath and mucus
  146. My tongue is really sore and it hurts to chew or swallow...can anyone help?
  147. My Tonsillectomy
  148. Pounding in the Ears..Not Ringing.
  149. dog breath halitosis ent
  150. Drug Reaction and Resultant Tinnitus
  151. I have a cough but am due to get my tonsils out tomorrow, will they operate?
  152. Cough before my tonsils come out
  153. Tonsils? Should I still see an ENT?
  154. I'm finally getting FESS surgery on Nov. 19.
  155. Bump inside mouth white and salty. WORM????
  156. anybody know if you can get your vocal cord paralyzed back to sounding exactly like..
  157. sore throat on and off for two months
  158. taste and food after tonsillectomy
  159. When did you decide it was time to see an ENT? (reoccurent tonsillitis)
  160. Need help on diagnosis of tonsillitis.
  161. Wake in up liquid in ears
  162. How soon to return to work
  163. Nasal polyps medication?
  164. can a child who had their tonsilss removed still get strep throat
  165. Post Nasal Drip (Gross)
  166. Tonsillitis Wont Go Away???? Help!!!!
  167. Post tonsillectomy. Water coming out nose.
  168. Post Op: Tonsillectomy
  169. ear swelling
  170. Hearing loss-feel so alone...
  171. longtime pressure in left ear while breathing through nose
  172. Hives and Tonsil Stones
  173. Frustrated with pain
  174. THICK Post Nasal Drip?
  175. Help!!
  176. ear and neck pain
  177. Throat Problems
  178. Water In My Ear
  179. Need Help With Dizziness!!!!!!! Please
  180. how long does it take for a cat scan of my nose
  181. Inverted Ear-Drums
  182. white spots in my ears???????
  183. I just had a Total Ethmoid Ectomy/Nasal Polyp removal and Septoplasty.
  184. Help Meeeeeeee!
  185. Surgery
  186. tonsillectomy recovery
  187. deleted ( animal questions are off-topic)
  188. Dizzy when playing this xbox 360 thing
  189. Help Me Please!
  190. My throat sore, then Neck pain and swollen.need help.
  191. Nose Numbness
  192. Nose pain
  193. GERD/Acid Reflux and gagging in throat
  194. CT Scan Tesr result meanings
  195. Should I put myself through it??
  196. Tonsils!
  197. My Florida Tonsillectomy Experience
  198. Voice Loss?
  199. Thermal Welding, Coblation or traditional Cold Steel Dissection--any suggestions?
  200. Ear Infection
  201. what to eat when have a bad throat
  202. very,very,very dry sinces(nose)
  203. no smell no taste
  204. can anyone help me? I cannot breathe correctly sometimes? and my voice changed really
  205. Phantom Smell!
  206. how did you feel after your adenotonsillectomy
  207. uvula
  208. ear head pain
  209. Cracking sound in ear, Constant nasal drip: need help identifying problem.
  210. Snoring after a tonsillectomy
  211. Weather and ear pressure
  212. stone in duct/gland-ENT wants to do surgery-HELP
  213. growths on vocal chords.
  214. You know how it feels when you get water squeezed in your ear....
  215. how long does it take to get an infection after a tonsillectomy?at 25 years old
  216. I have no sense of Smell
  217. ear hasn't popped back for 2 weeks, nasaly too - help diagnose
  218. Thinking of tonsillectomy - please answer my questions if possible!
  219. Chronic Mucus
  220. i think my 3yr old should see an E N & T
  221. vocal chord nodules
  222. Tonsillectomy to take place in December!!
  223. whooshing in ear when chewing gun
  224. Desperate for ear help.
  225. Questions about laser tonsil reduction and coblation tonsillectomy
  226. mri scan
  227. ok I had a Barium Swallow done and need some help on what my results were...thanks
  228. Could this be an ear condition?
  229. bad breath
  230. Painful left ear and throat on left side after tooth extraction on left side
  231. I'm getting my tonsils out Jaunary 15th.. Any advice?
  232. ears clogged up
  233. Red Ears
  234. Post nasal drip
  235. What does it mean when a child has some...
  236. Only one ear affected
  237. Can't breathe/ Nose feels hard
  238. can anyone help me I had a Barium Swallow done and they told me when I drink etc.
  239. Has anyone had surgery with the Harmonic Scalpel?
  240. Ear Problem
  241. pain
  242. Surgery for snoring/nose bleeds..
  243. <deleted> disallowed subject
  244. Unpredictable Dizziness and Nausea
  245. post-op confusion
  246. Crackling sound when swallowing
  247. Meclizine
  248. Does anyone know what happened to my voice? It changed drastically....
  249. I need some feed back on Adnoids and symptoms!
  250. Finally got to the ENT...