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  1. Strep that won't go Away!!
  2. Tonsillectomy - Questions
  3. 2nd failed Tympanoplasty - What do I do?
  4. Inverted Papilloma
  5. Middle Ear Infection, help please?
  6. Virus ruining my life, how can it last this long?
  7. Frequent swollen, splotchy tonsils (whenever I get sick)
  8. Is myringtomy and ear tubes safe?
  9. Tonsil &Adenoidectomy 5/14/13
  10. Nose bleeds & cauterizing
  11. Tonsil remnants or not to tonsil remnants that is the question
  12. 6 days in... and trying not to count
  13. tonsillectomy
  14. Tightness in throat
  15. Ear nose and throat problems
  16. Woke up ear pressure and pain?
  17. White (canker?) Sore on Tonsil
  18. Whooping Cough??
  19. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  20. Tongue numbness 2 weeks after tonsillectomy?
  21. Difficulty swallowing
  22. Recurring severe sore throat, swollen neck glands, and more...
  23. decided after years to have a tonsilectomy
  24. ETD or something else?
  25. Pain and swelling on one side of nose???
  26. Pulsing/ ticking sound in ears at night
  27. It all started when I got flu. I need your help!
  28. Severe ear pain with no infection (repost)
  29. Ear thumping and nasal leakage
  30. Neck cramps when I yawn
  31. Cant cough
  32. help this mom out please
  33. Can't breathe out nose!! Ever
  34. Please help head presure
  35. Hyperacusis or something else?
  36. troat
  37. Swallowing
  38. Hoarseness
  39. Hurts to chew
  40. Anyone seen Dr. Poe in Boston?
  41. Reflux or throat cancer?
  42. Is this cancer?
  43. Tonsil, throat and nose issues
  44. Someone PLEASE help me!
  45. sinusus problems
  46. Jaw itches after chewing
  47. Plugged Up Left Ear
  48. Growth on back of tongue
  49. Ear Pain w/o infection... Need Help !!
  50. prednisone after ear surgery
  51. Stapecdopmony
  52. very red inflamed throat
  53. Ringing in Ears After Whiplash?
  54. Where can I turn when no one has the answers?!?
  55. Myringoplasty followed by tinnitus
  56. patuleous eustachain tube
  57. Slightly clogged ear after a not-so-loud noise? Hearing loss?
  58. Eustachian tube dilation is not a cure all
  59. Contact ulcers on vocal cord?
  60. Something weird going on with ears and sinus'
  61. Allegra-OK to use slightly more than 180 mg?
  62. something in my throat
  63. tonsillectomy and uvula removal.
  64. Question on sore throat post tonsils out
  65. Turbinate Hypertrophy
  66. 7 months of throat n Ear Pain. Please Help
  67. bloody buds.
  68. Bleeding from a.... hole in my nose?
  69. White/yellow coating on tongue - Not thrush
  70. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  71. Tonsillectomy Post-Op Complications... when will it end?
  72. Tonsillectomy Post-Op Complications... when will it end?
  73. Ear issue: I hear my blood pumping all the time.
  74. ENT in Maryland that WILL treat tonsil stones???
  75. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Maxillary sinus
  76. Numb Tongue and Scab gone and bloody after Tonsillectomy in Teenage boy
  77. Quick earwax question
  78. How long to use Flonase?
  79. clogged ears and so stressesd out
  80. sinus infection??
  81. Vocal abuse
  82. Day 10 Recovery
  83. Q-Tips Up My Nose
  84. i had my tonsils removed exacatly a week ago NOW I NEED SOME HELP
  85. Please help!!
  86. Tinnitus........you little (big) bugger! :)
  87. Voice improvement from twice a day prilosec for LPR
  88. Septoplasty stitches came out with bleeding? Is this a problem?
  89. Eustachian tube dysfunction, tinnitus etc
  90. Swollen tonsil
  91. Throat Problems
  92. Month after tonsillectomy - Burning sensation
  93. Should I be Concerned About This CT Scan?
  94. Cough drops and canker sores on the back of throat
  95. Successful recovery from Eustachian tube dysfunction
  96. Stapedectomy in Floirda
  97. Tongue patch
  98. ETD Symtoms driving me nuts!
  99. Tonsillectomy!!! :(
  100. My tonsils are in a week PLEASE HELP
  101. Sinus Infection for 7 months, absolutely miserable. Help please.?
  102. Lyme Disease
  103. earwax cleaning
  104. Post Nasal Drip in Son
  105. *****ly tongue & throat
  106. *****ley throat problem
  107. Unusual Ear Pain Left Ear
  108. hole, not a tonsil crevice
  109. White Tongue After Sugar (Negative Fungal Culture)
  110. bronchitis then mucus then, then , then
  111. Sore throat from throat clearing?
  112. Nasal issues
  113. Tonsillectomy recovery
  114. intermittent numbness sensation in left ear
  115. Loss of sense of smell and numb Tongue!
  116. Allergic Rhinitis
  117. My both the ears are blocked... need help please.
  118. Salivary Gland Swelling and Pain
  119. Headaches (tension headaches) - pressure from eyeglasses (frames)
  120. Ear Pressure and Muffled Hearing After Suctioning Ear
  121. proposed revision sinus surgery
  122. Voice change after Peritonsillar Abscess?
  123. Throat Thyroid cramping
  124. Draining the Middle Ear
  125. Ringing in my ears
  126. 3sets of grommets and now perforated ear drum!
