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  25. how do you deal with non believers?
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  30. feeling lost
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  34. anyone feeling wise today?
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  36. could do with some advice pleeeeaaassseeee
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  38. can you tell me
  39. A insurance plan-d question that is affecting many people
  40. I have a lot of pain but I also suffer from a lot of emotional distress.
  41. Possible Drug Interaction?
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  43. oxycodone killed our sex life
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  45. indianapolis area doctor?
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  49. young wife/mother in severe pain help plz
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  54. I am going through a Frozen Shoulder right now.
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  56. I am finnaly getting lower back surgery
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  60. ankylosing spondylitis
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  63. left arm pain
  64. Pain meds not working due to summer heat,and possible tolorance
  65. Frozen Shoulder Help
  66. Question about XRAY/CT Scan and pain/lump...
  67. back pain
  68. oxycontin vs oxycodone
  69. need answers cause my Dr is not giving me any
  70. Please help me , so much pain
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  73. hydromorphone 30mg
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  77. worried about starting fentanyl patch
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  85. to pump or not to pump
  86. looking for help & support
  87. Females using pain patches and sweats likes a pig
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  89. Neck Pain
  90. I have a B Complex deficiency - Are certain supplements better?
  91. titanium staples
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  93. oh hallelujah my dilemma is over
  94. did the DEA reclassify Lortab to Schedule II
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  96. waist and chest pain
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  98. neck pain
  99. PHN - Hope for sufferers
  100. Exertional Compartment Syndrome
  101. Hello!
  102. Which Way Will It Go?
  103. Support Group
  104. Clonazepam and Chronic Pain
  105. sore and stiff neck
  106. Support for chronic pain
  107. Urgent Need Doctor in Montreal
  108. chronic tendonitis anyone?
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  110. need help
  111. Frozen shoulder
  112. Questions for Surgical Consult
  113. Cronic pain
  114. Memory, Concentration and Chronic pain?
  115. I need some advice about my car seats (involves chronic back pain).
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  118. I have Polycythemia Vera.
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  120. I can't take my sisters expectations anymore.
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  128. PLEASE HELP!! Depression from pain or is it two different things?
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  130. Family seem to have little understanding
  131. New here - cancer patient w/questions on Fentanyl patch
  132. too many rx's?
  133. Thorasic epidural
  134. New to boards
  135. Another Neurosurgeon
  136. costocondritis-fibromyalgia
  137. It's 10 weeks this Thursday....
  138. Embeda
  139. Its a New Day!
  140. So much pain, what is wrong with me?
  141. Help me with this pain
  142. bad back for years, too young for this!
  143. Valium (diazepam) causing problems - Why?
  144. A bad day
  145. Need Advice
  146. sorry
  147. Trying times: loss of insurance/job concerns, death in the family
  148. New to this forum
  149. Going to the movies
  150. Has anyone used an inversion table?
  151. Left sided Body Pain
  152. Drug interaction question?
  153. Dealing With Pain Management Clinics
  154. High tolerance to Pain meds. HELP PLEASE!!!
  155. Pinched nerve - arm pain
  156. Someone Help!!!!
  157. Neuropathic pain spreading to other areas of my body...
  158. Increased pain from rhizotomy 8 weeks ago, cervical
  159. Unsure about oxycontin..... Please help
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  161. Still hurting after nerve block
  162. Still hanging around and still in pain.
  163. Chronic pain Question, new to this board
  164. had an emergancy appointment with pain doc ....
  165. Rilistor-(Metylnaltrexone)
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  167. Just need a little support...
  168. Reiki Usage
  169. UA Worries
  170. Almost no pain!!!
  171. Support groups
  172. Should I up my BP meds on My Own?
  173. Take my Percocet as Prescribed, but running out
  174. Aching and burning on top of hands
  175. Very happy!
  176. chronic pain
  177. unintentional morphine withdrawal
  178. a difficult question...
  179. Trapped nerve
  180. holiday shopping dealing with difficult busy times when pain flares
  181. what could be the problem my left hand. arm shoulder
  182. Max dose of METHADONE? 240mgs daily
  183. Not sure of diagnosis
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  185. pain all over!
  186. Broken Leg, Ankle and now crps.
  187. Lumps attached to muscle
  188. Percocet or Oxycontin? Help please.
  189. morphine 2x daily
  190. can anyone explain this to me???
  191. Leg Pain
  192. Chronic Cluster Headaches
  193. DISCOGRAM.. Anyone have one of these before?
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  195. SS Physical medical doc
  196. Neck Pain
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  204. My first Post on this board
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  206. doctors?
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  208. Chronic Pain and then Knee surgery
  209. Just looking for support
  210. Chronic pain and antidepressants Effexor"
  211. Orthopedic Surgeon just arrogant.
  212. Hydrocodone....
  213. Very scared....
  214. what is a arthrocenthesis procedure ,how does it help
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  220. Chronic pain, sleep problms, cognitive dysfunction, depression
  221. chronic Pain
  222. Ultrasound therapy
  223. more pain
  224. Should I tell my best friend I suffer from chronic pain?
  225. I need your advice...
  226. Ameritox urine tests
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  228. pain is so unbelieveable
  229. Cherir.... thinking of you
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  232. Back to Tramadol not so good
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  235. Im in recovery for Alcohol and mairjuana, I have a Pain Management Doctor
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  238. Still having way too much nausea
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  241. all better now!
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  247. Chronic Pain
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