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  1. Does anyone know any good resources to assist with autism?
  2. now panicking about flu vaccine during pregnancy
  3. How can I help her socially?!
  4. I have a few questions
  5. Vaccinate Or Not!!! Dont Know What To Do!! Help!!!!
  6. I am new here - need info on Stratera
  7. Searching for a OT/PT toy
  8. GF/CF diet............what do you think of it
  9. autism services in louisville
  10. Hi I'm new to the board (advice needed) sorry so long!
  11. How Come No One Knows Anything
  12. Concerns
  13. Cod Liver Oil
  14. Echolalia...is this a sure sign?
  15. One-on-one therapy, full time?
  16. special advice for strangers who stare
  17. Desperately seeking help/advise on undiagnosed son
  18. How many `types`of autism are there....
  19. Is my friend in denial...
  20. Need more information
  21. how long does it take for motor tics to come back once you go off clonidine
  22. christmas toys
  23. Does anyone have suggestions for...
  24. hand flapping...
  25. Strangers try to discipline my son
  26. All day or half day preschool for almost 3 year old?
  27. Not autistic or anything else--quirky kids
  28. Parents clueless about son 5 yrs. old Autistic??
  29. autism consultant in schools
  30. Does she have asd?
  31. NVLD and hand flapping?
  32. Colleges for ASD students
  33. Autism? Vision issues
  34. Hello:)
  35. I Have A 13 Year Old Autistic Son
  36. potty training and other question
  37. does it have gluten
  38. I just poured a full bottle of Risperdal down the sink
  39. mainstream v special schools
  40. Are videos helpful? (like Baby Bumblebee)
  41. What can I expect for first appointment with DAN doctor?
  42. gluten-zyme and flax
  43. Reactions when starting gfcf diet?
  44. tips to help a toddler with sensory integration calm down at bedtime
  45. Therapists
  46. Am I in denial??? why do i feel numb!
  47. I had the coolest day
  48. Unexpected tantrums - Need help :-(
  49. Autism events?
  50. Watching baby for asd
  51. children with autism
  52. autism or only delayed development?
  53. Defeating Autism?
  54. Hyperlexia
  55. Autism?
  56. Still wondering.....
  57. one step forward two back
  58. Baby skill development, and when to be concerned?
  59. Going GF/CF
  60. how soon did you notice signs of autism after vaccinations?
  61. Questions about Autism and shots.
  62. Stimming- babies
  63. Anyone used the checklist at autism research atec screen?
  64. autistic kid thats a very picky eater
  65. Gluten and casein free diet?
  66. Splitting up MMR?
  67. Telling your Child!
  68. Autisim and Risperdal?
  69. Getting your autistic child vaccinated
  70. need some help
  71. DAN doctors
  72. vaccinations
  73. son with asd being teased at school - opinions needed
  74. Need Advice
  75. blood test
  76. New on here
  77. Could I have autism at 17/18?
  78. The Witch Hunt
  79. so sick of ignorant people
  80. Biomedical approach to treating ASD
  81. Kutapressin injections, valtrex, HHV-6 virus
  82. I would like to share this story with you....
  83. How do you find providers?(speech therapists, aba providers, etc.)
  84. Not sure if this has been discussed before
  85. Question about a new preschooler with autism at school
  86. An Angel in the Carpark
  87. I believe it's Autism
  88. how to deal with staring etc!
  89. Antibiotics & Autism - Gut correlation? (new member)
  90. elmher
  91. Should I insist on an IEP?
  92. My 2 year old is a bully
  93. lack of understanding
  94. Strategies to stop fecal smearing
  95. 6 month old showing signs of autism
  96. Joint Attention Question???
  97. 9-year-old son at school
  98. How do I approach this....
  99. Please advise: late onset possible?
  100. dont know what to do
  101. Prada Willy And Autism????? Help
  102. I'm new here but need some advice about my son starting school
  103. Need advice on helping my child to learn
  104. issues post Swimming
  105. Help needed on vitamin/mineral supplements and epsom salts
  106. Medication - Focalin?
  107. Need Advice Immediately Please
  108. nowhere to turn
  109. What's wrong with me? Developmental disorder?
  110. Curious
  111. Eating Problems
  112. DLA tribunal appeal turned down
  113. Question about Respiradal
  114. Anyone out there in North East Pennsylvania?
  115. What shots contain mercury?
  116. 18 months old and still questioning...
