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  1. Circumvallate papillae enlarged
  2. Cholesteatoma and Tubes in ear
  3. excess phlegm in the morning
  4. Forgot the diagnosis a doctor gave me.. please help.
  5. out of tune hearing...distorted sounds
  6. RECURRENT STREP! Beta-hemolytic strep, not group A, C, or G
  7. no straws during tonsillectomy recovery?
  8. After tonsillectomy numb blister on lip
  9. Tonsillectomy Tounge cramping/pain
  10. Hoarse Voice
  11. partially deaf after middle ear infection
  12. Tonsil, deviated septum, and sinus surgery
  13. Hi, I'm new & wondering about Patulend Drops...
  14. Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Breathing Problems
  15. Throat disorder
  16. Pulsatile tinnitus and I am very scared
  17. Ear Ventillation
  18. PLEASE help me!
  19. 3 Week Post Tonsillectomy Issue?
  20. Awaiting CT scan results - still
  21. Sudden loss in hearing ability
  22. Count Down 9 day til surgery
  23. odd sore throat
  24. Help!! Something came from my nose!
  25. Patulous Eustachian Tube? SSCD? or Oto Sclerosis?
  26. Throat spasms - can't breath
  27. red bump in back of throat?
  28. Tonsillectomy was easy, don't stress
  29. chronic cough and post nasal drip after case of strep throat. ! help please.!
  30. Vocal Cord Injury
  31. Safe alternative to earplugs for sleeping?
  32. Sore Throat?
  33. ear pain without infection??
  34. Enlarged Parotid Gland (salvitory gland)
  35. White spot on back of mouth. Picture
  36. Peroxide & Baking Soda Nasal irrigation
  37. Cyst on tonsil
  38. Tinnitus and Blurred Vision
  39. tympanoplasty for 7 year old
  40. Nose and ear problems
  41. What is this bump next to my carilage piercing?
  42. Red Throat
  43. Scratchy voice all the time!
  44. ENT - The right doctor for this?
  45. smelly tonsils, tonsil stones, & BB
  46. irritated throat for 2 months! what is it?
  47. Tonsillectomy tomorrow morning?!
  48. Adenoid and tonsil removal for opera singers
  49. Mastoidectomy (questions)
  50. no magic answer ?
  51. Ear, Throat and Neck Problems
  52. Scare after Tonsillectomy and New Symptoms..
  53. White Patch on Tongue
  54. Hello. Numb Tounge?
  55. Please help, gross sore inside lower lip
  56. Sporadic Pain - upper left adam's apple.
  57. Tornwaldt cyst?!?!?!?!?! anyone ever have one or know anything about them?
  58. swollen tongue after tonsillectomy and sinus surgery
  59. Lump in Throat - no it's not acid reflux
  60. Having difficulty swallowing some food, is this related?
  61. Nervous about stapedectomy
  62. Sensitive Tongue Sensation, Please Help..
  63. tonsillectomy - removed front tonsil arches
  64. Dry mouth, throat, raspy unclear voice
  65. Can you give me any suggestions
  66. Perilymphatic fistula
  67. Ring on the cheek inside mouth, Check out the Pictures.
  68. Re: Regarding Post-tonsillectomy
  69. tonsillectomy question - help please
  70. Anyone with vertigo have this?
  71. Red bumps, splotches, and irritation in back of throat
  72. Weird Smell
  73. Weird tinnitus issues
  74. tonsillectomy -my experience apparently a very rare experience, but is it that rare??
  75. URTI, Bronchitis, and recurring swollen nodes. Help.
  76. Middle Ear Tuberclosis
  77. tooth extraction/ear pain
  78. Pulsing heart in one ear--3 weeks! ???
  79. Question about conficting tests?
  80. Cactus barb lodged in throat
  81. hoarseness, swollen left gland, sore throat and fatigue
  82. Tonsil Crypts
  83. severe ear pressure wont go away!! help !! h
  84. Tonsillectomy
  85. Tonsillectomy
  86. Day 5 post tonsillectomy
  87. Bumps in back of throat
  88. swollen tonsils and mucous
  89. Have ear tubes and got water in ear that
  90. Chronic sore throat and loss of voice for 8 months... will it ever get better?
  91. Problems with Throat / Breathing
  92. Ear Feels Clogged/Won't Pop
  93. wicked case of swimmers ear
  94. My story. Need help!
  95. Hard ball inside ear lobe?
  96. After a tonsillectomy being able to eat normally again is a gradual process.
  97. After your tonsillectomy when did u start eating noddles?
  98. outside ear pain
  99. newborns ears
  100. 17 year old tonsillectomy ! NEED TO KNOWS.
  101. I am so scared!!
  102. 56yr old - tonsillectomy
  103. Tinnitus?
  104. paralyzed vocal cord
  105. Parotid Masses&Gassy stomach
  106. Uncontrollable Gag Reflex
  107. [Picture] is this lump anything to worry about?
  108. constant issues after middle ear infection
  109. Vertigo since 12/1/10 Unusual situation...need advice.
  110. Tonsillectomy
  111. Lump in Earlobe (graphic picture)
  112. When can I start to eat normally after a Tonsillectomy?
  113. Long term infection
  114. Running finger-tips across the wall?
  115. seven months of this
  116. Prednisone and patulous Eustachian tube?
  117. Water in my ear?
  118. Throat closing up randomly?
  119. Why does ear keep ringing?
  120. Flu like symptoms post tonsillectomy
  121. Throat infection again after toncillectomy?
  122. Ear throbbing
  123. Everytime I move my jaw there is a click in my left ear...
  124. Ears and nose
  125. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction? Please answer.
