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  1. Ear Pressure and Muffled Hearing After Suctioning Ear
  2. proposed revision sinus surgery
  3. Voice change after Peritonsillar Abscess?
  4. Throat Thyroid cramping
  5. Draining the Middle Ear
  6. Ringing in my ears
  7. 3sets of grommets and now perforated ear drum!
  8. CT findings (Pansinusitis)
  9. throat inflammation
  10. Otitis Media/Ear Infection.
  11. Vertigo with ear infection!! PLEASE HELP
  12. Feels like I'm swallowing razors
  13. Concern and Question about LPR. Need Advice please help
  14. Clogged ear and lump in throat (9 months!)
  15. Tight throat, feels like something is blocking it.
  16. 'Steaming' and ETD - Can this help?
  17. Sore throat and fatigue for 5 years, tips please
  18. scretive otitis media and vertigo
  19. Bad Breath - Tonsil Stones & PND
  20. Need surgery for deviated septum, freaking out!
  21. Bad Breath - Tonsil Stones & PND
  22. Ear still clogged from infection, how long?
  23. Sore Throat/slight ear ache - GERD
  24. NO doctor will listen to me!
  25. Cleft Branchial Cyst type 3 OR 4
  26. Nasal Polyp Treatment
  27. Tonsil remnant + candida?
  28. help worried about laryngoscopy
  29. tongue and sinuses
  30. Blood when blowing nose - dangerous?
  31. Please help
  32. Peritonsillar Abscess that won't go away
  33. Post Tonsillectomy Pain
  34. Ears blocked & vertigo over 1 1/2 months
  35. anyone here with atrophic rhinitis?
  36. Middle ear and Outer ear infection
  37. Botched surgery.. Tonsillectomy.
  38. difficulty swallowing & small bits of food sticking in throat.
  39. Even more noises
  40. Neti pot and ear discomfort
  41. Swollen Tonsils (Only At Random Times of Day)
  42. Neck Pain Spreading
  43. Trouble using Neil Med Nasa Mist saline spray
  44. Etd
  45. Pain/swollen sensation on front of neck?
  46. Tonsillitis, still contagious?
  47. Patulous Eustacian Tube Help.
  48. Patulous Eusatcian Tube help
  49. hard mucus, unbearable ear pain, congestion
  50. What kind of throat infection is this?
  51. Desperate for help
  52. Tonsillectomy - recovering alone?
  53. Nasonex and saline nasal spray
  54. Lumps on one tonsil (not white or stones)
  55. clogged tube/chunky pus above tonsil.
  56. Deviated septum and polypectomy
  57. Small lumps on one tonsil (not white) PLEASE HELP! (picture)
  58. nose problems on atenolol
  59. "catch" when I breathe in! what could this be??
  60. Ear ache
  61. 3 year old with ear fluid
  62. Feeling Something in my throat
  63. Adult Tonsilectomy with Complications
  64. Seeing an ENT...Finally (Fungus Among Us)
  65. Throat clearing. Inflammation on esophagus
  66. Nasal burning after scope?
  67. Voice Problems
  68. vasomotor rhinitis
  69. Pressure in ear, felt down my jawline like a sore muscle?
  70. Someone. Anyone. Help. Im in agony. Please
  71. why is my nose popping?
