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  1. Alternative for Cheese?
  2. Speech
  3. evaluation process
  4. My Brother has autism and this sounds so familiar
  5. I need some advice
  6. Getting ready for the IFSP
  7. Debralyn,
  8. What tests to ask for??????
  9. I'm new -- anyone with an adult fam member?
  10. possibley autistic?
  11. Super Nu- Thera, any success stories or otherwise?
  12. What would you say to a babysitter?
  13. Signs of Autism in a baby?
  14. Basketball player with Autism
  15. Helping My Nephew With Autism, Help
  16. My daughter a few questions help
  17. I'm New Here
  18. Family Members response to Autism diagnosis (New Member)
  19. I feel like such a failure
  20. mum of 4 1/2
  21. 2 year old just dx'd with PDD NOS
  22. Possible Seizure
  23. has my son got asd
  24. Hi! I am a newbie to the board
  25. 5 Year Old PDD NOS - Still not talking
  26. i just found out today my 3 year old son has pervasive developmental disorder HELP!
  27. Rdi
  28. School wants to give my son corporal punishment...
  29. Just need a moan............!!
  30. Mom worried about meaning of son's behavior
  31. Please rate this child
  32. Petit Mal Seizures vs Autism ?
  33. Hyperbaric treatment-- why hasn't anyone replied?
  34. Sensory play idea's
  35. Impulsive PDD-NOS child - what to do?
  36. risperdal and methylphenidate
  37. Is she stubborn or is it me?
  38. My son is getting worse
  39. Teachers AHHHH
  40. couple of questions
  41. Hyperbaric Treatment
  42. Social Security / State Medical?
  43. Autism question
  44. Does my son have autism?
  45. I think my son may have some form of autism
  46. dx if asbergers vs bipolar/add
  47. Need some advice about 4.5 year old (long)
  48. Baby Sign Language?
  49. Tyler's doing a little better...
  50. Sensory Integration Dysfunction ideas?
  51. Communication biggest issue
  52. Tips on "bringing baby into our world" please
  53. Is it really autism
  54. My 17 Month Old - Help Please
  55. Ok we got the dx's
  56. New - please help with advice re 8 month old
  57. cranial massage and autism
  58. Any Success With Enzymes?
  59. I could use some help
  60. Anyone had success with Enzymes??
  61. Chelation and Td-Dmps
  62. Autistic 17 Year Old Nephew
  63. Hatred of social interaction...
  64. New here. Just looking for some friendly support.
  65. autism and 2nd children
  66. avoiding eye contact
  67. Sorry one more thing...BITING!
  68. Stiming
  69. Interupting teen??
  70. respirdol and rash
  71. Special diets and autism?
  72. Genetic Predisposition to Autism- wondering about different options for having kids
  73. Tyler Update & Question
  74. Some people really scare me!!!
  75. very confused mom/sorry long
  76. When is it too much? (long, sorry :()
  77. Qualifications of aides in public schools
  78. A little embarrassing
  79. could it be autism?
  80. New Jersey or Florida Public School Services
  81. Frustrated with Public Schools
  82. autism/asthma & handwashing
  83. Disneyland
  84. 4 Research Summaries linking Autism & In Utero/Newborn Probs
  85. Spinning
  86. Need opinions please!
  87. friend or foe...it's all the same to my son!
  88. my son
  89. What A Difference A Year Makes
  90. need help explaining menstual cycle to autisic daughter
  91. New here, in need of help...
  92. Needs Tips On Getting My 3 1/2 Yr Old To Answer Yes/no Questions Please!
  93. the steps taken to get the most services
  94. He looks at things peripherally instaed of straight on...?
  95. bad eating manners..
  96. is this just autism or something else(HELP)
  97. Please Tell Me The Process And How Long It Takes To Get The Programs In Your Area
  98. out of home placement
  99. Suggestions for bedtime routine?
  100. Need to Vent
  101. Moderate Dx for Autism
  102. autistis child and medication HELP?
  103. Update on Tyler
  104. Probs Absorbing Vitamins:faulty MTHFR anyone else?
  105. Feeling hopeless in Utah...
  106. Vitamins
  107. Important question on highly functional autistic people's lifespans.
  108. Mother Needing Help
  109. 2 1/2 year old doesn't talk + throws tantrums all day
  110. My visit with DAN
  111. 4 year old boy cannot be diagnosed
  112. school problem please help
  113. Mother In Law Problems!
  114. ABA Therapy in Toronto
  115. Letter to Santa - need advice
  116. ABA Therapy
  117. ok we went for the ot and behavior eval.
