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  1. Just looking for support
  2. Chronic pain and antidepressants Effexor"
  3. Orthopedic Surgeon just arrogant.
  4. Hydrocodone....
  5. Very scared....
  6. what is a arthrocenthesis procedure ,how does it help
  7. My "cure" for the narcotic constipation issue...
  8. Opinions on the Tylenol with Oxy....
  9. New to this board, certainly not new to chronic pain... thoughts and questions...
  10. medication question, please help
  11. Help please....
  12. Chronic pain, sleep problms, cognitive dysfunction, depression
  13. chronic Pain
  14. Ultrasound therapy
  15. more pain
  16. Should I tell my best friend I suffer from chronic pain?
  17. I need your advice...
  18. Ameritox urine tests
  19. Avinaz instead of MS Contin
  20. pain is so unbelieveable
  21. Cherir.... thinking of you
  22. Pain meds and chronic constipation
  23. Incease in meds
  24. Back to Tramadol not so good
  25. Rose hips as an anti-inflammatory?
  26. Is there a good Pain Management Dr. in Atlanta, GA area?
  27. Im in recovery for Alcohol and mairjuana, I have a Pain Management Doctor
  28. med switch
  29. Vicodin and rebound headaches
  30. Still having way too much nausea
  31. Neck & ear pain, ringing in ears, tingling arms
  32. Vitamin B1 for Chronic Neck Pain
  33. all better now!
  34. Severe chronic pain mgmt
  35. Recurring sudden sharp pain where the neck meets the shoulders
  36. switching from fentanyl to methadone
  37. drug free pain relief?
  38. bone and breast cancer
  39. Chronic Pain
  40. stomach ache lasting 18 days
  41. Pain Medication out of control
  42. Chronic foot pain
  43. what is going to happen to me...??
  44. chest ans upper back and shoulder pain
  45. Severe lower back pain. In need of help! Please advise...
  46. More surgery
  47. I have been sick a lot lately
  48. Pain
  49. medial branch block
  50. medial branch block
  51. Hydromorphone Discontinued????
  52. Weather and extra pain due to extreme weather
  53. Cortical deinhibition?
  54. The fun just keeps coming..... NOT
  55. Nucynta
  56. Complete Body Pain.
  57. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  58. I have too much pain
  59. Need advice
  60. New Pain Med on the market.
  61. Advise on surgery
  62. I Believe Vicodin Is Off The Market
  63. Back to my new GP
  64. Chronic Pain for The ADD Patient
  65. Right front and back pain
  66. converting pain meds
  67. still not fusing...
  68. Robaxin not doing anything
  69. First PM visit tomorrow
  70. My difficult doctors
  71. New to Chronic Pain and this Board
  72. RUDE nurses @ my surgeons office
  73. fentanyl patch not lasting 72 hrs.. due to menopause
  74. Depression is much better
  75. Missed my meds for 12 hr
  76. Morphine vs Duragesic patch (fentanyl) for cancer pain
  77. any ladies with rib area pain...
  78. Hello Everyone!
  79. Kyma, I am here
  80. Pain Management Decision - questions
  81. Pain Management in Mississippi???
  82. Chronic pain - Frustration
  83. Still pain in ankle one year after surgery
  84. So Frustrated!
  85. Pain Med/Tolerance Questions
  86. Good Pain Management Doctors In Westchester County Area
  87. My ribs are painful & uncomfortable...
  88. It's all in your head....Grrrr...
  89. lidoderm patches
  90. Chronic Pain & Lower Standard of Living
  91. spinal rehabilitation course
  92. Do you have a Pet? It does help
  93. Depression rearing it's ugly head!!!
  94. Update elbow pain with on going chronic issues
  95. MRI results
  96. my right hand
  97. Nerve Damage or Nerve Entrapment?
  98. Anyone using Cymbalta or lidoderm patches
  99. I'm OK! Alternative medicine here we go
  100. Cause of nerve pain?
  101. Just Saying "Hi!!!"
  102. Trying to get to see a surgeon
  103. Awful muscle spasms this morning...HELP!
  104. I got through the nerve block
  105. Disc decompression
  106. Disc decompression
  107. Anyone here have experience with baclofen (or pain med) pump?
  108. Migraine, Weather Sickness....
  109. I need some support!!!!
  110. My insurance denied Lyrica
  111. does chronic pain affect your sleep?
