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  1. medication to lower sexual desire
  2. Is it really HFA?
  3. Yay! My Teenager Is Off All Medication!!!
  4. Possible Autism or PDD?
  5. Autism
  6. Pdd
  7. running out the door
  8. Autism and Seizure Activity
  9. chlorella ...and cilantro for mercury elimination
  10. What is wrong with me?
  11. Asperges Syndrome. PLEASE. HELP.
  12. is this sign of autism
  13. HELP! I think my boyfriend's son has autism or AS.
  14. PDD or FAS/FAE or Both?
  15. Question for families
  16. Can't believe my son is starting college....
  17. Another autistic child? help
  18. PDD Question.
  19. does my 3yr old have signs of being autistic??!!!
  20. Seizures in Autistic Children
  21. autism
  22. Illinois medicaid program
  23. Missouri medicaid program
  24. moving and need help knowing which city to move to...
  25. adult high functioning autistic
  26. ms and autism
  27. Sonisphere Festival?
  28. Autism Challenges and seeking advice
  29. 10 month old not talking
  30. High anxiety over cats
  31. Autism & Medicaid
  32. I think my 5 yr old niece has autism and nothings been done..help!!
  33. red dyes
  34. Abilify-Autism-Increased Speech?
  35. Autism and Birth Control Pills
  36. autism
  37. question about autism and emf exposure?
  38. how do i tell my child they have autism
  39. What is Son-rise?
  40. Son has PDD need activities
  41. conservatorship papers
  42. Could it be Aspbergers, waiting for results.
  43. Autistic teen daughter
  44. autism and new babies
  45. chicken satay
  46. Hi, I am new here
  47. Audio Sensory Problems
  48. help
  49. AIT - does it work?
  50. Help me help my son!!
  51. need help
  52. problem with teenaged autistic son
  53. joint compression
  54. High functioning?
  55. Picking a school
  56. friend's 4 year old son
  57. Melatonin miracle?
  58. can any one help?
  59. Autism and learning process
  60. Fecal Smearing
  61. Aspie Mom needs some help with pre-teen
  62. Adult Autism!?
  63. Hello...I'm new...
  64. bowel problems help
  65. frantic temper tantrums
  66. My so is 3 and they are telling me he may have some sort of autism please help me!!!
  67. I need Help....
  68. Could really use some help and advice!
  69. insensitive people
  70. Stem Cell research
  71. My 9 years old daughter is getting worst everyday,please help
  72. Epsom Salt baths?
  73. Biomedical Treatment
  74. Do I have autism
  75. Time out rooms
  76. Down syndrome and Autism pottie training
  77. is this depression or is it connected to my AS
  78. Need help!
  79. Being cold all the time is driving me up the friggin wall!!!!!!
  80. Original study linking autism with vaccines retracted
  81. Is there anyone out there who is married to a man who is autistic?
  82. Hand flapping
  83. New mom on the block here.
  84. seeking help with stool problem
  85. Area Services
  86. No friends, mean, brilliant vs stupid
  87. offical diagnoses, looking ahead...
  88. Need help in Shreveport, Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!
  89. Sudden development of Twitching
  90. Is my daughter autistic??
  91. Mira
  92. gfcf diet , how strict does it have to be
  93. My autistic child has developed a nervous tick?
  94. Autism and sexuality
  95. re : catatonia
  96. need to sleep
  97. Communication and other intimacy problems.
  98. I discovered today what is wrong with my son.
  99. biting
  100. Presentation and Dress
  101. Autism Help in Arkansas
  102. Is my nephew autistic
  103. autism bullying worries
  104. My son has Spectrum Disorders
  105. help with my son
  106. looking for biomedic doctor in australia
  107. testing... what to expect
  108. did you see 7yo Schizophrenic on Oprah? doesn't it look like Autism?
  109. autism and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
  110. My 2 year old nephew
  111. Question, please help
  112. Autism Muliple Births in Family
  113. Helo..am I an Aspie?
  114. Medications that may Help with Sensory Issues
  115. can you develop autism?
  116. could my antidepressants during pregnancy cause autism?
  117. autistic ticks??????? Help!!!!!
  118. how can I prepare my two and a half year old with traces of autism for a new baby?
  119. Does this sound like autism or what?
  120. is my 9 year old autistic?
