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  1. Ear Tubes for 11 month old
  2. 23 Year old female Tonsillectomy next month
  3. Preventing ear wax from returning after irrigation
  4. sinus/nose surgery question
  5. Eustachian tube blocked for over a week... really starting to get worried now :(
  6. Possible sinus tumor
  7. Evil ears :(
  8. Antipyrine/Benzocaine ear drops not working
  9. Swollen left nasal passage. large turbanites
  10. Excessive Wax After Ear Infection (Possible to Regain Hearing?)
  11. Endolymphatic Sac Decompression Surgery
  12. Sore throat for ten days
  13. sinusitis, mucous cyst
  14. Head pressure, Plugged ears and more :(
  15. Ear/Sinus trouble? Please advise!
  16. clicking in ear at every wide chew.
  17. everything gets stuck in my esophagus
  18. Pulsatile Tinnitus and "Black" color behind Ear Drum
  20. How common is it to have ear infection after mastoidectomy
  21. Vocal Cord Paralysis - Radiesse Injections
  22. Tonsillitis again?
  23. I don't know whats happening to me?
  24. Please someone can help/
  25. hurts to swallow, no fever
  26. Lump in throat/feel like throwing up but i cant
  27. After using ear drops, my ears are clogged? Any tips on how to unclog them?
  28. ear wax blockage
  29. identical slices in nose?
  30. Same Problem!!
  31. Red throat and pain near Adam's apple
  32. Flaky ears
  33. Does anyone else get this high pitch sound? Happpens once a blue moon :D
  34. problem with my jaw...
  35. What did my doctor mean when she saw scars in my ear?
  36. I can make my ears crackle. Is this normal?
  37. Tinnitus all my life, is it normal?
  38. Tonsilectomy
  39. bleeding of the ear
  40. problems with right ear after a dizziness test, where they put water in your ears ?
  41. neck lump
  42. Peritonsillar abscess/Quinsy or a mouth ulcer?
  43. prolonged pain in nose :( is it cancer?
  44. Tonsillectomy - a positive story
  45. Salivary Gland Stones and Surgery
  46. Ear congestion prolems
  47. Ear congestion prolems
  48. aspirin question i need help
  49. Post op tonsilectomy-have ?'s
  50. Excessive snezzing/runny nose/Fever in Spring/Summer
  51. I have no voice and coughing, feel like crap
  52. My ear is blocked/clogged and I can't hear, I don't think it's wax anymore (plz help)
  53. dental procedure destroyed my sinuses
  54. Successful treatment of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and/or TMJ?
  55. Can you have tonsillitis with normal looking tonsils?
  56. Blocked ear for five days, began with a bath...
  57. Muted thumping noise in left ear triggered by sound in right ear!
  58. Chronic Eustachian Inflammation
  59. painless, swollen tonsil
  60. Cleaning the ear to unclog it
  61. Post lamenectomy syndrome cervical
  62. nasal driping problem
  63. Burning mouth, tongue, and sores in mouth after eating!
  64. could this be an ear infection?
  65. Tonsillectomy Recovery
  66. Please read &Help if u can, feel so down- Having problems swallowing food/have reflux
  67. Post Op Tonsillectomy 17 years old
  68. coblation turbinate reduction in Toronto
  69. in my ear
  70. ear canal
  71. Is this post nasal drip or something else?
  72. sinus infection, bronchitis
  73. enlarged tonsils on one side
  74. Deviated septum and facial pain?
  75. Nasal Endoscopy
  76. Vibration in the Left Ear
  77. dlt48 thank-you!
  78. cholesterol granuloma
  79. Ruptured ear drum and confused
  80. herpes simplex--ears and mouth
  81. Radio Frequency Nasal Turbinate Reduction Experience
  82. Excess Salivation
  83. Excess Salivation
  84. GERD and Eustacian Tube Disorders
  85. Growth on tonsil, terrified, suggestions please?
  86. Nasal polyps - I'm desperate
  87. right ear open, left closed.. for TOO LONG NOW
  88. Tonsillitis again?... Red bubble on my left tonsil
  89. Disequilibrium and MAV
  90. Mav and disequilibrium
  91. MRI report results
  92. recovery after laser tonsillectomy
  93. Itching Ears
  94. Eustacian Tube Pressure Change Long Term Throat Infection
  95. Lump in throat sensation and slightly swollen lymph node?
  96. little white bumps inside nose?
  97. tonsilectomy and adenoids
  98. tonsilectomy and adenoids
  99. Perilymph fistula??
  100. What to expect in adult tonsillectomy
  101. Left side of adams apple slightly larger
  102. Swallowing Difficulty with Palpitations
  103. Adult Tonsillectomy Experience
  104. Can ear problems cause constant dizziness?
  105. Tonsillectomy at 58
  106. Crooked nose
  107. How to stop my throat from being dry
  108. Two problems.......
  109. Ear has a pop sensation...any suggestions ?
  110. vocal cords
  111. 51 year old woman day 12 tonsilectomy
  112. Turbinate - Radio frequency Treatment for Chronic Obstruction
  113. Tympanoplasty post op
  114. Are older, more experienced surgeons always better?
  115. Ear Tubes with Sleep Apnea
  116. Severe ear problems
  117. Help! Ear Pressure Feels Worse After PE Grommet Tube Surgery?
  118. Chronic Hoarseness
  119. Candidate for Tonsillectomy?
  120. Myoclonus In Ear
  121. if I have tonsillitis for more than 2 months, do I need them removed?
  122. Need to vent. Stabbing pain AFTER visiting ENTS
  123. Anyone else going through this?
  124. upper jaw pain, is this sinusitis?
