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  1. Hyper sensitivity to pressure changes
  2. Popping ears
  3. Meniere's disease
  4. Uvula curled back
  5. Painful Lump in throat won't go away
  6. Chronic Nosebleeds
  7. Hard, painful bump on bone behind ear
  8. Scared ! Buzz in the ear
  9. tensor tympani or etd
  10. thrush after tonsillectomy!
  11. throat issues for 6 months
  12. Thank god I'm not the only one!!!
  13. Throat Pain
  14. Visible swelling one side of throat - What is it?
  15. Strep
  16. Tonsils out on 08/01/2014
  17. 3 days post tonsillectomy
  18. Uvula & tonsilectomy @ age 44
  19. tympanoplasty
  20. Problems with tonsils and back of throat! Help!
  21. Throat problems - please help
  22. Possible pulled muscle in throat
  23. Difficulty swallowing 2 weeks after tonsillectomy?
  24. Tonsillectomy troubles
  25. Hard Lymph Nodes In Neck
  26. Eustachian Tube or TMJ?? For months! :(
  27. Allergies?
  28. Ears are full and echoing
  29. What's is This- tonsilectomy. recovery
  30. Laser Tonsillectomy
  31. MRI for inner ear
  32. Adenoid Removal and Turbinate Shrinking or Allergy Testing first (Pediatric)?
  33. Lumpiness/bulging below tonsils
  34. scared :( throat issues
  35. Cold Dry Pain In Throat and Uvula
  36. tonsillectomy very nervous!!! Any comments will help!
  37. Bumps on my ear (lobule) that hurt
  38. White bump in back of throat, no pain swelling or bad breath
  40. Just went to the doctor for a wax removal...
  41. Enlarged tonsil?
  42. Rippling sound, rumbling sensation
  43. Lumps on back of tongue
  44. ear problems for days after gun shot noise
  45. 7 months hearing loss - PE Tube/Myringotomy
  46. Feels like something is stuck in my throat. How can I get rid of it?
  47. One clogged nostril
  48. Head and ear pressure
  49. Tonsillitis Puss question
  50. ruptured eardrum (urgent)
  51. Perforated Septum
  52. This should be easy...
  53. Can thrush cause throat swelling/problems swallowing?
  54. LPR ... i think?
  55. Lump on tongue and sore
  56. Perforated eardrum - how much longer?
  57. Throat Spasm when drinking water, and can't breath
  58. Photo of my throat - Any problems ?
  59. Throat.
  60. white fleshy lump near tonsils
  61. ear, head and throat pressure
  62. Autophony and possible semi-patulous eustachian tube
  63. Holiday dilemma
  64. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction - Sound Sensitivity?
  65. Larynx Dislocation?
  66. Black dot in ear
  67. Sinus issues/pnd/sore throat
  68. Chronic Cough
  69. Front neck cramps
  70. Can anyone tell me whats wrong?
  71. Blocking your ears without holding your nose
  72. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Australia
  73. New to this, worried!!!!
  74. Should I see a doctor about this?
  75. Healing and risk of bleeding again after cauterization
  76. Can tonsil cause tight throat and ear fullness?
  77. Popping, crackling, and pressure issues in one ear - All tests normal
  78. Ate a spicy sandwich, when running after, vomited 3-4 times, now my voice is hoarse.
  79. Ate a spicy sandwich, when running after, vomited 3-4 times, now my voice is hoarse.
  80. Think i have chronic siunitis. Help please
  81. Feeling of a lump or something in back of throat
  82. Should I do aggressive turbinate reduction?
  83. Ventilation Problems
  84. Tonsil Stones After Total Tonsillectomy
  85. Constantly Running Nose
  86. Need help! Nausea 7 days post op?
  87. Recurring cough every spring/summer?
  88. ears off balance
  89. What is this feeling in my thyroid cartridge/cricoid?? Please help!!!
  90. Advice welcome.
  91. Weird "computer noise" in one ear, hearing fine
  92. Itchy raised bumps on roof of throat
  93. My adult tonsillectomy recovery journal
  94. Tonsil stones? Sticky feeling?
  95. My adult tonsillectomy experience
  96. Smoking causing me problems?
  97. Severe earache
  98. ear pain and fullness
  99. Throat Pain Inside and Out
  100. Eight weeks post op, still bleeding
  101. Narrow ear canals
  102. Neck swelling
  103. adult tonsilectomy/bad breath?
  104. Hyoid bone
  105. Whooshing sound in both ears
  106. Whats wrong with my chest and esophagus?
  107. This earache just won't go away!
  108. Stapedectomy Blues
  109. Seeking a good Sialendoscopy Surgeon in NY/NJ area
  110. Some tips please
  111. Tonsilectomy, a few questions....
  112. Would like to get a Tonsillectomy ... NEED ADVICE
  113. Neck pain
  114. It's been almost three months now.
  115. Stapedectomy Op - Not good News
  116. Thickened liquids - weaning from Nectar to thins
  117. help
  118. Low Pitch Humming in ear
  119. HELP with grommets and dizziness. PLUS Superior Canal Dehiscence diagnosis..
  120. HELP with grommets and dizziness. PLUS Superior Canal Dehiscence diagnosis.
  121. can someone please help me?