  117. Venting feelings through words.....
  118. Keeping Kids Entertained in the Holidays
  119. Positive Stories of Autism
  120. Anyone have experience with Seroquel?
  121. potty training issuses at age 9
  122. Need Tips on Dealing With Insurance
  123. Mild autism?
  124. How much of this is Autism?
  125. How long to be diagnosed? What to say to hubby?
  126. Diagnosed Today! help
  127. Moderate to severe Autism
  128. Prism Glasses - They Work!
  129. Would love your opinion
  130. Lying...................
  131. I'm New Here Have many questions?
  132. puberty and autism
  133. bath time nightmares
  134. new to the site
  135. Looking for wonderful book - collection of writings from mothers of autistic children
  136. my son
  137. Mri
  138. Does this sound like autism?
  140. When to tell??????
  141. I think my son may have ADHD as well & medication question
  142. Diagnosis
  143. Language delay picked up by school psyche, now what?
  144. What is your child's obsession?
  145. Looking for opinions
  146. Language Questions
  147. Lack of Empathy
  148. Seizures and Autism?
  149. Could this be stimming?
  150. suchgreatheights or gatsbylover help pls
  151. Antibiotics and autism?
  152. women now waiting too long to have children?
  153. just a question...
  154. fan and spinning object obsession
  155. AS and driving
  156. How to know what Arm Flapping is vs. Excited baby?
  157. Apraxia and Autism questions
  158. Does this sound like autism to you??
  159. Don't put your children at risk...
  160. Anyone NOT vaccinate, and still have autism??
  161. feel like im going mad
  162. Anyone heard of Dr. Ellis (Winlock, Wa)
  163. Elephant in the room...
  164. Help with Potty Training
  165. Is anyone ON here autistic??
  166. "the high rates of autism may not be proof of an epidemic"
  167. Transition Planning for Autism
  168. My Grandson Is Not Yet Diagnosed, I Need Some Guidance
  169. Am I worrying too early?
  170. chronic constipation
  171. What do you think? sorry if its long
  172. Anyone remember Mommaboyz?
  173. Autism documentary
  174. autism
  175. Covering Ears
  176. autis help
  177. Dr. Jepson's New Book
  178. New Weird Thing My DD is Doing
  179. Legal Help for 21 yo
  180. Autism w/OCPD or OCD?
  181. side effects of Ritalin
  182. Hand Flapping
  183. New theory on the Cause of Autism
  184. Success
  185. Speech Delay Definition
  186. 17 Month Old Worries
  187. Help!!!
  188. coping skills
  189. trip to Disney World
  190. Very Frustrated
  191. Please help w/ lying
  192. Wouldn't this call for testing?
  193. Denied Life Insurance due to AS/ADHD?
  194. lifetime
  195. ABA Therapy
  196. Help for Cullen
  197. questions?
  198. Test Result Explinations
  199. any parent been here
  200. educational resources for autistic children
  201. P.D.D. son is regressing WHY???
  202. cycling
  203. hi there prada willy and autism
  204. Desperate Friends..............
  205. Therapy Dogs & Autism
  206. Anyone's child not diagnosed w/ Autism but you still wonder?
  207. Autism and bedtime
  208. How young can autism be noticed?
  209. Back From Appointment
  210. Airport security & Disneyland?
  211. chelation therapy?
  212. Bad Habits
  213. Explain vaccines to me - should I give my son?
  214. seizure meds and the ability to poop (?)
  215. Link to Vaccine Delay
  216. Is he really having seizures???
  217. A Family Reaching Out
  218. A Family Reaching Out
  219. A Family Reaching Out
  220. Back to the Dev. Ped.
  221. gifted programs?
  222. Poop
  223. I Love New York
  224. hitting
  225. Responding to Name
  226. Autism on BBC America
  227. Recommed DAN! Dr. in Phila. Suburbs?
  228. Autism on Nick
  229. sensory issue- vision
  230. New Doctor's Opinion
  231. Your advice, experience and perspective would be appreciated.
  232. Finally got breakthrough in Toilet Training
  233. ASD and link to epilepsy advice plz
  234. autisim
  235. Autism
  236. 16 month old grandchild - input appreciated
  237. How do I stop my son from biting himself?
  238. Am I being an alarmist? I need some help.
  239. So tired of this potty training BS!
  240. 18nonth old showing symptoms
  241. Therapy??
  242. Looking for Answers
  243. Foot Pain
  244. My nightmare getting dignosed our story
  245. just wanted some advice......
  246. Autism on Oprah!
  247. drooling
  248. Newbie - 16 month old son - too early??
  249. Military Deployment?
  250. concerned about daughter

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