  126. ear and balance and motion sickness
  127. Re: Blood/clots back of throat Help
  128. Crackling Sound in Ear? (ETD?)
  129. Bilatreral tinnitus and poor concentration
  130. Ear Fluttering/Spasm
  131. Ear Problems
  132. Re: Stapedectomy recovery
  133. Salt Water Gargle
  134. painless small red bumps at the back of throat?
  135. ETD caused Tinnitus Part 2
  136. Tonsil Stones
  137. Nasonex and saline spray
  138. dizzy after myringotomy
  139. choking on liquids after thyroidectomy
  140. Tonsillectomy and endoscopic sinus surgery
  141. "Large left frontal exostosis" - what is it anyway?
  142. lingual tonsils question
  143. What is the best home remedy for an ear infection?
  144. anyone else got Dysosmia ?
  145. Bilateral mastoiditis
  146. Bump in nose
  147. Dull ache
  148. ringing in ear
  149. white/yellow cyst or lump like apperance pic included
  150. Tonsillectomy, uvulectomy , and deviated septum.
  151. Re: Eustachian tube dysfunction caused tinnitus
  152. Throat muscle or what?
  153. post tonsillectomy infection?
  154. 11 days after tonisllectomy and I think my tonsils are infected... (picture)
  155. 9 y/o won't stop bleeding after tonsillectomy
  156. Tonsilectomy help.
  157. I have too many things going on in my mouth.!
  158. pain and dry blood in nose
  159. Boogery type substance (tonsillectomy)
  160. Paralyzed Right Vocal Cord
  161. Red and patchy throat :(
  162. Thick yellow mucus in nose following cauterization
  163. Coblation tonsillectomy (Aussie perspective)
  164. Ear Feels Clogged
  165. Sound distortion
  166. constant throat clearing issue after bacterial infection in throat
  167. Extreme ringing in the ears.
  168. Laser Tonsillectomy for Halitosis
  169. Post nasal drip and chronic sinus infections for over 10 years..HELP!
  170. Perforated Septum
  171. Lymph Node I am so Sarred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  172. Lump in my nose
  173. frustrated!!
  174. Ear problem or something else what do you think?
  175. Bad ear need help
  176. Nasal Polyps
  177. red throad.. no cough, no cold..
  178. Depakote Making Me Deaf?
  179. Blocked feeling in ear, with ringing and deafness.
  180. tonsill curds
  181. Put-Put Sound right ear after burping
  182. Throat problem
  183. Help
  184. Acid reflux/Voice care tips?
  185. Please help!!
  186. Advice please! Very worried about my ? ear!
  187. Tight throat! Any words of wisdom?
  188. Strep Throat
  189. Middle Ear Infection
  190. symptoms returning after stapedectomy
  191. Tapping in ear sounds like a Drili HELP!!
  192. Deaf in Ear after cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide
  193. Dry dusting mouth, due to not breathing through nose
  194. Wheezing/Whistling sound on inhale and exhale
  195. Chronic Halitosis(Bad breath) PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF THIS
  196. EarPopper Reviews? Does it work?
  197. Turbinectomy and Septoplasty
  198. Valsalva Manuever
  199. Sinus Trouble...AGAIN
  200. Screaming in punk band, starting losing voice quickly
  201. neck mass in throat??? please help
  202. How long does ringing in left ear last?
  203. Problems with tonsils
  204. To Thrush, Or Not To Thrush, that is my question
  205. Help Mass on posterior part of parotid gland on MRI!
  206. Marks on inside of my cheeks (pics)
  207. swollen supraclavicular lymph node left side
  208. Weird red throat
  209. Still can't swallow after Tonsillectomy/Uvulectomy
  210. Whats wrong with my ear?
  211. lump behind ear?!
  212. Swelling of Nose and Ears with Lupus on Prednisone
  213. Yellow spots in mouth, difficulty swallowing.
  214. Child with chronic ear pain and no infection need help please
  215. Moderate to Severe Mastiod air cells?
  216. swollen glands tonsils for 1 year HELP!!
  217. Fluid behind the ear drums
  218. sore tongue and throat with red bumps. not strep
  219. Perforated eardrum
  220. Soldier in Iraq - please help
  221. Getting Ear Tubes soon... has anyone had a positive experience?
  222. Wind sound in ears
  223. pain after sinus surgery
  224. I jabbed the inside of my ear with a q tip now hearing is muffled?
  225. Inflammed tonsils, no pain with fatigue
  226. lump on lower jaw....
  227. pain is getting me down.
  228. How long is the waiting list usually for septoplasty?
  229. Any major causes of Tinnitus besides Meniere's disease
  230. Coughing after only 2 days?
  231. Please help!!!
  232. What's going on with me?
  233. Strep Throat ???
  234. Got rid of my tonsil stones without surgery!
  235. infection after tonsillectomy and sinus surgery?
  236. I have ear cartilage pain
  237. Clicking in Throat
  238. Question about throat
  239. Tonsillectomy recovery question
  240. numbness and no taste
  241. I had a t tube put in this week
  242. Weird?
  243. child tonsillectomy
  244. Bump back of throat
  245. Missed piece of tonsil after tonsillectomy?
  246. Tonsillectomy scabs - day 6?
  247. Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy and mucus??
  248. Tonsillectomy scabs question
  249. Recently diagnosed with deviated septum - now what?
  250. help identify throat problem?