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  1. Day 9 Post tonsillectomy for seniors
  2. labyrinthitis
  3. Extremely worried
  4. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or something else?
  5. Need Help Advice
  6. EAR, NOSE, THROAT & EAR>>>any info is helpful right now...
  7. Lump in throat (globus hystericus)
  8. Tongue Problems
  9. What are all these symptoms indicative of?
  10. Vibration in ears
  11. Throat Pain
  12. Mononucleosis or lymphoma?
  13. Scared
  14. Stepndectomy
  15. Multiple swollen lymph nodes and neck/back pain
  16. bleeding from back of throat
  17. lump behind ear?!
  18. My Stupid Ear.
  19. Throat closes
  20. Swollen neck gland for a month
  21. Ears plugged, tinnitus, distorted and headaches
  22. Something in my throat?
  23. Swallon Glands for 2 months!
  24. No Voice Resonation(Post Nasal Drip)
  25. Did I abuse antibiotic to treat my sinusitis?
  26. Adult with Thyroglossal Duct Cyst
  27. no sore throat but white patches on one side of throat
  28. so confused
  29. Fluid in ears, popping and tinnitus
  30. fell and hit right side of my neck
  31. Throat problem
  32. A Click when Swallowing (Here are my thoughts)
  33. Why Tonsil Stones now?
  34. Can anyone please help me with this? It is making me very depressed
  35. I am desperate, can anyone please help me with this?
  36. Tonsillectomy
  37. autoimmune disorder? HELP!
  38. Loud Noise from Ear when Swallowing
  39. My Very First Tonsillectomy
  40. Autophony and diminished hearing
  41. Autophony and diminished hearing
  42. Please help someone. Need some answers.
  43. Both ears badly blocked
  44. Perilymph Fistula or Middle Ear Fluid?
  45. Nose bone structure
  46. mucus and fatigue
  47. Bump on 'ahhhh' ligament/membrane over tonsil
  48. sharp food stuck in inflamed tonsils cant get it out
  49. Strep again?
  50. Sticky phlegm
  51. First Stapedectomy 11/18/13
  52. Tube Displacement into the Middle Ear
  53. Tonsillectomy
  54. Patulous Eustachian Tube dysfunction
  55. Tonsil issues?
  56. Can somebody help solve my nasal congestion mystery...
  57. Ear Twitching
  58. Sinus issues, ongoing, and possible tooth infection in sinus??
  59. Ear drainage/problem
  60. Tubes for fluid build up hear from people
  61. I need some help..
  62. Fever
  63. Why do I have fever when I wake up on the morning? Is It connecting with my sore th
  64. Saliva. Throat. Acid reflux??
  65. Patulous e-tube or e-tube dysfunction please help me
  66. Stapedectomy and vertigo
  67. Phantosmia
  68. Lymph nodes in front of ear?
  69. Extremely sore throat!!
  70. Ear problem for months
  71. Pain reduction with med allergies
  72. Plugged ears/head, burning sensation in ears
  73. Symptoms: sinuses or allergies?
  74. What is this?
  75. Separate sore throats in 2 weeks? Pretty stressed
  76. Patulous E Tube from Effusion
  77. Eustachian tube issues
  78. post-ACDF throat pressure
  79. Air "Shusshing" sound in my left ear.
  80. Ringing and possible fluid in ears
  81. Day 10 post op tonsillectomy
  82. Post tonsillectomy complications
  83. I think I popped my ear drum??
  84. Pain behind right ear
  85. Stapedectomy done on right ear - day 1
  86. Hello... what kind of doctor should I see?
  87. Clogged sinuses for months!
  88. squamous hyperplastic mucosa
  89. swollen throat. help!
  90. Tonsillectomy
  91. Itchy Ears
  92. Deviated septum surgery
  93. ears ringing after middle ear infection!! help!!!
  94. 4 months after grommets and still in agony?
  95. Ear pain, they can't diagnose
  96. Ear Drum Repair
  97. Sinus Infection
  98. Cochlear hydrops, Endolymphatic Hydrops , inner ear unstable.
  99. 3yo with sudden ear pain, sometimes dizzy
  100. ear sound is normal then loud when I speak
  101. blocked nose
  102. Hearing Loss Issue Please Advise
  103. Clear fluid drips only from right nostril?
  104. Hole in eardrum
  105. red spots in my the back of my throat
  106. reoccurring MRSA/staph?
  107. CT Neck Soft Tissue w/Contrast
  108. Fluid issues due to ear infections
  109. I hear a low, constant, vibrating noise when I cover my ears. What do you hear?
  110. Flonase and nose bleeds
  111. Oxygen Therapy
  112. Singer's voice issue Help!!!
  113. Any adults with tubes in ears
  114. ecoli on tongue and throat + sore throat
  115. Fluid in Ears
  116. Random nose bleed
  117. MRI Neck Soft Tissue
  118. Hearing test after myringotomy. Is there usually a tube placed?
  119. Throat problems!
  120. Has anyone had myringotomy? Please respond
  121. Is this ETD, labrynthitis, cochlear hydrops
  122. eustachian tube disorder
  123. Fluid in ear?
  124. Deviated septum, throat fatigue
  125. Sinus Dizziness/Off Balance - Help?
  126. glue ear in an adult?
