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  1. Thyroplasty for Vocal Cord Paralysis
  2. Edt, tmjd, drymouth etc...
  3. I think I have Meniere's disease
  4. Thyroid Nodule
  5. Sudden hearing loss !
  6. Nose Problem -- Never Can Breathe Through One Nostril
  7. Vocal Disorder Please help
  8. Upcoming nose & tonsil surgery
  9. Vibrating deep sound in left ear
  10. Staph infection of Salivary Glands
  11. Perforated Ear Drum?
  12. Can you have an ear infection in the inner, middle, and outer all at once?
  13. Intermittent sinus headache and mild nausea
  14. Lump in Throat
  15. Small Bebe sized hard object in throat
  16. Painful throat or glands only at night time.
  17. Eustachian Tube Dilation Surgery
  19. Sore throat, pasty white toungue, ear pain, swollen lymph glands
  20. Right ear vibrating
  21. Tinnitus after ear infection
  22. my voice lost
  23. Tonsil, deviated septum, and sinus surgery recovery.
  24. Uvula question
  25. Tinnitus vagus nerve treatment ?
  26. Unequal cartilage of the nose
  27. My life with ETD
  28. Lump in pharynx area - need advice
  29. Tonsil stone and digestive unrest?
  30. One tonsil swollen for 3 months, no pain
  31. fibration and fluttering in ears
  32. Is endoscope standard procedure at ENT office?
  33. Ear Infection
  34. Sinus Surgery Dissolveable Gel did NOT dissolve
  35. Yellow/Orange Tongue Coating Remedy??
  36. Bump back of throat and itchy ears
  37. Septoplasty & Turbinectomy
  38. Re-occuring bump under ear
  39. Perilymph Fistual Surgery
  40. Laryngospasm
  41. Perforated ear drum
  42. Nostril Changing Shape
  43. Strep G
  44. EarPlanes?
  45. spasm in ear in response to sounds
  46. Tumor in my 3year old's tonsil.
  47. turbinate coblation
  48. Odd ear sensation
  49. Mayo Clinic Minnesota Endolymphatic Hydrops
  50. dryness in nostrils,sometimes blood traces in mucous
  51. Adult Tonsillectomy - was it worth it for you?
  52. Throat popped when swallowing
  53. Time for Mastoid surgery?
  54. minor ear problems
  55. "Ear Crackling", what is this?
  56. Throat gets bloked easily by food
  57. Sore throat for over two months; have a doc's opinion; didn't help.
  58. Something stuck in my throat?
  59. ear pain,popping,and hearin
  60. Several strange symptoms, lump in throat feeling
  61. Blood in my phlegm
  62. Tonsil Stones are driving me absolutely crazy.
  63. Blocked left ear but no pain...
  64. Vestibular problems and spatial disorientation
  65. Sore throat or strep throat?
  66. Strep Throat - Please Help
  67. Stapedectomy
  68. tonsillectomy
  69. Ear Infection HELP!!!
  70. Posterior ethmoid mucocele?
  71. ear crystals?
  72. Eustachian tube dysfunction- I need some help!
  73. ringing in ears
  74. Sick, sick, sick.... ALWAYS sick!
  75. Untreated Ear Infection - Brain fog/Weakness
  76. Sinus infection & inner ear fluid
  77. Can post nasal drip cause a red throat?
  78. Lump in throat Feeling
  79. Post nasal drip after infection (uri)
  80. Noise triggers crackling in ear
  81. Severe coughing, phlegm and trouble swallowing when eating
  82. Fluid build up in ear canal
  83. Hot liquids plug up ears?
  84. Muffled hearing
  85. Odd Feeling in Ear?
  86. Radiesse injection in vocal cord
  87. Strange cold feeling in nose and throat
  88. Tonsil Stones?
  89. headache/earache/&soret throat...left side only
  90. Clogged/Plugged Ears with Constant High Pitched Noise RECTIFIED
  91. Red bumps in throat?
  92. VCD Vocal Cord Dysfunction
  93. Pulsative Tinnitus
  94. Broken Speaker sound in my right ear
  95. Coughing up blood after quinsy
  96. Mononucleosis - Tonsils oozing pus
  97. sore throats/tonsils
  98. Feels like a crowbar in my ear??
  99. Has anyone here had a Sialendoscopy?
  100. is it normal to get a small bump on your nose after nose bleeds?
  101. MRI Decipher and Meaning
  102. Throat and latex gum
  103. Severe sore throat for 2 weeks need advice
  104. Swollen lymph nodes for months, after many tests not sure what to do now.
  105. Nasal staph infection
  106. Sound of the sea in one ear...
  107. Ear Wax blockage
  108. Tonsilectomy the journey
  109. Throat problems
  110. the sound of wind blowing in my ear is driving me crazy
  111. Liquid or mucus stuck in ears, sinuses, and eyes. painful!
  112. Can't breathe, Choking, Allergies.
  113. mass behind uvula on wall of throat
  114. Tonsillectomy pain
  115. Popping and Aching! :(
  116. ear fullness only when lying down?
  117. has a swollen lymph node on right side of neck and enlarged tonsil on the right..