  112. Pain Clinics, do they really help?????GRRRR
  113. Morphine......
  114. What can the Dr do next?
  115. Burden
  116. Does chronic pain make one tired?
  117. New here! looking for answers...
  118. Really bad, bad pain
  119. Appt. on Monday morning...
  120. Pain doctor visit again (this afternoon)
  121. Horrible pain (what a day)
  122. hiring help around the home
  123. the er doctor told my physician that I was a pill seeker that was false
  124. Neck Pain
  125. Doctors' appointment today :
  126. Hip xray results
  127. The worst pain and spasm I have ever had.
  128. Finally the information I was looking for...
  129. foot doctors that dont take xrays on first visit
  130. More Pain.........
  131. tingling in legs,thighs and feet
  132. groin hurting
  133. Guess who got some relief yesterday?
  134. pain everywhere
  135. Question about tolerance
  136. Why do people forget how much pain I'm in?!
  137. OC ER to MS ER Change or not? $$$$
  138. not well
  139. Having another surgery-now on my Knee-Anxious - too many surgeries in 5 yrs
  140. My pain doctor phone call
  141. Having a hard time doing what I know I should.
  142. Pm doc please, in denver, colorado
  143. Has Exercise helped You?
  144. how much darvocet is to much
  145. Am I losing my mind?
  146. not having a great day :( just venting here
  147. Venting..
  148. Problem Neighbor
  149. Just getting by day by day
  150. I'm doing well the last few days
  151. please! has anyone had radiofrequency done on their backs for pain?
  152. Thanks
  153. I swear - It's never ending inuries for me!
  154. Which is stronger?
  155. scs completion recovery!!!
  156. hydrocodone-apap side effects
  157. Update update update update update!
  158. Pain is still hanging around...
  159. Pain in clavicle and neck
  160. Pain doctor visit - results
  161. Seeing my pain doc Fri - any advice?
  162. New Here
  163. Sage48: Re: SI Fusion
  164. Broken finger, possibly nerve damage?
  165. Having a few days of laying around
  166. how long did it take you to find the right dosage?
  167. why won't my doctor get an MRI
  168. Losing my mind
  169. How I'm going to handle tonight out at the ball
  170. Pain managment courses
  171. Finally! A doctor!
  172. Chronic Stomach pain among other pain
  173. Sage...
  174. frustrated! and pulling out my hair!
  175. chronic pain & working!!! can it happen?
  176. Carotidynia
  177. How trustworthy are MRIs
  178. Neurontin vs. Lyrica for sciatic nerve pain
  179. Feeling pretty down today
  180. Just home from Ortho ...Not good news
  181. Rib Cage Pain
  182. New to Board
  183. To ortho new issue more problems
  184. how did you get your Dr to take you seriously?
  185. Radio Frequency Denervation
  186. Am I the only one with a Doc like this?
  187. HELP. stolen meds
  188. Orlando Pain Clinics
  189. Sorry I have not posted in a while. Pm and I made a decrease in my meds!
  190. Sorry I have been away, difficult times
  191. Guess what?
  192. Worry over nothing... aka doc visit.
  193. Hiiii!!!! New to the Group but have a question
  194. Morphine pump?
  195. no pain relief
  196. Confused! LA vs. BT etc. etc.
  197. Dreading next doctor visit...Monday.
  198. pain, entire left side of body
  199. Untreated chronic pain shrinks your brain
  200. left side pain starting in hip all tests negative
  201. Cymbalta and PM
  202. I'm new, have to quickly post here too
  203. Not good news
  204. Alternatives for Percocet and Trazodone
  205. Worsening Pain Throughout Left Side of Body
  206. Vicodin and Vicodin HP
  207. >>>>> Updated Chronic Pain Board Rules <<<<<<<
  208. Just need to vent.....
  209. Switching to Methadone from Oxycontin
  210. Update on my9-3-08ACDF and my Chronic Pain I will see surgeon today!!
  211. morphine sulfate for break-through pain
  212. I don't know the cause of my pain
  213. How concerned should I be?
  214. Concerned
  215. Recovering
  216. Cymbalta for pm
  217. Topamax and Lyrica Together?
  218. New understanding pm...best christmas present ever~
  219. Opiate rotation
  220. Into ER
  221. ladies which purse do you use and because of pain issues did you have to change ?
  222. Izzy's pm appt, update~
  223. Pm Apt Monday Dec. 15th
  224. Hi All!!
  225. If ever I needed support its now
  226. Back from my trip away.
  227. Not to keep complaining but....(few more prayers needed...please)
  228. Esophogogastroduodenoscopy Colonoscopy for me!!!
  229. Pepper and all...good wishes....
  230. Whose Pm Doc Is A Physiatrist?
  231. PM Doctor on Long Island Recommedations & Do U need to Be Referred by your GP?
  232. diagnosis and treatment
  233. First Pm Visit, Do They Do Med Count?
  234. Upcoming Surgery
  235. Finally Got My Pm Appt!
  236. Update and need some support...
  237. PAIN and terrible indigestion!
  238. Hello, I'm new
  239. What Can I Expect For My First Pm Visit?
  240. Pm Doc Called Today! Could I Get Advice On Filling Out Paperwork? Im A Newbie At Pm!
  241. Heading back to Surgery
  242. Surgery date chose, hope I did the right thing
  243. Still Waiting To Hear From Pm Doc...help!
  244. Bad weekend but 1st week of dec several appointments pm too
  245. Surgery again for me.
  246. Ouchy
  247. Back in emergency again today.
  248. Chronic Back Pain, Dr. Suggesting Spinal Cord Stimulator
  249. Hello, new here, looking for a PM in NJ
  250. Questions about Ultram