  127. How long should I abstain from milk?
  128. Salivary Gland Ductal Stenosis (Bartholin's or Wharton's Duct?)
  129. Chronic rash/redness on throat
  130. Back of the throat Issue? (Pain while swallowing)
  131. Trouble swallowing and lump in neck
  132. Feels like something moving in my ear.
  133. Right side throat and neck ache
  134. Hoarsenes - LPR with twice daily 20 MG Prilosec
  135. Growth above near Tonsil
  136. Felt something jolt out of place in my throat!
  137. Thick mucus and sore thoat one ear noisy and acts if water in it
  138. lump in throat recently
  139. Ear Thumping After Burping or Internal Burps
  140. weird foamy sensation on tongue and back of throat
  141. Constantly coughing up clear phlegm?
  142. I'm so depressed with pain, please help.
  143. nose numbness!
  144. Strep Throat or Oral Cancer or Paranoia? Please Help.
  145. throat/ear problem?
  146. Help with Ent & other info in L.A
  147. Painful, Purple spot-White large spots Throat Infection
  148. Earache Constantly
  149. Adult Ear Tubes... go under or not?
  150. Help!
  151. Thick sticky white phlegm at back of throat in morning
  152. Post-Op Tympanoplasty - Still feel air?
  153. thickening in one sinus
  154. Please help me, do I need my Tonsils or Adenoids out?
  155. Can you use olive oil in ear with perforation?
  156. Swollen tonsil, left side, no pain.
  157. Foul smell emanating from nose
  158. Continued pressure in ears after dewaxing
  159. lump in throat
  160. Ear Problems
  161. Is it bad if one ear pops very easily?
  162. diagnosed as having Eustachian tube disorder, deviated nasal septum, allergic rhinit
  163. Constant runny nose post turboplasty
  164. Help for post nasal drip.!!!!!
  165. chronic tonsilitis
  166. Weird symptom when I turn my head
  167. Please help me ulcer on tonsil.
  168. Constant ear pain - noise sensitivity
  169. Help Tonsil Ulcer! Am I gonna be okay?
  170. Ear Problems
  171. Eustachian Tubes Troubles, Fluid in ears, Tinnitus
  172. White bump back of throat- help!
  173. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction/Contact Lenses
  174. Dysomia inquiry
  175. pain in back and one side of throat
  176. Eustachian tube dysfunction caused by ear drops
  177. Septum Issue
  178. eustachian tube feels blocked
  179. Middle Ear Problem and desparate for advice
  180. deviated septum help
  181. What's wrong with my mouth/throat?
  182. Day 9 post tonsillectomy :(
  183. 29yo nonsmoker concerned.
  184. Very helpful
  185. ear and jaw problem
  186. Hearing problems after impact.
  187. Adenoidectomy + Septoplasty recovery
  188. swelling at the back of the mouth/throat
  189. Long lasting sore throat over 4months
  190. Middle ear pressure
  191. ear problem please help
  192. Feeling of something stuck in my throat
  193. T&a
  194. Eustachian tube dysfunction
  195. Nose Bleeds from ?
  196. Scared!!!! Splints coming out tomorrow. anybody been thru this
  197. 1 month after tonsillectomy
  198. Intermittent Pain and Full Feeling in Ear
  199. Stapedectomy
  200. Tonsil stones 😤
  201. Feels like adams apple is suddenly pushed in when turning moving in certain ways?
  202. I'm 50 and I had my tonsils out on 07/11/2013
  203. Mold? Burning eyes, feels cold in left nostril, popping in sinus
  204. tonsillectomy day 28
  205. help
  206. 10 days post tonsillectomy... Help!!
  207. Tonsillectomy ... Please Read!!
  208. Eustachian Tube problem for ten years
  209. Blocked right ear, vertigo and tinnitus, please help.
  210. Tonsiliectomy
  211. Functional cure for Tonsillitis
  212. My Tonsillectomy Experience - 19 y.o :)
  213. Ears hissing
  214. Right Ear Full, Off Balance and Scared...
  215. Tonsillectomy recovery
  216. Plugged Ears!!!
  217. Turbinate Reduction Surgery
  218. Tonsils removed help!
  219. Are ear tubes a permanent fix for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?
  220. Tonsillectomy HELP
  221. Hissing in ears disequilibrum
  222. tonsillectomy after age 40, REALLY, its not that bad!
  223. Can hear heartbeat swooshing in left ear only...
  224. Is it worth it to get my tonsils out?
  225. Bump on tonsils & lack of energy
  226. Blocked ear - eustashian tube
  227. After effects of vertigo? Maybe VRT is required?
  228. Ear nose and throat problems
  229. I have no idea what this swelling is?????
  230. Adenoid growth.
  231. Head presure
  232. problems with mouth, throat, ear, esophagus, stomacj
  233. Uvula partial removal
  234. Submandibular gland removal over year ago
  235. Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy
  236. Fluid in my ear
  237. Itching/leaky ears!
  238. Burning/popping in sinus
  239. Intracapsular tonsillectomy - My Experience
  240. Ear Popper Experience
  241. Help, bad throat pain? Is this a abscess infection?
  242. swollen left submandibular gland, sore throat
  243. hard lump in back of my throat just like blackdog38ca
  244. ETD- first time poster, help needed for second ENT visit
  245. Weird bump on my neck...
  246. Severe Ringing/Popping in ear -antibiotics not working
  247. PLEASE READ! *L Ear Fullness, one side swallowing*
  248. Sputum blocks throat
  249. Ear Problems
  250. Chronic post nasal drainage - vidian neurectomy?