  118. new, long winded but please help
  119. Help potty training
  120. Soon to have loose teeth
  121. Please Help!!
  122. Vitamin Suggestions
  123. New Here...I need HELP...
  124. Spouse doesn't understand
  125. hot can I get him to keep his diaper and pants on?
  126. Does your ASD child point?
  127. 8 week old baby question
  128. Finally a promising treatment for autism!
  129. getting thru ABA programs "too fast"
  130. Reversing words and whole concepts?
  131. ADHD or Autistic (mild)
  132. Impulse Control
  133. can't and won't
  134. Josh has finally said his first word!!!!
  135. Brain Scans?
  136. Help with Understanding
  137. Sister is lying
  138. Please explain arm flapping to me
  139. I am getting freaked out - my 3 yr. old
  140. Just need to vent!
  141. What is the difference between ABA & IBI?
  142. Does this sound formilar to anyone?
  143. how to teach autistic child not to smoke or do drugs
  144. Autistic hurt brother. What to do
  145. What can I do?!?
  146. Who hates haircuts? This really helped us!
  147. head-banging
  148. Severe Headbanging...HELP
  149. Looking for Information
  150. delayed walking due to gravitational insecurities
  151. Carnosine seems to be useful in autism
  152. ? food intolerance test
  153. Question!
  154. Hiya new here my 3 yr old son just been diagnosed with autism
  155. I'm so confused - Son is very social, yet seems to have clear autistic mannerisms
  156. Td-dmps
  157. Dosages for vitamin therapy??
  158. Is he too young to be evaluated?
  159. MRI of my Son's Brain:****** is Normal
  160. how early can u tell
  161. Hi, I'm new here
  162. My son barely speaks
  163. My son constantly dumps beverages and breaks things!!
  164. What should I say?
  165. Is this a good idea?
  166. Should i be concerned?
  167. What do other states do?
  168. Over excitable
  169. The reasons for Autism are so obvious!
  170. Super Nanny
  171. Advice please? New diagnosis question
  172. An amazing book that helped me
  173. Thank Goodness I found this board !
  174. Autism and much more
  175. special schools?
  176. Anyone in Arizona?
  177. Pg with my 3rd and eating like I was with 1st
  178. Drooling?
  179. Jeffrey's Mom
  180. Amish Autism
  181. Who is better at diagnosing?
  182. Any Advice? New to Boards.
  183. Autism, constipation, and diet, oh my!
  184. Tell me about your child's ABA program....
  185. What would you have done ?????
  186. residential care?
  187. paraprofessional for children on the spectrum
  188. Can black mold be a cause for my son's autism?
  189. very angry
  190. Information on Autism and ASC's
  191. do you try to make everyone ''aware''?
  192. ? about baths
  193. it's too late
  194. Halloween Costume
  195. Need some advice PLZ!
  196. question
  197. Share a true story about slight autistic kids...
  198. Hurricane Wilma headed straight for us. Please pray.
  199. Eye Surgery
  200. my daughters appointment
  201. HELP! Need advice re: family member's child
  202. Help i have a few questions
  203. GFCF Diet
  204. Will my son ever speak?
  205. What is hand flapping?
  206. Music
  207. Did anyones autistic child fail the newborn hearing test?
  208. Have never met any autistic children and would like comparisons
  209. Has their ever been one single child dx with autism who did not recieve immunization?
  210. Sleeping (or lack thereof)...
  211. State-by-State resource comparison?
  212. update on my daughter
  213. Supplements cause regression?
  214. Ultrasounds and Autism
  215. Yeast and Parasite
  216. Post-vaccination mercury levels were more than three times higher in the preterm comp
  217. Another Question!
  218. Personal experience with Autism. Help!
  219. Heavy Metal Detox
  220. Helping 5yrold Get Over Katrina-How???
  221. caprilyic acid
  222. Hello, I'm new to these boards.
  223. what my doctors pedi said
  224. Autism?
  225. thimerosal question
  226. Article in Parents Magazine SID
  227. Transfer Factor
  228. Kentucky or Indiana? Need advice!
  229. B12 shots, supplements, etc
  230. Has anyone used
  231. Just Don't Know
  232. Any advice for mom of twin boys with ASD
  233. need advice on school bus incident
  234. Hello
  235. Pyroluria
  236. Has Anyone Tried a Chiropractor?
  237. I think I made a mistake
  238. My Son Has Autism
  239. Anyone From Chicago? Possibly Relocating
  240. this is good
  241. Occupational Therapy
  242. Flu vac
  243. Research
  244. autism
  245. Hello.....I'm new here. (Long post... Sorry!)
  246. self-injurious behavior
  247. ABC this morning
  248. Any homeschoolers out there?
  249. So Annoyed
  250. Tired of being patronised!

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