  121. my 5 year old. his delays, emotions, abilities
  122. Parental Guilt
  123. early signs
  124. Sensory issues
  125. Autism vs. ASD
  126. My son just was re evaluated by a ...
  127. Please Help!!...Risperdal for Autism?
  128. Brain Freeze and Autism
  129. crying
  130. Help please!
  131. The good son
  132. Does this sound like autism?
  133. Autism
  134. New here, could someone help?
  135. Just a little overwhelmed
  136. car seat for asd child
  137. Aggression & Autism in Teens
  138. Sleep disorders
  139. New Here- Some Questions
  140. Hello
  141. Update on son
  142. rickysmom
  143. Confused about Asberger diagnosis
  144. Voice regulation
  145. long known link with autism
  146. Disconnected Kids.
  147. Please Somebody help me before I have a nervous breakdown!
  148. confused yet hopeful - is it autism?
  149. Regional Center , wants to do a in depth..
  150. help please
  151. Gluten free Dairy free diet
  152. do you think this is autism?
  153. What Is A Good Sunscreen For A Child With Autism?
  154. Concerned about nephew
  155. autism
  156. What happened?
  157. three year old won't sleep!!!
  158. Biomedical interventions
  159. Is our little girl autistic or does she just have a sensory issue?
  160. My mate feels no fear or cold????
  161. please help me
  162. Don't really know the purpose of this thread
  163. looking for info
  164. MMR and Tylenol
  165. does anyone know about fgf2 in mexico ?
  166. Talking to autistic people like a 2 year old
  167. EEG scans to know for sure
  168. Question for single moms
  169. Autism/ Arm flapping.
  170. what could this be? very long // pls help
  171. autism and learning diabilitiy
  172. Fighting for my son
  173. When is enough enough?
  174. new mom here
  175. Uk taxi to school withdrawal
  176. Diagnosis of Autism
  177. New Parent - Regressive Autism Questions
  178. Self Harming teenage autistic son
  179. Help! Are these early signs?
  180. Sensory Integration & Chiropractors
  181. Sad and Angry
  182. autism cocktail?
  183. sheryl56
  184. toilet training
  185. Daughter Biting Herself
  186. Son with Autism and chronic thumb Sucking
  187. Help-Is this part of autism?
  188. Forever questioning what he has?
  189. Are these signs of ASD? Please help...
  190. biting
  191. Dan Doctor Treatments?
  192. I am sad and confused
  193. Questions
  194. HELP --does anyone know of a good DAN doc
  195. Siblings
  196. Haircut Mayhem
  197. My 6 yr old son just got invited to his first birthday party...
  198. constipation
  199. Dan Doctors
  200. Friends
  201. student with autism....could use help
  202. Need to find a doctor who treats autism in southern new jersey
  203. Questions about schooling
  204. autism
  205. autism??????
  206. what can i do for my teen who is autistic and very violent
  207. newbie needs help
  208. asd child in mainstream good or bad idea
  209. Life Skills Book
  210. Defiant Teenager - My Story With Words Of Encouragement
  211. Questions/Concerns
  212. Does anyone have an Aspie child who drives
  213. sleep aids or meds for sleep anxiety in 6yo
  214. My 4 year old won't let my 12 year old son talk to me.
  215. Autism/Down Syndrome
  216. In No Man's Land!
  217. is my son autistic?
  218. Trying to deal with an aggressive autistic 12 yr old girl
  219. Does anyone else's child itch like crazy?
  220. disciplining an autistic child
  221. Autism Services
  222. In need of some advice
  223. my 7 year old getting out of control
  224. Shocking discovery. Do I have autism?!
  225. Autism - savants
  226. does 2 yr. old grandson have autism?
  227. Getting son checked for possible Autism or other difficulties
  228. Which Dog breed is good with ASD?
  229. Doctor experienced to treat autistic adults
  230. who can sponsor my autistic son's theraphy and schooling?
  231. Autism information..
  232. Your thoughts: I got the flu shot BEFORE knowing I was pregnant-Now I'm worried sick
  233. Free education for autistic child
  234. hand flapping
  235. Autistic parents?
  236. High Funtioning Autistic Son on Concerta
  237. My son has autism & hyperlexia. anyone else?
  238. Could my sister have autism? Please help!
  239. how to assist a violent autistic teenager
  240. digestive problems with autistic son
  241. help
  242. Doctors in Houston specialize in Autism
  243. is prednisolone the ONLY answer
  244. Parenting Issues for my autistic child
  245. Don't know where I stand
  246. what drugs work well on austics besides zyprexa and ablilify, HELP PLEASE!!!
  247. What was your clue?
  248. what to say to airlines about your autistic child
  249. Regression
  250. living with 15q duplication 11-13

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