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  1. pain that feel like getting shocked=Shocking pain
  2. multiple surgeries
  3. Does anyone have any info about compounding or other options?
  4. Chronic Pain for 4 years left side
  5. chronic pain
  6. Hypersensitive to opiods
  7. Been diagnosed... is it a real diagnosis?? PLEASE HELP!
  8. Chronic pain from electric shock
  9. PM doc in Rochester NY or surounding are
  10. wrongfully accused
  11. Taking a break from pain meds.
  12. young man left untreated
  13. young man left untreated
  14. Looking for a pain clinic in Levittown, Langhorne are Lower Bucks County Pa
  15. Please Help: Anyone suffer from Chronic abdominal scar tissue pain?????
  16. Neurostimulator Problems
  17. Looking For Pain Management Clinic In South Suburban Chicago
  18. Trigger Point Injections - Lidocaine - Did not work for me
  19. myofascial pain/fibromyalgia,or something else?
  20. Post Nuss Procedure and Still Having Problems....
  21. Taking Nucynta for Nerve Pain - Need Something Else??
  22. Can you mix Oxy and Hydro?
  23. 25 with post herpetic neuralgia
  24. What is better
  25. Please help
  26. getting fit while on methadone
  27. To Those who are prescribed Methadone
  28. Tramadol any advise?
  29. PM docs In austin TX
  30. Pain managment of an Opiod addicted person
  31. caution - baclofen pump recall
  32. Is vitamin D deficiency the answer or keep looking?
  33. Chest Pain
  34. pain clinics in martin county fl?
  35. Just moved, need PM in Costa Mesa..
  36. Neck, Shoulder, and Ribs
  37. Servere pain after nerve block
  38. Too Young To Be In Pain?!
  39. 21 with lumbar arthritis... Shots or meds?
  40. Wichita KS/Andover KS recommendations
  41. Pain, depression, disability?
  42. Newbie with hip pain
  43. Newbie to site in need of advice
  44. husband is totally freaked out by Dr. prescribing morphine
  45. Worried about doctor viisit tomorrow
  46. Worried about seeing pain mgt doctor tomorrow
  47. New doctor changed all meds w/o notice...need advice!
  48. Users of Intrathecal Pain Pumps- Pls. Read!!
  49. on methadone..don't understand
  50. Duragesic * Janssen... Please help!
  51. Myofascial Pain Syndrome - Any help greatly appreciated!
  52. How to find the right pain doctor
  53. In fusions
  54. Brand name Fentanyl patch better?
  55. Im new to PM and need advice.
  56. pain
  57. Fentanyl patch not sticking.., any advice?
  58. Newbie & Need advice on Fentanyl/Clonodine
  59. How Painful is Myofascial Release Supposed to Be?
  60. 42 Year Old Male, First Time Posting
  61. Fentanyl Dosage Increase
  62. chronic pain thanks to BCBS!
  63. Help!! Can pain doctor's replace pain med's with a suboxone??
  64. Advice for Persistent Shin Pain?
  65. Need new PM doctor
  66. New Florida Pain Medication Rules
  67. Can no longer afford Fentanyl Patchs, Cheaper Alternative?
  68. Hydrocodone vs. Tramadol??
  69. Physical Therapy
  70. Cfap
  71. Please help anything will help been in Pain for 5 Years
  72. Help! I've been kicked off my pain meds..
  73. Going Crazy from pain. Can't take Pain Meds Because of GERD
  74. Recurring Pain in Lower Right Side Below Ribs
  75. I feel helpless! Doc won't give me anything for pain
  76. what causes severe muscle pain that doesnt go away?
  77. pain management
  78. Nortriptyline
  79. Ketamine Nasal Spray for chronic pain and what was the doseage
  80. MOVING Help find new dr without looking like I am dr seeking etc.
  81. fibromyalgia misdiagnosis? HELP!
  82. fibromyalgia misdiagnosis? HELP!
  83. Pregnancy
  84. Anyone out there with Central pain syndrome?
  85. Anyone pregnant & have chronic pain?
  86. TMS ( Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation )
  87. How long until Methadone was perscribed for pain relief for you??
  88. How do I know when it's time to change meds?
  89. Unrelenting pain barly leave bedroom/house
  90. Where to from here?
  91. Conversion of Brand Name Kadian to Generic MS ER
  92. Fentanyl-Miracle Drug or Another Mistake?
  93. Fentanyl-Miracle Drug or Another Mistake?
  94. Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr since 1990
  95. MCU - Multi-Cervical unit
  96. Exhausted!!!
  97. Need sum Help Please
  98. How do they diagnose soft tissue damage and/or tear in ligaments/tendons
  99. I now started using ice for neck pain
  100. IN Patient Pain Program question
  101. need a dr. for chronic pain in maryland
  102. Wow reading some of these posts I am scared going to a PM
  103. Please help
  104. I feel like I have a stone in my neck
  105. oxycodone and depression?!
  106. Tried opana, really disappointed
  107. Failed surgery 18 y.o chronic pain
  108. Does TENS EMS work for neck pain?
  109. Looking for a dr. NOW! For Pain management,
  110. Rib pain? (currently undiagnosed)
  111. Will ANYBODY listen?
  112. This BB007 AND OTHERS....
  113. Help with pain management Greensboro nc
  114. How do you deal with chronic pain?
  115. Advil causing stomach pain, why??
  116. Question about chronic pain and medications
  117. Mammogram Injury
  118. Probable spine stenosis
  119. 17 with pain looking for advice...
