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  1. had bad week
  2. had bad week
  3. The flut shot.. question
  4. Liam's school experience (long & sad)
  5. Any Advice???
  6. "socially-induced autism"
  7. Looking for some help and guidance with PDD
  8. I just want to CRY
  9. New to Board
  10. How to get a formal diagnosis when..
  11. What's this all about?
  12. New Tss
  13. Repeating everything
  14. Repeating everything
  15. Repeating everything
  16. Repeating everything
  17. 9CatMom
  18. aggression again
  19. What is Semantic Pragmatic Disorder?
  20. Exercise Ideas for 16 y.o. boy?
  21. Misdiagnosis??
  22. 12 year old girl (PDD-NOS)
  23. Autism and TV
  24. 6 months too early for signs?
  25. What Is Bi Polar
  26. can any one make me send him away?
  27. 12 year old girl (autistic PDD NOS)
  28. Picking your brains once again!
  29. i'm just so tired!
  30. GF/CF Diet
  31. Autism in 6 year old girl?
  32. Humming
  33. really bad day!
  34. Autism and support
  35. has been diagnosed autistic
  36. my son is extremely violent
  37. I want answers
  38. Is there really Formaldehyde in vaccinations???
  39. Does anyone have autistic child that is also gifted? Interested in details.
  40. was this fault of my. ?
  41. One Step forward Two steps Back
  42. I am being PRO- active!
  43. Coping without violence
  44. Weird Question
  45. contact washington
  46. Medical Tests
  47. Hello board.
  48. Autism Telethon on Comedy Central!
  49. Help please
  50. Pretend Play Going too Far?
  51. Siblings question..talking too much???
  52. How to deal with siblings ( sorry it is long)
  53. I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS
  54. melatonin
  55. School Issues with HF Son
  56. Newly Diagnosed...Help
  57. what should do? Need advice
  58. sociability
  59. Pushing Doctors
  60. Disneyland--Therapy?
  61. What Should I Ask For?
  62. Ditching the Binky!!
  63. Autism and Memory Loss???
  64. Any adults with AS?
  65. Help me save this precious child!!!
  66. FDA approves Autism medication!!!!
  67. Speech Therapy
  68. New to board, wondering if a Psychologist is necessary for Autistic child?
  69. help my son does not like the rain thaunder lightening
  70. Newbie... need advice. Kinda long, sorry.
  71. Any advice??
  72. my dauughter
  73. Newbie From Ohio
  74. Physical Aggression
  75. ---
  76. Confused about Son!!
  77. Some questions on supplements
  78. New here also- HI
  79. Hell everyone..I'm also new to the board
  80. need to vent
  81. Just a little story
  82. Autistic daughter doesn't want to wear her glasses
  83. Coughing tics and broken records
  84. Hi everyone, I'm new to this board
  85. Could it be???
  86. Fragile X Syndrome
  87. Denial - long sorry
  88. does my son have autism? kinda long
  89. Just Curious
  90. New member- 2 yr old son has Autism
  91. Advice Needed
  92. Question Is PDD Autism
  93. First timer to this board...
  94. hi im new nice to meet u all
  95. should i stop worrying?
  96. Hi! i'm new here....
  97. Has he or hasn't he?
  98. Prozac and Autism
  99. Hi all, new here, Just looking for alittle support.
  100. Looking for good autistic schools in florida
  101. No cost lending library for NC residents
  102. please help us--suggestions
  103. So frustrated
  104. classroom aides
  105. HELP & information on Toilet training Please
  106. I'm at my wits end! Please help!
  107. Charter school for Autism Spectrum Disorders anyone?
  108. Help !!!
  109. i think i made a mistake
  110. New school district, need advice!!!!
  111. how could they miss it!!!!
  112. Another Party Disaster
  113. Advice on autism and immunizations--HELP
  114. I know she has to go to school, but...
  115. Question
  116. It's confirmed...
  117. Turners bday party!!
  118. Autism and sign language
  119. tips for potty training?
  120. Namenda for Autism?
  121. I Am In Need Of Some Help Here!!!!
  122. Have you ever noticed a change when your child has a fever?
  123. Thinkin about NOT having my son take gym?
  124. tired of rude people staring
  125. I need help, I have Asbergers
  126. feeling devestated by NT ignorance!
  127. can't sleep! Nerves!!