  72. Adult PE tubes for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  73. Tonsil Stones?
  74. Blood in nose
  75. Unable to clear my throat/Dry Cough...
  76. Nystagmus question
  77. Throat infection
  78. nose problem
  79. Swollen lymph nodes, large right tonsil, no sore throat
  80. throat feels prickly
  81. Nasal Problem
  82. both ears blocked since christmas
  83. tonsillectomy
  84. Yellowish soft palate - please help
  85. Swollen Tonsils with no sore throat
  86. Strep throat question
  87. Using noise reduction headphones with Tinnitus
  88. Tonsillectomy scabs after one month?
  89. blood clots back of throat
  90. So much ear drama
  91. Air pressure/flying caused my tinnitus.
  92. No fever but white spots in my throat
  93. Tough tonsillectomy
  94. Sinus Surgery TOmorrow. Nervous!!!
  95. Tonsillectomy
  96. Do/Did You Have Thyroid Nodule(s)
  97. bloody noses
  98. My tonsillectomy experience...
  99. Will a gastroscopy be useful to diagnose LPR?
  100. Best Alternative of Nose Surgery?
  101. Peroxide Flooding
  102. Woke Up After A Nap And started Feeling Funny.
  103. Difficulty swallowing
  104. Patulous Eustachian Tube--Premarin
  105. Throat pain, hoarse/nasal sounding voice liquids coming out of nose when I drink
  106. Pain 3 months post-tonsilectomy
  107. im having high myopia of -18 power both eyes
  108. Should I be worried if I have one giant tonsil and persistent sore throats?
  109. Atrovent? Anyone used it... is it safe and effective??
  110. Throat concerns, small skin colored blisters
  111. Need Help!
  112. Chronic Canker Sores
  113. I have one giant tonsil and one normal one and they're causing me problems
  114. Extreme Dry Mouth
  115. Swollen Tonsils
  116. Tonsils
  117. Clicking when I swallow
  118. Tonsillectomy Scheduled
  119. Strep throat pain is killing me!
  120. Recommended for Stapedectomy
  121. Numb Lip 10 Days Post Tonsillectomy
  122. Tiny bit of blood in flem
  123. how i cleared my clogged ear tubes
  124. Where to find tonsillectomy?
  125. strange feeling in throat 3 month tell now
  126. 6 ENT physician no body knows the strange felling in my throat
  127. Adenoid issues
  128. fell a week after stapedectomy
  129. Tonsil and adenoids surgery
  130. clicking noise in nose
  131. Nausea/swollen troat... Help.
  132. mucus production and snorting
  133. Eustachian tube problems, should I fly?
  134. Blood in nasal mucus among other things.
  135. Raw Throat Aft Quit Smoking
  136. Distorted Sense of Smell & Taste
  137. One weird looking tonsil and cold symptoms?
  138. Strange pressure/popping feeling above ear
  139. Extreme Snoring problem
  140. Severe Nose Pain, Redness, Bumps
  141. peroxide flushing
  142. Retracted Ear Drum (and PET)
  143. Occasional Sinus Pain and Earache
  144. Upcoming Tonsillectomy -- Advice?
  145. Persistent pain in my ear
  146. Help!?!
  147. clicking sound in ear when I workout: jump run
  148. Thumping/thudding head/ears waking me during the night
  149. Swollen papillae
  150. Surgery scheduled
  151. blood shows when blowing nose
  152. swollen and painful submandibular glands
  153. Scared nose problem is really Wegeners Granulomatosis
  154. Perforated septum
  155. New Here hope i got correct board
  156. Blocked Ear
  157. Advice for people who suffer with popping in their ears
  158. Pulsating sound in Ear...
  159. hearing problems after grommet insertion
  160. Student Has Chronic Throat Pain
  161. Swollen Tonsil problem, any help please?
  162. Ear fungi
  163. pain and infections 2 months post-tonsilectomy
  164. Crackling in ear when swallowing (after ruptured ear drum)
  165. Help
  166. concern about more antibiotics for sinus infection
  167. I thought I had BPPV, but I am not sure
  168. 10 year old boy with a persistant cough
  169. Sound like sinuses?
  170. Dangers of football with an infected bronchial cleft cyst
  171. The tip of my Tongue has been oddly red, and numbish for months (creating a lisp)
  172. Unilateral paresis of left vocal chord after TT
  173. Father not allowed to swallow liquids- need advice!
  174. Ear infection, severe headache, or something else?? Help!!!
  175. Tragus Pain
  176. 3 months of vertigo and many other things...
  177. throat pain and mouth wash
  178. Otitis externa not clearing up
  179. feeling of liquid moving in one ear
  180. ? about YOUR stapendotomy surgery
  181. vaginal twitching probelem
  182. throat & swallowing seems to be worse.advice needed
  183. sore throat
  184. Ear popping and ringing
  185. Throat Problems
  186. Antibiotics and Tonselitis
  187. Submandibular Swelling & Tenderness
  188. ear popping
  189. white patches on back of throat and Lump feeling in Throat
  190. Post op Stapedectomy
  191. Oral Cyst
  192. Could ear wax cause these symptoms??
  193. Turbinate Reduction and Bilateral FESS-Headaches and Swelling
  194. Throat very swollen (would appreciate reply ASAP)
  195. Tonsillectomy Survivor
  196. Sticky, smelly lump of phlegm in my throat causing chronic bad breath
  197. Ear infection treatment = worse?
  198. trouble swallowing food, stuck & hard to get down
  199. Shooting pains in throat
  200. My Deviated Septum Surgery is next Week and I Have Questions
  201. Redness/Inflammed throat for MONTHS please HELP!!!!!!!!
  202. Fullness in left ear, pain loss of hearing and blood from nose
  203. Stuck in Throat
  204. clicking and popping when i talk (eustachian tubes?)
  205. Bumps in tonsils area..
  206. Eustachian Tube Not Equalizing After Burps/ Could it Be Inflamed?
  207. Ear Itchiness, Drainage, and Muffled Hearing. What is wrong?
  208. inner ear problems? (usually noticed during PMS)
  209. Unexplained thrat or ear pain. Dried up and sticky mucosa in auditory tubes .
  210. Deviated Septum causing these symptoms?
  211. Colour of the throat?
  212. Chronic throat problems
  213. tonsillectomy day 0
  214. noise in ears after ear infection
  215. Crawling feeling in ears
  216. Ears and throat
  217. Dull pain when swallowing left side?
  218. Throat occationally closing suddenly when eating sweets
  219. lpr
  220. Considering a tonsilectomy, no sore throat in long time
  221. Sort of painless inflamed throat?
  222. Headache, left ear drum feels blogged and muffled hearing
  223. Blocked Sinuses, Pressure in ear, Weird Noise
  224. Long recovery after sinus surgery
  225. Ear & Phone
  226. Annoying ticking noise
  227. ANY surgery that can fix nasal drip?
  228. Ear pressure when inhaling through nose
  229. Constantly Swollen Turbinates
  230. Help with post nasal drip & how I was cured from sinusitis
  231. sore throat
  232. Strep throat or not?
  233. Weird clicking noise when I tilt my head to the right.
  234. Eustachian problems, I think
  235. Problems after septoplasty
  236. Diagnosed with ETD but have a question
  237. Looking Forward!
  238. Ear feels blocked when looking down
  239. Constant phlegm/nasopharynx area
  240. I don't know whether i pulled a muscle or what's wrong
  241. Very strange Voice problem....croaky
  242. Glad I got Otosclerosis Surgery - Stapedectomy
  243. Tinnitus patient, feel pressure/like air blowing in left ear every time I speak
  244. Crooked uvula
  245. Palatal Myoclonus
  246. pain just below the left ear
  247. How to fight post-myringotomy diziness?
  248. Any guesses?
  249. SCARED!!! upcoming laryngoscopy... numbing question
  250. Uvulectomy