  122. Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Septoplasty,Turbinate Reduction Surgery
  123. Something round beside my Adam's Apple
  124. nasal surgery
  125. Help with ears
  126. Help Needed!
  127. tonsil lump in pocket
  128. Ear cartilage pain
  129. Hard submandibular salivary gland with no pain
  130. virus in back of throat, never ending? plus 1 swollen gland..
  131. ear problem
  132. Can just 1 tonsil grow back?
  133. Tinnitus Troubles
  134. Have tonsils removed just to troubleshoot?
  135. what could cause this?
  136. sealed up nose
  137. toncil query
  138. Tonsilectomy Recovery
  139. Hard pointy lump/nodule on throat?
  140. Diagnosed with allergies but i dont think thats why im suffering.
  141. Share your tonsillectomy experiences with me?
  142. Persistent Laryngitis
  143. small tinnitus, vision fog and blurred thinking
  144. Adult Adenotonsillectomy
  145. Post Nasal Dripping
  146. After tonsillectomy recovery
  147. one tonsul is larger than the other
  148. Positive Tonsillectomy
  149. Acoustic Neuroma? Please help
  150. Fullness & hearing loss the next morning in an ear, still the same after earwash
  151. Blood in saliva in the mornings?
  152. Polpys, fess, nose problems etc
  153. Strep throat won't go away
  154. Dry pit of throat upon waking?
  155. swooshing in ear at night
  156. Strange sore on tonsil
  157. Finally ready for Tonsillectomy
  158. tonsil removal
  159. Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery
  160. Bad breath from infection in my throat?
  161. Pea sized lump in my throat?
  162. Muffled Hearing and Clicking in One Ear
  163. Mastoiditis
  164. Thyroglossal duct cyst
  165. Can eustachian tube blockage cause vertigo?
  166. Red palatoglossal fold, canker sore on tonsil
  167. ears
  168. Seeking information regarding constant infections
  169. My daily symptoms!
  170. Need advice badly, Have PET really bad.
  171. Blocked ears ETD any solutions ?
  172. One ear patulous, other ear blocked etd HELP!!
  173. Little lump at the top of the ear
  174. Anyone know what this lump could be?
  175. Balloon dilitation of E tube
  176. Annoying lump feeling in throat
  177. vestibular neuritis
  178. Tonsil Cyst.....Anyone ever have one here?
  179. Help! incredible pain with ear tubes & poss middle ear infection
  180. Inner ear infection - dazed feeling
  181. Afrin the is ONLY thing that works
  182. eardrum hole
  183. [deviation nasal septum] Issues after surgery!
  184. Throat
  185. Had an ear infection, but now it feels a little blocked
  186. Large swollen lymph node with strep
  187. Tube warning, do it only as last option!
  188. adult ear grommet pressure/hearing loss
  189. runny nostril with pain in one spot
  190. Really bad earache
  191. Deep hole on my right tonsil
  192. staph infection????
  193. Myringotomy adult w/o tube??
  194. Pre ENT appointment
  195. Enlarged right tonsil!! Help! Lymphoma at 19?!
  196. Do I have CSF Rhinorrhea????
  197. Two months after tonsillectormy/adenoidectomy
  198. Adult Tonsillectomy
  199. pressure pain in upper part of nose and gum
  200. Is this strep throat
  201. [EAR] Clogged Ear Issue
  202. Septal Button or Septal Perforation Surgery
  203. Anyone else ever had this problem?
  204. Chronic sore throat and ear left side only
  205. Lots of problems. Can you help?
  206. Patulous Eustachian Tube?
  207. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction/ Vestibular Neuritis. 9months of conflicting diagnosis !
  208. Eyes ears nose???
  209. What is this called? Frontal sinus has small opening to cranial cavity
  210. Esophagus
  211. Sinus Surgery NOW voice resonation issues afterwards:(! HELP!
  212. Hearing Loss.
  213. ringing in ears with differnt pitches
  214. Anyone ever suffered from an "esophageal web" ??
  215. Septoplasty and Concha Bullosa
  216. Should I use second times antibiotic ( Amoxilin) to treat sinus headache ?
  217. vertigo and the gym?
  218. Day 9 Post tonsillectomy for seniors
  219. labyrinthitis
  220. Extremely worried
  221. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or something else?
  222. Need Help Advice
  223. EAR, NOSE, THROAT & EAR>>>any info is helpful right now...
  224. Lump in throat (globus hystericus)
  225. Tongue Problems
  226. What are all these symptoms indicative of?
  227. Vibration in ears
  228. Throat Pain
  229. Mononucleosis or lymphoma?
  230. Scared
  231. Stepndectomy
  232. Multiple swollen lymph nodes and neck/back pain
  233. bleeding from back of throat
  234. lump behind ear?!
  235. My Stupid Ear.
  236. Throat closes
  237. Swollen neck gland for a month
  238. Ears plugged, tinnitus, distorted and headaches
  239. Something in my throat?
  240. Swallon Glands for 2 months!
  241. No Voice Resonation(Post Nasal Drip)
  242. Did I abuse antibiotic to treat my sinusitis?
  243. Adult with Thyroglossal Duct Cyst
  244. no sore throat but white patches on one side of throat
  245. so confused
  246. Fluid in ears, popping and tinnitus
  247. fell and hit right side of my neck
  248. Throat problem
  249. A Click when Swallowing (Here are my thoughts)
  250. Why Tonsil Stones now?

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