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  1. Sensory oversensitivity
  2. MRI with Anesthesia
  3. Reading upside down
  4. Risks of pursuing an autism diagnosis?
  5. Chelating with TD DMPS
  6. Hand Stimming?
  7. autistic daughter won't travel with the family
  8. is this Autism?
  9. speech therapist sees red flags
  10. autistic 6 yr old boy: questions for other parents of autistic children.
  11. Understanding social stories...
  12. 7 year old kicks his bed while awake in the night
  13. Non-stop panting in autistic 14 year-old
  14. Multi Sensory Room
  15. Autisitc twenty-year-old at a wedding
  16. eating habits
  17. meningococcal meningitis and autism
  18. Possible ASD?
  19. dealing with puberity with my 16 yrs old son
  20. lost
  21. Namenda for children
  22. Teenage boy, maybe meds, needing help
  23. Siblings of autism and the negative effects
  24. School Districts in Northern NJ with ABA programs
  25. Think I have mild autism?
  26. i HAVE to go to graduation!
  27. so confused
  28. Autism Signs?!?!
  29. Nephew on Spectrum? or SPD? His parents in denial :(
  30. my daughter
  31. Parent trainings
  32. 12.5 month old daughter not responding to her name.
  33. Autism or Not?
  34. 5 month old -autism signs? How to prevent?
  35. Help Help
  36. Best Places to live for ASD
  37. help with daughter's symptoms. asd testing HELP!!
  38. Pshychiatrist for 21 year old w/Autism
  39. What are good job interview questions for an autism expert?
  40. Some Relief
  41. Adult Autism Testing
  42. Infant Chewing Wood
  43. Bio Medical Doctors
  44. Treatment for (Autism, aspergers, spectrum disorder)
  45. Could my 5 yeard old daughter suddenly develop Autism?
  46. New to site:)
  47. Still worried about Autism
  48. Explaining to son
  49. Autism or not??
  50. First Post
  51. Speech Delay and Behavioral issues with 3.5 years old boy
  52. Has anyone tried NAET treatments for their children's autistic behaviors?
  53. Home schooling aspergers teen
  54. Autistic 10 year old boy...
  55. Autism Meltdown-Hyperactivity help
  56. Tired with no help feel trapped
  57. Autism or something else?
  58. aba specialist
  59. Autism
  60. Autism specialist--is it worth the travel? you think?
  61. 7 year old nephew shows signs of ASD, mom is in denial
  62. autistic or not?
  63. Autistic Son with Recent Frequent Urination
  64. Transition services
  65. My son is having an autism diagnostic observation
  66. Curious about behaviors in 21 month old
  67. Am I the only honest neurotypical sibling or did I just have a bad experience?
  68. not diagnoised yet
  69. PCA services child w/ autism?
  70. Adult Autism
  71. Landlord with very loud Grandchild
  72. Teenage Autism
  73. Abstract Language? Help!
  74. tics or stims
  75. Social isolation
  76. 2year old son autistic symptoms
  77. Question about autism screening
  78. Is my five year old autistic?
  79. Immunity and Autism
  80. Questions about ASD
  81. What could be my diagnosis?
  82. I think my nephew may be autistic
  83. any advice??
  84. Puberty and PDD
  85. Toilet training
  86. 3yr old son diagnosed 'At Risk' for Autism- PDD nos
  87. a message from China - 3 years old Autistic son PDD-NOS
  88. how do I help wife to ....
  89. Haven't seen my autistic son in 18 months!
  90. Waking up at 2 am most nights
  91. concerned about granddaughter
  92. Opinions please
  93. found new info on why my 11 yr old autistic son has terrible rage at times.
  94. Asd? Help please
  95. New To Site
  96. concerns with baby
  97. Is this Autism
  98. Pros/cons of homeschooling autistic son
  99. journey is over
  100. Proud aunt of 4 year nephew with autism
  101. It's Been A Looooong Road. My Autistic Son Is...
  102. 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders
  103. son is scared
  104. autism and speech dev
  105. Autism & the possibility of children
  106. 7 year old is a hoarder!
  107. Just been told my grandson is autistic
  108. I think my 11y.o. son has aspergers
  109. looking at signs, developmental issues
  110. My son just diagnosed and feeling lost
  111. Help!!!
  112. Daycare issues?
  113. Autism at one
  114. neurofibromatosis
  115. Scared my child could be autistic
  116. Looking for after school dance therapy (Austin Tx)
  117. aggressive and difficult behaviour in 3 year old.
  118. Am I alone?
  119. Am I Autisitc?
  120. Single Mom needs advice.
  121. high functioning 3 year old speech
  122. 9 year old nephew issues: selfish, no empathy, few friends, poor student
  123. School Issues 7 yr old HELP!!!
  124. Help, does my 6mo old have autism?
  125. Detecting early signs of autism in babies
  126. Ideas for my 3 year old Autistic son and AWFUL sleep pattern!
  127. I am in a dark place and end of my rope
  128. Lost
  129. What States are best for ASD and ABA therapy?
  130. 18 month old, doctor wants evaluation for autism
  131. teenager with Autism and foot order and other skin conditions....help
  132. 29 month old daughter, autism or speech delays?