  125. sliding hiatal hernia
  126. Can I take levaquin and z-pak at the same time for tonsillitis?
  127. How to remove ear wax
  128. Little red bubbles under tongue
  129. Rattling sensation in ear
  130. Lingual tonsils
  131. 1 week till Ear Exploration+/- Mastoidectomy / anesthetic
  132. Coxsackie or Tonsil Stones + Canker Sore?
  133. Tonsillectomy - Bleeding & Recauterized
  134. Disc between upper and lower jaw
  135. Nose Problem!!!
  136. Is there a name for this?
  137. Ears exposed to firecracker at close range
  138. Throat lump driving me half mad :(
  139. day 5
  140. possible solution to swollen lymph nodes in neck
  141. Lump in ear lobe
  142. Scared
  143. My Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  144. Opera Singer just diagnosed with reflux
  145. Does sleeping on sides make ears smaller or flatten them?
  146. Swimmers ear?
  147. Vibrating in left ear - especially when singing
  148. Swollen Lymph Gland?
  149. Circumvallate papillae enlarged
  150. Cholesteatoma and Tubes in ear
  151. excess phlegm in the morning
  152. Forgot the diagnosis a doctor gave me.. please help.
  153. out of tune hearing...distorted sounds
  154. RECURRENT STREP! Beta-hemolytic strep, not group A, C, or G
  155. no straws during tonsillectomy recovery?
  156. After tonsillectomy numb blister on lip
  157. Tonsillectomy Tounge cramping/pain
  158. Hoarse Voice
  159. partially deaf after middle ear infection
  160. Tonsil, deviated septum, and sinus surgery
  161. Hi, I'm new & wondering about Patulend Drops...
  162. Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Breathing Problems
  163. Throat disorder
  164. Pulsatile tinnitus and I am very scared
  165. Ear Ventillation
  166. PLEASE help me!
  167. 3 Week Post Tonsillectomy Issue?
  168. Awaiting CT scan results - still
  169. Sudden loss in hearing ability
  170. Count Down 9 day til surgery
  171. odd sore throat
  172. Help!! Something came from my nose!
  173. Patulous Eustachian Tube? SSCD? or Oto Sclerosis?
  174. Throat spasms - can't breath
  175. red bump in back of throat?
  176. Tonsillectomy was easy, don't stress
  177. chronic cough and post nasal drip after case of strep throat. ! help please.!
  178. Vocal Cord Injury
  179. Safe alternative to earplugs for sleeping?
  180. Sore Throat?
  181. ear pain without infection??
  182. Enlarged Parotid Gland (salvitory gland)
  183. White spot on back of mouth. Picture
  184. Peroxide & Baking Soda Nasal irrigation
  185. Cyst on tonsil
  186. Tinnitus and Blurred Vision
  187. tympanoplasty for 7 year old
  188. Nose and ear problems
  189. What is this bump next to my carilage piercing?
  190. Red Throat
  191. Scratchy voice all the time!
  192. ENT - The right doctor for this?
  193. smelly tonsils, tonsil stones, & BB
  194. irritated throat for 2 months! what is it?
  195. Tonsillectomy tomorrow morning?!
  196. Adenoid and tonsil removal for opera singers
  197. Mastoidectomy (questions)
  198. no magic answer ?
  199. Ear, Throat and Neck Problems
  200. Scare after Tonsillectomy and New Symptoms..
  201. White Patch on Tongue
  202. Hello. Numb Tounge?
  203. Please help, gross sore inside lower lip
  204. Sporadic Pain - upper left adam's apple.
  205. Tornwaldt cyst?!?!?!?!?! anyone ever have one or know anything about them?
  206. swollen tongue after tonsillectomy and sinus surgery
  207. Lump in Throat - no it's not acid reflux
  208. Having difficulty swallowing some food, is this related?
  209. Nervous about stapedectomy
  210. Sensitive Tongue Sensation, Please Help..
  211. tonsillectomy - removed front tonsil arches
  212. Dry mouth, throat, raspy unclear voice
  213. Can you give me any suggestions
  214. Perilymphatic fistula
  215. Ring on the cheek inside mouth, Check out the Pictures.
  216. Re: Regarding Post-tonsillectomy
  217. tonsillectomy question - help please
  218. Anyone with vertigo have this?
  219. Red bumps, splotches, and irritation in back of throat
  220. Weird Smell
  221. Weird tinnitus issues
  222. tonsillectomy -my experience apparently a very rare experience, but is it that rare??
  223. URTI, Bronchitis, and recurring swollen nodes. Help.
  224. Middle Ear Tuberclosis
  225. tooth extraction/ear pain
  226. Pulsing heart in one ear--3 weeks! ???
  227. Question about conficting tests?
  228. Cactus barb lodged in throat
  229. hoarseness, swollen left gland, sore throat and fatigue
  230. Tonsil Crypts
  231. severe ear pressure wont go away!! help !! h
  232. Tonsillectomy
  233. Tonsillectomy
  234. Day 5 post tonsillectomy
  235. Bumps in back of throat
  236. swollen tonsils and mucous
  237. Have ear tubes and got water in ear that
  238. Chronic sore throat and loss of voice for 8 months... will it ever get better?
  239. Problems with Throat / Breathing
  240. Ear Feels Clogged/Won't Pop
  241. wicked case of swimmers ear
  242. My story. Need help!
  243. Hard ball inside ear lobe?
  244. After a tonsillectomy being able to eat normally again is a gradual process.
  245. After your tonsillectomy when did u start eating noddles?
  246. outside ear pain
  247. newborns ears
  248. 17 year old tonsillectomy ! NEED TO KNOWS.
  249. I am so scared!!
  250. 56yr old - tonsillectomy