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  1. just had pediatrician appointment
  2. Son not sleeping
  3. Another concern and question
  4. Autism and babies
  5. New symptoms of Autism have appeared - Help
  6. Won't keep his clothes on.
  7. Matt's progress
  8. On "60 Minutes" tonight
  9. two-and-a-half year old not yet talking
  10. Need some advice
  11. Son rise program
  12. What's life like with older children?
  13. Autistic for the last 9 years now not!
  14. Autism and MMR vaccine for 2nd Child.
  15. How do I know if my son is autistic???
  16. Daughter won't brush her teeth...
  17. any cough med for GF/CF...?
  18. Fragile X syndrome
  19. difference btw CAN & NAAR?
  20. best way to test for heavy metals....
  21. Please Help...Dont know how to cope....
  22. school
  23. Just acouple questions.
  24. New Here-Questions about HF Autistic son's behaviors
  25. clay baths... ???
  26. constantly wondering
  27. ~~~~memehegan~~~~~~
  28. Dairy/GFCF Diet
  29. Extra costs for GF/CF Diet?
  30. Teenagers
  31. Baby Sitting Blues
  32. Separated parents
  33. started yeast treatment yesterday....
  34. How to talk to an austic boy..
  35. Dark Circles Under Eyes!!
  36. May be moving, looking for a great autism school is US. Can anyone recommend any??
  37. question about prozac
  38. Gfcf
  39. Can someone please give me some advice...
  40. New To The Board....Need Help !!!
  41. Question Concerning Yeast
  42. Devotionals for Moms of Special Needs Children
  43. anyone have a child AFTER finding out one is Autistic?
  44. Maybe a break through?
  45. Non verbal learning disorder???
  46. Do any of your children suffer from Renal problems?
  47. Vitamin/nutrient regime and irritability?
  48. Regression/Breakthrough
  49. I'm knew here...
  50. ? about school, please help me
  51. an uncle's concern
  52. Homework help?
  53. Answers for Star2002
  54. Getting ready in the mornings
  55. bottle weening
  56. Eye Contact!!!
  57. No *dea what happened
  58. Sensory Defens*veness
  59. getting help
  60. Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes
  61. Stimulation-- what is he trying to stimulate anyways?
  62. Chelation Questions!!!
  63. Greetings
  64. Im New here, Just introducing myself.
  65. We started preschool with much success!
  66. GF/CF Diet on a tight budget - is it possible?
  67. DMG - How long does it take to notice a difference?
  68. Some Questions I hope Some One Will Try To Answer For Me???
  69. Please help me!!! can a cold or sickness cause Regression?
  70. GFCF Diet Miracle???????
  71. shared attention? (and update on assessment)
  72. Casein, but Not Gluten?
  73. GF/CF Diet Questions?
  74. I'm Scared about giving my son such powerful vitamins
  75. Exercise and Autism
  76. autism or just language delay?
  77. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Some Saftey Reins?
  78. Autism caused by Celiac?
  79. Hi Im New Here!!!!nice To Meet You All!
  80. Doctor thinks GFCF diet is a bunch of baloney!
  81. Gluten free/milk free diet PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!
  82. Please Read and Tell me what you think? Autism- PDD NOS?????
  83. Dispraxia=maybe off topic?
  84. pica
  85. we go and see our DAN! dr tomorrow....
  86. TMG from Kirkman different from Vitamin Shoppe?
  87. Siblings
  88. Cod liver oil?
  89. Looking for advice on what to include in an IEP
  90. Movie on Lifetime tonight: Miracle Run
  91. Going back to school tomorrow.
  92. Is going to eat or to the store ever possible???
  93. has anyone tried an online allergy testing kit?
  94. is there a NON Rx to treat yeast overgrowth?
  95. My toddler's story so far
  96. ~*~ Introduction - Jake ~*~
  97. new here- need advice
  98. GFCF Diet Doubts? Then read this post!!!
  99. TMG - Anyone tried it?
  100. New Aspie here
  101. Please Help....Feeding Problems.....
  102. Aggression towards mom
  103. Hmmmmm, hmmmmmmm....
  104. Weird Behaviour
  105. update on the gfcf diet with my son-been off diet scince May-new blood work results
  106. help me please
  107. got Ds's report form the eval...
  108. Aspbergers Syndrome And Applying For SSI...
  109. Aspbergers Syndrom And Applying For SSI...
  110. Maxam Nutraceutics???
  111. Refridgerator Mothers
  112. "Refrigerator Mothers" to air on PBS today!!
  113. Tests and evaluations
  114. PDD child with habits
  115. Question on bloodwork/autism
  116. Question for Lisa in Indiana
  117. Genetics? Should I Have A Third Child??
  118. Ds's update on evaluation!!!
  119. ds's evaluation is on MONDAY...