  120. Wrong Diagnosis?
  121. Need an australian doctor in brisbane
  122. Question regarding Buprenorphine or Suboxone
  123. Detox from Methadone?
  124. Cymbalta vs. Topamax ?
  125. Cymbalta Taper
  126. Drug tested for the first time...
  127. Chronic radiating leg pain please help!
  128. Southern NH Doctor needed
  129. Left shoulder pain
  130. Oxycontin 10 Question-1st Time User
  131. Question about trigger point/cortisone injections
  132. Morphine Sulfate ER Severe Issues Need Help
  133. Introduction from a chick with lots of pain
  134. GREAT Magazine for PAIN
  135. non believer problems
  136. Mind Body Pain Anxiety
  137. question about script a week early cause of pulled teeth
  138. myofascial pain syndrome or fibromyalgia??
  139. I'm off meds!!!
  140. Pain!
  141. Unsticking fascia is really helping
  142. anyone else have ribs that are inflamed/stuck/crooked
  143. In need of some advice??
  144. Endo after Menopause
  145. Not sure if I should see a doctor...
  146. Pain Management Doctors
  147. Pain Management Doctors
  148. 18 year old in excrutiating unrelenting pain!!
  149. Chronic Pancreatitis
  150. My pain is finally manageable.
  151. Medical procedures instead of pills
  152. Question regarding changes in meds-Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Opana, Norco, etc.
  153. looking for a good pain doctor
  154. How to find a doctor willing to address my pain?
  155. Please help! In need of advice on IDET/Discogram and pain in general
  156. Excruciating shock-like pain!!
  157. mrI - Don't understand the results! Help..hurting!!!
  158. First Rheumatologist appointment: what should I expect/ask?
  159. fingers in pain
  160. It can always get worse
  161. Looking for PM MD in Greenville NC
  162. Clavicle pain
  163. Quitting Topamax
  164. In Agony
  165. Just diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome
  166. To the young wounded soldier on the board
  167. pain from nerve damage
  168. A model pain relief program for you
  169. New treatment for neuropathic/visceral pain
  170. Norco vs .25 mcg Fentanyl
  171. new person - my story
  172. Need pain management suggestions for Tethered Cord
  173. Seeking Advice for Neck Pain
  174. Recurrent localized RLQ pain
  175. Long Term Pain Management??
  176. The forum correct way to find a pain dr.
  177. ankle pain
  178. no more scrips
  179. Saw a Pain Management dr for the first time...
  180. Need new PM
  181. Once again, have to look for new PM.....
  182. Going to be coming off narcotics
  183. Should I stop Narcotic Pain meds?
  184. Sedation reversal caused withdrawl.
  185. OMG! Wonder if this is what happened to me?!
  186. 21 year old male BEGGING you all for an opinion
  187. switching from percocet to methadone (dosing)?
  188. normal vs extreme pain
  189. What does prescription rejection look like?
  190. Chronic Pain getting worse
  191. So aggravating!!!
  192. I need some emotional support right now
  193. Nochange, its time for change!
  194. Anybody here has a doctor who has Chronic Pain?
  195. acupuncture for chronic pain
  196. Chronic Leg Pain
  197. Hi, new here
  198. Anybody ever tried an 'anti-flammatory' diet?
  199. In Search Of New Pain Management Dr In NJ
  200. amphetamines used to treat nerve pain
  201. Pain is driving me crazy!!!
  202. Need pain management in raleigh, nc
  203. Need PM doctor in Atlanta/Marietta, GA
  204. Chronic Neck Pain and Disability?
  205. Chronic neck, shoulder, back of head, and chest pain
  206. Pain med switcharoo
  207. Chronic Pain and Diabetes
  208. chronic severe daily headaches...
  209. Patch ? from new member
  210. chronic pain and pregnancy
  211. New and Need Advice Chronic Pain Relief
  212. what is lamictal and is it for chronic pain?
  213. Seeing a psychologist or therapist
  214. Worried about Topamax side effects
  215. Are Primary Care Docs Qualified for PM?
  216. Drug Database: going national??
  217. my new pcp
  218. The Appropriate Pain Med is...?
  219. One Norco a day, is this a problem?
  220. looking for pain doctor in oakland san francisco
  221. I'm tired of hurting all the time.
  222. Need Help for Chronic Pain
  223. when is enough really enough
  224. How to Handle Discouragement
  225. Topical Homeopathic Pain Relief Creams
  226. crazy dr
  227. At a Complete Loss
  228. Chronic Pain Syndrome
  229. how do you deal with non believers?
  230. Home again.
  231. Anyone knows a better treatment for myofascial pain?
  232. Drs that listen?
  233. upping the dose?
  234. feeling lost
  235. burning and stinging in the neck and shoulder that also has numbness
  236. Help to find a good PM doctor in Rochester, NY!!!
  237. Extreme muscle stiffness & pain when moving
  238. anyone feeling wise today?
  239. crps / increasing problem with vision in left eye.
  240. could do with some advice pleeeeaaassseeee
  241. PM doctor?
  242. can you tell me
  243. A insurance plan-d question that is affecting many people
  244. I have a lot of pain but I also suffer from a lot of emotional distress.
  245. Possible Drug Interaction?
  246. Nerve blocks for buttock pain
  247. oxycodone killed our sex life
  248. Methadone for Pain
  249. indianapolis area doctor?
  250. How long should 135 vicodin last me?

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