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  1. large bump on tonsil area after tonsilectomy
  2. mucus in throat
  3. breaking the skin in ur nose
  4. Is there EVEN? a doctor or nurse in the house???
  5. second opinion ENT
  6. anyone with inflammation of the pharyngeal tonsils ??
  7. anyone with inflammation of the Pharnegeal Tonsils ???
  8. Suggestions for food after Tonsillectomy?
  9. Help...
  10. cat scan?
  11. Tonsillectomy Bleeding Question
  12. Ear drainage post-antibiotics
  13. xray
  14. Tonsilectomy Question
  15. Had tonsillectomy yesterday(Aug 30th!)
  16. Tonsillectomy Sept. 5th!!
  17. ear blockage and cold air and cold water??
  18. holes
  19. Strange ear issue, doctor says its tinnitus and nothing else but I am hesitant...
  20. Tonsillectomy, 26 year old female. My experience...
  21. Constant ear popping!
  22. saliva gland question
  23. Eear clicks when swallowing, but no pain
  24. Strep that won't go away...tonsillectomy?
  25. Punctured Ear Drum
  26. a bit worried
  27. Ear pops during physical activity!
  28. anyone on the elimination diet?
  29. Why cut for a biopsy of parotid gland?
  30. a geiger counter in my ear
  31. Sharp pain on one side of my throat
  32. 29 y/o male's experience with tonsillectomy
  33. Fluid buildup in ear?
  34. Slight loss of hearing
  35. Post-nasal drip...no congestion?
  36. Sharp pain on one side when I swallow.. very scared. HELP!
  37. Why do I choke so much when I eat?
  38. Constant blocked nose
  39. Ringing in the ear
  40. red bumps in mouth/sore throat
  41. Sudden Tinnitus Doctor says there is no treatment Need advise Please
  42. Ear trouble...Please help!!!
  43. Constant Mucus I think!
  44. Blocked Eustachian tube, won't unblock...help
  45. sore throat over a year
  46. popped ear?? for over a year
  47. Ancient Mastoiditis/hypoplasia deformity and mass
  48. Salivary gland biopsy - does it hurt a lot?
  49. No one knows what is wrong with me!
  50. Drainage from ear
  51. Pulse in neck driving me crasy
  52. WHOA! I don't know where to put this... totally scared!
  53. Jaw Trauma, now ear pain
  54. Flying with U tube Dysfuction
  55. Is It Mdds Or Labrynthitis
  56. My nose is stopped up, ALL OF THE TIME..what could be the problem
  57. My Tonsillectomy - never expected this much pain!
  58. what should i expect? Chronic sinititus
  59. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  60. Severe sore throat on one side?
  61. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! And worried.
  62. Left ear pain
  63. swallow
  64. Can someone help me here please
  65. nose pain and blood
  66. 9 year old w/ear problems
  67. 16 month old with chronic ear infections
  68. Hoarseness in the morning
  69. Day 8 Post Op and HORRIBLE pain...Please help me!
  70. Went Shooting. Now Dealing with Tinnitus. Need Help/Advice
  71. Ethmoid Surgery
  72. Burning Mouth/Tongue?
  73. Saliva problem
  74. Pain, blocked ear and a lump below the ears
  75. Extreme sensitivity to changes in air pressure
  76. feels like something stuck in throat! help!!
  77. Is partial soft pallet and uvula removal worth it?
  78. Turbinate Cautery, anyone?
  79. Enlarged Lymph Node In Neck Below Ear
  80. Nephew is 6 cannot speak properly????
  81. swimmers ear
  82. A simple ear infection?
  83. Crackling in the ears
  84. Pain in right ear
  85. Please help me with this post op neausea!!
  86. Treatment for Patulous Eustachian Tube
  87. EAR DAMAGE from VANCO antibiotic???
  88. Concha Bullosa surgery--PLEASE HELP
  89. Green discharge from ear
  90. difficulty swallowing----anyone?????
  91. Sore Throat: Irritation or infection?
  92. can feel blood rushing in head & dizziness
  93. So, what CAN you eat after a tonsillectomy?
  94. Sore mouth, throat and tongue...can't eat
  95. strep
  96. My story, does anyone relate? Frenulum "snipped"
  97. Swollen turbinates because of allergy
  98. Can a deviated septum cause all of this?
  99. Is this normal? I am freaking myself out(Tonsillectomy)
  100. Strange Throat symptoms in the morning
  101. annoying noise in my right ear
  102. Just had my tonsils removed..
  103. Post Tonsillectomy Diary, Male, 18
  104. horrible tonsil stones and sleep apnea
  105. 2 year old post adenoid surgery
  106. Surgical Report after Tonsilectomy
  107. Postnasal Drip
  108. different height ears
  109. Omg A White Spot In My Throat!! Please Help
  110. Need help, need answers?
  111. has anybody here had septoplasty done?
  112. ear pain and jaw pain
  113. Checking your throat for an infection
  114. Pain when swallowing and speaking
  115. throat makes a strange noise....
  116. White coating on tonsils
  117. A question about Mucus
  118. blood in saliva
  119. Bleeding after tonsils out
  120. Too much mucous not enough water!
  121. fluid in ears--allergies or infection?