  118. menieres
  119. I even went to the ER and got NO help :-( will somebody please help me
  120. Viral Infection?
  121. Will My Ear problems(tinnitus, H, and eardrum)lead me to be Deaf?
  122. Tonisllectomy
  123. Throat Tightening
  124. Do i have vestibular disorder
  125. Swelling in the front of the neck
  126. Hole in Right Tonsil. Could it be cancer??? [PICTURES INCLUDED]
  127. Feeling of fullness in right ear
  128. Why do I smell smoke all the time? - ANSWER
  129. Motor Running Sound in one ear
  130. Chronic Mastoiditis
  131. Tonsillitis, strep throat and ears are burning??!!
  132. Acid Reflux or something else??
  133. Small hard bump on back of ear.
  134. Acid Reflux or something else??
  135. Looking for ear drops
  136. ETD/allergies/infections
  137. infection
  138. Patulous Eustachian Tubes - this may help
  139. My ear is going nuts
  140. Ear discharge - what is it?
  141. Lump on jawline under ear lobe
  142. Strange throat and breathing issue
  143. Do I have Nasal Polyps?
  144. Actor in Tonsillectomy Recovery
  145. can anybody help me with my throat?
  146. 13 yr old w/ongoing issues - Please advise!!
  147. (help) extremely loud ringing in my ears.
  148. After tonsillectomy story and throat problems not going away.
  149. Feeling of a lump in throat, Above adams apple
  150. Problem after Thyroplasty
  151. Constant Buzzing, Hissing Noise in Head
  152. Sore Throat and Coughing
  153. what are the orange bumps on the back of my throat?
  154. Losing hearing in both ears!
  155. Chronic Mastoiditis: has anyone had successful treatment?
  156. Pain in my neck/throat
  157. Clogged/Fullness in Ears and Pressure/Vertigo in Head
  158. Severe Pain after Tonsillectomy
  159. nose
  160. help
  161. Child with post nasal drainage 2 months after adnoidectomy
  162. My Tonsillectomy
  163. Fluid Behind Eardrum
  164. Inner Ear Infection 6 months of persistent vertigo
  165. Revision Ossiculoplasty anyone??
  166. White "Stuff"/Pain in one Tonsil
  167. Ear problems never end...
  168. Tinnitus - Ear issue or neck issue?
  169. Constant left ear pressure- HELP!!!
  170. Been prescribed large dose of amoxicillin and prednisone I am afraid of that any help
  171. Strep...? Mono...? Sinus Issues...? Whats going on with me?
  172. Sinus probs just won't go away post-surg
  173. Ears not popping days after flight
  174. tonsil stones after tonsillectomy
  175. My Tonsillectomy
  176. Sharp throat pain
  177. Ongoing Sore throat problems..Help!
  178. SEVERE sore throat. HELP!!!
  179. burning smell in nose won't go away
  180. chronic throat spasms pain
  181. Adult Tonsillectomy in Maryland Dec 2011- Day One/Surgery
  182. Tongue Problems
  183. Tongue Problems
  184. Please someone give me advice-Are these tonsillitis symptoms?
  185. Head Pressure, excessive yawning. Help please!
  186. Usage of Tecta and/or Zantac
  187. Riachol Vs Tyotocin ear drops
  188. SAFE Neti Pot use
  189. Pain on the right side of my face near the ear
  190. Recovering from a tonsillectomy
  191. Hyperosmia
  192. Finally Relief From Sinus Pressure Brian Fog
  193. Help!Ear Fullness/popping/clicking for almost a year
  194. Felt like my throat was swelling shut
  195. NHS Or Private Care for Nasal Congestion & Eustachian Tube Disorder ?
  196. Ear pain
  197. Pain (bruise sensation) on outside of throat
  198. Scratchy Noise in Ears...
  199. blocked/clogged ears
  200. Self removal of a nasal polyp? Dangers?
  201. Desperate for advice - right ear pain
  202. Tonsillectomy Recovery
  203. Chronic motion sickness - diagnosis challenge!!
  204. Tonsillectomy story day 3
  205. Laser toncillectomy Doctor search
  206. Painful lump behind ear?
  207. Ear Tubes for 11 month old
  208. 23 Year old female Tonsillectomy next month
  209. Preventing ear wax from returning after irrigation
  210. sinus/nose surgery question
  211. Eustachian tube blocked for over a week... really starting to get worried now :(
  212. Possible sinus tumor
  213. Evil ears :(
  214. Antipyrine/Benzocaine ear drops not working
  215. Swollen left nasal passage. large turbanites
  216. Excessive Wax After Ear Infection (Possible to Regain Hearing?)
  217. Endolymphatic Sac Decompression Surgery
  218. Sore throat for ten days
  219. sinusitis, mucous cyst
  220. Head pressure, Plugged ears and more :(
  221. Ear/Sinus trouble? Please advise!
  222. clicking in ear at every wide chew.
  223. everything gets stuck in my esophagus
  224. Pulsatile Tinnitus and "Black" color behind Ear Drum
  226. How common is it to have ear infection after mastoidectomy
  227. Vocal Cord Paralysis - Radiesse Injections
  228. Tonsillitis again?
  229. I don't know whats happening to me?
  230. Please someone can help/
  231. hurts to swallow, no fever
  232. Lump in throat/feel like throwing up but i cant
  233. After using ear drops, my ears are clogged? Any tips on how to unclog them?
  234. ear wax blockage
  235. identical slices in nose?
  236. Same Problem!!
  237. Red throat and pain near Adam's apple
  238. Flaky ears
  239. Does anyone else get this high pitch sound? Happpens once a blue moon :D
  240. problem with my jaw...
  241. What did my doctor mean when she saw scars in my ear?
  242. I can make my ears crackle. Is this normal?
  243. Tinnitus all my life, is it normal?
  244. Tonsilectomy
  245. bleeding of the ear
  246. problems with right ear after a dizziness test, where they put water in your ears ?
  247. neck lump
  248. Peritonsillar abscess/Quinsy or a mouth ulcer?
  249. prolonged pain in nose :( is it cancer?
  250. Tonsillectomy - a positive story