  120. Melatonin and CoQ10 Questions
  121. Please help
  122. Friends
  123. Friends
  124. hello im new
  125. GF/CF Diet Questions?
  126. Question to 2cutekids.....
  127. my dd's gums bleed when I brush her teeth!
  128. Diet/Dairy and Gluten Free
  129. Time of realization
  130. Toilet Training - not completely there
  131. Autism and discipline?
  132. Super Nu Thera Questions?
  133. I know it is ultimately her cross to bear but...
  134. Medication
  135. Where can I get DMG?
  136. Questions about Autism & Retts
  137. Need opinions- what does all of this mean???
  138. I'm Back..... :(
  139. PCA-RX, Has Anyone used it?
  140. Proper diet for autistic child
  141. Prognosis
  142. Answer to Vitamin Dosage
  143. HOw do I calm my daughter????
  144. Vitamin Dosage
  145. my daughter's behavior
  146. IGG Food Allergy Test Results
  147. Could my daughter be autistic?
  148. question on cat
  149. Unusual behavior
  150. ABA Therapy Question
  151. Not sleeping
  152. Chances of Autism with Change of Parents
  153. DMSA, Has anyone used it? And what were your results?
  154. Autistic vs. Quirky, Eccentric, Unique, Obsessive
  155. PDD child
  156. More about HEAD SIZE
  157. for those on a GF/CF diet... I found some hot dogs for you....
  158. how long does it take to get allergy tests back?
  159. aspbergers/PDD/high funct. autistics who are in the preteen stage -obsessed w/fire?
  160. Overweight Picky Eater.
  161. checklist
  162. ds got in touble in preschool today...lol
  163. Anyone else's child have a screw loose/ what about ALA?
  164. Hello
  165. doesnt it make you mad when...
  166. Infant signs?
  167. My Daughter Is Developing Very Fast
  168. yeast overgrowth and diaper rash?
  169. still wondering
  170. Autism vs. OCD in 32 month old. How can you tell the difference?
  171. Adopted autist
  172. do you have bad days?
  173. Speech Therapy (insurance related)
  174. I found a DAN! doctor!!!
  175. need food and learing activities suggestions...
  176. we had a little break threw...lol...
  177. ? about dr's. and how they react to the cf/gf diet...
  178. Made an appointment with the allergist....
  179. strattera for Autistic Children
  180. desperate to know if it is autism?
  181. is there a higher risk of having another autistic child?
  182. Autism Question for parents with older children
  183. Mother of a Deaf/Autistic Child
  184. What can I expect for my child? SID and autism
  185. Article on possible genetic link
  186. cause
  187. Chocolate Allergy....
  188. What to eat during yeast die-off? Help!
  189. Bowel problems in Autistic Children
  190. ADHD is it related to AS? Interventions?
  191. Memehegan?about enzymes inplace of GF/CF
  192. DMG Questions
  193. Depakote
  194. School in New York
  195. GF/CF Diet Questions
  196. High Potency Mult-Vitamins
  197. Question about Pain meds and antidepressants.
  198. How is this going to affect his future?
  199. Sensory Issues
  200. NEW and Unsure
  201. can soy milk make you constapaited?
  202. could this be autism
  203. Need ideas
  204. Too much medication?
  205. Reading Troubles - Colored Lenses?
  206. for people who's kids on dairy free diet ????
  207. slow eater....?
  208. Hair Growth in Autistic Children
  209. regressive autism
  210. Dexedrine
  211. Perturbed
  212. we had 2 pcs of cheese today...
  213. GURRR... help me make him understand!!!
  214. day 2 on the dairy free diet!!!
  215. To anyone in Colorado, Arizona and Wisconsin
  216. Hi, I'm new
  217. Message to Jamesalone (from 'new to the board thread')
  218. PDD and the Park
  219. Help - newbie with a preteen
  220. "Heaven's Very Special Child"
  221. New to autism
  222. new to the board
  223. Pineal Gland & Melatonin In Autism & PDD
  224. Cars
  225. Paging Kathleen W
  226. No more symptoms of autism
  227. I am confused about something.....
  228. Possible Mis-Diagnosis?
  229. Brushing and Joint Compression Therapy
  230. schools
  231. Primetime Thursday
  232. We got the weighted blankets
  233. second opinion?
  234. People Scare Me...movie- Autistic
  235. DMG:A quick question
  236. Skin peeling off.....eczema and autism!
  237. Is it autism?
  238. Questions??????
  239. CF/GF Helpful hints requested
  240. HELP!! My 8year old breaks windows in van!!
  241. questions
  242. melatonin in children
  243. Weighted blankets and sleep
  244. How do you get help at schoool
  245. Very, Very Subtle Autism?
  246. functioning as a normal adult
  247. Users of DMG talk to me
  248. Diagosis queries
  249. More Eating Issues
  250. SID and Autism

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