  122. Mucus Problems
  123. had my tonsils out last week, a few questions
  124. White tounge ?
  125. Having an "ENG" test soon, what can I expect?
  126. Any other adults with repeated ear pain, infection?
  127. mucous in throat post tonsillectomy
  128. Labrynthitis After Flying
  129. Gah! Ear clogs are getting annoying!
  130. Constant Clicking/Fluttering/thumping noise in ears
  131. Lump thing on tonsil...worrying me
  132. Question
  133. Seemingly never ending sore throat
  134. My ears,Throat and nose
  135. 7 year old and tonsal removal
  136. Salivary gland concern
  137. Tonsillectomy for a 20 year old
  138. My ear feels like my hand is covering it at night..What could be wrong?
  139. Baha hearing aids
  140. ear drainage just water!!!
  141. major tonsil infection
  142. Cat Scan - ear
  143. Day 4 5yr old Tonsils/Adenoids Removed & ear tubes in
  144. Adult tonsillectomy unscabbing - what does it feel like?
  145. Ear Pain
  146. sore throat, swollen glands, white sores on tougne
  147. Pearls???
  148. smr + electrocautery of turbinates surgery
  149. Fluid in my ear
  150. canker sore In the back ofthe throat are they common in that area ?
  151. Adult tonsillectomy
  152. I have ringing in only one ear, whats wrong?
  153. Coughing up a hard grey white mass.
  154. 7/8 day progress help/advice tonsillectomy
  155. What is Going On here !!!! Any advice on what it may be ?
  156. nausea 24/7 HELP!
  157. Recovery after surgery for deviated septum?
  158. Recovery after surgery for deviated septum?
  159. Recovery after surgery for deviated septum?
  160. I have ear problems. (Eustachian Tubes and a strange sound)
  161. Top Otolaryngologists in New York area
  162. temporal bone in ear
  163. Help!!!
  164. Post tonsillectomy - how should it look?
  165. Throat pain
  166. crackling in my ears
  167. Small Lump in the cheek ...
  168. Lingual tonsil problem?
  169. Glue ear
  170. Best way to clean ear wax?
  171. inner ear
  172. HELP: Mucus at the Back of My Mouth
  173. New to this site Daughter scheduled for surgury the 13th HELP
  174. 4/5 day post op tonsillectomy progress report!
  175. Stubborn throat mucus!!
  176. Did I Rupture/Perforate My Eardrum?
  177. hole in back of throat..infection?
  178. 9-10th day after tonsillectomy.. a few questions
  179. Ringing, blocked ears
  180. Singing after a tonsillectomy...
  181. Fullness in right ear, spreading to left ear, help!
  182. PLEASE answer my quick question!!
  183. Should I see an ENT...questions
  184. Post tonsillectomy...alcohol?
  185. Ringing in the ear
  186. dealing with post op adult tonsillectomy
  187. post-op tonsillectomy: salivating
  188. Sore throat, nothing else...
  189. black in throat 15 days post op
  190. Hearing Loss
  191. Narrow Ear Canals
  192. ear popping
  193. when do scabs fall off?
  194. Banged my ear...
  195. Help! Symptoms I Don't Understand.
  196. Scarring after tonsillectomy (ball of flesh!)...
  197. Found temporary comfort
  198. horrid muscus after tonsillectomy
  199. Doc cleaned my ears few weeks ago, dizziness began a week later
  200. Involuntary contractions in throat
  201. how long til normal foods?
  202. Anyone else???
  203. Irrigating tonsils
  204. Tubes in a teenager?
  205. eardrum
  206. Surgery for sleep apnea... somnoplasty... HELP!
  207. Fluid Behind the Ear???
  208. pressure in jaw and ears
  209. sore throat and ear pain when swallowing
  210. activities after tonsillectomy
  211. recurring nose bleeds
  212. very nauseated after tonsillectomy
  213. right sided earache and sore throat
  214. random nose problems - constant sneezing
  215. painfully recovering.. need some suggestions :)
  216. Ruptured Ear Drum? *very* painful, yellowish/blood drainage, can't hear at all, help!
  217. Adult Tonsillectomy Day 7 Scared of Scab Falling Off!
  218. Severe pain in upper part right side of jaw/ear, infected?
  219. 30 year old vocalist: just had tonsillectomy...
  220. I Can't Breathe, Help....
  221. WATER stuck in the EAR for 2-3 days!
  222. feeling sick ALL the time after tonsilectomy
  223. Bacterial Sore Throat?
  224. Inflammation in right ear? Need advice please
  225. Recovering from tonsillectomy
  226. Are these symptoms of an ear problem? Please help.
  227. My right ear is better than my left ear?
  228. Polyp/cyst in frontal nasal
  229. scar tissue trouble swallowing?
  230. 6 days on Medrol (steroid from ENT), and now super scared...
  231. Diagnosed today -- Acoustic Neuroma tumor of inner ear and Arachnoid Cyst
  232. When I wake up me ear is plugged
  233. Waxsol Ear drops
  234. Ear pressure unbalanced
  235. Do you ever crack your jaw when clearing your ears? I'm worried please reply
  236. Stabbing ear pain
  237. Visit to ENT
  238. Itchy ear mystery
  239. Irrigating Ears
  240. Do I have a deviated septum?
  241. Snoring husband, sleepless wife....
  242. Lump in throat or not?
  243. post tonsillectomy bleed
  244. Over 45 throat infections in last 14 months!!
  245. Bad Pressure/Congestion In Ears (Don't Know Why?)
  246. What Can Be Causing This
  247. Drainage from ears
  248. ear infection...i can't hear...help...
  249. Pumping Preassure in both ears
  250. Neck lump & ticks?