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  1. Questions for Elmhar
  2. What do u think?
  3. My best friends son.
  4. Siblings of autistic children
  5. very worried
  6. Tonsils, Adnoids and Appendix
  7. detoxing
  8. New from North Carolina-questions
  9. confussed/angry
  10. Has anyone else had experience L-Carnosine?
  11. Has anyone ever done parent/child swim class?
  12. Does this sound like an Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  13. ugh! now what!
  14. Metabollic Tests-any experience
  15. Troubling Problem
  16. Worth getting tested?
  17. Outgrown Autism?????
  18. ABA Therapy
  19. Might this child have autism
  20. another weird one for all you Mom's of a boy
  21. Problems at school
  22. Just a THANK YOU!
  23. The friend problem?
  24. Seizures too?
  25. Routine
  26. How to play?
  27. Hiya
  28. Overwhelmed!
  29. Zoloft use in Aperger children for anxiety
  30. Moyra Jacobson
  31. Could it be autism?
  32. Higher functioning autism
  33. Won't Bathe
  34. I'm Pushing an Elephant up the stair's
  35. Auditory Integration Training
  36. Potty Problem
  37. A-Capital
  38. Just wondering............................... .
  39. Hello...
  40. Hi! New Here
  41. red wine open
  42. Experience with Secretin?
  43. Social Stories
  44. Being 'out in the open'
  45. any starting tips
  46. What's your game- sharing your knowledge
  47. Could my son have an autism spectrum disorder?
  48. autism getting reconition
  49. anyone's child on focalin xr?
  50. When it rains, it Pours!
  51. Disapline an autistic child?!!!
  52. torturing my son today...
  53. isit possible to have 'touch' of asperges..or is diagnosis always the same criteria?
  54. My ASD daughter does not qualify for an IEP?
  55. Four year old, no verbal skills..ANY HOPE?
  56. Feeding Problems, Picky Eaters.....
  57. What's to come?
  58. Sensitive systems and eye exams?
  59. Vision Therapy
  60. ASD or just delayed??
  61. something to make you smile!
  62. new to this- what to expect long term
  63. Help! Any haircut hints????
  64. What other symptoms?
  65. Should I be concerned?
  66. Aripiprazole???
  67. HA!! I tricked him!!
  68. beth_welp79
  69. Regression???
  70. Nationwide listing of autism resources
  71. ADOS test
  72. My world is falling apart - please help
  73. Sound familiar to anyone?
  74. Son suddenly speaking in full, clear sentences
  75. Autism and 'labelling'
  76. autism concern
  77. Feeling kind of in a slump
  78. Just wondering
  79. Need to know what I am suppose to do
  80. hypotonia (floppy baby syndrome)
  81. I need your opion!
  82. Do you think that you had stress during pregnancy with your autistic child
  83. Developmental Pediatricians
  84. Can any one help me??
  85. Link between Autism and Epilepsy?
  86. increasing aggression
  87. At what point does therapy become too much for a family of special needs?
  88. Helping our kids deal with disappointment
  89. our transitional meeting with the school
  90. Diagnosis Made
  91. education difficulty tips and rights
  92. Symptoms of a problem
  93. Gluten and Casein Free Diets - Does it work?
  94. autism and birth difficulties
  95. New to Autism Help!
  96. to anyone that cares...
  97. jenfon
  98. It is Autism or just Sensory Disorder?
  99. Information for Teachers
  100. Really weird!!!!
  101. Is it puberty or what?
  102. Help New to everything
  103. Tesing for Gluten/Casein sensitivity
  104. Magnetic Mattress Pads and Insoles
  105. " Sound of a Miracle" evaluation
  106. Question for parents of older kids(16 to 21) RE: drugs for violent behavior
  107. For those with kids on the GFCF diet
  108. What causes dark circles under the eyes?
  109. How would you react to this?
  110. concern for 2 1/2 yr. old grandson
  111. Tyler
  112. Kindergarten IEP Help
  113. Happy Mothers Day!
  114. Do any of you have your children see a DAN doctor?
  115. need mainstreaming advice
  116. the results from the physc eval, he did flunk his I.Q. test!