  128. Question about painting Drews room
  129. 9 weeks too soon to show signs of Autism?
  130. Living with a developmental disorder
  131. Has anyone gone thru this class???
  132. Some basic questions
  133. books on autism
  134. issues with my child's teacher
  135. Is this a sign??
  136. 80% of parents...
  137. Just out of interest........................
  138. Trying to understand a little more..........
  139. Looking For Advise....
  140. Anyone have both PDD and NLD?
  141. I wonder if you all can help me
  142. Hi, I'm new and could use some suggestions
  143. help for his aggression
  144. Gimme a Break!!
  145. Autistic Teens
  146. "I love you"
  147. What are NT kids are learning
  148. Overwhelmed in Canada
  149. Non Verbal Children
  150. Can children with mild Autism grow up to be normal adults?
  151. Diaper problems
  152. Do some "normal" kids rock and flap too?
  153. My dad and me
  154. New...Please...I need advice.
  155. I'm new to this
  156. Licking
  157. aaarrggh!!!!!
  158. does anyone know about the peabody picture scale test?
  159. Someday I will look back and laugh?
  160. excited and no one else to tell
  161. Austism and its problems are destroying my life!!!!!
  162. I can't drive because I'm HFA. I am embarrased to tell other people. What do I say?
  163. puzzled?????
  164. sperm donor fathers several kids on the spectrum
  165. sometimes he gets it, sometimes he don't?
  166. just wanted to share again!!
  167. To medicate or not to medicate?
  168. Feeling Lost
  169. just wanted to share
  170. Feeling overwhelmed
  171. Disappointed In Sis-in-laws Behavior
  172. kids from same sperm donor have autism
  173. potty training
  174. What to do about agressive behaviour?
  175. Mortified
  176. Good Morning America/AUTISM!
  177. Weight Gain
  178. Ultrasound and Autism Link Found
  179. Socially Unacceptable
  180. Need help dealing with OCD in a child with HFA
  181. Help! My son needs a haircut.
  182. worried about school.........again!!
  183. Education-Help or Hindrance?
  184. Behavior issues
  185. Happy Birthday Gatsby
  186. Is there anything besides medication that can improve the condition of an aut. adult
  187. message for ninecatmom
  188. B6/magnesium dosages
  189. Piano skill/lessons
  190. Hyperlexia/movie credits
  191. Blurred vision
  192. How do I form close and lasting relationships; romantic and friendly?
  193. When you run out of options...
  194. Do you know any jobs that are well suited for people with autism.
  195. She wouldn't leave the bandage on.
  196. ABA therapist and question about floortime?
  197. Any campers out there ??
  198. idea's on teaching my autistic daughter her ABC's?
  199. Thanks for Asp Help
  200. New to this
  201. Anemia and autism
  202. Do I mean nothing to him???
  203. Signs of Autism
  204. 2 Children with different forms of autism...really need some support
  205. he's hurting the baby!!!
  206. New here,but not to autism...
  207. Is it a phase?(teens)
  208. Autism Special on CNN Monday Morning
  209. A Really Good Sunday Morning
  210. birthday parties
  211. Do your kids do this?
  212. Do I have any kinda form of autism?
  213. Could Insomnia be genetic?
  214. Selective Mutism
  215. Have you seen this?
  216. I Made A Friend!!!!!
  217. Chewing on wood
  218. Some advice on GFCF foods
  219. She doesn't like to open presents.
  220. picky eater
  221. Aricept (Donepezil)
  222. Services where you are
  223. He's eating himself!
  224. meltdown tonight
  225. how do I get Dad involved?
  226. Advice from knowing parents needed...am I at risk?
  227. those pitying looks
  228. help
  229. I don't think I' m too sensitive
  230. Advocacy
  231. dianosed today
  232. DJW questions plz.
  233. going bonkers
  234. my other kids
  235. What's this new irritating behavior?
  236. Just wanted to share
  237. Autism has ruined my life
  238. 3 yr old has autism, what about my younger son?
  239. New to Autism
  240. feeling so discouraged
  241. getting a child transfer from a public school to a private school
  242. Do your kids eat like this??
  243. Getting help in Chicagoland area.
  244. Adolescence and aggression
  245. Please tell me what you think - this is nuts!! (very long)
  246. Im ready to pull my hair out!!
  247. Craniosacral - an update
  248. Therapies?????
  249. Montessori
  250. Craniosacral massage

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