  127. CT findings (Pansinusitis)
  128. throat inflammation
  129. Otitis Media/Ear Infection.
  130. Vertigo with ear infection!! PLEASE HELP
  131. Feels like I'm swallowing razors
  132. Concern and Question about LPR. Need Advice please help
  133. Clogged ear and lump in throat (9 months!)
  134. Tight throat, feels like something is blocking it.
  135. 'Steaming' and ETD - Can this help?
  136. Sore throat and fatigue for 5 years, tips please
  137. scretive otitis media and vertigo
  138. Bad Breath - Tonsil Stones & PND
  139. Sinus Lump in Mouth, Very Scared
  140. Need surgery for deviated septum, freaking out!
  141. Bad Breath - Tonsil Stones & PND
  142. Ear still clogged from infection, how long?
  143. Sore Throat/slight ear ache - GERD
  144. NO doctor will listen to me!
  145. Cleft Branchial Cyst type 3 OR 4
  146. Nasal Polyp Treatment
  147. Eustachian Tube Dilation Surgery
  148. Tonsil remnant + candida?
  149. help worried about laryngoscopy
  150. tongue and sinuses
  151. Blood when blowing nose - dangerous?
  152. Please help
  153. Peritonsillar Abscess that won't go away
  154. Post Tonsillectomy Pain
  155. Ears blocked & vertigo over 1 1/2 months
  156. anyone here with atrophic rhinitis?
  157. Middle ear and Outer ear infection
  158. Botched surgery.. Tonsillectomy.
  159. difficulty swallowing & small bits of food sticking in throat.
  160. Even more noises
  161. Neti pot and ear discomfort
  162. Swollen Tonsils (Only At Random Times of Day)
  163. Neck Pain Spreading
  164. Trouble using Neil Med Nasa Mist saline spray
  165. Etd
  166. Pain/swollen sensation on front of neck?
  167. Tonsillitis, still contagious?
  168. Patulous Eustacian Tube Help.
  169. Patulous Eusatcian Tube help
  170. hard mucus, unbearable ear pain, congestion
  171. What kind of throat infection is this?
  172. Desperate for help
  173. Tonsillectomy - recovering alone?
  174. Nasonex and saline nasal spray
  175. Lumps on one tonsil (not white or stones)
  176. clogged tube/chunky pus above tonsil.
  177. Deviated septum and polypectomy
  178. Small lumps on one tonsil (not white) PLEASE HELP! (picture)
  179. nose problems on atenolol
  180. "catch" when I breathe in! what could this be??
  181. Ear ache
  182. 3 year old with ear fluid
  183. Feeling Something in my throat
  184. Adult Tonsilectomy with Complications
  185. Seeing an ENT...Finally (Fungus Among Us)
  186. Throat clearing. Inflammation on esophagus
  187. Nasal burning after scope?
  188. Voice Problems
  189. vasomotor rhinitis
  190. Pressure in ear, felt down my jawline like a sore muscle?
  191. Someone. Anyone. Help. Im in agony. Please
  192. why is my nose popping?
  193. Adult PE tubes for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  194. Tonsil Stones?
  195. Blood in nose
  196. Unable to clear my throat/Dry Cough...
  197. Nystagmus question
  198. Throat infection
  199. nose problem
  200. Swollen lymph nodes, large right tonsil, no sore throat
  201. throat feels *****ly
  202. Nasal Problem
  203. both ears blocked since christmas
  204. tonsillectomy
  205. Yellowish soft palate - please help
  206. Swollen Tonsils with no sore throat
  207. Strep throat question
  208. Using noise reduction headphones with Tinnitus
  209. Tonsillectomy scabs after one month?
  210. blood clots back of throat
  211. So much ear drama
  212. Air pressure/flying caused my tinnitus.
  213. No fever but white spots in my throat
  214. Tough tonsillectomy
  215. Sinus Surgery TOmorrow. Nervous!!!
  216. Tonsillectomy
  217. Do/Did You Have Thyroid Nodule(s)
  218. bloody noses
  219. My tonsillectomy experience...
  220. Will a gastroscopy be useful to diagnose LPR?
  221. Best Alternative of Nose Surgery?
  222. Peroxide Flooding
  223. Woke Up After A Nap And started Feeling Funny.
  224. Difficulty swallowing
  225. Bothersome throat feeling
  226. Patulous Eustachian Tube--Premarin
  227. Throat pain, hoarse/nasal sounding voice liquids coming out of nose when I drink
  228. Pain 3 months post-tonsilectomy
  229. im having high myopia of -18 power both eyes
  230. Should I be worried if I have one giant tonsil and persistent sore throats?
  231. Atrovent? Anyone used it... is it safe and effective??
  232. Throat concerns, small skin colored blisters
  233. Need Help!
  234. Chronic Canker Sores
  235. I have one giant tonsil and one normal one and they're causing me problems
  236. Extreme Dry Mouth
  237. Swollen Tonsils
  238. Tonsils
  239. Clicking when I swallow
  240. Tonsillectomy Scheduled
  241. Strep throat pain is killing me!
  242. Recommended for Stapedectomy
  243. Numb Lip 10 Days Post Tonsillectomy
  244. Tiny bit of blood in flem
  245. how i cleared my clogged ear tubes
  246. Where to find tonsillectomy?
  247. strange feeling in throat 3 month tell now
  248. 6 ENT physician no body knows the strange felling in my throat
  249. Adenoid issues
  250. fell a week after stapedectomy

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