  133. just a refresher....
  134. Too soon to worry about my son?
  135. Autism treatment
  136. Anyone in the UK, struggling to find a good school and healthcare services?
  137. Any advice
  138. 4 Year old, High functioning, Obsession
  139. Step mom of 11 Year Old Autistic Step Daughter needs help!
  140. Step mom of 11 Year Old Autistic Step Daughter needs help!
  141. Autism in my daughter...or my own anxiety issues?
  142. 11 month old not responding to name
  143. is this hearning loss or autism
  144. Gosh, I hope I am at the right spot. Irrevocable?
  145. Autistic male teenager w/ violent outbursts
  146. Child will not say thank you
  147. Regular ed but some questions
  148. Destroying the House
  149. autism dilema
  150. My son is 2 years and 2 months and does not talk at all
  151. I have answers to my life now! lol
  152. Please help- Could my child be on the spectrum?
  153. Could I Have Autism?
  154. Link between HPV and Autism?
  155. children on vyanse that have been diagonsed with Autism spectrum disorder.
  156. Autism investigation
  157. Need help with a dilemma - adult autism
  158. Middlefield Residential School - Glasgow
  159. Autism, Diabetes 1 and Mercury
  160. Toilet Training/Pull Ups
  161. florida Schools
  162. autism and child interaction
  163. Help, my neighbour is Autistic
  164. Trying to work out the Autistic possibilities
  165. Safety locks
  166. could my 32month old be autistic
  167. over active saliva glands??
  168. My Son
  169. Other parents insight on Immunizations and the link to Autism
  170. What's Wrong With Me!
  171. PDD/NOS grandchild 9 y.o.
  172. 27 month old son autistic?
  173. stimming
  174. Obsessed with moving objects
  175. My autistic son was assaulted by peer on his school bus
  176. Need help with little brother
  177. Focalin XR for ASD and ADHD symptoms??
  178. Looking for some insight
  179. WeissKopf
  180. Seeking anwsers in KY --- Please help
  181. Confused about potty training
  182. your opinions on vitamins, please.
  183. TMG .vs DMG & dosage questions
  184. Autism article I would like to share
  185. Severe Autism
  186. In limbo all the time, help.
  187. Potty problems
  188. Stepping on Toes
  189. Seeking thoughts about my daughter
  190. Autism and ADHD
  191. need help
  192. OTHER kids bothering my son in school
  193. Just wondering
  194. Feel very alone
  195. I am very worried and need help...
  196. Anybody here who has an autism spectrum disorder?
  197. self injury
  198. Adult Neighbor
  199. Trigeminal Neuralgia for
  200. Does anyone have this problem?
  201. Could my seven year old son be autistic?
  202. non verbal at age 9
  203. Dual diagnosis of Down Synrome and Autism
  204. Help! first time user of chat rooms;
  205. zma for autism or sensory processing disorder
  206. Help or advice. Thanks
  207. Autism and insurance
  208. is my 3yr old girl autistic ??
  209. zeolite as a detox method
  210. Seizures
  211. Autism as a means for school support
  212. help is this a sign of autism????
  213. 6 month old not cooing
  214. 20 y/o Autistic nephew and IQ of 70 is sitting in County Jail
  215. is this autism help me plz
  216. I am so sad! GFCF troubles
  217. 17 he old autistic son
  218. Any anecdotal stories of Oxytocin for ASD?
  219. Autism, Aspergers ADHD PDNOS
  220. can someone please help me ?
  221. Can you really go undiagnosed?
  222. My son is five with pdd and adhd very volent
  223. There's something bothering me...
  224. is there something....
  225. need advice(IRELAND)
  226. Any symptoms experienced before seizures
  227. Should I be concerned, 18 month daughter and autism
  228. baby how signs of autism
  229. Has my son got signs of Autism?
  230. How to talk to Mom in denial
  231. Hand Flapping
  232. How is it that hes just a carrier?
  233. shoud I worry?
  234. Any supported research on this?
  235. Concerned about symptoms in nephew - should I approach mom?
  236. OCD and Autism
  237. Potty training when you're Auti is almost 5
  238. the product, Baby Can Read
  239. The Great Thimerosal Cover-up: Mercury, Vaccines, Autism and Your Child's Health
  240. Adult Day Programs for my brother?
  241. Child who poops too often
  242. What has helped the most?
  243. Autism Signs In Baby?
  244. Have you heard of temple grandin?
  245. Does this sound like autism?
  246. Need help finding a reliable source
  247. Help!
  248. Undiagnosed, Not understood
  249. medication to lower sexual desire
  250. Is it really HFA?

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