  117. Your opinion?
  118. Hearing Test, What to expect?
  119. Today's encouragement for mom... chop suey:)
  120. Yeast
  121. New Here!
  122. new to this board and already feeling out of the loop:)
  123. Artist or Engineer?
  124. Respite/Caregivers
  125. Autism and ADHD connection??
  126. What works for you? (tips/advice/trial & error, etc.)
  127. Time Magazine Cover Story on Autism This Week
  128. Sometimes I feel I'm not cut out for this job
  129. Why does our son like to wear a dress?
  130. Early Signs
  131. Ultrasounds
  132. Question for parents in the UK
  133. My son says he is "evil"
  134. More Vaccine Questions
  135. How do you deal with inquisitive strangers?
  136. Potty Training
  137. Stem Cell Therapy
  138. Fluvoxamine- Does your child take this?
  139. Our appointment yesterday
  140. Need info
  141. ABA today
  142. Son did poorly on IQ evaluation because of cheese
  143. Questions
  144. New here
  145. Hitting and biting himself
  146. Question
  147. My son seems to be coming out of his autism...
  148. GFCF Diet and results
  149. ABA and other therapies
  150. Tyler
  151. shocked by eval
  152. Did you tell school when child was diagnosed?
  153. does anyone have this problem?
  154. probiotic side effect?
  155. Famous People With ASDs
  156. in need of a little guidance
  157. Need avice ( sensory problems )
  158. preparing emotionally for eval
  159. this made me laugh
  160. ABA, Speech, OT = Duplication of Services?
  161. Liam's eval
  162. Weighted products
  163. Does anyone else's kid
  164. Chelation/vaccines/aud. training
  165. blurred vision in one eye
  166. Is this normal?
  167. Anyone have family who are telling you to get over it and get on with it already
  168. Red dye #40 anyone?
  169. are people really that ignorant??
  170. leaving school?
  171. New Here and Our intro
  172. New to the board (and the realization as well)
  173. Does anyone have some potty-training advice?
  174. problem with apples?
  175. just hoping to talk to someone
  176. A few things to share with you all.
  177. Need math help please!!!!!
  178. thought be best to start new thread lol ok starting from scratch with kieran
  179. Telling My Family
  180. mum in need of help advice someone to talk to lol
  181. Autism with other disorders?
  182. Brainstorm Ideas to Generate Language
  183. Advice please....
  184. Appt #2 with Child Psychologist
  185. Advice please.....
  186. Questions about GFCF and echolalia
  187. Austism? Tendencies?
  188. Hello
  189. Abnormal labs?
  190. Question about GFCF DIet and new stim
  191. kinda of personal but.....
  192. Autism and role models
  193. ABA Services in Las Vegas Nevada?
  194. autism and psychosis
  195. Therapy
  196. Anybody gone through a Transitional IEP
  197. Anyone know when World News Tonight Autism special is on TV?
  198. Hypotonia and inability to break down proteins
  199. What to expect at Evaluation?
  200. PDD-NOS vs. Autism
  201. Today was tough -- diet infraction
  202. Running
  203. Not enough Iron
  204. Toe walking?
  205. Obsessed with music
  206. Flat head and Autism--could it be related?
  207. Questions about test results.......
  208. Wisdom teeth
  209. Gluten-Free Diet?
  210. I hate whine but....
  211. Ever heard of a connection between autism and MS?
  212. To Vaccinate, or not?
  213. Friends
  214. Is it autism?
  215. Any late walkers out there?
  216. Rashes
  217. Alcohol with autism, kills brain cells fast?
  218. Appointment Made
  219. New and Overwhelmed
  220. sensory relearning
  221. A message from God?
  222. Potty Training #2 seems IMPOSSIBLE!
  223. Autism Books: what did you like? didn't like?
  224. had eval.
  225. Safety Gates?
  226. ASD pupils moving to new school
  227. Grandson age 10...Seeing Dinosaurs In The Field
  228. Need some advice
  229. Puberty is coming...ohoh...
  230. Fixation on objects
  231. gfcf doet need tips- asap--please!
  232. Hippotherapy
  233. Other Children
  234. Need some input- PLEASE!
  235. Dx today
  236. Help - my son is afraid of birds and flying things!
  237. Got dx on Ty
  238. Has there been any 2 year olds dx autism?
  239. a confused parent
  240. Anyone heard of brain surgery for Autism?
  241. Twins, almost 4 years..anyone in OR, WA or CA?
  242. Should I be offended???
  243. Sensory Integration
  244. Sensory Integration Activities
  245. hi I'm new to this board
  246. got the dx
  247. Twins w/Autism, five sons, help!
  248. in search of ABA therapists in NJ
  249. feel like a fraud
  250. Is a diagnosis really important?

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